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  • The Key to Effective Advertising? Use Analytics to Make It Personal
    by Dr. Michael Haydock
    Analytics are especially useful in the burgeoning field of interactive ads delivered to shoppers' smartphones and other portable devices. The immediacy of those ads—their ability to spark impulse purchases—can be very powerful. But to be successful, they must be personalized—the right ad aimed at the right customer at the right ... more
  • DIY PR
    If you can't afford to pay for a big-time publicist, or aren't seeing the results you'd like from your own very expensive publicity "expert," blogger Nettie Hartsock recommends seven smart ways to kiss a PR professional goodbye. Here are a few of Hartsock's suggestions: Become a bona fide news outlet. "Look ... more
  • More TVs Than People per Home, Drama Rules Primetime
    Americans now have on average 2.93 TV sets per household, up from 2.86 in 2009—the largest year-over-year increase since 2006, according to Nielsen's latest Television Audience Report. Although the US total population continues to increase, the number of people per TV home has held steady at 2.5, which means there ... more
  • Pageviews Down, Viewers Up!
    "A client called me, concerned because their analytics data showed a drop in pageviews," writes Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing. "[They] were dropping steeply, even as their rankings and traffic from organic search were going up." The client, who had just re-launched her site, believed negative visitor reaction to the new ... more
  • Small Biz Confidence Improving, Owners Going Social
    America's small businesses are becoming more optimistic about the economy: The Discover Small Business Watch, a monthly index on the pulse of small business owners, increased to 85.1 in April 2010, up 9.4 points from March and back to levels registered at the start of the year, Discover reported. more
  • IM as Team Sport
    The Blackeyed Peas' recently raised eyebrows during a concert in Florida when he freestyled, in real-time, anything users sent to his BlackBerry. You're thinking, "Whoa, that's a lot of people with's number." Thankfully, he still reserves that for his friends. The messages were sent to him via the instant-messaging ... more
  • You Can't Phone It In
    "A lot of marketers say they are 'nurturing' their prospects when in reality all they are doing is sending out nice brochures or marketing copy focused on product releases or company announcements," writes Brian Carroll at the B2B Lead Generation Blog. With that in mind, he discusses activities that do—and ... more
  • Twitter Catches Up With Facebook in Awareness
    The number of US consumers who say they are aware of Twitter has surged to 87% in 2010, up from 26% a year earlier; but despite that near-ubiquitous awareness, just 7% of the population—approximately 17 million Americans—use Twitter, according to a survey from Edison Research and Arbitron. more
  • Online Video Viewing Up 11% in March
    Some 31.2 billion videos were delivered to US Internet users in March 2010, up 11.0% from 28.1 billion in February, and 180.2 million people watched online videos in during the month, up 3.4% from 174.2 million in the previous month, according to comScore data. more
  • Business Tech Buyers Up Social Media Use
    Technology buyers are aggressively adopting social technologies to help them make business decisions—most often using new social channels to complement traditional decision-making approaches and information sources, according to a survey from Forrester. more
  • Frankly, It's All in Your Head
    OK. Time to clear your mind and consider some findings from Tremor, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble that focuses on word-of-mouth (WOM). Tremor is populated by cognitive scientists whose job is to study the brain, then apply their knowledge to marketing. Some sample Tremor tips: The brain isn't actually wired ... more
  • Small Biz Owners Optimistic About Future, Resilient
    Although one-half (52%) of small business owners say their business's economic situation is worse than it was 12 months earlier, almost three-quarters (73%) are optimistic about the future of their businesses, according to a February survey from Pitney Bowes. more
  • Why Must You Be So Difficult?
    The Brooks Group, where Tony Smith serves as national accounts manager, recently analyzed more than 12,000 sales interactions and concluded: "Selling is like being blindfolded, everything is pitch-black, and you have a dart in your hand. Your job: Just hit the target," says Smith. Well, that's just great. But lucky for ... more
  • 'Facebook' Top Search Term in March
    "Facebook" was the top search term in the US across three major search engines—Google, Yahoo, and Bing—in the four weeks ended March 27, 2010, according to Experian Hitwise. more
  • Business Leaders Embracing Social Media
    Social media is here to stay: Though many business leaders say social media is somewhat "over-hyped," 63% disagree with the idea that it's a marketing fad and over 80% say social media tools can provide a valuable way to monitor and engage with customers, according to a survey from SmartBrief. more
  • Here's a Reality Check for You
    "I receive email for very different reasons than others in my life," writes Kara Trivunovic at the Email Experience Council blog. "I subscribe to just about any email I can, because I like to see what people are doing. More specifically, how marketers are targeting their customers, leveraging data, addressing ... more
  • Websites Fail to Protect Consumers From Fraud
    Most consumer-facing websites (92%) in the US fail to fully protect their visitors from online fraud, even as growing numbers of businesses continue to deploy online safety measures, according to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). Among the 1,200 domains of leading companies analyzed, only 8% earned a spot on the ... more
  • Consumer Confidence at 19-month High
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had rebounded in March, increased further in April and now stands at 57.9 (1985=100), up from 52.3 in March—and at its highest reading since Sept. 2008 (61.4), the Conference Board reported. more
  • The Nine Most Common Data Mining Techniques Used in Predictive Analytics
    by Laura Patterson
    Predictive analytics take you beyond the traditional slicing and dicing of your data so you can be smarter and more agile in marketing. With predictive analytics, you can gain faster insights and optimize programs by simultaneously testing copy, offers, and creative rather than deploying the more traditional A/B-testing methodology, which ... more
  • Failing to Prepare in Web Analytics Is Preparing to Fail
    by Robert F. Hogeboom
    Far too often, Web-analytics initiatives fail to provide the insight that most businesses need and want. Companies are so eager to obtain immediate value from newly implemented Web-measurement systems that they overlook the complexity of Web analytics, which require a significant investment in preparation and pre-planning. more
  • Seven Score and Seven Years Ago: Writing Lessons We Can Learn From Lincoln's Masterpiece
    by Ernest Nicastro
    As marketing professionals, business owners, and salespeople, our livelihood depends in large part on our ability to communicate. And as we prepare for our next marcom project, marketing campaign, sales presentation, or public-speaking opportunity, we would do well to call to mind the lessons to be learned from Lincoln's masterpiece. more
  • Eight Reasons for Small Businesses to Dip Their Toes in the Email Marketing Pond
    by Wendy Lowe
    When surveyed retailers for its State of Retailing Online 2009 report, it found that email was the most-mentioned successful tactic overall. What are you waiting for...? more
  • Do You Flickr?
    Most small businesses haven't figured out how to promote themselves on Flickr—and that means you can get an edge on the competition. And in a recent post at the Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava offers several useful how-to pointers. Consider the following: It all starts with high-quality, non-marketing ... more
  • Top Cross-Channel Marketing Challenge: Coordinating Communications
    Managing multiple marketing campaigns across channels is a complex task: 49% of marketers who use cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) applications say coordinating communications across channels is the top challenge they expect to face in the next two years, followed by 48% who cite personalizing messages based on consumer behavior, according ... more
  • Access to Customer Data = Retention, Sales
    Companies that have access to a holistic view of customer data achieve better customer service and efficiency, improved loyalty, and more repeat business from their established customers, according to a study by Aberdeen Group and VeraCentra. more

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