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  • One Thing Most Viral Campaigns Know Up Front
    As our recessionary hangover drags on, you're probably thinking of evermore-creative ways to engage customers. But Drew McLellan of the Marketing Minute blog offers this caveat: "As you are crafting a new campaign or gimmick that you hope will go viral—always ask yourself, is the juice worth the squeeze for ... more
  • Two Ad-Design Rules to Make Your Brand Message Stick
    "Brand identifiability is under the advertiser's control and is a key consideration in ad design," note the authors of a recent research report on the effectiveness of visual ads. But because of rising "media noise" due to competing advertisements and "active ad avoidance by consumers," it has become challenging for ... more
  • Five Ways to Improve Deliverability
    "Even in an increasingly real-time Web, email remains a critical channel to embrace for B2B marketing success," says Maria Pergolino in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. "However, it's a channel that's poorly treated due to our excitement at the extreme ROI potential." Sloppiness can impair deliverability and damage ... more
  • Social Media Use Growing Among Microbusinesses
    Nearly eight in 10 of the nation's smallest companies (79%) say marketing is a major success factor for their business and nearly one-half (46%) of such firms, or microbusinesses, say they are using some type of social media for marketing, according to a survey from Vistaprint. more
  • Don't Commission Market Research Without an Action Plan
    It's a given that market research will come in all shapes and sizes. "We see custom research that reaches into the six figures in cost," writes Mike Sweeney at the Marketing Trenches blog. "We see simple user research that can be executed for as little a few hundred dollars. We ... more
  • Email Campaign Testimonials: How to Maximize Customer Praise
    by Hal Licino
    Welcome to the power of the testimonial: A potent plug can make people as much as seven times more likely to buy or try than if they saw a paid advertisement. Email-based testimonials can be just as persuasive, but the key is to maximize their power. Here's how to do ... more
  • Accelerate Your Referrals: Nine Steps to Success
    by Barbara Bix
    If you're like many professional service providers, you get a lot of business from referrals. You get them because you're an expert and you provide excellent service. Nevertheless, that's not enough. Several things need to happen first: In fact, the referral process parallels the buying process that prospects use to ... more
  • Why 'Free' Text Messages Will Cement Mobile as a Critical Component of the Marketing Mix
    by Matt Silk
    With short message service (SMS) reaching 5 billion mobile phones around the world, marketers can no longer ignore the significance of texting as a marketing channel. Some consumers, however, are hesitant to take advantage of those mobile marketing programs, in part because of the fees associated with branded messages. Enter ... more
  • Why Mobile Is Driving a New Approach to Data Management
    by Brian Deagan
    As the mobile channel continues its rise to prominence among marketers and consumers, the lines between the digital marketing and the physical marketing worlds have become blurred. If mobile is meant to connect the two worlds, a new approach to data management is crucial for marketing to remain effective and ... more
  • How to Build a Content Time Bomb
    When we write for company blogs, we tend to focus on timely information that's meant to be read sooner rather than later. But Rohit Bhargava suggests the creation of "content time bombs" that linger in your archive, just waiting for someone to find them and set them off. "Content Time Bombs ... more
  • B2B Marketers Using Social Media to Boost Search
    As B2B marketers shift resources and marketing budgets to social media, many have begun to align their social-media efforts with search-engine marketing, using the social channel to drive search referrals and conversion rates among Web visitors, according to a study by BtoB Online and more
  • Five Reasons to Make Social Media Part of Your SEO Strategy
    It's well known in SEO circles that most links created through social media are "nofollow"—and therefore don't help sites rank higher with search engines. Some SEO professionals believe there's no SEO benefit to developing social-media profiles at all. Not so, counters Derek Edmond in a recent post at the Komarketing Blog. To ... more
  • Flipboard for iPad: How to Use It
