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  • Low-Cost Ways to Boost App Sales
    We've mentioned that you can draw traffic to paid mobile applications by creating a free "lite" version. Once users deem it useful, they may be happy to pay for the full version. But what's a company to do if it can't afford to create a whole new version of an existing app—with ... more
  • What Matters Most in B2B Selling? A Two-Question Quiz.
    "The Web makes it too easy for your competitor to lure away interested buyers before your people have had a chance to contact them," warns Steven Woods in a post at the Harvard Business Review blog. And that reality, he argues, demands some fundamental changes in the B2B sales process. ... more
  • Cha-Ching! Online Retail Is Back (for Now)
    US online retail spending reached an estimated $32.1 billion in the third quarter of 2010, up 9% from $29.6 billion a year earlier, and the fourth consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth following a year of flat or negative growth rates, according to data from comScore. more
  • How Gucci's Luxury Shoe Sale Lured Customers Worldwide
    In the mobile world, luxury brands must find creative ways to reach customers while maintaining a sense of hauteur. Jimmy Choo, for example, captured our imaginations by initiating @CatchaChoo, setting members of wedding social networks loose on the streets of London in a quest to win free shoes. Now it's Gucci's ... more
  • Three Ways to Maximize the Power of Testimonials in Email Campaigns
    The forward to Harvey Mackay's bestselling Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive featured 15 solid pages of praise from VIPs like President Gerald Ford and the Reverend Billy Graham. "The kicker?" writes Hal Licino at MarketingProfs. "By the time the reader read those 15 pages, they were so ... more
  • Welcome Emails Drive Up Revenue, Transactions
    Email campaigns that welcome new subscribers generate higher transaction rates and more revenue per email than bulk mailings, as they educate subscribers and set expectations for future communications via email, according to a study by Experian CheetahMail. more
  • Draw a Picture With Your Data
    "Data visualization and infographics are powerful ways to communicate data, stats or information that most communications pros never even consider," writes Adam Singer at the Future Buzz blog. "And yet in a world increasingly saturated with data and information, they are a potent way to tell your story, break through ... more
  • Six Best-Practices to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment
    by Laura Patterson
    Your sales and marketing organizations are the most critical links to customers. The alignment of those two organizations determines how well a company attracts buyers and sells to them. The relationship is more than just a simple handoff at the point a lead is generated; it is the foundation for ... more
  • The ROI of Real-Time Marketing and PR
    by David Meerman Scott
    In a world where speed and agility are essential to success, most organizations still operate slowly and deliberately. But the MBA-style approach of working off spreadsheets that predict what to do months into the future is no help when news is breaking in your industry today. The Internet has fundamentally ... more
  • Support Is the New Marketing: Why Web Marketing Is So Different From Offline Marketing
    by Gerry McGovern
    On the Web, customers want details, facts, comparisons, and feedback from other customers. They avoid the fluff and waffle and marketing hype. What the Web represents, more than anything else, is a shift in power: away from organizations, toward customers. Brands, politicians, even popes are being questioned more than ever. more
  • Strategy First When Integrating Social Media and Direct Marketing
    by Debra Ellis
    The path to social-media success is filled with sinkholes that cost you time and relationships. Clearly defining your plan, documenting the process and details, and revising the plan as needed is the difference between profitable social-media engagement and being just another corporate presence. more
  • What You Can Learn From the Gap's Logo Debacle
    Not long ago, Gap sparked a social-media firestorm when it quietly unveiled a redesigned logo. People not only disliked the bargain-basement aesthetic—they hated it. And, writes Umair Haque at Harvard Business Review, for good reason:  "The new logo reeks of something designed not just by committee," he says, "but by ... more
  • Women Share Opinions About Products Online, Offline
    Websites have now surpassed traditional forms of word-of-mouth as the preferred method among women for getting information about products and services, but when sharing information and opinions, women are still nearly three times more likely to do so with family and friends than to go online, according to a survey ... more
