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  • The Danger of Robotic Lead-Nurturing Email Campaigns
    If your company operates in the B2B sphere, there's a good chance your lead-nurturing program includes email campaigns with triggered messages. But if those messages are too robotic, warns Ardath Albee, they might do more harm than good. "Lead nurturing is not about sending out emails on a regular schedule just because you can," ... more
  • Seven Mobile Marketing Best-Practices
    by Igor Faletski
    If you aren't tailoring your marketing for a mobile audience, you could be selling your efforts short—and missing a huge opportunity to get results. Here are seven best-practices for reaping the most benefit from mobile. more
  • Online Video Ad Views Reach Record High in May
    With more than 180 million US Internet users watching some 36.6 billion online content videos in May 2012, video ads posted another month of record-breaking gains, surpassing the 10-billion mark for the first time on record, according to data from the comScore Video Metrix service. more
  • Are Promoted Tweets Right for Your Small Business?
    "You may have heard that Twitter has rolled out advertising," writes Dan Slagen at HubSpot, "but what you might not know is that it's being targeted to small businesses." While large corporations can try promoted tweets without much risk, he notes, a smaller company might hesitate—especially if your marketer has ... more
  • Questions You Need to Ask About Your Qualified Leads
    by Peter Gracey
    Countless solutions have been developed to automate lead-scoring, but those scores don't provide salespeople much valuable information. Learn a practical six-question scoring system that effectively evaluates and qualifies leads. more
  • Online Seniors Integrating Technology Into Their Lives
    Though seniors (adults age 65 and older) have spent much of their lives without the technology that younger generations have grown up with, fully six in ten (60%) say they use the Internet, participating in a variety of activities such as social networking, playing games, and buying products, according to ... more
  • Four Tips for Turning a Website Design Into a Brand Experience
    Small businesses can learn lots from design firm Method's socially appealing philosophy. Case in point: Method's Interaction Design Director Ben Fullerton recently wrote an eloquent article for Fast Company about turning website design pixels into a brand experience for users. Here are our favorite bits of advice from the article: Embody what you ... more
  • How to Create a Successful Blog Editorial Strategy in Just Six Steps
    by Debbie Williams
    What's the key to effective blogging? Strategy. A solid blog editorial strategy will help you create relevant content regularly to attract readers and convert them into customers. Learn six steps to creating a strategy that gets results. more
  • Execs Dish on the Growing Importance of 'Social Business'
    Social business is important today, and it is expected to be more important in the future, according to a report by the MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte: 18% of global executives say social business is important to their organization today, and 63% say social business will be important in ... more
  • Four Tips for a Common-Sense Approach to Mobile Marketing
    by Jeff Hasen
    Want to enhance your mobile marketing efforts? Rather than undergoing dreaded technical training, apply a common-sense approach to mobile. Learn four practical tips from four marketers in the trenches of mobile marketing. more
  • Manufacturers Upping Online Marketing Spend
    Driven by the need to compete more aggressively in their core markets, nearly nine in ten American manufacturers (86%) say they are investing in online marketing in 2012, and 52% are increasing those investments over 2011 levels, according to a survey from more
  • Do We Really Behave Badly on Social Media? [Infographic]
    The unspoken assumption in much of corporate America is that employees, when left to their own devices, will likely abuse social networking privileges while at work and harm company reputation. But how do adults really behave on social media? more
  • Three Great Ways to Kill Leads
    When you troubleshoot your lead gen program's lack of closed deals, be sure to examine your sales reps' role in the process. "[A]ll too often, despite their critical contribution to a business, sales reps can get in their own way," writes Al Davidson at MarketingProfs. "They are often their own ... more
  • Seven Effective Ways to Integrate Social, Local, and Mobile
    by Tom Shapiro
    Have your marketing efforts gone "SoLoMo" yet? Learn why combining your social, local, and mobile marketing efforts are critical in today's market—and how you can go "SoLoMo" in seven ways. more
  • Four Tips for Writing an Effective Bio [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    Let's face it, most executive bios are deathly boring—a list of career highlights delivered in the driest corporate-speak imaginable. If yours is one of them, don't despair. Here are four tips that'll help you add life to your bio. more
  • Online Ad Spend Reaches Record $8.4B in 1Q12
    Internet advertising revenues reached $8.4 billion in the first quarter of 2012, up 15% from $7.3 billion a year earlier, setting a new record for the reporting period, according to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC US. more
  • Four Ways to Increase Clicks With a P.S.
    How do you read a casual email from a friend? In all likelihood, you scan it to get the general idea, write a quick reply and click back to your inbox. But what if—below her sign-off—she adds a P.S.? "Suddenly, she's got your attention," writes Sid Smith in an article at ... more
  • Why I Love Google+
    by Guy Kawasaki
    I spend two hours a day on Google+ because doing so is enjoyable and good for my brand. In addition to my fondness for its members, Google+ embodies many appealing attributes that make social networking better. more
  • Tablet Market Reaches 'Critical Mass' in US
    In only two years since the release of Apple's iPad, tablets have reached critical mass in the US: One in four smartphone owners used a tablet during the three-month period ended April 2012, according to data from comScore. more
  • Create Colorful Visual Content―Without Busting Your Budget
    The growing popularity of visual content platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram shows that people crave eye candy. But do companies need to hire expensive graphic designers or buy expensive software to create visual content? Not at all. Businesses of all sizes can craft inexpensive visual content that engages current ... more
  • Mobile Marketing: Three Strategic Approaches to Success [Video]
    by Christina "CK" Kerley
    Between next-generation smartphones, tricked-out apps, and celebrity-filled Siri commercials, it's easy to look at mobile as a set of breakthrough devices, tools, and channels. But that's not the lens through which marketers should be viewing mobile. more
  • Pinterest: Top 9 Ways to Be a Responsible Pinner
    by Jared Reed
    If you aren't one of the millions using Pinterest, now is the time to add the image-driven social network to your traffic-generating toolbox. But if you're going to use Pinterest, do so responsibly by using these nine tips. more
  • Do Mobile Users Pay Attention to Mobile Ads?
    Nearly three in four mobile users (74.0%) say they fully pay attention to mobile ads while browsing the Web, either on a regular (35.3%) or occasional (38.7%) basis, according to a recent survey from Prosper Mobile Insights. more
  • Driving Engagement With the New Facebook Ad Optimization Features
    Building to its IPO, Facebook unrolled improvements that let marketers optimize ads for multiple actions (not just Likes). In a post at Mashable, Victoria Ransom shares four tips for enhancing performance with those action-driven optimization capabilities. Now more than ever, she notes, "the challenge to create organic-feeling and genuine ads ... more
  • Integrate Social to Inform Product Development and Strategy
    by Geoff Livingston, Gini Dietrich
    Are you using social media to fuel product strategy and development? Learn why social can be an effective research tool, and how three forms of social listening can help inform product marketing. more

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