    With all the gizmos, apps, real-time updates and life-changing articles strewn in your path, nothing's more complicated than sorting through and finding time for everything you want to read. Tougher still if you're a first-gen iPad user. What's iPad about, anyway? How long will it take to master it, you may ... more
  • Don't Get Linked Out on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is "one heck of a community for getting to know your prospects and customers," writes Ardath Albee at Marketing Interactions. "[But it] can also expose a lack of integrity and authenticity in a heartbeat." So if you're using LinkedIn as a lead-generation tool—or for any other purpose—consider this cautionary ... more
  • Signs of Recovery in Industrial, Tech Marketing
    Despite dismal economic news overall, some business sectors are showing signs of improvement: Fully one-half of industrial-sector companies are expecting annual revenues in 2010 to be higher than they were in 2009, compared with the 24% of companies that reported the same a year earlier, according to a survey from ... more
  • Google Leads in Explicit Core Search in August
    Google Sites led the US explicit core search* market in August 2010, accounting for 65.4% of total searches conducted during the month, down 0.4 percentage points from July, according to data from comScore qSearch. more
  • How Jimmy Choo Boosted Its Brand With CatchaChoo
    From April to June, luxury shoe vendor Jimmy Choo leapt into tennis-shoe production and social media with a splash: It dreamed up CatchaChoo, a "trainer hunt" that united the real and digital worlds on a quest to capture free sneakers. Inhabitants of London were invited to follow CatchaChoo on Facebook, Foursquare ... more
  • B2B Marketers to Boost Spending on Social Media, Digital
    B2B marketers continue to shift their marketing mix away from traditional marketing vehicles toward social media and digital channels: 67% plan to increase spending on social media over the next two to three years and 64% plan to increase spending on digital and online marketing over the same period, according ... more
  • Four Steps to Writing B2B Promos That Actually Work
    In a recent post at Rick Short's B2B Marcom Blog, Short recounts receiving two useless B2B email promotions. The first never explained what the writer's business actually did; the second repeatedly used an acronym Short simply couldn't identify. He deleted the first, and sent a cryptic reply to the writer ... more
  • Content Marketing Vital to B2B Marketers
    Content marketing is now a well-established, core marketing strategy in the B2B marketplace, with B2B marketers considering content integral to their marketing mix: fully 9 in 10 organizations say they market with content, according to a new study from MarketingProfs and Junta42. more
  • Why You Might Want To Send an Email on Sunday
    While most experts will say there's no such thing as the perfect time to send your email offer or newsletter, conventional wisdom holds that Tuesday—generally speaking—is the best day for a campaign, and Friday the worst. "The theory behind the rule of thumb makes sense," notes Caroline Ruggiero at the Marketo ... more
  • Marketers to Double Spending on Digital Data by 2012
    US marketers are expected to more than double their investments in online-derived data sources by 2012, allocating a projected $840 million to information about digital audiences, transactions, and clickstream behaviors, according to a study by the Winterberry Group. more
  • Achieve Less Din, More Dialogue With Your Social-Media Presence
    by Chiaki Nishino
    There's not merely buzz but outright din surrounding social media and how "everyone" is using it to win hearts and minds, and maybe even help grow business. But before you jump in, take pause to reframe your thinking about social media—away from the tactical, and toward the strategic. Doing so ... more
  • Three Ways to Find Negative Keywords
    by Larry Kim
    Keyword discovery is a huge component of pay-per-click advertising. You need to find relevant keywords so you can create topical ad groups, text ads, and landing pages. But for truly cost-effective, high-ROI PPC campaigns, it's equally important to find negative keywords—those that aren't relevant to your offerings or customers—so you ... more
  • Content Marketing Has Been a Successful PR Strategy for Decades
    by Ford Kanzler
    The highly effective strategy of creating informational content that's valuable to prospects and customers has been with us for decades. Demonstrating expertise, becoming an authority, providing "how-to" information, and speaking about subjects of interest or relevance to your market are a superb way of promoting or driving market engagement for ... more

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