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Name Shelley Ryan
Email Address    
MarketingProfs Member Since August 12, 2003
Company Killer Webinars LLC
Web Site http://Killer Webinars LLC
Occupation Chief Sharpshooter
BioI'm laughing as I read my old profile. "Recovering entrepreneur." Ha.

After five+ great years with MarketingProfs, I've left the big chair at Online Seminar Mission Control. I haven't secured a new job yet, so...

Right now you can find me at where I'm helping clients with their own webinar strategies. If you've got a quick question, buzz me at 888.449.8929.

I'll also be blogging tips about successful webinars on my site and others. (There's a recent article here on Daily Fix.) If that's a topic that rings your chimes, visit and join the mailing list!

I'm a native Houstonian (that's in Texas, ya'll), a semi-geek, and a recovering entrepreneur.

I've started two businesses in the past ten years, and as a result I've been flush with cash, enjoying filet mignon and champagne... as well as flat broke, living on ramen noodles and cheap wine. Taking risks and creating a company can be exhilirating (check out, but the months of being broke is no fun at all.

Ah, well. My good friends here at MarketingProfs have let me play on their team for over five years, and I've loved all the hats I got to wear. But it sure didn't leave me much time to participate in the forum.

That being said, when I do respond to KHE questions (especially from other entrepreneurs), I want to encourage people to use the vast resources on the MProfs site. No one pays me to give that advice, honest. Now that I am privy to all that goes into producing the rich content here, it's often the best advice I can offer! Also, I can speak from experience just because I've been a member myself for such a long time.

So... you can still consider me a professional marketing amateur with more ideas, opinions, hard knocks and enthusiasm than Formal Training. I try to visit the KHE pages because I learn a great deal from reading the questions and responses posted here. And it's kinda fun. And because I simply love you guys. ;]

See more about me (in my former life) in the Know-How News.

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