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  • Four Ways to Boost Response With Welcome Emails
    If your company doesn't send welcome or confirmation emails to new subscribers, you could be missing out on some remarkable opportunities. "Jill LeMaire, director of Epsilon's strategic and analytic consulting group, says that [its welcome emails] have an average open rate of 50%-60%," writes Sherry Chiger at Chief Marketer. "What's ... more
  • Online Generation Gap Shrinking: Still, Millennials Rule
    Though the adoption of emerging Web activities such as social media is still dominated by Millennials, older generations are making sharp gains, according to Pew Research. Moreover, key Internet activities such as email and search are becoming more uniformly popular across all age groups. more
  • Personal Branding Trends: The Top 11 for 2011
    by William Arruda
    Staying ahead of personal-branding trends will keep you visible and vital in your marketing career. Learn these 11 personal-branding trends for 2011, and let your brand take center stage. more
  • Four Tips for Non-Obnoxious Networking
    If you want to step up your networking activities, but you're not quite sure how, Rohit Bhargava has some advice. "The challenge isn't how you can find more opportunities to network," he writes at Influential Marketing, "but how to talk about business in an unobtrusive way." To accomplish that goal, ... more
  • Online Video Now Playing in the C-Suite
    Online video is becoming more important as a source of business information and as a driver of work-related buying decisions among today's senior executives: 83% are watching more online video today than they were a year earlier and 65% say they have visited a vendor's website after watching a work-related ... more
  • Four Keys to Finding Better Keywords
    In a recent guest post at It's All About Revenue, Brian Posnanski shares tips on finding just the right keywords to boost standings in search results. "Keywords are the ingredient that make content searchable and discoverable," Posnanski notes. That's why TrafficPRM—Posnanski's interactive agency—created the Seven Keys to Keyword Research guide to ... more
  • Six Ways Organic Search Can Make You Smarter About Your Business
    by Jim Yu
    In an Internet business environment that expects immediate results, online marketers have overlooked the power of SEO, or organic search, as a top revenue-generating channel. It can also teach you how to run your business in a smarter way. more
  • Affluent Gen-Y Hooked on Social Media, Brands
    Digital media is trouncing traditional channels among up-and-coming Millennials: 81% of affluent Gen-Y adults use Facebook every day—roughly double the number who read newspaper content (45%) or watch TV (44%) daily, according to a new study by L2. Moreover, 45% of such consumers read at least one blog every day. more
  • Facebook Top Search Term in 2010 (and Top Website, Too)
    Facebook was the top-searched term overall in 2010—as it was in 2009—accounting for 2.11% of all searches, according to an Experian Hitwise analysis of the top 1,000 search terms for 2010. Moreover, Facebook was the top-visited website (for the first time) in 2010, accounting for 8.93% of all US visits, ... more
  • Practical Social Media Tips for 2011
    With the end of the year comes the compulsion to synthesize what we've learned about the ebb and flow of social media in 2010. Toward that end, John Antonios, writing at the Social Media & Personal Branding blog, has made a list of 100 social media tips to ponder for ... more
  • Three Ways to Offer Value to Time-Strapped B2B Buyers
    "Let's face it, buying today is different than it used to be," says Ardath Albee in a recent post at the Marketing Interactions blog. Products and solutions are growing in complexity, she notes, but buyers have far less time to consider their options. How can B2B marketers better meet the needs ... more
  • Branding in the Digital Age: How to Stop Wasting Money
    Heads up: The age-old "sales funnel" metaphor—consumers begin their decision-making with a large number of options in mind and narrow their choices to an eventual sale—fails to capture the shifting nature of consumer engagement in the digital age, warns David C. Edelman in a recent article at the Harvard Business ... more
  • How Uplift Modeling Can Help Improve Your ROI
    "[I]n an effort to reach as many customers as possible at minimal financial cost," writes Mark Smith at Chief Marketer, "many marketers overlook the pricey consequences that can result from sending mass, untargeted emails to their entire audience." To help you avoid that outcome, Smith recommends uplift modeling, which predicts how marketing ... more
  • Senior Execs More Optimistic About Business Improving
    More than one-half of senior executives (56%) say they are optimistic about business prospects in their industries over the next six months, up 11 percentage points from the 45% who said so a year earlier, according to a survey from Doremus and The Financial Times. more
  • Make the Case for Social Media Campaigns With Metrics the C-Suite Respects
    Earlier this year, McDonald's ran a Foursquare Day promotion that encouraged check-ins with the chance to win $5 and $10 gift cards. At first, the campaign's trivial outlay of $1,000 in prizes seemed to have produced astounding results. Rick Wion, head of McDonald's social media, was quoted as saying he "was ... more
  • Why 'Social Proof' Matters in Your Social-Marketing Success
    by Dan Martell
    When it comes to social marketing, there's power in numbers. Our thoughts and behavior patterns are shaped by the opinions and actions of others, especially those we know and respect. Find out how to grab and keep their attention by using "social proof." more
  • Job-Market Secrets: How to Build Your Network in 12 Days
    by Debra Feldman
    Networking is the best job-search method and generates more than 80% of new hires. Constantly nurturing your relationships and strategically developing new contacts puts you on the inside track to plum job leads. Learn how to flesh out your network in just 12 days with these job-market secrets. more
  • The Rise of Cloud Marketing: Empowering Marketing Innovation and Creating Massive Efficiencies
    by Jacques Hart
    Cloud computing is a transformative technology that is expected to have a revolutionary impact on the business of marketing. Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage using the three platforms of cloud computing. more
  • Evolving the Customer Experience With Mobile Technology
    by Nathan Pettyjohn
    Retailers, marketers, and service providers are at an ideal point to capitalize on a massive opportunity to elevate the classic brick-and-mortar shopper experience by embracing emerging mobile technologies. Don't miss the opportunity to use these budding technologies to evolve the customer experience and boost profitability for your company. more
  • Four Ways to Find the Right Tone for Your Web Copy
    You know online content should have a more conversational tone than other marketing materials. But remember that "informality" isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. "Conversational style has room for plenty of variation," says Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus. "For example, a conversation with your banker will differ from a conversation with your spouse." To ... more
  • Most Americans Oppose Behaviorally Targeted Ads
    Most online adults (61%) say they're aware advertisers use their online browsing history to target ads to them, and roughly two-thirds (67%) say they are opposed to such tactics, even if those tactics help keep Web content free, according to a survey from Gallup and USA Today. more
  • Put That Bad SEO Experience Behind You, and Move On
    "Over the last dozen-plus years, unscrupulous SEO [companies] have given the entire search engine optimization industry a bad rep," writes Stoney deGeyter at Search Engine Guide. "It seems like every few months some high-profile person in the Internet world says something about how SEO is snake oil, sending ripples throughout ... more
  • Three Ways to Enhance Your Blog's Lead-Generation Potential
    "Most corporate blogs are ghost towns, in terms of both content and reader engagement," writes Ian Greenleigh at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. "Abandoned blogs litter the web, making the businesses that own them look lazy, uncommitted and anything but current." A well-executed blog sets your content marketing apart from ... more
  • Social Media Driving Sales Worldwide
    Nearly one-half of sales professionals worldwide (49%) say social media is important to their success, and among top-performing salespeople, more than two-thirds (65%) say social media is integral to their success, according to a survey from OgilvyOne. more
  • Top 50 Online Properties by Ad Reach and Visits in November
    Yahoo Sites comprised the top-ranked Web property in November 2010 with 181.0 million unique visitors, followed by Google Sites with 178.7 million, Microsoft Sites with 175.7 million, and Facebook with 151.7 million, according to comScore Media Metrix service. more

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