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  • Make Better Sense of the Social Landscape: A Quick Reference
    You've heard it said that if you're gonna take the leap into social media, you should go in armed with a strategy—or at least an idea of what you want to accomplish, how you'll do it and how it will be measured. To build a solid social foundation, it helps to ... more
  • Five Proven Ways to Increase Email Subscriptions
    by Tim Grahl
    Gaining access to your prospects' inboxes is one of the most important things you can do. Building a solid email list of leads is the best way to grow your business, but just how do you get people to subscribe? more
  • Display, Mobile Top Priorities for Marketers
    More than two-thirds of marketers (67.5%) say they plan to invest more dollars in display advertising over the next 18 months, and 59.0% plan to invest more in mobile over the same period, according to a new survey from Bizo. more
  • Drip Marketing the Right Way
    "A drip campaign is a series of emails that are sent in a specific order at predefined intervals," writes Liz McInnis at BuyerZone. You might use campaigns to educate, nurture new leads or cross-sell to customers. Whatever your goal, her bits of advice, like the following, are likely to be ... more
  • Sales-Letter Magic: 10 Tips for Writing Letters That Sell
    by Dean Rieck
    Sales letters are powerful selling tools. They are a simple, direct way to generate sales leads and orders. But for many businesspeople, they present a daunting writing challenge. Use these 10 tips to write a winning sales letter. more
  • Marketers Increasing Digital Video Ad Spending
    More than two-thirds of marketers (69%) and one-half of agency professionals (55%) say they plan to grow their digital video advertising (DVA) spending 22% on average in 2011, according to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). more
  • Seven Principles for Social Success and the Companies Already Getting Them Right
    by Barry Libert
    Let's face it: Business is changing. It's now being conducted through meaningful conversations between organizations and constituents. But it isn't easy. Here are seven rules to live by to achieve social success. more
  • Four Ways to Revamp Your Email Marketing Program
    "If you bought a nice car two decades ago, would you expect it to still run well if you put in minimal maintenance?" asks Josh Nason in an article at MarketingProfs. "What about that house you bought two years ago? Lots of work, right?" Well, your email marketing program requires upkeep ... more
  • Americans Flocking to Coupon Websites
    More than two-thirds of consumers (67%) say they have downloaded and printed online coupons, with (38%) topping the list of favorite websites, followed by Google (34%) and Groupon (22%), according to a report by Morpace. more
  • How to Rebrand a 10-Year-Old Company in Six Weeks
    by Kathy Saenz
    After laying out an 18-month plan for rebranding our 10-year-old company, we learned we had only six weeks to do it. Here is how we shifted from "OMG, they're crazy" mode into high gear, accomplishing the unthinkable in 42 days. more
  • Why Customers Might Want to Pick Up Online Orders at Your Store
    Barnes & Noble pioneered the concept of online orders shipped to brick-and-mortar stores for customer pickup. In Marketing by the Numbers, Leland Harden and Bob Heyman present a case study on another successful "ship-to-store" program: Ace Hardware's. "When a customer selects ship-to-store service," they explain, "orders are fulfilled out of ... more
  • Android Widens Smartphone Lead, Apple Up on Verizon iPhone
    Google Android strengthened its lead in the US smartphone market as of February 2011, accounting for 33% of smartphone subscribers, up 7.0 percentage points from the previous three-month period, according to data from the comScore MobiLens service. more
  • Four Ways to Search-Optimize Your Site Structure
    Just as fixing technical issues at your website is an important part of search engine optimization, notes Joost de Valk in a recent post at the Yoast blog, so, too, is optimizing your site's overall structure. Site structure helps search engines understand your site's "topic" and more easily find and index ... more
  • Five Steps to Engaging Online Communities
    by Sarah Manley
    Everywhere you look, people are talking about "communities"—how to find them, how to join them, and... if you're lucky, how to successfully sell your products and services to their members. Here are five steps to engaging online communities and finding and maintaining your fanatics. more
  • Women and Facebook: Brands, Deals, and Friends They Hate
    Most women use Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they are doing, but few have tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or over-share, according to a survey from Eversave, which also explores group-buying preferences among women. more
  •  How to Use Social Media to Boost Response the Way Nonprofits Do
    You've no doubt seen the reports of organizations like the Red Cross blasting their response rates through the roof by seeking on-the-run mobile donations. But that's just part of the nonprofit social-media success story. The Dragonfly Effect, a book by Stanford University marketing prof Jennifer Aaker and marketing strategist Andy ... more
  • Brand Beckham: Five Lessons on International Marketing From David and Victoria Beckham
    by Gary Muddyman
    Brand Beckham —the husband-and-wife team of soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria—is worth an estimated 145 million ($226 million). How are they worth so much years after their prime? Here's how. more
  • US Ad Spend Up 6.5% in 2010
    Total measured advertising expenditures increased 6.5% in 2010 over 2009 levels, to $131.1 billion, according to data released by Kantar Media. Ad spending in the fourth quarter of 2010 was up 7.0% compared with the same period a year earlier, driven by small advertisers ranked outside the Top 1,000. more
  • Three Key Ways to Add Value to Your B2B Content
    "Most B2B marketers have embraced the notion that they are also 'publishers,'" says Ann Handley in a recent article at MarketingProfs. "In other words, they understand that in addition to being in the business of selling whatever they sell—shovels or software—they also need to be producing content as a cornerstone ... more
  • Worst-Practices: Anatomy of an Awful Ad
    by Barry Densa
    When I saw this ad, I thought it was a joke. A parody, a satire, a lampoon... anything but what it really is—totally legit and serious. If ever there was a marketing message completely unaware of the modern zeitgeist (and offensive), this ad is it! Here's what not to do ... more
  • QR Codes Catching On With Smartphone Users
    QR codes are popping up in more and more places, from billboards to business cards, and mobile consumers are responding: 32% of smartphone users say they have used a QR code and 70% say they would be interested to do so, either for the first time or again, according to ... more
  • Responsible Consumption: The Next Frontier in Green Marketing
    by Jacquelyn Ottman
    It's one thing to design a product to be greener, but it's all for nothing if the consumer uses it (or disposes of it) irresponsibly. Here are four examples of companies that went green (with their customers) and profited as a result. more
  • Relationship Advice for Email Marketers
    "Today's online marketing world is full of lovely words like engagement and empowerment, communication and conversation, interaction and integration, friends, fans and followers," writes Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports. "Many of these keywords go back to the age-old idea of building a strong relationship between your organization and the ... more
  • Brands Using Content Curation to Build Thought Leadership
    Nearly one-half of marketing executives (48%) now use content curation—the process of continually finding, organizing, and sharing relevant online content that caters to a specific audience—according to a survey from HiveFire. more
  • Five Ways to Make Communicating Web Analytics Data Easier
    by Zack Pike
    Visits, pageviews, unique visitors, click-throughs... the list of metrics for digital marketing performance is endless. Often it's up to online marketers to decode the jargon to execs. Here are five ways to do just that. more

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