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A Four-Step Process for Creating Compelling Content for Your Audience

by Scott Sims  |  
February 8, 2016

Marketers, bloggers, and small business owners have been struggling with the same problem for years: how to create compelling content. Why is it such a struggle? Because they're using the wrong process—or, worse, they don't use a process at all.

Some of them create content simply based on assumptions. I like to compare that approach to a poker game: Players are throwing money on the table hoping to win, but the truth is they're depending completely on luck.

For content creation, it's much more effective to develop a process that works time after time. Here's a four-step process you can use to create more compelling content for your audience.

Step 1: Create buyer personas

Knowing your audience is the first step toward creating great content. You need to learn your audience's language, aspirations, desires, and the things they don't like. The best way to do that is to create buyer personas.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional characters that represent your prospective customer (or reader) as a whole. By creating them, you can better understand your audience's worldview and develop better products, services, and, of course, content.

Buyer personas also allow you to find the places where your prospective customers spend their time, helping you determine which marketing channels to use to promote your content (but that's a topic for another day).

(Ready to create your buyer personas? Start by reading this guide from HubSpot.)

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Scott Sims is co-founder and CEO at Buzzlogix. He leads the company's worldwide operations and oversees its direction and strategy. Scott also actively contributes to the Buzzlogix social media blog.

LinkedIn: Scott Sims

Twitter: @bscottsims

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  • by Mary B. Mon Feb 8, 2016 via web

    Just wanted to let you know that the Topsy link doesn't work, since Topsy doesn't exist any more. Instead, the link goes to the Apple Support "search" topic.

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Mon Feb 8, 2016 via web

    Thank you, Mary B., for pointing that out. We've edited the article to remove the Topsy reference.

  • by Matthew Tue Feb 9, 2016 via web

    I have to delete this from my Buffer feed. It's AD city on here. Talk about overwhelm. Its a struggle to find the content amidst all the ads. I counted 7-8 strips and pop-ups and side pop up and ads across the middle. What a mess.

  • by Matthew Tue Feb 9, 2016 via web

    11 counting the deal in the bottom right and 12 w the pop up asking me to join. Thats a lot of noise when I came to read an article that honestly is really thin.

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