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  • Mobile App Users Click on Ads Mostly by Mistake
    Nearly one-half of mobile apps users (47%) say when using apps, they click or tap on ads more often by mistake than on purpose, suggesting that click rates may not be the best measurement of mobile ad effectiveness, according to a survey from Pontiflex. more
  • 17 Email Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know
    by DJ Waldow
    Every industry—including the email marketing community—has its own jargon. Whether you send email campaigns (as a marketer) or receive them (as a consumer), you should know the following 17 terms to successfully navigate the world of email marketing. more
  • Three Tips for Effective Email Personalization
    When used improperly, email personalization can go horribly wrong, writes Dutch Hollis at Chief Marketer. "You could, for instance, thank the wrong person for a purchase or misspell a customer's name," he explains. "Mistakes like these leave the customer with a bad impression of your brand—quite the opposite of the ... more
  • CMOs: Highest Social Media ROI From User-Generated Content
    Among popular social marketing channels, user-generated content stands out for driving return on investment: 73% of surveyed CMOs say their companies facilitate customer ratings and reviews; among those, 59% report average or significant ROI—making ratings and reviews the top social strategy to generate measurable return, according to a report by ... more
  • How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign
    by Andrew Follett
    Website redesigns have become an addiction. Every year or two, Marketing decides it's time to "freshen up the ol' site." But before you go out and rebuild the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, make sure you have a well-defined plan for success. more
  • Three Rules for the Small Business CEO
    "At least once every day I consider replacing myself with a 'real' CEO," writes Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing. "Then I could just be the nerd in the cave, writing and programming and SERPing and such." But—like many entrepreneurs who love their business passionately—Lurie never follows through on the threat. And ... more
  • Web 2.0 Drives Effective Marketing, Market Share
    Companies reporting the heaviest use of Web 2.0 technologies—particularly those deploying them beyond their own corporate walls—are deriving the greatest value, including more-effective marketing, stronger collaboration, and increased market share, according to a study by The McKinsey Global Institute. more
  • Three Crucial Questions to Ask an SEO Copywriter
    When outsourcing your SEO, says Heather Lloyd-Martin, you have to ask the right questions if you're going to find the right candidate. "SEO copywriting professionals can have a wide variety of skill sets," she writes at Target Marketing magazine, "from the newbie who is just getting her virtual feet wet ... more
  • Five Classic Mistakes to Avoid in a Decentralized Sales and Marketing Organization
    by Kris Bondi
    As companies embrace the idea of aligning their decentralized sales and marketing teams, they sometimes make counter-productive decisions. To successfully align Sales and Marketing—and, ultimately close more deals—dodge these five common mistakes. more
  • Web-based Email Use Declines as Mobile Soars
    More than 70 million US mobile users—roughly 30% of all mobile subscribers—accessed email via mobile device as of November 2010, up 36% from the 51.6 million who did so a year earlier, according to comScore Media Metrix. Meanwhile, fewer visited Web-based email destinations during the period, and spent less time ... more
  • Tips for Hiring and Supporting Your Social Community Manager
    Social savvy isn't just about being on the right social networks; it's about knowing how to communicate and troubleshoot on them, too. These waters can be choppy; hence, more and more companies are seeking social community managers with the expertise to navigate them. To help companies find just the right managers ... more
  • How to Market the Cloud
    by Joshua Shane
    Cloud computing is a revolutionary operational model that's changing how IT is managed and delivered. Successfully marketing the cloud requires understanding it and effectively communicating its benefits to prospects. more
  • Americans Spending More Time on Twitter
    The amount of time online Americans spent tweeting and reading tweets on Twitter grew an estimated 18.9% in 2010, while the number of US online adults paying a monthly visit to the microblogging site fell 14% during the same period, according to data from Experian Simmons DataStream. more
  • How to Get C-Suite Support for B2B Mobile Marketing
    "Mobile holds tremendous potential for B2B audiences," says CK Kerley in a slide presentation at CK's Blog. But many B2B executives "still see mobile as B2C media," she notes. Well, if you're a B2B marketer still trying to convince the C-suite that it's time to go more mobile, take heart. ... more
  • Three Techniques for Real Innovation in Product Development
    by Jeff Greenhouse
    Product, price, place, and promotion are the four Ps of marketing. These days, however, there's a frenetic obsession with promotion, confusion about place, and a hectic battle over price. Amid the chaos, that first P is often overlooked. more
  • Many Brands Don't Track Social Media Conversations
    Despite anticipated increases in 2011 digital and social marketing budgets, only 30.0% of marketers say they have a strong understanding of social media conversations happening around their brands, according to a survey from Alterian. more
  • Five Ways to Gain Attention the 'Write' Way
    by Sameer Suryakant Kulkarni
    Writing is a vital component of various marketing-related tasks. Effective writing can improve sales pitches, enhance brand value, and perfect ad campaigns. Spruce up your marketing with these five tips. more
  • How Uncoordinated Emails Can Kill Off B2B Prospects
    "Email is used by most B2B marketers for a variety of purposes—many of which are executed distinctly, sometimes without visibility across the organization," writes Ardath Albee at Marketing Interactions. "There's brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention and loyalty, driving Web traffic, promoting sharing with colleagues and on social networks, lead ... more
  • Top 50 Websites by Ad Reach and Visits in December
    Yahoo Sites comprised the top-ranked Web property in December 2010 attracting 181.2 million unique visitors, followed by Google Sites with 179.3 million and Microsoft Sites with 177.0 million, according to comScore Media Metrix service. Meanwhile Amazon recorded its highest month of traffic on record from the holiday shopping surge. more
  • Sales and Marketing Best-Practices: Seven Heavenly Virtues
    by Dan McDade
    Sales and marketing best-practices are universally desirable—but, too often, elusive. Here are seven solid best-practices that address the misalignment between Sales and Marketing and help increase sales. more
  • When Wrong Grammar Is Right
    If you say "this is she" rather than "this is her," or "it must have been they" rather than "it must have been them," your high school English teacher would give you a gold star. But your customers? Not so much. The reason: Most people often don't use traditional grammatical ... more
  • More Inc. 500 Companies Succeeding With Facebook
    More than seven in ten (71%) of the nation's fastest-growing private companies now use Facebook and, among them, 85% say their efforts are proving successful, up 36 percentage points from the 54% that said so a year earlier, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth's Center ... more
  • Three Ways to Optimize Content Across Channels and Platforms
    Before you optimize your next piece of content, Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have some advice. "Bust your content silos!" they write in their new book Content Rules. "Do you have a print newsletter? Do you produce a regular podcast? Run a version of a print article on the blog, ... more
  • Nine Ways to Elevate Your Presentation and Speaking Skills to Black Belt Level
    by Mitch Joel
    Whether you're just beginning to present to audiences, or are a veteran speaker—becoming a speaking champ requires attention to detail. Begin with these nine, nuanced tips to master your speaking skills. more
  • iPhone Dominating Mobile Email Activity
    Some 13.36% of email message opens occur via mobile device with the iPhone comprising more than 65% of that activity on average, according to a study from Knotice, which also finds that mobile email open levels are highest in the early-morning hours but vary dramatically by industry. more

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