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  • Adults Texting More, but Teens Still Rule
    Texting among US adults has increased substantially over the past year, but still does not approach the magnitude of texting activity among teens: 72% of adult cell-phone owners send and receive text messages now, up from the 65% who did so in September 2009, whereas 87% of teen cell-phone owners ... more
  • Two Ways to Be Indispensable to Your Customers
    "One of the truly jarring dimensions of the Great Recession is the death sentence it has imposed on hundreds of brands, even whole companies, that were once familiar parts of the business landscape," writes Bill Taylor in a post at the Harvard Business Review blog. In this economic environment, Taylor says, ... more
  • Three Tips for Easier Website Conversions
    "Whether you're an HR director trying to help your employees choose the right insurance plan or a marketing manager trying to move more televisions, understanding the way people react to product choices can make or break your next online campaign," says Dave Urlakis in a new e-book by The Jellyvision ... more
  • Four Tips for E-Newsletter Success
    Whether you send e-newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis, it's a great way to connect with your customers and achieve a number of diverse goals. But is your newsletter as effective as it could be? Consider this advice from Damian Davila, writing at the Idaconcpts blog, on creating e-news that ... more
  • E-reader Owners Prefer Kindle Over iPad
    Though consumers say the Apple iPad is "more compelling" than the Amazon Kindle, 64% of e-reader owners say they prefer the Kindle to the iPad, according to a new survey from One News Page. more
  • Three Ways to Balance Data Collection With Customer Service
    Debra Ellis recently received an unusual question during a visit to her doctor: "Has capturing information replaced service?" he asked. The doctor had recently taken a vacation with his family, and had endured an excruciatingly complex check-in process at the campground; when his family added another day to their stay, ... more
  • Five Lessons From the Social Media Frontlines
    by Debra Ellis
    The rules of social media are just now being written, so they are more like guidelines than well-defined best-practices. In other words, it doesn't make sense to blindly follow rules someone else has set. There's only one sure way to know what works for you in social media: Test it. ... more
  • Eight Tools to Help You Manage Social Media Content Overload
    by Clay McDaniel
    Marketers have rushed to embrace Facebook, Twitter, blogs, customer ratings and reviews, and other social media platforms—inviting customers to comment on their products and services across the Web. The result? Content overload. Here are eight tools to help you tame and respond to the otherwise overwhelming flow of information. more
  • Six Socially Responsible Tactics That Grow Your Small Business
    by Geri Stengel
    It's a global trend: Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and other businesses want supplies from, socially responsible enterprises. Small-business owners can use the corporate social responsibility trend to improve their own businesses and stand out from competitors by taking the following steps. more
  • Open-Source Social Publishing Opens Doors for Marketers
    by Lynne Capozzi
    Does the phrase "open source" scare you? You're not alone. Many marketers hear the phrase and cringe. However, open source not only offers the collective creativity of a large, vibrant community but also promises a new level of customer engagement, brand equity, and a competitive edge for today's marketers. more
  • Improve Your Website by Removing These Four Things
    Marketing experts often tell you which features your website absolutely must have. But for a post at the HubSpot blog, Kipp Bodnar created a list of items you should delete as soon as possible from your site. Here are a few items that deserve immediate elimination: Complicated animation. There's little ... more
  • Social Networking Among Older Adults Nearly Doubles
    Though young adults remain the heaviest users of social networking sites, older users are fueling much of the growth: 42% of online adults age 50+ now use social networking sites, nearly twice as many as the 22% who did so a year earlier, according to a study by Pew Research. more
  • Ad Spend Forecast Again Revised Upward
    Driven by a faster than expected rebound in the US advertising market and continued robust growth in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, worldwide ad expenditure is forecast to grow 3.9% in 2010, an upward revision of 1.0 percentage point from the 2.9% forecast issued in March 2010, according to Carat. more
  • Twitter-Based Customer Service: How Best Buy Gets It Right
    In a minor stroke of genius, Best Buy created @Twelpforce, a Twitter-based means to pose tech questions and get answers in real time. Today, Twelpforce is more than 28,000 followers strong. Reviews are so positive, and its execution so impressive, that the agency responsible (Crispin Porter + Bogusky) received the Titanium ... more
  • Four Rotten Marketing Thoughts to Avoid at All Cost
    In a post at the B2B MarketingSmarts blog, Susan Fantle recalls a negative thought recently expressed by a client—one she's heard countless times. "It occurred to me that it might be time to share [a] list of bad thoughts so that other B2B marketers might see the possible error of ... more
  • Brands Caught Astroturfing Risk Losing Customers
    Most marketers say online "astroturfing"—the practice of generating fake online product reviews and testimonials—is unethical, and many would consider not buying from a brand if they discovered the brand was engaging in such a practice, according to a recent survey from R2integrated (R2i). more
  • Two Sure Ways to Make Your Email Copy Sing
    In a post at Email Marketing Reports, Mark Brownlow presents a screenshot that looks like a page from a 19th-century novel: lengthy paragraphs filled with sentences of uniform length. That, he notes emphatically, is not how your email messages should look. "In fact, you wouldn't read the words if that was ... more
  • Facebook Users Like Brands for Discounts, Social Badging
    Though consumers turn to Facebook primarily to connect with friends and fill downtime, product discounts and "social badging" are the most commonly cited motivations for "liking" brands on Facebook, according to a survey from ExactTarget and Co-Tweet. more
  • Six Reasons Print Belongs in Your Media Mix (or Why Digital Popularity Brings Print Opportunity)
    by Gordon Plutsky
    Just because marketers are jumping on the interactive-marketing bandwagon doesn't mean things on the interactive side are all rosy. The decreasing numbers for print don't necessarily mean a particularly high ROI for all digital initiatives. Still, there is opportunity—but you need embrace a multichannel approach. Catalogs are a great example. more
  • How to Identify and Avoid This Survey-Questionnaire Design Problem: Mixed-Mode Scales
    by Carey V. Azzara
    Data from mixed-mode questions are hard, if not impossible, to interpret accurately. But such flawed survey questions abound, perhaps because at first blush they seem entirely workable. Here's why they're not—and how to avoid them in your survey instruments. more
  • A New Job-Search Paradigm: A Darn Good Resume Is Not Candidate Marketing!
    by Debra Feldman
    Most job seekers start their job-search process with many of the same ineffective steps—holdovers from a time before the rise of technology and social media. A job search, like successful business projects, should be expertly strategized, organized, and implemented. more
  • Formulate Your Content Strategy in 10 Simple Steps
    by Steve Sponder
    Content is moving from being among the final considerations of a Web-development project to being front and center in a digital-marketing strategy. And, more and more, brands are recognizing that a strategic approach to content is becoming important. To help, here's a simple 10-step systematic process for formulating a content ... more
  • With Content Marketing, You Get What You Pay For
    At least once a day, writes Joe Pulizzi at the Junta 42 blog, he receives an email asking how much content marketing (print and online) should cost. The short answer: It depends. "Look at it this way," he says. "I can pay $12 dollars to play eighteen holes of golf ... more
  • Brands Undervalue Social Media for Customer Service
    Though many companies are now using social media to acquire new customers and increase brand awareness, few are using social media channels for customer-service objectives, according to a survey from Alterian. Among surveyed top-brand senior-level marketing executives, 30.1% cite customer acquisition as their most important objective for social media and ... more
  • SEO Copywriting: Five Secrets to Online Success
    According to Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, using the right words in the right way in your website copy will consistently help convert visitors to buyers while also determining "how well you rank in search engines and how much traffic you get." In a popular post at the blog, Clark offers ... more

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