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  • Seven Tips for More-Profitable Direct Mail in Today's Economy
    by Dean Rieck
    If you create or manage direct mail programs, the current economy probably has you pulling your hair out. Now is the perfect time to get back to basics and remind yourself of the following seven core principles of direct marketing. more
  • Politics and Social Media: Capitol Hill Connects With Constituents
    Most Members of Congress have integrated social media into their communications strategies—using social tools to gauge public opinion, communicate with constituents, and reach new people, according to a survey from the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF). more
  • The Early Marketing Skinny on Google+
    Google+ is the new kid on the social block. As it is offered on all Google products (Gmail,, Google Docs, etc.), its adoption may spread quickly—once its limited field trial completes and anyone can play. Google+ enables real-time updates (like Twitter) and lets you keep in touch with "circles" of friends (like Facebook, but ... more
  • Top 12 Overused Stock Photos [Slide Show]
    by Corey O'Loughlin
    A staggering amount of horrible stock photography is available online. We've all seen the pics. Heck, most of us have been guilty of using them at one point or another. Here are 12 of the top offenders. more
  • Forrester: Why Tablet Commerce May Beat Out Mobile
    With the number of Americans owning tablet devices forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 51% between 2010 and 2015, tablet commerce is expected to grow rapidly over the same period, offering consumers a portable yet highly engaging shopping experience, according to a new report by Forrester ... more
  • What to Do When a Customer Isn't Ready to Buy Today
    "Every time you try to do web research, it seems like you are immediately bombarded by salespeople looking to close a deal," writes Mark Price at B2Bbloggers. "It does not matter if you are investigating an accounting package, marketing automation, health insurance or just a copier, you get the same ... more
  • Human vs. Machine: Clash of the Translation Titans
    by Ora Solomon
    Humans or machines—which are superior these days? Both human and machine translation can be used when taking marketing content global. Learn three translation techniques—and when to use them. more
  • Use of Video-Sharing Sites on the Rise
    Watching video online is becoming more popular in the US, particularly among rural audiences: 71% of online adults now use video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, up 5 percentage points from the 66% who did so a year earlier, according to a new report by Pew Research. more
  • How Email Actually Gets From You to Your Subscriber
    "Before I started my career in email delivery," writes Art Quanstrom at the Emma blog, "I imagined sending emails looked like some sort of Rube Goldberg Machine: a bowling ball rolling down a track, opening a door that pushes a knife into a string, releasing a mouse that takes the ... more
  • Online Marketing Judo: How to Convince Influencers to Help You
    by Ivy Worldwide
    To get the most out of your online marketing, don't go it alone. Get powerful influencers in your corner to help spread the word about you. Here's how to build your team of evangelists and create a winning word-of-mouth campaign. more
  • Social Media in Canada: Likes, Follows Sway Brand Perception
    More than six in ten online Canadians (62%) say they have a social networking profile; among them 48% "like" or "follow" at least one brand or company on a social site, and 49% say their views of products and brands are influenced by recommendations of those in their social network, ... more
  • Avoid These Four Personalization Mistakes
    "Whether it's a story recommendation on, song suggestions on Pandora, or search results on Google, online personalization has become ubiquitous, shifting consumer expectations toward anticipating more targeted Web experiences from their favorite online brands," writes Carlos Carvajal at the blog. It's not difficult to create the personalized experience ... more
  • Get 'Em While They're Hot: Six Ways to Maximize Lead Conversion
    by Sammy James
    Are you increasing your inbound leads? What happens once you get them? Without successful conversion, leads are essentially useless. Here are six steps that'll immediately increase your lead-conversion rates. more
  • Top 50 Websites: Google Nabs Top Spot From Yahoo
    After trailing Yahoo for nine months, Google Sites was the top-ranked Web property in June 2011 with 182.5 million visitors, followed by Yahoo Sites with 178.4 million and Microsoft Sites with 173.6 million, according to comScore Media Metrix service. Amazon Sites jumped one spot to rank at No. 6 with ... more
  • Three Tips for Creating Credible Online Content
    "Why does content matter?" writes Erika Potter at the OrangeSoda blog. "It's simple: credibility. Without credibility, your chance of converting viewers into customers goes downhill fast. It's vital that visitors to your site see your online business as a trusted resource."  To help you ensure that your online content is credible, Potter ... more
  • How and Why Email Marketers Should Integrate Social
    by Bob Hale
    When social media use first took off, many posed the question, "Is social media going to kill email?" But savvy email marketers soon realized they could use social media to their advantage. Here's how. more
  • Social Media Gets Mixed Reviews From Small Business
    Small business owners are still lukewarm about social media: 53% say they use social media for business, but only 12% say social marketing is a must for their business, according to a survey from Hiscox. Social media adoption varies by company size, however. more
  • Social Skills for Content Officers: Four Basic Requirements
    You've heard of website community managers, but what about content officers? Those are the folks responsible for your site's content—what it looks like, what it reads or sounds like, where it goes in terms of subject matter or throughout the social universe. MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley has written a ... more
  • A Brief History of Content Marketing [Slide Show]
    by Daniel Kuperman
    Think content marketing is something new? Not even close. It's been a staple in the marketer's toolbox for ages. Here is a brief retrospective of some successful uses of content marketing from the past 175 years that may inspire you. more
  • LinkedIn Now No. 2 US Social Network, Surpasses MySpace
    LinkedIn is now the second most popular social networking site in the US: Traffic to the professional networking website increased 63% year over year as of June 2011, inching past MySpace for the first time, according to data from comScore Media Metrix. more
  • How to Craft a B2B Position Statement That Boosts Your Brand
    How important is a well-crafted position statement in today's B2B marketplace? Done correctly, it could be the key to defining who you are—and what differentiates your brand from the competition. According to Ray Baird, writing at the Branding Business blog, a position statement answers three critical questions: how you define yourself, ... more
  • Opportunity Calls: How to Effectively Capture Mobile Marketing Conversions
    by Kathleen Colan
    Smartphone use is exploding, providing new opportunities to connect and engage with target audiences. Learn how to optimize your mobile marketing campaigns, and effectively track and record mobile conversions. more
  • Email Metrics: Open, Click Rates Highest in the Morning
    Email open rates continued to languish in 2010, though performance levels varied dramatically by industry, whereas click rates improved during the year, according to a report by MailerMailer, which also found that most people tend to open email between seven and ten in the morning. more
  • Embrace Irrationality: A Human- vs. Customer-Centric Approach to Marketing
    by Jeremi Karnell
    Are you ready for the new marketing paradigm that's emerging? It's human-centric marketing, an evolution of the current customer-centric approach. And it will change the way we are introduced to and form relationships with brands. more
  • How to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged: A Checklist
    Effective email campaigns rely on engaged subscribers—but most of the people on a typical list have gone three or six months without opening messages or clicking through. "It is truly a sad state of affairs when marketers are immune to the fact that at least 60% of email recipients ignore ... more

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