  • Why You Need SEO, Even If You Hate It
    "Heresy alert," writes Jason Amunwa at The Zest blog. "I've been struggling with a dark secret recently; you see, I realized that I really dislike SEO. "To me it's like health insurance: I hate dealing with it, I intensely dislike paying for it, and its benefits are difficult for most ... more
  • Three Questions to Ask Before Using Social Media for Lead-Gen
    With the near ubiquity of online social networks, you might think they're just the thing for your lead generation and nurturing programs. But before you take a spontaneous Facebook plunge, Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions offers a few caveats. "The problem I find most prevalent is that companies have no realistic ... more
  • Social Media Use Drives Face-to-Face Interaction
    Social media isn't a zero sum game: Consumers are engaging across a variety of interactive channels at increasing levels—and far from making people less social in the physical world, such increased digital activity correlates to increased social, in-person interaction, according to a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet. more
  • Older Workers Driving Social Networking at Work
    Gen-X information workers—and not those in the younger Gen-Y generation—constitute the majority of people who use social networking for business, followed closely by Boomers age 55 and older, according to a survey from Citrix Online. Moreover, the use of social and collaboration technologies among Gen-Y workers lags behind older groups. more
  • How to Battle the Downturn With Foursquare
    "I think Foursquare is a hugely untapped and powerful little tool for small-business marketing," writes Wendy Kenney at the 23Kazoos blog. "Especially if you own a business that requires customers to physically visit your location to make a purchase." If you're looking for cool ways to attract customers to your brick-and-mortar location, ... more
  • Five Easy Ways to Gather Client Testimonials
    "When used properly ... testimonials can help you build a list of engaged email newsletter subscribers and increase sales," Rebecca Swayze notes in a post at the Inbox Ideas blog. But how do you collect worthwhile feedback when you haven't ever focused on it? Easy, Swayze says: Just go online. ... more
  • The State of the B2B Marketer in Social Media: 3 Trends From SocialTech 2010
    by Ann Handley
    SocialTech 2010 wrapped up yesterday. Here are four quick takeaways from the one-day event, which brought 221 B2B high-tech marketers to San Jose, Calif. (and another 467 attended virtually, online) to learn social media marketing tips, tactics and strategy specific to the business-to-business marketer. more
  • Next-Generation Media Consumers Tougher to Reach
    Next-generation media consumers, or "Off the Gridders," are young, educated, and affluent, and they spend less time viewing live TV but more time viewing online and time-shifted premium video content, according to a study by SAY Media. Such tech-savvy consumers are also difficult to reach via traditional broadcast media and ... more
  • Caution: Aggressive Survey Reminders Can Backfire
    When comedian Michael Ian Black ignored a guest satisfaction survey from his stay at a Doubletree hotel, he didn't expect a nagging reminder. "We noticed that you did not have time to complete the survey," advised a second email on the topic. "We are concerned that you may not have ... more
  • Small-Biz Search Ad Growth Slows in 3Q10
    Small-business advertisers spent on average $2,373 on search advertising in the third quarter of 2010, up 43% from the $1,658 spent in the same period a year earlier, and up 6.4% from the $2,231 spent in the second quarter of 2010, according to a WebVisible study based on its small-biz ... more
  • How to Identify Brand Loyalists on Your Email List
    by Karen Talavera
    On any email list, there will be three populations: those who love you, those who like you, and those who are just hanging in there. This article focuses on by far the most appealing sector: the people who love you. So how do you figure out who's who? Here are ... more
  • 'If You Want This Choice Position…': Seven Virtues of the Perfect Social Media Leader
    by Maria Ogneva
    Your social-media manager or director is a critical and strategic hire who will be responsible for formulating and executing your strategy, as well as educating your whole organization and aligning it with that strategy. How can you sift the wheat from the chaff? Here are the seven virtues of a ... more

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