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  • What Motivates Your Customer Network: Love, Glory, or Money?
    by David L. Rogers
    Whether customers are motivated by curiosity, personal interests, or commercial goals—it's crucial to know why they'd want to collaborate with your business. Here are three motivational forces that drive collaboration. more
  • Loyalty Programs Boost Email Success
    Email campaigns that target loyalty program members are more successful at engaging their audiences, generating higher open rates, transaction levels, and revenue per email, according to a report by Experian CheetahMail. Even email campaigns inviting prospects to join loyalty programs tend to outperform bulk promotional mailings. more
  • Outsourced Marketing: Does It Make Sense for You?
    by Mike Etzinger
    Outsourcing creative marketing functions may bring big cost savings to some, but going with an agency might not be the best route for others. Here are nine benefits and a few drawbacks to consider when contemplating outsourcing. more
  • Four Tips for Crafting B2B Emails That Get Results
    Any successful B2B marketing strategy "involves the integration of email marketing," Maria Pergolino asserts in a post at the Marketo blog. Whether designed for lead generation or nurturing leads and repeat buyers, carefully crafted email campaigns and messages can still achieve optimal results, she notes. To help B2B marketers keep email as a ... more
  • Smartphone Use Surges 60%, Android Gains Ground
    Some 63.2 million Americans owned smartphones in the three-month period ended December 2010, up 60% from a year earlier, according to data from comScore MobiLens. RIM led the smartphone platform ranking with 31.6% of US market share, while second-ranked Google accounted for 28.7%, up 34.1% from the three-month period ended ... more
  • Make Your Next Tradeshow a 'Qualified' Success
    by Rob Murphy
    Tradeshows remain one of the most effective ways to market your brand. But it's essential to understand who your key targets are—and aren't. Implementing a well-thought-out engagement strategy will lead to qualified customers and increased event ROI. more
  • Four Ways to Get Lost in the Crowd
    "It's doubtful that any small business owner sits down to compose a business plan and starts the list with a No. 1 priority such as: Get lost in the crowd," writes Steve Woodruff at MarketingProfs Daily Fix. "Yet, it would almost seem that many people, when naming their companies or ... more
  • Super Bowl Ads: Which Brands Created Social Buzz?
    Among 255,431 social media conversations focused on Super Bowl ads, Volkswagen, Doritos, Pepsi, Groupon, and Motorola were the top 5 advertisers, garnering the most social media mentions from December 1, 2010 to February 6, 2011, according to a study by Alterian. Microblogs, (e.g., Twitter) were the top media source, comprising ... more
  • Cool Tools for Checking Out Your SEO Competition
    In a recent post at Search Engine People, Wayne Barker notes that keeping up with SEO trends can be truly challenging, even for those who work within the industry. Staying current can be even tougher for small businesses that operate without much of a marketing budget, let alone an SEO ... more
  • Five B2B Trends in Content, Social Media in 2011
    by Ann Handley
    As an editor and marketer, I think about how to translate marketing ideas into actionable steps. But sometimes it's good to take stock of the bigger picture. Here are some big trends I see shaping B2B marketing in 2011. more
  • Android Dethrones Blackberry in Mobile Entertainment Content
    Google's Android operating system (OS) accounted for 40% of smartphone visits to Myxer's mobile content site in December 2010, up from 12% a year earlier, toppling the once unshakable BlackBerry from its leadership position for the first time, according to a report by Myxer. more
  • Three Tips for Building a Stronger Brand
    You can't reflect too early or too often on the meaning of your brand, which can change at the chirp of a Tweet. "'Brand' is one of those words," Chris Garrett notes in a recent post at "It is associated with woolly thinking at best, and BS at worst." ... more
  • Five Steps to Interactive Marketing Success With Behavioral Analytics
    by Akin Arikan
    Many organizations struggle to capture, organize, and effectively act on Web data to drive marketing programs. Here is a five-step path to help marketers develop their capabilities and expand the use of Web analytics to deriving behavioral-insights that fuel interactive marketing. more
  • Brands With Most Online Impact: Apple and Google
    The Apple and Google brands had the most significant impact online in the fourth quarter of 2010, generating "impact values" of $941.5 million and $875.8 million, respectively, based on high volumes of online media buzz and social media conversation, according to a study by General Sentiment that assigns a dollar ... more
  • Three Crucial Ways Web Analytics Can Help You in 2011
    "Right now, the [Web analytics] industry places far too much value on the measurement side of our work, especially compared to the output side," says Evan LaPointe in an intriguing post at the Atlanta Analytics blog. Measurement, he argues, "probably accounts for just 5-10% of the total value of analytics." According ... more
  • Why Your B2B Website Needs Social Interaction
    by Bob Egner
    If your idea of giving your website a social life entails having a "follow us on Facebook" link on your homepage, you might want to take a second look at your analytics. Learn why and how B2B marketers should socialize better on the Web and boost results. more
  • Mobile App Users Click on Ads Mostly by Mistake
    Nearly one-half of mobile apps users (47%) say when using apps, they click or tap on ads more often by mistake than on purpose, suggesting that click rates may not be the best measurement of mobile ad effectiveness, according to a survey from Pontiflex. more
  • 17 Email Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know
    by DJ Waldow
    Every industry—including the email marketing community—has its own jargon. Whether you send email campaigns (as a marketer) or receive them (as a consumer), you should know the following 17 terms to successfully navigate the world of email marketing. more
  • Three Tips for Effective Email Personalization
    When used improperly, email personalization can go horribly wrong, writes Dutch Hollis at Chief Marketer. "You could, for instance, thank the wrong person for a purchase or misspell a customer's name," he explains. "Mistakes like these leave the customer with a bad impression of your brand—quite the opposite of the ... more
  • CMOs: Highest Social Media ROI From User-Generated Content
    Among popular social marketing channels, user-generated content stands out for driving return on investment: 73% of surveyed CMOs say their companies facilitate customer ratings and reviews; among those, 59% report average or significant ROI—making ratings and reviews the top social strategy to generate measurable return, according to a report by ... more
  • How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign
    by Andrew Follett
    Website redesigns have become an addiction. Every year or two, Marketing decides it's time to "freshen up the ol' site." But before you go out and rebuild the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, make sure you have a well-defined plan for success. more
  • Three Rules for the Small Business CEO
    "At least once every day I consider replacing myself with a 'real' CEO," writes Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing. "Then I could just be the nerd in the cave, writing and programming and SERPing and such." But—like many entrepreneurs who love their business passionately—Lurie never follows through on the threat. And ... more
  • Web 2.0 Drives Effective Marketing, Market Share
    Companies reporting the heaviest use of Web 2.0 technologies—particularly those deploying them beyond their own corporate walls—are deriving the greatest value, including more-effective marketing, stronger collaboration, and increased market share, according to a study by The McKinsey Global Institute. more
  • Three Crucial Questions to Ask an SEO Copywriter
    When outsourcing your SEO, says Heather Lloyd-Martin, you have to ask the right questions if you're going to find the right candidate. "SEO copywriting professionals can have a wide variety of skill sets," she writes at Target Marketing magazine, "from the newbie who is just getting her virtual feet wet ... more
  • Five Classic Mistakes to Avoid in a Decentralized Sales and Marketing Organization
    by Kris Bondi
    As companies embrace the idea of aligning their decentralized sales and marketing teams, they sometimes make counter-productive decisions. To successfully align Sales and Marketing—and, ultimately close more deals—dodge these five common mistakes. more

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