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  • Failing to Prepare in Web Analytics Is Preparing to Fail
    by Robert F. Hogeboom
    Far too often, Web-analytics initiatives fail to provide the insight that most businesses need and want. Companies are so eager to obtain immediate value from newly implemented Web-measurement systems that they overlook the complexity of Web analytics, which require a significant investment in preparation and pre-planning. more
  • Seven Score and Seven Years Ago: Writing Lessons We Can Learn From Lincoln's Masterpiece
    by Ernest Nicastro
    As marketing professionals, business owners, and salespeople, our livelihood depends in large part on our ability to communicate. And as we prepare for our next marcom project, marketing campaign, sales presentation, or public-speaking opportunity, we would do well to call to mind the lessons to be learned from Lincoln's masterpiece. more
  • Eight Reasons for Small Businesses to Dip Their Toes in the Email Marketing Pond
    by Wendy Lowe
    When surveyed retailers for its State of Retailing Online 2009 report, it found that email was the most-mentioned successful tactic overall. What are you waiting for...? more
  • Do You Flickr?
    Most small businesses haven't figured out how to promote themselves on Flickr—and that means you can get an edge on the competition. And in a recent post at the Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava offers several useful how-to pointers. Consider the following: It all starts with high-quality, non-marketing ... more
  • Top Cross-Channel Marketing Challenge: Coordinating Communications
    Managing multiple marketing campaigns across channels is a complex task: 49% of marketers who use cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) applications say coordinating communications across channels is the top challenge they expect to face in the next two years, followed by 48% who cite personalizing messages based on consumer behavior, according ... more
  • Access to Customer Data = Retention, Sales
    Companies that have access to a holistic view of customer data achieve better customer service and efficiency, improved loyalty, and more repeat business from their established customers, according to a study by Aberdeen Group and VeraCentra. more
  • Around Here, Everybody's a Player
    It's no secret that link-building can help boost your bottom line and make your SEO efforts a whole lot easier. So, here's a thought: To help improve your site's organic visibility, why not leverage the power of your entire company and have everyone contribute to active link-building? That's what Mark Thomson ... more
  • Social Shopping: Group Buying Sites Surge
    A recent flurry of investor activity in group buying websites has helped to spur growth in the nascent category: Visits to social commerce and group buying sites for the week ended April 17, 2010 were 72 times greater than the equivalent week a year earlier, according to Experian's Hitwise Intelligence. more
  • Tech Web Copy: Easy Does It
    Reading on the Web is difficult. Computer monitors have low screen resolution, and their projected light quickly makes our eyes tired. At most, your prospects read 28% of the words on your Web page, writes Bill English in a post on The Marketing Technology Blog. So you need to make ... more
  • Online Video Ads Delivering Value: Ad Execs, Media Buyers
    Advertisers are warming up to online video as a means to reach targeted audiences: 56% of ad agency executives and media buyers say online video advertising is more effective or much more effective than other forms of advertising, and 83% say they are getting more value for their online video ... more
  • Online Shoppers Value Reviews, Ratings, Search
    Online research is central to consumer shopping behavior: 50% of online shoppers say they conduct research online for at least one-half of their purchases, and 64% consistently read online reviews prior to making product purchase decisions, according to an e-tailing group and PowerReviews study slated for release in early May. more
  • Wade in These Waters With Care
    In March, MarketingProfs ran an article about brand flubs in social media, starring Southwest Airlines and Heinz. Read the tale. Now we discuss a third brand's stormy social life: Nestle. Recently, Greenpeace, which raises awareness for ecological issues in provocative ways, released a video of a guy snacking on a Kit ... more
  • Concerns Loom Over Cloud Computing
    Most Americans (63%) say having remote access to their digital files would make life easier—but concerns remain over the security of personal information, including email, pictures, and financial records, according to a Harris Poll. more
  • Make Them Want to Talk About You
    "If you're only focused on designing your marketing content to make an isolated connection with a specific persona, you're not stretching your content strategy far enough," warns Ardath Albee in a post at the Marketing Interactions blog. As we all know, B2B marketers often have to sell to an entire ... more
  • Blending Social Media, Ads: ROI Alchemy
    Homepage ads on Facebook that have social media context—that is, they include the names of users' friends who are already fans of the brand—are 4.0 times more likely than those that don't to increase purchase intent of a product or brand, twice as likely to increase awareness, and 1.6 times ... more
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's My Colleague
    If the impact of the recession has left your employees battered and bruised, why not make a special point of letting them know how much you value their contributions? "The effort can help boost morale," writes Sarah Needleman at the Wall Street Journal, "and may even be prudent if you've had ... more
  • Teens Prefer Mobile Texting to Calling
    Cell-phone texting has become the preferred channel of basic communication between teens and their friends, although calling is a close second: 54% of teens say they sent and received text messages daily in September 2009, up from the 38% some 18 months earlier, according to a survey from Pew. more
  • Cultivate Your Own Little Monsters
    According to Jackie Huba at the Church of the Customer Blog, marketers can learn quite a bit about loyalty marketing from quirky singer Lady Gaga. It seems Lady G is doing a whole lot of things right to build brand loyalty among her followers. Here are Huba's five lessons about ... more
  • It's a Tip, Not a Commandment
    Just because something is currently labeled a best-practice doesn't mean it's written in stone, says DJ Waldow in an article at MarketingProfs. "[W]e can find and spit back best-practices for most email-marketing-related questions; however, I nearly always find marketers who 'break the rules' with tremendous success," he explains. Here are a ... more
  • Marketing's Contribution to Bottom Line Improving
    Marketers are doing a better job contributing to an organization's bottom line, but they are still more focused on managing metrics than managing performance, and most have yet to leverage insights from metrics and dashboards, according to a survey from VisionEdge Marketing in association with Marketo. more
  • Top-Gaining Site Categories in March Led by Auto
    Automaker discounts and incentives prompted millions of consumers to visit auto manufacturer sites in March 2010, while political news and information sites recorded sizeable gains in traffic as Americans tuned into the debate over healthcare reform, according to data from the comScore Media Metrix service. more
  • Got Analytics?
    "Have you ever been confused about how to use your website analytics and how to maximize the value you get from them?" asks Adrian Mott at the HubSpot blog. If so, he continues, you're not alone: "many Internet marketers are often baffled about how to best utilize the data they ... more
  • If My Dentist Understands Email Marketing, So Can You!
    by DJ Waldow
    Foothill Dental gets it. It's not "doing social media" in the way we think of it. Foothill Dental does not have a Twitter account or Facebook fan page. It doesn't blog or answer questions on LinkedIn. It doesn't use Gowalla or Foursquare. Foothill Dental leverages the awesome power of email ... more
  • Google Caffeine: Real Impact or Just Hype?
    by Brian Easter
    Will Google's latest search-engine algorithm update, dubbed "Caffeine," change search as we know it, or is it simply a minor update? more
  • Seven Steps to Keep Your Brand Healthy and Relevant
    by Roger Sametz, Tamsen McMahon
    You know you've been successful in building your brand when your constituents have taken ownership of it. Achieving that happy state of affairs requires working through an entire process. But even then you're not there yet. You have to engage your organization first. more

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