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  • E-readers, Tablets to Become Mass-Market Devices
    Over one-half (57%) of surveyed US consumers say they plan to purchase an e-reader or tablet within the next three years—29% plan to purchase one within the next year—according to a study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). more
  • A Rose by Any Other Name
    ...will go unnoticed by Google. That's what some search pundits are saying these days: To achieve smooth-and-easy SEO, you need to spell out who you are, plain and simple, for the search engines—even if it means inserting a keyword in your primary domain name. "[C]ore branding principles tell us that ... more
  • It's an iWorld After All
    Time to start thinking "i" again—this time for the iPad. Like it or not, it's a mobile device, and 120,000 were preordered in the first 24 hours of its release in April. And as of May 3, iPad had already hit 1 million units sold, and 12 million iPad apps ... more
  • It's Different, but the Same
    The social-media revolution has undoubtedly altered the way you generate leads. On a given morning, for instance, you might write a compelling blog post, tweet about it, summarize the contents for your LinkedIn group and join a relevant conversation at Facebook. All of these actions spark activity at your website, ... more
  • Social, Mobile, Video Marketing ROI Tough to Measure
    As marketers struggle to find the marketing mix that delivers the greatest impact for their businesses, most have yet to fully adopt emerging channels: Only 14% say they now use mobile, social media, and video channels in their marketing mix, according to a survey from Omniture. more
  • Display Ads Rebound: 1.1 Trillion Delivered in 1Q10
    US Internet users received a record 1.1 trillion display ads* during the first quarter of 2010, up 15% from a year earlier, with Facebook the top display-ad publisher and AT&T the top advertiser, according to comScore's Ad Metrix. more
  • Social Media Sponsorships to Reach $56.8M in 2010
    Amid double-digit declines in traditional ad spending, the emerging category of social media sponsorships grew 13.9% to $46.0 million in 2009 and is forecast to climb 23.6% to $56.8 million in 2010, driven by higher demand among advertisers to reach social media's target audiences, according to a study by PQ ... more
  • C'mon and Do the Social Slide!
    OK, let's admit it. We've all sat through slide presentations monopolized by the tyranny of one conviction-ridden idea. They make us kind of crazy, right? And doesn't a more social world merit a more social PowerPoint? Well, here's some good news: Now you can breathe real-time life into your next ... more
  • Ask the Magic Question
    Is there a sure-fire way to generate interest from each and every B2B lead you contact? There sure is, says Neil Baron, writing at the Fast Company blog: Just ask the Magic Question. "The Magic Question is that one question you need to ask to get the prospect to say 'please ... more
  • Consumers Less Anxious About Economy, but Cautious: RBC
    Americans are beginning to shed their anxiety about the economy, which has dominated consumer sentiment over the past two years, and they are less pessimistic about both their local economies and job security, according to the recent results of the RBC US Consumer Outlook Index. more
  • Email Unsubscribe Benchmarks: Marketers Offer More Control
    Many retail email marketers have learned that their best defense against subscribers' clicking the "report spam" button is to provide not only a friction-free process to enable unsubscribing but also options that ISPs can't give email recipients, according to a study by Smith-Harmon. more
  • Frankly, You're a Disappointment
    As a longtime reader of GQ magazine, Dylan Boyd subscribed to The Hound—the magazine's recently launched email newsletter—with high expectations. "So as I opened the email and took a gander," he writes at The Email Wars, "I was more than greatly disappointed to get what I would associate with a ... more
  • World's Most Valued, Resilient Brands Led by Tech
    The world's strongest brands have proven their resilience to recession: When most key financial indicators plummeted last year, the value of the BrandZ* Top 100 brands, led by technology brands, rose 4% to more than $2 trillion, according to Millward Brown. more
  • 'Dwell Rate' of Ad Engagement Impacts Conversion
    Marketing campaigns that actively engage consumers online for longer periods of time—by enticing them to "Dwell"—are more likely to generate high conversion rates and are three times more effective at driving brand-related Web searches, according to a study by Eyeblaster. more
  • Un-Advertising: The Power of Testimonial Video in the Post-Advertising Era
    by Ted Page
    Mad Men-style advertising, based on interrupting entertainment or news, is still with us—but most marketers recognize that it's unsteady on its feet. The reality is that people are tired of being "targeted" with ads and so are inclined to take evasive action. It's time to dust off the tried-and-true customer ... more
  • Why CMOs Need Standardized Measurements—Just Like CFOs and COOs
    by Alexis Nahama, Greg Banks
    At many companies, Marketing can't match the financially relevant, standardized measurements produced by peers in Finance and Operations. That is a big problem, because the lack of financially relevant, standardized measurements weakens CMOs' stature. It doesn't have to be that way. more
  • What's Next for Ad Networks?
    by Amy Manus
    Ad networks offer a flexible and more efficient way to reach and segment consumers. Advertisers can meet ambitious goals by leveraging the networks' mass reach, diverse targeting options, and flexible pricing platforms. more
  • Email Offers Hollywood Blockbuster Marketing Opportunities—From Acquisition to Monetization
    by Tony D'Anna
    Movie studios are struggling to effectively reach moviegoers, who have so many other media vying for their attention. So like the plot of a blockbuster film, the studios are on a quest to find the ultimate marketing channel. But they don't have to venture to a galaxy far, far away. ... more
  • Women Download More Mobile Content
    Women consume two times more mobile content than men, accounting for 67% of downloads among unique users on Myxer's mobile content site in April 2010, and downloading on average 17% more content than men during the month, according to Myxer. more
  • Foolin' Around
    If you use Google on a regular basis, you've seen playful manipulations of the search engine's multicolored logo. The temporary tweaks often appear during holidays—harvest tones and a cartoon turkey might welcome Thanksgiving, for instance, while green hues and shamrocks might herald St. Patrick's Day. Visitors on April 1 were greeted ... more
  • Are We There Yet?
    "We are often asked how long it will take before an optimized website will start showing up in the search-engine results," writes Lauren Hobson at Five Sparrows, "but of course that's a difficult question with a complicated answer." (Deep breath, kids.) The truth is, Hobson says, it all depends on ... more
  • Consumers Hesitant to Spend
    Consumers won't be spending the US economy out of recession any time soon: Despite positive news that retail sales are improving, consumers are still concerned about their jobs and remain cautious in their shopping decisions, according to a survey by America's Research Group and UBS Global Equity Research. more
  • Woman-Owned Businesses Put Customers First, Systems Last
    Most women-owned small businesses say customer service is a top strategic priority—but don't have a formal, companywide customer-service strategy—and many do not take advantage of important marketing channels, such as websites and social media, according to a survey from Forbes Insights more
  • Stepping out (of Your Comfort Zone)
    It's hard enough to keep up with new technology, so when it comes to selling IT, you might find yourself stuck using familiar tactics, even when business challenges signal otherwise. "Seriously ask yourself if you have faced the economic changes by selling the same things in the same way, but ... more
  • Google Takes 71% of Searches in April
    Google continued to dominate search in April, accounting for 71.4% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended May 1, 2010, up 2% from March, according to Experian Hitwise data. more

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