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  • One More New Way to Take Your Business Mobile
    In less than five years, more than 50 percent of users at any given time will be accessing the Internet from a mobile device, according to Morgan Stanley. Frankly, it feels like that number is already being reached in the business world. After all, Internet-ready mobile devices are ubiquitous, and the ... more
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Generation Efforts
    "Online lead generation requires you to erect just the right-sized barrier," writes Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing. "Something [just] big enough to keep unqualified, unpromising leads out, while letting interested potential customers, voters or clients in." He offers a 10-point primer on building a solid lead-generation program, and here are ... more
  • Email, Intranet Top Tools for Engaging Employees
    Email and an organization's intranet are the most important communication tools for organizations to engage employees and foster productivity, but a growing number of employers now use social media to distribute company news to their employees, according to a study from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation ... more
  • Active Twitter Users Most Influential Online Consumers
    What happens on Twitter doesn't just stay there: Active Twitter users—those who use Twitter on a daily basis—are three times more likely than other online consumers to produce a wide range of influential online content (blog posts, articles, and product reviews) that affect a brand's reputation, according to a survey ... more
  • How Wheat Thins Mined Twitter to Surprise Fans
    The best path to the heart is still the stomach, and Nabisco apparently knows it. The company recently began mining Twitter to find customers who love its Wheat Thins crackers and give a lucky few of them the surprise of their lives. Here's how the company and its agency of ... more
  • Three Key B2B Decision Makers and How to Pitch Them
    "Reps selling into complex organizations need to be enabled with at least three levels of detail," Andy Hasselwander writes in a post at the B2B Marketing Confidential blog: "one for the business lead, one for [the lead's] researchers/support in the deal, and one for the technical folks that will [perform] ... more
  • Tech-Gadget Census: Which States Own What
    The New York metro area has the highest per capita ownership of emerging technologies (iPads, netbooks, smartphones, and Blu-ray players) in the US, whereas the Phoenix metro area has the highest ownership of older gadgets, such as VCRs and CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs, according to a survey from Retrevo. more
  • Three Ways to Get the Most From Triggered Messages
    It's been a long time coming, writes Dylan Boyd at Email Wars, but with "new systems of marketing automation we are finally gaining ground to creating trigger-based campaigns on actions, behavior and timing." Boyd provides a thorough rundown on various trigger-based campaigns you might employ. Here are a few highlights to ... more
  • Mobile Social Networking Takes Hold
    Smartphones have become an integral part of Twitter and Facebook use: 33% of smartphone owners who use Twitter say they read tweets primarily via their smartphone, and 33% of such consumers send tweets primarily via their mobile device, according to a survey from Compete. more
  • How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Targeted Website Traffic
    by Dean Rieck
    If you want to drive traffic to your website, which media should you use? Too many people suffer from an "oil and water" mentality when it comes to mixing online and offline media. But they work well together. And when you need to drive online traffic, an integrated approach can ... more
  • Five Reasons Why Deep Links Help—Not Hurt—Your Site
    by Larry Kim
    Historically, companies that monitor links to their websites haven't looked kindly upon inbound "deep links"—links to site pages other than the homepage or other top-level pages. But the truth is that deep links can actually be really good for a website. Here are five benefits they provide. more
  • Marketing Dashboards: Great Investment or Huge Expense?
