I'm working on putting together the slides for a webinar on this topic right now, and am amazed by the number of places you can find content for your newsletter.

Some of it takes the form of free articles.

Some of it you pay for, and can request any kind of content you like.

One way or another, whatever your industry and the focus of your e-newsletter, there are plenty of places to get good content for every issue you send.

Why would you look outside your company e-newsletter content?

That's a reasonable question.

In fact, one can often find more than enough original content within your own company.

But the last time I did a webinar on the topic of e-newsletters, a lot of people attending said they simply didn't have time to create newsletter content. The resources just weren't being made available to them.

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Nick Usborne has been working as a copywriter and trainer for over 35 years. He is the author of Net Words, as well as several courses for online writers and freelancers. Nick is also an advocate for Conversational Copywriting.

LinkedIn: Nick Usborne

Twitter: @nickusborne