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  • Three Ways to Know Your SEO is Working
    You've put an SEO program in place—but how can you tell if it's working? "Ultimately, the only factor that determines success is the bottom-line; like any investment, we do not think that our services are truly successful unless we can provide positive ROI," writes Taylor Cimala at the Renegade Search ... more
  • Boost Your Email Marketing ROI by Focusing on Three Key Areas
    by Eric Didier
    Email averages an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent, so it's no surprise that 67% of organizations plan to increase their email marketing spend in 2012. Use those new budgets to maximize your ROI by focusing on three key areas. more
  • Facebook 'Like' Patterns Akin to Email Opt-In's
    People want great offers. That's the primary reason they opt in for permission-based communications from brands, whether in the form of "liking" a brand on Facebook or subscribing to an email list, according to a new survey from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey. more
  • Three Key Changes to Facebook's Brand Timeline Pages
    In February, Facebook launched its updated Brand Timeline pages, which include better opportunities for customizing a brand page, among other features. Wildfire Interactive CEO Victoria Ransom has detailed six things marketers must know about the new Pages. Here are three changes to note: Improved look and feel. Now, as with ... more
  • Top 4 Reasons Businesses Don't Get Backlinks
    by Chris Sheehy
    Links that point to your business website are one of the most important SEO factors that influence your online visibility and search engine ranking. Are you getting enough backlinks? If not, learn four reasons you may be falling short. more
  • Only One-Half of Brands Can Identify Their Most Loyal Customers
    Despite the high cost of acquiring new customers (vs. retaining current ones), only one-half (49.6%) of surveyed marketing executives say they know who their most loyal customers are and how best to reach out to them, according to new study by Acxiom and Loyalty 360. more
  • Does Your Business Need a Cloud Broker?
    As a business moves its files to the cloud, the task of transitioning huge amounts of departmental data can become overwhelming for in-house IT personnel. "The challenge of managing multiple cloud providers and getting a diverse set of solutions such as CRM, B2B … and more to work together and ... more
  • Thriving in the Wild: Survival of the Fittest CMOs
    by Rich Beatty
    Once focused on defending their turf and justifying their domain, CMOs have evolved and now drive business value. They've morphed into a "super-species": Marketing's CEO. Learn five survival principles for today's CMO. more
  • Four Rules for Creating Insightful Personas [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    Though buyer personas loaded with biographical details might help salespeople manage relationships, they don't really help marketers segment and target B2B leads. To get the most marketing bang from your buyer persona buck, buyer personas must do four things. more
  • Top B2B Firms Gaining 230% More Leads via Social Media Than Peers
    Best-in-Class B2B companies generate on average 17% of their leads from social media channels, roughly 230% more marketing-generated leads than other companies (5%), according to a new report by Aberdeen Group, which examines the social marketing strategies of top-performing B2B companies. more
  • Five Ways to Permanently Defeat Writer's Block
    You have to write a post for your company blog, and it's due tomorrow. But you have no idea what to write about. All you can do is stare, filled with dread, at your computer screen. A blank page is the archenemy of anyone suffering from writer's block. What can fill ... more
  • The Importance of a Welcome Campaign
    When you invite new friends to your house, do you assume they'll find a way in, forage for food, and entertain themselves while you're somewhere else doing something else? Of course not. But, notes Kim Roman at Marketing Automation Times, that's exactly how new subscribers feel when your email program ... more
  • Four Ways to Maximize 'High Masthead Value' Publicity
    by Gordon G. Andrew
    Many companies invest considerable effort seeking publicity via influential media—and then fail to benefit from the masthead value of that exposure. Learn how to increase the business impact of high masthead value publicity. more
  • 'Social TV' Boosts Live TV Viewing
    Active "social TV" viewers—people who watch television and simultaneously engage with others via social networks—tend to watch more live TV so they can be part of social conversations in real time, according to a study by iModerate Research Technologies. Social TV is also enabling viewers' desires to influence programming, via ... more
  • An Argument Against the Usefulness of QR Codes
    We've been talking about QR codes—those slightly out-of-focus, black-and-white squares—for several years now. "Conceptually, this is neat," writes Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic. "People who are looking at paper but connected to the Internet via their phones can combine the two in one seamless experience." We see QR Codes everywhere—but ... more
  • Two Key Building Blocks for Creating a Marketing Dashboard
    by Laura Patterson
    Not having the right information means that you'll have to base your business decisions more on instinct and intuition than on facts. Having the right information readily available in a manageable and comprehensible format is essential for success. That's why a dashboard is invaluable. more
  • B2B Sales and Marketing Lack Tools for Effective Selling Conversations
    B2B salespeople spend roughly two-thirds of their time selling in virtual environments—via the Web and telephone—yet most companies haven't adapted their sales skills or content marketing tools to deal with this new reality, according to a new report by Corporate Visions. more
  • Three Keyword Pitfalls Sure to Kill Your SEO Efforts
    "Doing keyword research is like being a detective: you're always searching for those tiny but valuable clues that decide the fate and future of a case you are handling," writes Lior Levin in an article at MarketingProfs. If you're serious about words like sales, profits, and conversions, Levin argues, your research ... more
  • Pinterest and Copyright: Lessons in Life and Law
    by Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
    Do copyright laws apply to posting content on Pinterest? Learn why you might not want to take legal action if your copyrighted content is shared without your permission, and how you can parlay "pins" into profits. more
  • New Generations of Hispanics Reshaping Ad Preferences
    Second- and third-generation Hispanics—American-born and English speaking—now account for the majority (60%) of the nation's Hispanic population, according to a new study by Yahoo. Proud of their ethnicity, such later-generation Hispanics are sensitive to the media's portrayal of their ethnicity, but are far less likely to seek out content tied ... more
  • Pinterest: The Who, What, and Where... and How You Can Use It [Infographic]
    When dealing with the ever-evolving world of social media, marketers must be nimble and adaptive if they're going to keep up with the migration patterns of their audiences. In that sense, newly ascendant social network Pinterest has much to offer marketers. more
  • Five Apps to Build Facebook Fan Engagement
    Chances are high that your target, or someone who influences your target, is on Facebook. But beyond starting a Page and praying for rain, how do you draw attention to yourself and maximize that target's engagement? The Social Media Examiner has collected 10 great apps for building community on Facebook. ... more
  • How to Get Your Products on Mass Retailers' Shelves
    by Vanessa Ting
    You have a good product and great branding, but how do you get the buyers of large retailers to notice your brand? Here are four effective ways to be resourceful when trying to get your product on store shelves. more
  • 'Generation C' Is the New Gen Y: Connected and Social
    Americans age 18-34, or "Generation C" as they've been recently dubbed, make up 23% of the US population but they comprise an outsized proportion of consumers who watch online video (27%), visit social networking sites and blogs (27%), own a tablet (33%), and use a smartphone (39%), according to a ... more
  • Five Tips for Creating a Winning Lead Gen Strategy
    "Lead generation is hard," writes Cliff Langston at MarketingProfs. "Why make it harder by doing it without a strategy?" But vague goals and loosely articulated objectives aren't enough—it's important to document what you plan to do, and how you plan to do it. Especially since you can craft a solid ... more

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