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  • Local Digital Ad Spend to Reach $38.5B by 2016
    Local online and mobile advertising revenues are forecast to reach $38.5 billion by 2016, up from an estimated $21.2 billion in 2011, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.7%, according to BIA/Kelsey's US Local Media Annual Forecast. more
  • Three Tips for a Memorable Smartphone App
    When you introduce a new smartphone app, you're asking your clientele to interact with your brand in an unfamiliar way. So how do you encourage early adoption among your best customers? With great design, of course—and it doesn't hurt if you get there ahead of your competitors. "[O]ne of the ... more
  • CMO and CIO: A Beautiful Friendship?
    by Jill Puleri
    As analytics become increasingly vital to understanding customers, CMOs can no longer enjoy the luxury of being naive about IT. Here are six steps CMOs can take to embrace technology tools and boost their effectiveness. more
  • B2B Marketing Tactics Not Driving Enough Sales Leads
    Some 61% of B2B marketers say generating more leads is their biggest marketing challenge in 2012; however, nearly two-thirds say their marketing mix does not meet sales pipeline demands (32%) or they are unsure of whether their marketing mix is effective (31%), according to a new report by BtoB Online ... more
  • How to Discover an SEO Cheater in Your Midst
    When you're thrilled with the results your SEO program generates, you might not ask many questions about how it's done—and let potentially problematic practices go undetected until it's too late. "Companies may not realize [when] employees may be taking shortcuts," writes Douglas Karr at the Marketing Tech blog. "And companies ... more
  • Five Steps to Shifting Marketing's Capabilities to Meet Today's Needs
    by Larry Lucas, Hilary Fazzone
    Companies need up-to-date marketing capabilities to execute strategies that address today's changing environments and evolving customer needs. Learn how to shift your firm's capabilities, and give your strategies a fighting chance. more
  • Small Merchants Embracing Facebook Commerce
    With some 845 million monthly active users, Facebook is becoming a vibrant e-commerce platform for more than 100,000 small merchants who actively promote and sell products via Facebook storefronts, according to a study by Payvment. more
  • Five Tips for Mobilizing LinkedIn Mobile for Social
    These days, 11% of traffic to LinkedIn comes from mobile pageviews. That figure is expected to grow as smartphone browsing becomes the easiest way for users—particularly professionals—to hit the 'net from wherever they may be. So how do you maximize LinkedIn Mobile for your own social purposes? Here are five tips ... more
  • How to Avoid Website (and Customer) Disasters
    by James Sivis
    We've seen too many high-profile calamities of websites going down in a major way. It's painful to watch, and it must be painful to experience. Though online disasters can happen to anyone, you can take steps to avoid them. more
  • Couponing: 125 Years Old, American as Apple Pie
    Americans still love couponing—now a 125-year-old tradition in the US: Fully 70% of surveyed women say saving money with coupons is as American as apple pie, according to a survey conducted by Valpak. Moreover, without a coupon in hand, 49% of women say, they would not buy dinner out; also, ... more
  • The Personal Touch of an Automated Lead Nurturing Program
    "Nearly every marketing expert will agree: For a [website] visitor to become a customer, you must take the visitor through three basic stages," writes Sookie Shuen at MarketingProfs. "Those stages are know, like, and trust." In other words, a potential customer won't become a paying customer until she knows what ... more
  • How to Measure Those Three Little Words: Return on Investment
    by Jim Bergeson
    Let's face it, no three words are more beautiful to hear while on the job than "return on investment." Learn the basics of calculating marketing ROI—and a more nuanced approach that'll help prove the effectiveness of your campaigns. more
  • Five Steps to Effective Brand Promotion [Slide Show]
    by Thi Huyen Trang Ngo
    Think back to your first job interview; friends and family likely told you to "sell yourself." It turns out, that is also the approach to successfully marketing your brand. Here are five tips for selling your brand effectively. more
  • LinkedIn Use by Professionals in Industrial Sector Surges
    The use of social networks, particularly LinkedIn, among engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals continues to rise: 55% of surveyed tech professionals now use LinkedIn, up 18 percentage points, or 48.6%, from the 37% who did so a year earlier, according to a report by GlobalSpec. more
  • Give Your Story a Happily Ever After
    Marketing on multiple platforms reveals your storytelling savvy, and it has the potential to make your business more relevant to prospects. But it also demands finesse, consistency, and elements of surprise. It's a game of long-term seduction rather than "one and done" communication—that is, a short-term message via a single ... more
  • Five Tips for Creating a Productive Subscriber Experience
    "[F]or most messages," writes Carolyn Kopprasch at the Emma blog, "email is just a starting point for a customer who will then go on to purchase, donate, share, comment, or RSVP." So how do you consistently encourage subscribers to take action without turning them off? "From the email itself to the ... more
  • Six Takeaways From a TEDx Event: Experiential Marketing Done Right
    by Magdalena Georgieva
    Those of us who spend a significant amount of time watching online video are likely smitten with the inspirational TED talks. But the local TEDx events are equally enchanting, and they offer great lessons in experiential marketing. more
  • Brands Not Capturing the Benefits of Big Data Marketing
    Although 91% of senior corporate marketers agree that successful brands are using customer data to drive marketing decisions, 39% say their own company's data is collected too infrequently or not effectively enough, according to a report by the Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York ... more
  • What Can You Accomplish in 10 Minutes? (A Lot.)
    In a post at Great B2B Marketing, Christopher Ryan recalls a fitness instructor who observed how members with New Year's resolutions crowd the gym in January—and often vanish by February. "He said that many people have noble intentions and set major goals," writes Ryan, "but they take an approach bound ... more
  • Why Your Customers Are Just Not That Into You
    by Dan Kohn
    Do you know what your customers want from their business interactions? Learn which marketing activities draw customers closer to your brand—and which ones act as repellants. more
  • What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Breaking News
    Search engines such as Bing and Google tend to change the way they render SERPs (search engine results pages) in reaction to breaking news, favoring placed results (e.g., news, videos, and images) above the fold rather than organic search results, according to a new study by Optify. more
  • Three Tips for Preserving Your Online Anchor Identity
    In the push to optimize your Web presence for local search, it's important to avoid techniques that tamper with your anchor identity—the name, address, and phone number contained in your business listing. "Think of your anchor identity as your digital storefront or the glue that holds your online reputation together and ... more
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: Seven Steps to Collaborative, Right-Time Revenue Optimization
    by Joe Cordo
    Sales and Marketing alignment is not a new issue, but marketing and sales organizations should not ignore some of the newest best-practices for creating a strong, collaborative revenue engine. The steps outlined here will fuel that engine by helping to align sales and marketing teams. more
  • Senior Execs Consume Both Traditional and New Media
    Senior executives have a healthy appetite for a wide range of traditional and new media channels, according to a survey from Doremus and the Financial Times: Most surveyed execs still read business and trade information in printed formats, but they also use digital channels—such as online video, professional networking sites, ... more
  • Sweat-Free Ways to Check Your Social Pulse
    Once in awhile we need tools that can help us maintain our social chops. To help you bring some coherence to all the noise across Twitter and the blogosphere, we've compiled a list of powerful and, in some cases, lesser-known "oldies but goodies." Take a minute to consider these social ... more

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