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  • Law and Order Must Prevail
    You have an HR handbook, departmental training materials and documented procedures. But do you have standards and rules for your marketing and sales database? That's the question Lauren Kincke asks in a post at The B2B Lead Blog. "Without some law and order, your database will start looking like the ... more
  • Social Media Consumers More Likely to Buy, Recommend
    Two-thirds (67%) of consumers who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to buy those brands after becoming a follower, and 51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy after becoming a fan, according to a study from Chadwick Martin Bailey. more
  • From Bad to Worse to Good
    If you can't figure out where the economy is heading, you're not alone. "News stories bounce from bad to worse to hope to despair, leaving rare moments of optimism and much uncertainty," says Michael Dotson in an article at MarketingProfs. "The primary result of that combined gloom-and-doom assault [is that ... more
  • iPad Matches Kindle in Awareness, Purchase Intent
    Less than a week before iPad's April 3 ship date, nearly two-thirds (65%) of consumers are aware of Apple's tablet device and 15% are already thinking about buying it in the next three months, according to comScore. more
  • We're Way More Complex Than That
    Sad news: Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketers have yet to grasp the true complexity of the online communal networks they are attempting to reach, according to one new research report. Here's how the researchers came to that conclusion. They set out to track the online WOM promotion of a "new" camera-equipped mobile ... more
  • It Ain't Over Till It's Over
    What happens after a subscriber opens your message, likes the offer, clicks through and makes a purchase? "Do you simply count them as another customer," asks Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars, "or…do you take the next steps in the lifecycle?" According to Boyd, the savvy marketer has no less than three ... more
  • Small Biz Search Spend Surges in 4Q09
    Small business advertisers spent on average $2,149 on search advertising in the fourth quarter of 2009, up 111% from $1,018 spent in the same period a year earlier, and up 30% from the $1,658 spent in the third quarter of 2009, according to a study by WebVisible based on its ... more
  • Get Smart
    "Especially in a down economy," writes Barbara Bix in a Pro article at MarketingProfs, "it's important to understand where the opportunities are—and how to capitalize on them." To learn how one company has approached the challenge, she spoke with the head of marketing intelligence for a midsize provider of B2B ... more
  • Build Your Brand on a Solid Sense of Your Identity
    by Roger Sametz
    Think of your brand as a mosaic where you can select and place most, but not all, of the tiles: You can control the communications you make, your offerings, and how your organization behaves. But some of the tiles in your brand mosaic are placed by others––the media, bloggers, tweets, ... more
  • Increasing Sales Effectiveness: The Art and Science of Win/Loss Analysis
    by Rachel Corn, Robin Kahn
    Do you really know why you lost the recent deal or why some customers keep coming back? Customers have the answers, but they rarely provide them in an unfiltered manner to your sales and service teams. more
  • Problem Solved: How Can We Map Social Media to B2B Sales?
    by Claire Coyne
    You've made a couple of forays into social media, and you like what you see! But what tactics are really working out there to draw prospects in—and not turn them off? What are some cool ways to match social with selling? more
  • Web-Metrics Express: What You Need to Know to Avoid Mistakes
    by Pete Gaioni
    Approaching your website's analytics as a three-step process will allow you to not only understand the tools available and what they have to offer but also create a gauge by which you can determine how well key business objectives are being met. more
  • Business Owners Feeling Increasingly Stressed
    More than one-half (56%) of leaders of privately held businesses globally say their stress levels are greater now than they were a year ago, according to a survey from Grant Thornton. more
  • Taken for a Ride
    We've all fallen for something when we should have known better. Gullibility is bad enough in our personal lives—but when it happens at work, jobs and profits might be on the line. Stephen Greenspan's book, Annals of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped and How to Avoid It, might help you ... more
  • Social Network Monthly Use: 5.5 Hours
    Web audiences across 10 countries spent an average of 5.5 hours on social networking sites in February 2010, up from more than 2 hours in February 2009, but about half an hour less than US Web users' average, according to the Nielsen Company. more
  • Entrepreneurship During the Recession
    Challenging economic times can serve as a catalyst for the entrepreneurial spirit and lead to the creation of much-needed new jobs: 69% more unemployed US workers started a business in 2009 than they did a year earlier, according to a report from TrendsSpotting. more
  • Careful How You Land That Thing
    When it comes to your search ad's landing page—the page that captures the imagination and clicks of your potential customers—you can't be too careful. So warns Jared Spool in a recent User Interface Engineering post that describes common pitfalls when creating landing experiences. To get the most for your search-advertising dollar, Spool recommends, ... more
  • Messaging Through Earbuds, Pt. I
    If you don't think of podcasting as a mobile medium, think again! Any users with MP3 players (including smartphones) can load podcasts onto their devices and listen to them anywhere—while sitting on the subway, jogging, walking the dog, you name it. Podcasts are inexpensive to produce, and once you've loaded one onto your server, you can ... more
  • Put Your Website in the Lead
    "Your website can be your most powerful marketing tool, delivering a steady stream of new business leads and filling your sales pipeline," writes Bob DeStefano in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. To make the most of this potential, though, you need to know whether your site is a lead-generation machine ... more
  • Mobile Apps Market to Reach $17.5B by 2012
    The global mobile applications market is forecast to reach $17.5 billion by 2012 and surpass the market for CDs (which is projected to reach $13.8 billion during the same period), according to GetJar. more
  • Is Social Media the New Addiction?
    Not only do social media consumers visit their favorite social sites throughout the day, but almost one-half (48%) of them check Twitter or Facebook during the night or as soon as they wake up in the morning, according to a survey from Retrevo. more
  • Making UGC a Picnic
    What's a Picnic (apart from the classic family activity involving a checkered tablecloth and a ton of ants)? A Picnic is a formidably large candy bar proffered by Cadbury, stuffed with caramel, wafers and nuts. But unless you're in the mood to strengthen your jaw muscles, it's not really the ... more
  • This Is Our List of Demands
    "I've had a great opportunity recently to learn what B2B customers want in content by—shock of shocks—asking them," writes Bob Scheier in a recent post at the What Works, What Doesn't blog. As part of a competitive analysis he's conducting for a client, Scheier has asked a variety of readers ... more
  • US Ad Spend Down 12.3% in 2009
    Total measured advertising expenditures fell 12.3% in 2009 from 2008 levels, to $125.3 billion, according to data released by Kantar Media (formerly TNS Media Intelligence). more
  • Facebook Surpasses Google in US Traffic
    For the first time, Facebook surpassed Google in the US to become the most-visited website of the week, accounting for 7.07% of US Internet traffic in the week ended March 13, 2010, up 185% from the same period a year earlier, according to Experian's Hitwise Intelligence. more

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