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  • How to Use Customer Experience to Differentiate Your Brand
    by Wayne Marks
    Differentiating a brand today requires expanding brand management from a traditional product, price, place, and promotion focus to a focus on customer experience as well. Here are four strategies that'll make your brand shine. more
  • How the Epsilon Breach Might Affect Your Email Campaigns
    "The recent Epsilon breach that exposed millions of email addresses has the potential to create a very big problem for all email marketers and will demand development of new best practices in the world of email marketing," writes Candyce Edelen at PropelGrowth. Although the phishing danger is most pronounced for banks ... more
  • Online Ad Targeting: Who's Most Likely to Act?
    Business professionals working in the legal, retail, and software industries are most likely to take action—such as download a whitepaper, start a free trial, or make a purchase—after clicking on an ad, according to a study by Bizo. Those working in certain job functions, such as operations, legal, and sales, ... more
  • How to Hire a Chief Content Officer: 11 Key Traits
    by Ann Handley
    What should a business look for in a chief content officer—the key person responsible for sharing and creating its content? To succeed in this important role, your ideal candidate should have these critical (but not so obvious) skills. more
  • How and When to 'Reply All'
    The "reply all" button can produce all kinds of headaches—from filling inboxes with unnecessary chatter to damaging a brand's reputation. "Unwitting or careless use of reply all spawns much mischief," writes Simon Glickman of Editorial Emergency, "from the accidental broadcasting of remarks intended for only select recipients to the dreaded ... more
  • Top 50 Websites: CareerBuilder Joins Ranking, Netflix Surges
    Yahoo Sites comprised the top-ranked Web property in April 2011 with 187.4 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites with 178.9 million and Google Sites with 175.9 million, according to comScore Media Metrix service. CareerBuilder captured a spot on the top 50 ranking for the first time in April, at No. ... more
  • How to Make Google's Panda Update Work for You
    With one fell swoop, Google's latest algorithm update—dubbed Panda—demoted millions of Web pages. Content farms like Demand Media took a major hit, as did sites with lots of ads and little informational content. "The goal of the Google Panda update involves the filtering of low quality or duplicate pages that ... more
  • The Convergence of Search and Social Media
    by Jonathan Lawoyin
    The ever-increasing interdependence between search and social media should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat. Learn how to use both strategically, and boost your marketing effectiveness. more
  • Two-thirds of Enterprises to Deploy iPads, Tablets by 2012
    More than two-thirds of companies (68%) plan to formally deploy iPads or other tablet computers by 2012, with sales force automation applications, particularly cloud-based systems, a key driver of that adoption, according to a survey from Model Metrics. more
  • Six Social Media Archetypes and How to Reach Them
    Studies often classify us into demographics, psychographics or—more recently—by our "online influence" scores. The real question for today's social-savvy marketers is, What makes us connect and share in our digital worlds? In partnership with agency JESS3, Brian Solis has documented user traits across social networks and put them into 18 categories ... more
  • Snow White and the Seven Online Marketing Sins
    by David Chapman
    If children learn from fairy tale characters and their actions, online marketers can learn to evaluate and improve their online campaigns—and end up with a much healthier ROI—from fairy tale antics, too. more
  • Small Business Owners Working Harder, but Happy
    More than three-quarters of US microbusiness owners say they are very (42%) or extremely (35%) happy to work for themselves, according to Vistaprint's newly launched Small Business Happiness Index, which tracks the pulse of US microbusinesses. Moreover, 35% say they wouldn't even consider working for someone else. more
  • Four Steps to Creating Valuable B2B Customer Content
    "Would it shock you to learn that 68 percent of customer defections occur because customers perceive 'an attitude of indifference?'" asks Ardath Albee in a recent post at the Marketing Interactions blog. That's what the American Society for Quality has reported, she notes—and it's largely because "marketers are focused on ... more
  • Knowing Where You Stand After a Tradeshow
    by Rob Murphy
    Do you know where you stand after a tradeshow? Research suggests that very few companies measure the tradeshow results that have a direct impact on funding and strategy. Gain insight and close leads with these tips on collecting, analyzing, and applying tradeshow data. more
  • Mobile Email Viewing Up 80%, Highest Toward Weekend
    Though most email is still read via webmail channels, some 16% of email messages were viewed via mobile device in March 2011, up 80% (7 percentage points) from 9% six months earlier, according to study by Return Path. Such mobile activity occurred steadily during the early part of the week, ... more
  • Is Social Media a Waste of Time and Money for B2B?
    by Glenn Gow
    Though no one can deny the explosive popularity of social media, some hard-core justifications for its B2B use have yet to be laid out. Consider these four points before leaving social media out of your B2B marketing strategy. more
  • Three Ways to Thank Your Loyal Customers via Email
    "Unless you were raised by wolves in the wild," writes Karen Talavera in an article at MarketingProfs, "at some point you learned that it is polite to say thank you. It's not merely proper etiquette; it's just downright considerate and gracious." Customers need to know you're grateful for their business, ... more
  • Small Business Marketing: Social Surging, Email Still Most Effective
    Though the use of social media among the nation's smallest businesses surged in 2010—a trend likely to continue in 2011—email and brand websites are still the two most effective marketing tools for small businesses, according to a survey from Constant Contact. more
  • Do You Really Know Your Customers? Marketing to a Rapidly Diversifying Population
    by Karen Talavera
    The 2010 census results will be released this summer, and marketers should expect major demographic shifts. To cope with these changes, I recommend adopting three approaches for your email, mobile, and social marketing. more
  • How to Put Your Customers on Hold
    In a post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley recalls trying to minimize wait times when his company oversaw a small call center. "We knew (from those times when we didn't have enough staff in place) that the longer callers waited to speak to a representative, the higher the probability ... more
  • Marketers to Boost Spending on Virtual Events
    Fully six in ten marketers (60%) say they plan to increase spending on virtual events and environments in 2011, while 42% plan to decrease spending on physical conferences and tradeshows during the year, according to a survey from Unisfair. more
  • Two Key Rules for B2B SEO
    "White hat search engine optimization (SEO) principles that apply to B2B online marketing also apply to B2C, but B2B is otherwise a different animal," writes Nick Stamoulis in an article at MarketingProfs. In other words, SEO is simply not the same strategy for B2B as it is for B2C. And to ... more
  • Four Facets of Strategic Storytelling
    by Bill Baker
    The corporate community has recently recognized the potency of using storytelling strategically—to position brands, transform business, and engage and align employees. Here are four distinguishing facets of strategic storytelling that'll help you better understand what it is and how it works. more
  • Email and Search Still Sway Most Online Buyers
    Email and search marketing still have the greatest influence on consumers' online buying behaviors, whereas social media, though it generates awareness, is rarely associated with direct revenue, according to a study by Forrester Research and GSI Commerce. more
  • Five Twitter Sentiment-Tracking Tools for Any Budget
    If Twitter feels like a jungle, that's because it is. It's raw, real-time data that never stops. Now, you wouldn't wander alone into the wilderness without guidance, would you? Well, the same applies to the wilds of Twitter, equally full of volatile life. You need to arm yourself! And that ... more

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