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  • How to Get SaaS Pricing Right
    Setting SaaS [software as a service] pricing is an important but daunting task for most early stage start-ups, especially when they don't have a track record. The first task in selling SaaS, writes Bob Warfield in a recent post on Enterprise Irregulars, is getting anyone to pay anything for your ... more
  • Social Network Gaming Gaining Wider Adoption
    One in five US consumers age six and older (20%)—roughly 56.8 million people—say they have played a game on a social networking website in the previous three months, according to a report from The NPD Group. more
  • Five New Branding Lessons From Lady Gaga
    It's Lady Gaga lesson-time again. After all, she is a marketer who consistently goes viral. And her results ring loud: Gaga's the first artist to hit 1 billion YouTube views. And she's turned quite a handy-dandy profit: 11.5 million albums sold in two years, including through digital media (where she ... more
  • Three Ways to Kick-Start a Sales Cycle
    A 2009 survey of decision makers in B2B companies found that "86% of the 'unique benefits' touted by vendors were not perceived as unique or having enough impact to create preference," writes Tim Riesterer in a recent article at MarketingProfs. "Is it any wonder you are having a hard time ... more
  • Higher Spending SMBs Using More Media Channels
    Higher spending small- to medium-sized business advertisers (SMBs) not only allocate more money to their advertising budgets than the other SMBs on average, but use over twice as many media channels in their marketing mix, according to a survey from BIA/Kelsey. more
  • Four Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty in a Downturn
    "Customer loyalty matters, because selling more to current customers is easier and cheaper than finding and selling to new ones," writes Chintan Bharwada in an article at MarketingProfs. "Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your business to others." In the midst of a sluggish ... more
  • How to Connect With Customers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    In today's marketplace, the customer is in control and companies are being held to a whole new level of accountability, Paul Chaney notes in an on-demand seminar at the MarketingProfs site. Today's skeptical consumers are downright resistant to advertisers—and "the pressure is on to improve targeting to achieve relevance and ... more
  • How Miracle-Gro Uses Email to Grow Offline Sales
    "One click between email message and e-commerce is so ingrained for all of us—as both buyers and marketers—that it's almost nostalgic to think of using email solely to promote offline purchases," writes Stephanie Miller in an article at MarketingProfs. But that's exactly how Scotts Miracle-Gro—a company with no direct online sales ... more
  • Direct Marketers Facing Longer Unemployment
    The job outlook for unemployed direct marketers has deteriorated sharply: The median length of unemployment among those actively seeking work is now 12.0 months, compared with 6.5 months reported a year earlier, according to a new survey from Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC. more
  • Four Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns
    If there's one piece of advice experts have for email marketers, it's to test, test and test again. To be sure you're getting everything you possibly can from your A/B tests, Kristen Gregory of Bronto offers four pieces of very good advice: Remember that one test won't give you a conclusive ... more
  • Building Loyalty and Corporate Profitability in Eight Productive Steps
    by Dianne Durkin
    It's no secret that loyal employees are the driving force behind solid, stable, and profitable companies, whereas unhappy, disgruntled, and disloyal employees can quickly bring any company to its knees. Companies that lack employee commitment can change their culture and build loyalty from the inside out by following these eight ... more
  • Tips for Creating Traffic-Stopping Tradeshow Booths
    by Stephanie Janard
    If you've ever manned a tradeshow booth, you're familiar with that sense of urgency to bring back home a stack of qualified leads. And, with so many other exhibitors vying for the same prize, you may find yourself behaving a bit like a carnival barker in your efforts to lure ... more
  • Eight Questions to Ask When Buying a Marketing List
    by Chris Golec
    Targeting the right audience is the key to success for any marketing campaign. Up-to-date contact information, valid email addresses, and the tools to segment a list accurately are must-haves for any marketer, yet they are by no means assured in the lists purchased from business-contact vendors. more
  • Five Fatal Social Media Errors (and How to Avoid Them)
    by Maria Ford
    More and more businesses are using social media to get their messages out. And because they are user-driven, implementing them is relatively easy and inexpensive; too often, however, social-media marketing communication is undertaken without an integrated strategy. Below, the resulting five most common errors that businesses commit in using social ... more
  • How Direct Mail Can Drive Targeted Online Traffic
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Dean Rieck says a direct-mail campaign might be just what you need to drive targeted online traffic to your website. "According to the 2009 Channel Preference Study by ExactTarget," he notes, "direct mail influences 76% of Internet users to buy a product or service online." Here ... more
  • E-tailers Sending High Volumes of Email to Inactive Subscribers
    Most top-brand online retail marketers ignore signs of inactivity among their email subscribers, and continue to send email messages at steady and frequent rates, despite their subscribers' lack of response (no opens, clicks, or purchases), according to a study by Return Path. more
  • 'Fresh Content' Might Not Mean What You Think
    According to Lee Odden, the SEO concept of "fresh content" has been distorted by a convoluted game of telephone—one person giving information to the next, each with his or her own interpretation, until the final person receives a definition quite unlike the original. "I'm sure the genesis was something like: Someone ... more
  • Use a Food App to Hawk a Product Line. Why Not?
    We love photographing food—local gems we hope to immortalize and share. Now there's an app for that! Inspired by Foursquare, Foodspotting lets users snap pictures of food and share the name and location via iPhones. It's a great way for iPhone users to find yummy dishes nearby. (Just think: Now you ... more
  • How Calls to Action Can Generate Monster Leads
    In a post at HubSpot, Kipp Bodnar argues for the integration of your business blog and your corporate website. "Blogs are dynamic; they drive fresh content that prospects and search engines love," he explains. "Traditionally, corporate websites were static; they had traditionally served as digital brochures for businesses. By ... more
  • Social Media Trends Demanding for Marketers
    Social media continues to rapidly evolve—offering new channels and opportunities for marketers—but keeping up with the latest developments in social media takes work: 65% of advertising and marketing executives say it's somewhat or very challenging to keep up with social media trends, according to a survey from The Creative Group. more
  • Google's Share of Searches Holds Steady in July
    Google continued to dominate search in July, accounting for 71.43% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended August 1, 2010, while Ask's share of searches reached 2.32%, up 6% from June, according to Experian Hitwise data. more
  • Old Spice Guy's Viral Coup: How He Did It
    From July 13 to 14, "Old Spice Guy" (towel-clad spokesman Isaiah Mustafah) responded to users' Old Spice references at YouTube. Short YouTube video clips featured OSG charming users with witty repartee. Links to the videos appeared on Twitter like that. The resulting user stats were impressive: Upload views at YouTube, over 83 ... more
  • Four Triggers That Show a Shift in Prospect Interest
    "Triggers are behavioral indications of a shift in prospect interest," Ardath Albee notes in a recent post at the Marketing Interactions blog. "They result from the ways in which prospects respond to and interact with your content-marketing programs." The challenge for B2B marketers, Albee says, is to "define triggers that are ... more
  • Pick-Up in Communications Spending Forecast for 2010-2014
    Driven by gradual economic recovery, advances in digital technology, and secular shifts in business and consumer spending, total communications industry spending is on pace to increase 3.5% in 2010 and post a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2010 to 2014, reaching $1.4 trillion in spending by 2014, ... more
  • Three Ways to Reach Readers Who'd Rather Be at the Beach
    During the hot summer months, email marketers often despair of subscribers whose minds are somewhere else. "So how can you make your email marketing messages matter to office workers counting the minutes before happy hour on sidewalk patios?" asks Ajay Goel at the Webbiquity blog. "Or busy moms and dads ... more

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