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  • Long-Tail Websites Deliver Higher Ad CTRs
    Digital marketers may be missing opportunities by focusing ad campaign spending solely on premium short-tail websites: Average click-through rates (CTRs) for ads placed on long-tail websites are 24% higher than those placed on short-tail sites, according to a study from CONTEXTWEB. more
  • Three Ways to Transform Your Leads Into Sales
    Does your business spend time and money generating leads that languish neglected in a pipeline? "The industry wide statistic of 70% of leads never receiving effective sales follow-up is astounding," writes Maria Pergolino at Marketo. "With the mass amount of resources devoted to lead generation, the act of following up ... more
  • Social CRM: Measuring Relationships (the Wrong Way, and the Right Way)
    by Sean Howard
    If you've invested a lot in social media, you hopefully have a growing number of people talking about you. If so, who are they? Which ones are driving the conversation? Do your social CRM measurement tools tell you anything? more
  • Forrester: User Attitudes Toward Email Improving
    Attitudes toward email marketing have improved over the past four years: Consumers delete fewer promotional email messages without reading them and are more likely to forward such messages to others, according to a report by Forrester Research. more
  • Just What Do Marketers Do, Anyway?
    by Barbara Bix, Olga Taylor
    Product value isn't defined by quality or price; it relies on marketing and customer insight. Without them, a $1,000-a-minute violinist is a $32-a-day subway performer. Learn to find your $1,000-a-minute market. more
  • Email Lessons From a Bridal Expo
    In a post at the Lunch Pail blog, bride-to-be Casey Barto recounts a visit to a bridal expo. "On the day of the show with pen in hand, I scribbled my email address and name on the contact lists of vendors who interested me most," she says. What happened next ... more
  • Google Android Overtakes RIM, Apple
    Google Android surged past RIM BlackBerry to become the most popular smartphone platform in the US, accounting for 31.2% of market share as of January 2011, up 7.7 percentage points from the previous three-month period, according to data from the comScore MobiLens service. more
  • Secrets of Case Study Winners: How B2B Marketers Can Create Successful Programs
    by Paul McKeon
    Though social media has brought clients and vendors together, it's still a tough sell to get clients to agree to do case studies. But the B2B marketers who produce dozens of case studies know a few secrets... and this article shares them with you. more
  • When Z Comes Before A
    You probably haven't given much thought to alphabetical order since you said "present" as your high school teacher took attendance each morning. But in a post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley reports on research suggesting you should. The reason? It seems that people whose surnames begin with letters between ... more
  • Retail Offerings on Facebook Up 60%
    Retailers ramped up product offerings on Facebook in 2010: Some 7.6 million products—valued at roughly $3.78 billion—were offered on Facebook via SortPrice-built storefronts in 2010, up 60% from the 4.6 million products offered in 2009, according to a report by SortPrice. more
  • Use Your Address to Get Noticed in Google Places
    In a recent post at Search Engine Watch, Peter van der Graaf notes that local search results are becoming more important to the SEO mix. In Google Places, for example, businesses can now promote themselves on Google Search and Maps, he notes. But have you ever wondered how you can rank ... more
  • SEO Must-Know Basics: The Hows and Whats
    by Sean Sweeney
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a common theme of website-redesign projects these days. RFPs dedicate entire sections to the topic, but it's still confusing to some. Here are the must-know, fundamental basics of SEO. more
  • Deal-a-Day Spending to Reach $3.9B by 2015
    US consumer spending on deal-a-day offers is forecast to reach $3.9 billion by 2015, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.1% over the next four years, from an estimated $873 million spent in 2010, according to BIA/Kelsey. more
  • Keys to Successful Social Media Monitoring in 2011
    We recently offered tips for checking out your business rivals through social media monitoring. But what exactly is the state of the customer-monitoring art in 2011?  Lucky for us, monitoring firm Synthesio has produced quite a useful article that explores what the big picture of social media monitoring looks like ... more
  • Five Myths About the Youth Market: Busted
    by Amy Henry
    The youth market is hotly pursued by scores of brands in so many industries. But the youth demographic is fraught with myths. To help reinvent your marketing efforts and boost results, here are five common myths—busted. more
  • Companies Banking on Cloud Technologies to Grow Sales
    With sales growth the biggest challenge for business leaders in 2011, many say they are planning to deploy cloud technologies this year, hoping to shorten sales cycles and acquire new business, according to a survey from Hatsize. more
  • Three In-House Initiatives to Improve B2B Content Marketing
    "Although content marketing is a widespread practice across industries and company sizes, B2B marketers recognize the need to improve the effectiveness of their efforts," Roy Young notes in a recent MarketingProfs article. Young offers key insights for B2B marketers from the new MarketingProfs report, What Works in 2011: Content Marketing, ... more
  • Today's Greatest Marketing Secret: Telling Stories in Eight Words or Less
    by Bill Schley
    Humans need their stories to be fast, frugal, and fascinating. That's why marketers need to tell their stories in Micro-Scripts. Learn the greatest marketing secret about your customers that'll get you results. more
  • YouTube Tops Facebook, Twitter in User Satisfaction
    Although Facebook is the most widely used social networking site in the US, users of YouTube are more likely to recommend that site than users of other popular social media websites—including Facebook and Twitter—are likely to recommend those sites, according to a study by Netpop Research. more
  • Avoid the High Cost of Untargeted Marketing
    by Mark Smith
    Targeted campaigns have become a necessity for companies trying to meet the demand for customer personalization. Learn how to replace your mass outreach with tailored messages that'll reap results and increase brand trust. more
  • How to Make Content King. Again.
    "The experts have apparently decided that content marketing is back for 2011," writes Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports. "The new (old) mantra is 'quality content.' And everyone should be producing it: publishers, retailers, service companies." If you're wondering what quality content is—and how it might differ from what you've ... more
  • CMOs: Budgets Shifting; Social Spend, Optimism Up
    Though social media spending is projected to constitute a growing share of companies' overall marketing budgets over the next 12 months, CMOs say, integrating social marketing into their overall strategies is still a challenge, according to a survey conducted by Duke University and the American Marketing Association. more
  • Seven SMB Marketing Trends for 2011
    by Niel Robertson
    This will be the year online advertising turns its attention to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Many SMBs could get overwhelmed by the number of new online marketing tools. Here are seven trends that'll create the biggest opportunity—and confusion—for SMBs in 2011. more
  • Don't Take the Twitter Joke Too Far
    On February 3, Kenneth Cole used Twitter to send the following message: "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at –KC" (According to @kennethcole's bio, the initials KC denote personal tweets.) Unfortunately for the designer—famous for his progressive ... more
  • What B2B Email Marketers Want to Improve Most
    Breaking through email clutter is a top priority for B2B email marketers: 66% say they are working to improve the relevancy of the content they deliver in email marketing programs, according to a report by BtoB Online titled B-to-B State of E-mail Marketing Best Practices.. more

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