Many websites do a horrible job of capturing leads. Businesses think that slapping a "Contact Us" or "Sign Up for Our Newsletter" Web form on the homepage of a website is compelling enough to get visitors to give up their personal contact information. Think again.

Most websites capture less than 10% of their Web traffic. Think of how much revenue your business may be missing out on because you're not capturing the traffic you spend big bucks to get. If your business is throwing Web traffic in the trash, start re-evaluating your lead-capture strategy by looking at the effectiveness of your "lead magnets."


The number of ways you can present lead magnets is limitless. Before we go into magnets that persuade visitors to give up their contact information, let's go over seven best-practices.

1. Understand what your 'ideal' prospects want, and give it to them

Determine what information your prospects are seeking to make a purchase decision, and make that information easily attainable.

2. Offer something that clearly leads to your product or solution

Tie your lead magnet to the problem you solve. Draw an arrow from your prospect's problem to your solution.

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Tyler Garns is director of marketing for Infusionsoft, a Web-based sales and marketing automation software that helps small businesses convert leads, save time, and manage more with less.