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Name Gary Bloomer
MarketingProfs Member Since May 2, 2009
Company Gary Bloomer, Marketing
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Occupation Marketing renegade
BioYour success is directly linked to the level of investment you make in yourself.

As obvious as this might sound, few business owners pay attention to it. Why? Because itís too simple. The secret to success ought to be complex, right? Wrong. Because of this
muddled thinking, many small business owners approach their marketing in the same way. They overcomplicate it.

Thatís a mistake. True, the more you invest in yourself and your business, the more you'll succeed. Which means the more you'll profit. But your investment needs to be simple.

It's the role of your marketing to show your customer how your product or service solves their problem. If your marketing achieves this goal, it's doing its job.

If your marketing falls short of this goal, you're wasting your money (and your time), because youíre creating less of a lasting relationship with your customer.

If your success is directly linked to the level of SIMPLICITY of the investment you make in

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