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  • Web Video to Eclipse Broadcast TV by 2020
    The consumption of Internet video—content stored and distributed over Internet protocol (IP) architecture—is forecast to overtake the consumption of broadcast TV programming by 2020, according to a report by The Diffusion Group (TDG). more
  • Top-Gaining Site Categories in April Led by Home, Fashion
    Traffic to home and fashion community websites grew in April as the spring season prompted consumers to seek advice on home improvement and fashion trends, while photo sharing sites registered a boost in activity driven by seasonal events, such as proms and religious holidays, according to comScore Media Metrix. more
  • High-Tech Webinar Success
    Looking for ways to introduce a new product or solution—or generate business leads? Hosting a webinar is a relatively easy and inexpensive option, provided your goals are defined at the start, according to's B2B Online Marketing Blog. Having a clear target audience and stated objectives will help you plan ... more
  • Social Media Users More Positive About Brands
    Consumers who actively engage with social media are more positive about their connections with brands: 35% of those who use social media say they believe "companies are genuinely interested them," compared with just 16% of all consumers, according to a study by Alterian. more
  • Make Your Brand a Video Star
    Mitchell Harper of BigCommerce recently wrote a cool piece on Mashable detailing how companies can use YouTube to boost their brand SEO. Step One? Consider creating a YouTube channel, he advises: "Every video you post to your channel can be tagged and indexed, increasing the odds your brand name will ... more
  • Most Brands Don't Make Emotional Connections
    Though most marketers understand the value of connecting with consumers on an emotional level, nearly two-thirds (62%) say their brand's messaging is focused on rational and functional elements rather than emotional benefits, according to a survey form the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). more
  • Will You Retweet This, Please?
    As most serious Twitter users know, a retweet (often denoted by an "RT") is the sincerest form of flattery on the popular social-media network, writes Mousa Ackall in a post at the Business to Business Marketing News blog. Even better, getting retweeted also "significantly increases your visibility, syndicating your tweet ... more
  • Social Media a Top Lead-Gen Channel for Tech Marketers
    Over two-thirds of high-tech marketing professionals (68%) say lead generation is their top marketing priority this year and 74% cite social media as among the top emerging marketing channels for lead generation in 2010 and beyond, according to a Unisfair survey slated for release in late May. more
  • Do I Really Want to Hear This?
    Does your marketing content tell buyers what they want to hear—or only what you want to say? Writing at the Marketing Interactions blog, Ardath Albee reports on a study that found content is relevant to a customer's needs only 42 percent of the time—and a lack of compelling content reduces ... more
  • Consumers OK With Scandalized Celebs' Endorsing Brands
    Three-quarters of Americans (74%) say when a celebrity endorser gets involved in a scandal, how they feel about the brands that the celebrity endorses is not affected, according to a new Adweek Media/Harris Poll. Just over one in five surveyed consumers (22%), however, say they feel worse about the endorsed ... more
  • Ease Their Separation Anxiety
    Conflicting views exist on the desirability of "service separation" for customers, say the authors of a new research report. Service separation occurs when a customer is "absent" from the "production" of a service, they explain. (Think: getting money at an ATM rather than having a live teller hand it to ... more
  • CEOs Rethink Customer Relationships as Business Complexity Grows
    Many CEOs are doubtful their companies can handle a volatile, increasingly complex business environment: 79% expect high or very high levels of business complexity over the next five years, and only 49% say their organizations are fully prepared to deal with that increased complexity, according to a study by IBM. more
  • It's OK to Count Me In for Now
    "Responsible consumer marketers have adopted an 'opt-in' email policy for determining who receives their marketing messages," writes Ruth Stevens at the Harvard Business Review blog. Unless customers give ... permission to contact them, the marketer leaves them alone." While this works well in B2C environments, argues Stevens, B2B marketers—and their customers—are ... more
  • Women Eager to Receive Mobile Coupons
    Apparently, nearly everyone is looking for a bargain these days, especially women: 93% of women age 16-54 who use mobile devices say they are always on the lookout for special offers; moreover, 68% of such women say they are interested in receiving discounts via their mobile phone, according to a ... more
  • Give 'Em the Third Degree
    "Like good little Reporting Squirrels we collect and stack metrics as if preparing for an imminent ice age," opines Avinash Kaushik at Occam's Razor, before quickly noting that it isn't a good thing. "Rather than being a blessing that stack becomes a burden because we live in times of bright ... more
  • Establish Credibility and Persuade Customers via Contributed Articles
    by Ford Kanzler, Bob Peterson
    This is the strategy: Get company executives or yourself published in an editorial context for significantly greater marketing credibility than self-publishing another whitepaper that just sits on your website. more
  • The Three Ps of Marketing Operations
    by Laura Patterson
    For Marketing to fully achieve maturity in marketing performance measurement and management—or just take it to the next level—the role of, and skills within, the marketing-operations function at a minimum needs to address three Ps: planning, process, and performance management. more
  • Secure Your Prospect Base—Send in the Marines
    by Kathryn Roy
    You must be realistic about the size and characteristics of your target market. So what do you do when your prospects are few in number and elusive? You face the facts—and do battle where you have the best chances of winning and the least chance of suffering casualties. Before all ... more
  • The Blue Ocean and Business Models: How to Go Blue and Stay Blue
    by Len Gingerella
    Even if you business can carve out a Blue Ocean spot—avoiding the cutthroat, backstabbing bloody Red Ocean by making the competition irrelevant rather than trying to beat it—how do you stay in the Blue Ocean for long-term prosperity? Enter the need for the business model! more
  • Blogging Boo-Boos
    By now, it's pretty clear to most people what works in the blogosphere—and what doesn't. Not everyone, however, has caught on. Accordingly, Frank Days used a post at Tangyslice to discuss the functions a blog simply won't serve. To help these extremely late adopters, Days provided a list of what ... more
  • Movie Downloading and Streaming Tripled in 2009
    The number of US online consumers who had streamed or downloaded a full-length movie within the previous 30 days roughly tripled in 2009 from 2008 levels as consumers continued to seek faster and more convenient ways to watch movies, according to a study by Ipsos OTX MediaCT. more
  • E-readers, Tablets to Become Mass-Market Devices
    Over one-half (57%) of surveyed US consumers say they plan to purchase an e-reader or tablet within the next three years—29% plan to purchase one within the next year—according to a study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). more
  • A Rose by Any Other Name
    ...will go unnoticed by Google. That's what some search pundits are saying these days: To achieve smooth-and-easy SEO, you need to spell out who you are, plain and simple, for the search engines—even if it means inserting a keyword in your primary domain name. "[C]ore branding principles tell us that ... more
  • It's an iWorld After All
    Time to start thinking "i" again—this time for the iPad. Like it or not, it's a mobile device, and 120,000 were preordered in the first 24 hours of its release in April. And as of May 3, iPad had already hit 1 million units sold, and 12 million iPad apps ... more
  • It's Different, but the Same
    The social-media revolution has undoubtedly altered the way you generate leads. On a given morning, for instance, you might write a compelling blog post, tweet about it, summarize the contents for your LinkedIn group and join a relevant conversation at Facebook. All of these actions spark activity at your website, ... more

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