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  • Five Ways to Search-Optimize Your Images
    Ever wonder how much meaningful traffic or links could come your way if you search-optimized your images? The answer might be, More than you'd expect. So writes Michael Gray in a post at Graywolf's SEO Blog. Thanks to Google's universal search results, images can help you show up on the first ... more
  • How to Build an Effective Negative Keyword List to Increase ROI
    by Jill Solomon
    Using negative keywords in your paid-search campaign can help you reach ideal prospects, reduce cost per click (CPC), and increase return on investment (ROI). Learn how to select negative keywords and create your list. more
  • Facebook Nabs Nearly One-Third of Display Ad Market
    Nearly 1.1 trillion display ad impressions were delivered to US Internet users in the first quarter of 2011; among them, Facebook accounted for 346 billion—31.2% of the total display market—nearly twice the level delivered one year earlier, according to data from comScore Ad Metrix. more
  • What to Listen For in Social Media
    Any good conversationalist will tell you: It's not enough to listen, you must know how to listen. That principle holds true in the sprawled social world as well. In a recent article at AdAge Digital, Kyle Monson notes that the "efficacy of social listening is determined not by the listening ... more
  • Five Ways to Use Social Media Chatter in Your Email Campaigns
    by Hal Licino
    Increasing social media chatter about your brand is almost always beneficial and can help drive sales. Take it a step further: Highlight the social buzz around your brand in your email campaigns using these five tips. more
  • Why E-Reader Brands Love (Social) Moms
    Although most surveyed moms who own e-readers are happy with their devices, moms who use social media are far more likely than non-social moms to share information about their e-reader brand with friends and family and pay a higher price for their device, according to a survey from Motista. more
  • Tool Identifies Top Influencers Based on Topic Area, Keywords
    by Vahe Habeshian
    Marketers can now identify their various industries' top 10 influential voices across blogs, articles, and social networks—and also see their own influence ranking vs. other voices in a given market—with the help of a free tool released this week. more
  • Three Tips for Lead Generation at LinkedIn
    "Most people use LinkedIn as a contact management tool to connect with friends or former co-workers," writes Judy Schramm at Marketing Ideas You Can Copy. There's a chance, then, that you're not taking full advantage of the network's lead-generating potential. To do that, you'll need an active approach—and Schramm has ... more
  • 'Don't Tase Me, Bro!' Or, How I Got an Engineer to Write a Whitepaper
    by Ari McKee-Sexton
    For some of us writerly types, content comes easy. But extracting copy from others is like pulling bad teeth. But it needn't be. Use these winning strategies to unleash the inner writer in even your most reluctant team members. more
  • Online Video Ad Effectiveness Rivals TV's, Budgets Shifting
    Ad agency executives say online video is an increasingly powerful tool to reach audiences and, largely because of video's targeting capabilities, fully six in ten say online video ads are more effective than (30%) or as effective as (31%) ads delivered via television, according to a survey from BrightRoll. more
  • Thirty Ideas to Help You Tackle Blogger's Block
    by Amanda Maksymiw
    A corporate blog can be a key component of any marketing strategy. It can help generate leads, demonstrate a customer-centric culture, and engage your audience. Here are 30 ideas for creating a well-rounded corporate blog. more
  • Four Questions to Ask Yourself About Trigger Email
    "Trigger emails have thrust their way into the online marketing consciousness with a confident swagger and the promise of a brighter future for all," writes Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports. "The positive press has its justification: trigger emails seem to solve the main challenges faced by the modern email ... more
  • Social Media Ad Spend to Reach $8.3 Billion by 2015
    Social media advertising revenues are forecast to reach $8.3 billion in 2015, up from an estimated $2.1 billion in 2010—a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.6%, according to BIA/Kelsey's US Local Media Annual Forecast. more
  • Five Steps to Optimized New-Business Prospecting Lists
    by Jenny Vance
    Whether your new-business prospecting list is purchased or homegrown, your business can improve sales 100% or more. The key isn't just about how companies effectively work the phone but, rather, how they work the list. more
  • How to Create Customer Personas
    "Your site has hordes of visitors every day clamoring to check out the vintage comics you sell," writes Veronica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs Daily Fix. "But what do you know about your visitors? Are they die-hard fans of specific series? Older folks caught in childhood nostalgia? Rather than make assumptions, ... more
  • Content Fuels Social Media Interaction
    Content is the fuel of social interaction on the Web: Nearly one-quarter (23%) of all social media messages and one-half (47%) of industry-specific social messages contain links to content, according to a new study by AOL and Nielsen. more
  • How to Search-Optimize Your Press Release
    Do you optimize all of your online content? Before you say yes, here's a question: When was the last time a press release received your SEO treatment? "All communications, including press releases, can be 'tagged' with key words to receive priority placement in organic searches and therefore drive users to your ... more
  • Six Key Questions (and Answers!) About B2B Mobile Marketing
    by Christina "CK" Kerley
    Everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about mobile. Though B2Cs have been diving into mobile, B2Bs have been falling behind and missing prime opportunities to reach and engage their business audiences. more
  • Forrester: B2B Marketing Budgets Up 6.7% in 2011
    After several years of making cuts, B2B marketing leaders are increasing their budgets 6.7% in 2011 over 2010 levels, with tech-services companies driving much of the expansion, according to a report by Forrester Research. more
  • Who Is Scanning QR Codes? Here's a Quick Update.
    We love a good infographic. They can make vague ideas clear as day. Our pick du jour: The QR Invasion, which tells the latest story of QR codes. You can put these codes on just about any kind of item, and users can scan them with their phones to get ... more
  • Social-Media-Phobes: Put Out a Contract on 'Em!
    by Ken Gordon
    Warning: Some of your colleagues are afraid—deeply, irrationally afraid—of social media. How can you overcome their resistance against social media? Have them commit in writing, and follow these five steps. more
  • LinkedIn Report: What's in a (CEO's) Name?
    Your name may be the key to your success: "Peter" and "Deborah" are the most popular names of CEOs on the professional social networking site LinkedIn, according to research by LinkedIn, which examines correlations between people's first names and their career choices. more
  • How to Build Marketing Content Around B2B Buying Triggers
    There are lots of ways to build your B2B content-marketing strategy. You can write to different buyer types, target stages of a buyer's journey—the list goes on. "We've seen all of these approaches and more," says Doug Kessler in a post at the Velocity B2B Marketing Blog. "But I'd like to ... more
  • What Dealing With Inconsiderate Prospects Has Taught Me
    by Dan O'Sullivan
    Dealing with prospective clients, including the inconsiderate ones, is just part of the job for many of us. Fortunately, you can make the experience a little less frustrating and time-consuming. Here are a few tips I've picked up. more
  • Can Geolocation Apps Win Over Smartphone Users?
    Location-based services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places haven't yet reached a tipping point: Although 56% of smartphone users are aware of geolocation apps, only 39% use at least one, according to a survey from White Horse. more

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