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Name Kevin Goodlad
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MarketingProfs Member Since March 24, 2006
Company ADDSpiceNaming
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Occupation Creative Principal
Bio Naming children is easier than naming your product or business... a child named for a favourite Aunt(Enid) or Uncle(Avrid) will be able to explain over a lifetime.

Your new products or startups don't have the luxury of time to explain your thoughts. Remember how important the 1st connection is in business. Don't be invisible!

There is a fine line between being; popular or familiar, being unique or bland, being within your comfort zone and being Memorable and Immediately Clear to your clients.

Some of us choose to live near the edge of a an average meal, the SPICE will make the meal standout. ADDing SPICE can save a meal and make the complete gathering truly memorable.

Betting your success on your office pool or neighbourhood naming contest winner is not your best chance to be well known. br>
ADDing SPICE works best.

Our ADD Creative genes paired with your drive = SPICE!

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