    by Mitchell Goozé
    Marketing dashboards are all the rage. Perhaps because every other management function has a dashboard, VPs of marketing feel they need to have one, too. Or maybe because dashboards can be a great tool to help you manage your business processes. But it is entirely possible you could be ... more
  • How to Demonstrate and Deliver Lead-Nurturing ROI
    by Jim Lenskold
    Lead nurturing has high potential value when your acquisition programs have generated responses from interested prospects, but those prospects are not yet ready to buy. The 2010 Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study found that six in 10 lead generation marketers (58%) agree that nurturing stalled leads is under-funded relative to ... more
  • Focus on 'Job,' not Customer Segment, for Product Success
    In 2005, the Harvard Business Review published the influential article "Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure." Its authors—Clayton M. Christensen, Scott Cook and Taddy Hall—argued that we often set ourselves up for failure by focusing on customer types rather than customer needs. "To develop and promote products that make headway ... more
  • Customer Acquisition Top Marketing Priority
    Large reductions in marketing budgets contributed to dismal sales performance in 2009, but companies are fighting back: Over three-quarters (72.5%) say they are increasing their marketing budgets in 2010, and over 9 in 10 cite customer acquisition as their top marketing objective in the next 12 months, according to a ... more
  • Four Common SEO Blunders and How to Avoid Them
    In a post at the Online Marketing blog, Lee Odden notes that one of the biggest fears for website owners is a sudden drop in search-engine rankings. Case in point: Google's recent 'Mayday' algorithmic change affecting long-tail searches (see Google Webmaster Matt Cutts' video explanation). It left many webmasters up-in-arms ... more
  • Women Dominant on Social Networks
    Social networking sites reach a higher percentage of women than men worldwide, and across leading social sites, such as Facebook, women are more engaged—consuming more pages and spending more time—according to a new study from comScore. On average, women spend 30% more time on social networking sites than men; moreover, ... more
  • Dive Deep Into Your Customer's Vertical
    Tech companies still find it difficult to design, market and deliver actual solutions to their customers' business problems. Though execs talk internally about solving customer problems, they often come at it from the wrong angle—i.e., a technology-centered mindset. In his recent issue of Under the Buzz, Philip Lay of TCG ... more
  • Twitter Ruled by Personal Voices, Not Brands'
    Though many brands now use Twitter to drive sales, improve customer service, and enhance brand loyalty, Twitter is a consumer-dominated medium: 91% of tweets are by consumers and only 8% are by marketers, according to a study by 360i. Brands are moreover rarely a topic of conversation: Only 12% of ... more
  • Facebook Users: Four Key Stats
    It's easy to get lost in the Facebook hype. Everybody's on it—but is "everybody" relevant to you? Here's a quick way to find out. Check out Research Spotlight: Facebook, a new report from MarketingProfs that offers a cheat sheet on the social site, breaking down vital user data for marketers. ... more
  • Solving B2B Challenges Through Social Media
    As online business communities flourish, the exchange of expert opinion and advice is expanding at a rapid pace. Marketers who once felt isolated can now gain insights from colleagues in similar situations around the world. One example is the phenomenal growth of MarketingProfs' Know-How Exchange. Initiated just a few years ... more
  • Forrester: Location-Based Social Network Users Influential, Few
    Like many aspects of mobile marketing, location-based social networks (LBSNs) offer interactive marketers the promise of connecting consumers with places and points of sale. Most marketers, however, should wait to adopt the nascent channel until larger industry players, such as Facebook and Yahoo, offer location-based services at a sufficiently large ... more
  • Go Shopping: It's a Cool Way to Check Out the Competition
    You spend a lot of time ensuring the best-possible experience for every customer purchasing your product or service. You've trained a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and you use customer feedback—both positive and negative—to shape the sales process and provide ongoing support. But do you know how your customer experience compares with that offered ... more
  • Shooting Down Three Myths of Viral Marketing
    The word "viral" has become synonymous with social-media success, writes Ian Greenleigh in a post at ReputationOnline. "It's even showing up on business cards." Some of the professional titles Greenleigh has recently seen: Viral Brander, Viral Marketing Planner. But the companies that assign these titles "don't understand social media," Greenleigh asserts. ... more
  • Two Subject-Line Traps to Avoid
    If a subject line gets truncated on its way to your subscriber's inbox, cautions Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports, it can do more than cause a "wry smile" or a "little embarrassment." It can cause outright confusion, or it can tell your customers something you didn't even mean to ... more

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