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  • Five Things to Think About Before You Launch Your Next Website
    by Jonathan Kranz
    Most companies do a fairly good job keeping pace with technologies. But the harder, yet more rewarding, work involves keeping up with how people use the Internet to learn, communicate, shop, and entertain themselves. By matching your Web presence to your customers' Web habits, you stand the best chance of ... more
  • Who Drives the Demand—A Critical Concept in Services Marketing Strategy
    by Mike Schultz
    There's no shortage of advice about which strategies work or don't work for services marketing. Yet they seem to conflict with each other regularly. So what's the scoop? Which ones work? It's less a question of which ones work than it is which ones will work for you given the ... more
  • Winning Facebook Tactics for Today's Search Marketer
    by Matt Lawson
    Facebook has more than 400 million active users who collectively spend more time on the platform than on any other website in the world, sharing detailed information about their likes, dislikes, and preferences. No wonder advertisers are salivating at the chance to reach Facebook users with precisely targeted ads. more
  • Email Marketing for 'Dads and Grads' Season
    by Wendy Lowe
    To some, June means the official start of those lazy days of summer. To many retailers, though, June is a busy month, because it's when they pick up extra revenue from those shopping for "Dads and Grads"—Father's Day and graduation season. How do you get your share of that revenue? more
  • Mobile Shopping Outlook Stronger for 2010
    Most online consumers (53%) now own a smartphone or Web-enabled mobile device, and among them 35% say they participated in some type of mobile shopping in the previous 12 months, such as comparing products and prices, up from 17% who said so a year earlier, according to a survey from ... more
  • If We Do Say so Ourselves
    "You might have noticed a trend in more and more marketing," writes Rohit Bhargava at the Influential Marketing Blog, "where large brands are featuring real people and actual employees in their ads." Heavy hitters like Intel, Best Buy, Dominos, IBM and GE have all used real team members to tell ... more
  • Debunking Top PPC Myths
    A few years ago, John W. Ellis wrote the post, "If Paid Search Isn't Working, Then You're Doing Something Wrong" at the Search Engine Land blog. Recently, now at his own blog, Ellis reviewed the article to see how current it was—only to find that it is still spot-on! "The fact ... more
  •  Blogosphere Dominated by Younger Americans
    The blogosphere is now dominated by younger adults age 21-35—those who have grown up during the blogging revolution—and bloggers in the US account for the plurality (29.22%) of blog posts worldwide, according to a study by Sysomos. more
  • Most Adults Watch Online Video
    Nearly seven in ten (69%) adult Internet users—or 52% of US adults—now use the Internet to watch or download video content, and 14% have uploaded video to the Internet—nearly double the 8% who did so in 2007—according to a report by the Pew Research Center. more
  • Maximize Sales 2.0 Information
    Social technologies, which have permanently changed consumer buying habits, have begun to influence B2B buying as well. Prospects compare prices online, use professional and social networks to get third-party opinions and reviews of the vendors and learn almost everything there is to know about the vendor before an engagement begins. ... more
  • Most Don't Want iPad, Though Apple Fans Do
    Anyone who sees the iPad in action, or gets their hands on one, seems to want one—but, when surveyed, over one-half of consumers (52%) say they don't need an iPad, and 38% say the new tablet is too expensive, according to research from Retrevo. more
  • PR/Comms, Not Marketing Controls Digital, Social Media
    New digital and social media tools are more likely to be under the strategic and budgetary control of corporate PR and communications rather than marketing departments, according to a study by the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. more
  • It's a Virtual Love Shack!
    In March, Facebook hosted 484 million unique visitors worldwide, up 22 million from February, per comScore. On average, people log in 11 times a month, meaning a big pile of people increasingly treat the site like home base for sharing and discovering what's cool and in and groovy. Good news for marketers: ... more
  • Social Networks Fastest-Growing Mobile Content Category
    Social networks are the fastest-growing mobile content category, both via application and for browser access, confirming the increasing popularity of social networking via mobile devices, according to data from comScore's MobiLens service. more
  • Mobile App or Site? Choose With Care.
    Having a mobile app can make sense for a B2B company, says Jennifer Leigh Brown in a post at the B2B Insights Blog. "But there are key considerations when deciding between investing in a mobile application instead of designing a mobile website," she cautions. And when money is tight, you ... more
  • Millennials Swayed by WOM, Interactive Media
    Millennials are hard to sway using traditional advertising and media channels that don't promote interaction: Only 17.7% say their favorite TV spot has led them to purchase an advertised product, while nearly one-half (48%) say that word-of-mouth communications influence them more than TV advertisements, according to a study from Mr ... more
  • Where's That Lemonade Recipe?
    Even in the best of times, most of us would like to pretend a failed project never happened. And when something goes wrong in an economic downturn, there's an even stronger urge to ignore the misstep. But if you sweep a failure under the rug, you'll never learn what it ... more
  • Online Video: 30.3B Viewed in April, Vevo Surges
    Some 30.3 billion videos were delivered to US Internet users in April 2010, down 3.0% from 31.2 billion in March, and 177.8 million people watched online videos during the month, down 1.3% from 180.2 million in March, according to comScore data. more
  • Now That's a Serious Tradeoff
    As direct marketers know all too well, the obligation to collect taxes from Internet and catalog sales depends on whether a retailer has a "physical presence" in a customer's state. Charging and collecting taxes in these "nexus" states adds an administrative burden to sellers, and more cost to each buyer's ... more
  • This Won't Hurt a Bit
    "My dentist is Dr. Matt Stohl of Foothill Dental," writes DJ Waldow in an article at MarketingProfs. "As an email-marketing nut, instead of critiquing how he administers Novocaine or how the hygienist flosses my teeth ... I think about how the staff communicates with customers." Waldow gives Dr. Stohl high marks, ... more
  • B2B Less Engaged in Social Media Than B2C
    Fewer than one-half (45%) of B2B companies have only the basics of a social media presence—such as a Twitter and Facebook account, or a company blog—and only 32% are engaged in social media on a day-to-day basis, according to a survey from White Horse. more
  • Tell Me What You Really Think
    Unless you ask, you'll never know what a customer really thinks about your product or service. "By embracing a customer-feedback program," writes Carolyn Hall at MarketingProfs, "you can gain insight into customer attitudes and learn important truths about buying behavior as well as the evolving attitudes that will determine future ... more
  • Consumers: CPG Sites for Info, Offers; Facebook for Connecting
    Consumers are more likely to visit a CPG website—rather than social networks—for brand information and promotional offers, but they prefer Facebook for connecting with other customers and sharing opinions about CPG brands, according to a survey from Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods. more
  • Reaching Hispanics: First Segment by Acculturation, Then Speak Their Language
    by Ederick Lokpez
    Every time we hear or read "Hispanic market," we also hear the tagline "acculturation level." So what is acculturation, and why is it vital to take it into consideration? Because without segmenting this increasingly important market by level of acculturation, you'll never be able to speak their language. more
  • What I Did Right: How I Averaged 80 Comments and 135 Tweets in My First Week of Blogging
    by Lisa Petrilli
    My first-ever two blog posts have received 159 comments and have been tweeted 272 times. I'm simply stunned. But my foray into blogging has shown me that it can be a Herculean task to keep up with responding to comments and tweets while balancing clients and life. The reality is ... more

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