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  • Go Beyond Basic Local Search: Get Hyper-Local
    "More folks turn to the Internet than any other medium—including newspapers, TV, or word-of-mouth—for local information," writes Tom Shapiro in an article at MarketingProfs. "Furthermore, a whopping 83% of local search users contacted businesses offline ... and half of all local business searchers eventually made purchases." These days, a basic local search strategy ... more
  • Cultural Targeting: The Key to Online Consumer Receptivity
    by David S.B. Butler
    Do your online marketing efforts consider the cultural context of your target market? Learn why cultural understanding is critical to online marketing—and how to implement cultural qualification in your strategies. more
  • Work, Interrupted: It Takes About 30 Minutes
    Dealing with on-the-job distractions is a constant part of every marketing professional's day, according to a new survey by The Creative Group. Ad and marketing executives say the longest they can work on a task without being interrupted is 30 minutes, on average. more
  • Four Practical Steps to a Website Redesign
    Take a good, hard look at your website. Could it do with a spring makeover? "Radical redesigns are a great way to transform your site into a beautiful new butterfly," says HubSpot's Jessica Meher, author of the 10-Step Checklist for Your Next Website Redesign. Meher's whitepaper covers all the bases for turning ... more
  • The Most Undervalued Analytics Tool: Communication
    by Michele Kiss
    Companies that struggle to realize the impact of analytics often blame the solutions they have in place. But communication flaws could be to blame. Here are five ways analysts can enhance communication within their teams. more
  • Four Keys to Blogging Like an Olympian [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    Blogging sounds easy. But creating content that draws readers back—day after day, week after week—requires the disciplined focus of an elite athlete. Here are four tips for becoming an Olympic-caliber blogger. more
  • B2B Social Marketing Growing, LinkedIn Top Channel
    Though B2B marketers use a variety of platforms for social media marketing, a plurality (30%) cite LinkedIn as their most important channel for social outreach, according to a report by BtoB Online, which also found that increasing numbers of B2B marketers are fully engaged with social marketing. more
  • Do You Still Email Like It's 1999?
    "Though all things Internet seem to move at the speed of light and come or go overnight, commercial email marketing is, impressively, approaching its 15th anniversary," writes Karen Talavera in an article at MarketingProfs. And as we celebrate the channel's longevity, it's important to remember that best practices aren't evergreen. Strategies ... more
  • Let's Make a Deal on Daily Deals
    by Bertrand Van Overschelde
    The popularity of daily deals shows no signs of abating. But how can you ensure your deals effectively appeal to subscribers? Learn examples of daily deals strategies that work wonders—and those that flop. more
  • B2B Brands Trail B2C in Social Media Monitoring, Follow-Up
    Many B2B businesses are ignoring the consumer insights that social media can provide, according to a report by Satmetrix. Only 49% of surveyed B2B brands track what consumers are saying about them via social channels, compared with 78% of B2C companies that do so. more
  • Is Public Speaking Part of Your Marketing Mix?
    You've got a strong marketing mix—but does it include public speaking? "Whether used to promote a company report or in-house expertise, or simply to engender brand awareness, public speaking is a powerful—and often economical and organic—way to get your message to key influencers and decision-makers," writes Heather Rast at MarketingProfs. ... more
  • Subscribers, Not Buyers: Five Ways the Shift to Subscription Services Changes Marketing
    by Jeff Yoshimura
    A major change is afoot in the way people are spending; they are moving away from one-time buying and toward subscribing to services. That shift means more revenue opportunities for marketers—and big changes in how they market. more
  • Tracking Local Marketing ROI Challenges National Brands
    Nearly two-thirds (66.2%) of national brands invest in local marketing (i.e., they conduct marketing campaigns directed at customers in their local markets) but only 42.0% measure the return on investment (ROI) of such efforts, according to a new study by Balihoo. more
  • Five Ways to Use Facebook Timeline for Business
    The Social Media Examiner has distilled five ways businesses have hit the ground running on Facebook Timeline. You can use these examples to help make your Facebook Timeline richer for storytelling and more actionable for sales. Here are five tips based on the success stories of these heavy-hitters and Timeline movers-and-shakers: Note ... more
  • What Is Agile Marketing, and Why Is It Essential to Marketing Operations?
    by John Cass
    Why is agile marketing imperative to marketing today? Here are four reasons marketers should implement agile marketing—and seven expert tips for those thinking of starting their own sprints and scrums. more
  • Facebook Tops Social Login Preferences
    Though people use a variety of social channels to log in to third-party websites, Facebook still dominates social login, according to a report by Janrain. Facebook accounted for 45% of social logins in the first quarter of 2012, followed by Google with 31%. more
  • The Problem With Personalized Search: SEO Ranking Reports Are Dead!
    by Lorianna Sprague
    OK, SEO ranking reports are not dead... but Google's personalized search is making them less and less relevant. Learn why many are using the wrong metrics to measure success—and three ways to reach online customers despite personalized search. more
  • US Companies Unprepared for Canada's New Anti-Spam Act
    In the next year, Canada is expected to enact new legislation restricting the use of consumer data for marketing purposes. But most US marketers are unaware of the new law and the potential fines associated with noncompliance, according to a survey from international business law firm Fasken Martineau. more
  • Why Lead Scores Should Have Expiration Dates
    It became immediately apparent to Howard J. Sewell that something was terribly wrong with his client's lead scoring system. "The most glaring symptom was the absurdly high scores: hundreds of contacts had lead scores of more than 1,000, even though the supposed threshold for a sales-ready lead was a mere ... more
  • How Personas Can Lead Your Messaging Astray (and Four Tips for Keeping It on Track)
    by Tim Riesterer
    Do you think a prospect responds better to your marketing message because you've based it on a customer persona? Unfortunately, that is not the case. To craft effective messaging, you need to address four essential questions. more
  • Four Mistakes That Could Damage Your Online Reputation [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    To attract customers, you spend hours creating content, blogging, tweeting, and replying to comments. But a few unprofessional missteps could damage your online reputation—and send customers straight to your competitors. more
  • Social Media Ad Spend to Reach $9.8B by 2016
    Social media advertising revenue—now dominated by Facebook and Twitter—is forecast to reach $9.8 billion in 2016, up from an estimated $3.8 billion in 2011, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.0%, according to BIA/Kelsey's US Local Media Annual Forecast. more
  • Why You Might Need a Brand Journalist to Tell Your Story
    Telling ordinary, made-up stories isn't what makes your content marketing engaging for your customers and would-be customers. What matters is telling interesting true stories that help your audience understand your product, service, or business. So, to help your company unearth real-life stories from within your organization, ... more
  • Four Tips for Subject-Line Success
    Even experienced email marketers agonize over subject lines—polishing, editing, tweaking, and perfecting 50-character phrases until they're just right. After all, a single word can make the difference between a subscriber's indifference and interest. So how do you get recipients to open your messages? In this post at Mass Transmit, Anthony Schneider outlines ... more
  • Viral Advice From the Creators of
    by Stacy Lambe, Adam Smith
    Want to create the next online viral sensation? Though no magic formula will get you there, the creators of the wildly popular Texts From Hillary website offer four essential tips that helped make their site a huge Internet smash. more

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