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  • Do You Really Know Your Customers? Marketing to a Rapidly Diversifying Population
    by Karen Talavera
    The 2010 census results will be released this summer, and marketers should expect major demographic shifts. To cope with these changes, I recommend adopting three approaches for your email, mobile, and social marketing. more
  • How to Put Your Customers on Hold
    In a post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley recalls trying to minimize wait times when his company oversaw a small call center. "We knew (from those times when we didn't have enough staff in place) that the longer callers waited to speak to a representative, the higher the probability ... more
  • Marketers to Boost Spending on Virtual Events
    Fully six in ten marketers (60%) say they plan to increase spending on virtual events and environments in 2011, while 42% plan to decrease spending on physical conferences and tradeshows during the year, according to a survey from Unisfair. more
  • Two Key Rules for B2B SEO
    "White hat search engine optimization (SEO) principles that apply to B2B online marketing also apply to B2C, but B2B is otherwise a different animal," writes Nick Stamoulis in an article at MarketingProfs. In other words, SEO is simply not the same strategy for B2B as it is for B2C. And to ... more
  • Four Facets of Strategic Storytelling
    by Bill Baker
    The corporate community has recently recognized the potency of using storytelling strategically—to position brands, transform business, and engage and align employees. Here are four distinguishing facets of strategic storytelling that'll help you better understand what it is and how it works. more
  • Email and Search Still Sway Most Online Buyers
    Email and search marketing still have the greatest influence on consumers' online buying behaviors, whereas social media, though it generates awareness, is rarely associated with direct revenue, according to a study by Forrester Research and GSI Commerce. more
  • Five Twitter Sentiment-Tracking Tools for Any Budget
    If Twitter feels like a jungle, that's because it is. It's raw, real-time data that never stops. Now, you wouldn't wander alone into the wilderness without guidance, would you? Well, the same applies to the wilds of Twitter, equally full of volatile life. You need to arm yourself! And that ... more
  • The Price of Chasing the Next Shiny Toy
    by Laura Patterson
    Marketers tend to race headlong, hell-bent after the next shiny toy. But at what price? I'd suggest at the price of our credibility. Here are five things to consider before racing to deploy the next new shiny toy. more
  • Memorial Day Emails Drive Highest Holiday Transactions
    Emails campaigns sent on Memorial Day are more successful at engaging audiences, driving higher transaction rates than other holiday-related mailings, including those sent on Valentine's Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, according to a study by Experian CheetahMail. more
  • Three Ways to Use the iPad as a B2B Sales Tool
    "The iPad 2 is here and Apple apps are hotter than ever," writes Tom Ballew in a post at the B2B Insights Blog. "Now B2B marketers are starting to want their own custom apps and are making room for these gems in their budgets." How about you? Have you jumped ... more
  • Data Doesn't Always Equal Intelligence
    by Gary Lee
    New tools are popping up each day to help marketers collect an abundance of data, but that data doesn't always translate to insight, let alone intelligence. Learn how to make the most of your time—and your data. more
  • Facebook Driving Traffic to News Websites
    Although Google is still the most important source of referred traffic to major news websites, Facebook is growing in importance, driving as much as 8% of total visits to some websites, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. more
  • Bridge the Website Analytics Gap With Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion
    by Scott Buresh
    With any lead-based online marketing campaign, it's important to track the sources of your leads. Learn how a new technology, Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion (DTNI), can track website leads based on incoming sales calls—and how it falls short. more
  • Why CAN-SPAM Compliance Isn't Enough
    "A while back I was speaking with a postmaster from a major ISP who said 'I don't care if the emails you send are reverse 911 emails; if clients are saying it is spam, I will block it,'" writes Chris Kolbenschlag at the Bronto blog. Though the absolutism of the ... more
  • Apple Tops Google as World's Most Valuable Brand
    Apple surpassed Google to become the world's most valuable brand in 2011, according to the BrandZ ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands from Millward Brown. Facebook joined the Top 100 for first time, at No. 35, surging 246% in brand value from the previous year. more
  • Despicable Them: Rising Above a Rotten Reputation
    by Kimberly Smith
    Guilty by association. That's a tough place to start when trying to launch a new brand. Learn how AIA, the nation's largest and oldest network of bail bond agents, rose above an undeserved reputation in no time. more
  • Two Content No-Nos for Your Blog
    "On one of my recent trips on the Content Revolution Tour with the great Ann Handley of Marketing Profs," writes Becki Dilworth at the Bridgeline blog, "I found myself hanging out with Ann in a seemingly unexpected place: The Mall." And as they browsed the content offered by retailers, they found ... more
  • Female Bloggers Eager for Brand Sponsorships
    Fully nine in ten (90%) female bloggers say they are somewhat or very interested to partner with brands on campaigns, provided they are compensated, but 58% have never been approached by a brand or agency to do so, according to a new survey from BlogFrog and the Social Studies Group. more
  • Five Ways to Search-Optimize Your Images
    Ever wonder how much meaningful traffic or links could come your way if you search-optimized your images? The answer might be, More than you'd expect. So writes Michael Gray in a post at Graywolf's SEO Blog. Thanks to Google's universal search results, images can help you show up on the first ... more
  • How to Build an Effective Negative Keyword List to Increase ROI
    by Jill Solomon
    Using negative keywords in your paid-search campaign can help you reach ideal prospects, reduce cost per click (CPC), and increase return on investment (ROI). Learn how to select negative keywords and create your list. more
  • Facebook Nabs Nearly One-Third of Display Ad Market
    Nearly 1.1 trillion display ad impressions were delivered to US Internet users in the first quarter of 2011; among them, Facebook accounted for 346 billion—31.2% of the total display market—nearly twice the level delivered one year earlier, according to data from comScore Ad Metrix. more
  • What to Listen For in Social Media
    Any good conversationalist will tell you: It's not enough to listen, you must know how to listen. That principle holds true in the sprawled social world as well. In a recent article at AdAge Digital, Kyle Monson notes that the "efficacy of social listening is determined not by the listening ... more
  • Five Ways to Use Social Media Chatter in Your Email Campaigns
    by Hal Licino
    Increasing social media chatter about your brand is almost always beneficial and can help drive sales. Take it a step further: Highlight the social buzz around your brand in your email campaigns using these five tips. more
  • Why E-Reader Brands Love (Social) Moms
    Although most surveyed moms who own e-readers are happy with their devices, moms who use social media are far more likely than non-social moms to share information about their e-reader brand with friends and family and pay a higher price for their device, according to a survey from Motista. more
  • Tool Identifies Top Influencers Based on Topic Area, Keywords
    by Vahe Habeshian
    Marketers can now identify their various industries' top 10 influential voices across blogs, articles, and social networks—and also see their own influence ranking vs. other voices in a given market—with the help of a free tool released this week. more

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