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  • Social Consumers' Opinions More Credible Than Brands'
    Consumer-based word-of-mouth (WOM) information is viewed as the most reliable source of information about brands on social networking sites: 38% of social networking users say posts from other consumers are most credible, followed by posts from brands themselves (32%), according to a survey from InSites Consulting. more
  • The Devil in the Details
    Since October of 2009, the menus of 1,500 Denny's restaurants have invited customers to join the social-media conversation at Twitter. So far, so good. But there's a serious problem: The @Dennys account listed on the menu is registered to Dennys Hsieh—a Taiwanese individual—and not the American restaurant chain. "One would think ... more
  • That's One Small Step for Analytics
    Do you find the thought of seeking useful information from your analytics package an astronomically daunting one? If so, you're not alone. In a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog, Thomas McMahon notes that small-business owners often can't find the time to make sense of vast reams of analytics ... more
  • Messaging Through Earbuds, Pt. II
    Last time, we explained how podcasts present a great opportunity to bring brand awareness to on-the-go users. But how can the average marketer produce a winner in the podcast-sphere? Here are a few tips to help you get it right: Stick to a schedule. A good podcast creates the impression that ... more
  • Is That Really a Lead?
    "Ask any salesperson if all inbound inquires are leads," writes Mac McIntosh at Sales Leads Insights, "and when he or she stops laughing, you will probably get an earful about how inquiries, unless they have been prequalified, are a waste of salespeople's time." So why is there confusion over the ... more
  • Online TV Viewers Tolerate Ads Well
    US Internet users who watch TV content online tolerate 6-7 minutes of online advertising per hour, substantially higher than the roughly four minutes of ads per hour currently delivered online as part of TV content, according to a comScore study of cross-platform TV content viewers. more
  • Small Business Owners Sour on Economy
    America's small business owners say business conditions are getting worse: After some upward trends for most of last summer and into the fall, the Discover Small Business Watch, a monthly index on the pulse of small business owners, measured 75.7 in March, down 9.2 points from February and back to ... more
  • Marketers: Shifting to Digital; Email, Search Perform Best
    Most marketing executives cite email or search marketing as their company's top-performing advertising channel in 2009—39.4% and 23.6%, respectively—and over nine in ten (93.6%) say they plan to increase their budget allocation to digital marketing in the next five years, according to the Fourth Annual Marketing and Media Survey from ... more
  • Cut the Loner Act
    Big insight: Content creation, pumped exclusively and relentlessly out by You, Inc., isn't the only way to leverage the power of social media. These days, you don't have to go it alone! Sometimes a strategic partnership with a site with a built-in, enthusiastic user base can take half the legwork out ... more
  • You Never Get a Second Chance
    "Your introduction is one of the most important sections of your white paper," says Jonathan Kantor in a post at the White Paper Pundit blog. "The degree that your introduction engages your reader serves as the 'make or break' point for the rest of [the] paper." How do you create ... more
  • Ad Spend Forecast Revised Upward
    Marking the beginning of a moderate recovery, worldwide advertising expenditure is forecast to grow 2.9% this year, an upward revision of nearly 2 percentage points from the 1% forecast issued in October 2009, according to Carat. more
  • Twitter: 50 Million Sticky Tweets a Day
    Twitter generated steady growth in tweet activity in the four months ended March 25, 2010, especially among consumers outside the US, while maintaining strong retention and stickiness among its new and veteran users, according to a study from Sysomos. more
  • Just Say No
    Thought leaders in the email marketing industry are just about unanimous on the subject of randomly purchased lists. Their advice to marketers? Avoid them like the plague. You may, however, still encounter those who push the buying of email lists as a perfectly legal alternative to building lists through opt-in subscription. ... more
  • Newspaper Ad Revenue Plummeting
    In the face if a weak economy and declining readership in the print space, the US newspaper industry generated an estimated $27.6 billion in total ad revenue in 2009, down 27.2% from the $37.8 billion recorded a year earlier, according to data issued by the Newspaper Association of America. more
  • Consumer Confidence Rebounds in March
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had decreased in February, rebounded in March and now stands at 52.5 (1985=100), up from 46.4 in February, the Conference Board reported. more
  • Articulate to Resonate: Crafting and Communicating Messages That Matter
    by Eric Norman
    How can you articulate your ideas, qualities, and capabilities in ways that connect to, and engage, your communities? Messaging, or communicating with a rigorous focus on a system of key ideas, is a fundamental activity of strategic brand development and management. Disciplined messaging helps organizations engage in productive dialogues, especially ... more
  • Three B2B Value-Proposition Rules That Create Preference, Not Just Parity
    by Tim Riesterer
    A 2009 survey of 9,000 decision makers in B2B companies found that 86% of the "unique benefits" touted by vendors were not perceived as unique or having enough impact to create preference. Unwittingly, it appears, companies are creating value parity-positions, not value propositions. more
  • Direct Digital Marketing: Powerful B2C Tools for B2B Marketers
    by Josh Gordon
    Direct digital marketing solutions are no longer exclusive to B2C marketers. B2B marketers must demand more from their marketing partnerships because the transference of traditionally B2C marketing approaches to B2B is possible—and direct digital marketing is the key. more
  • Bored to Death
    If it's late at night and you can't get to sleep, try reading this tag line—it just might work better than a sleeping pill: "Combining the strategy, business processes, implementation, and technical support skills of a CRM systems integrator with the data management, analytic, and marketing skills of a database ... more
  • Social Media for Kids: Moshi Monsters Soars
    Visits to the popular children's social media website Moshi Monsters for the week ended March 20, 2010 were 23 times greater than for the equivalent week a year earlier, and the site now accounts for 0.41% of US Internet traffic in the Entertainment-Games category, according to Experian's Hitwise Intelligence. more
  • Case Study: How Icebreaker Drove Holiday Sales With Email
    by Dylan T. Boyd
    How a unique approach to email helped New Zealand-based clothing brand Icebreaker dramatically improve its 2009 holiday sales. more
  • Rethinking Normal: The Newest in Marketing Research From the ARF's Annual Conference
    At a lot of marketing conferences, over-excited pitch people talk a lot about The New Thing that will Change Every Paradigm Forever. So much over-enthusiasm can jade just about anyone, so it was a relief to attend the Advertising Research Federation's (ARF) re:Think 2010 conference taking place in New York ... more
  • Beat 'em to the Finish Line!
    In a recent post at Search Engine People, Stephanie Woods reports there's been chatter lately about Google's making page-load speed an important part of its algorithm. That should come as no surprise, she notes, as usability studies have shown time and again that Web users like speed. According to Woods, here's ... more
  • Behaviorally Targeted Ads More Valuable, Effective
    Behaviorally targeted (BT) advertising generated on average 2.68 times the revenue per ad as non-targeted run-of-network (RON) advertising in 2009, while average CPMs for behaviorally targeted advertising were over twice (2.08 times) the average of RON CPMs, according to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). more
  • Recalls Destroying Toyota's Reputation for Quality
    The recent recalls of Toyota automobiles have undermined the carmakers' reputation: Consumers who have a positive perception of Toyota's commitment to building quality cars fell to 21.8% in March 2010, down 58.2 percentage points from the 80.0% recorded in 2008, according to America's Research Group. more

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