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  • Display Ads Making a Comeback
    The US display ad market has made a comeback in the last few months, led by JPEG ads, which accounted for 42.4% of impressions in May, and leaderboard-style banner ads (728 x 90 pixels), among the most commonly viewed display ad sizes, according to data from comScore's Ad Metrix Creative ... more
  • Most Email Opens, Transactions Occur on Day 1
    Highlighting the instantaneous nature of the email channel, nearly one-half (47%) of transactions and over three-quarters (78%) of unique opens and clicks occur within the first day of email receipt, and such response times vary by industry and email offer type, according to research by Experian CheetahMail. more
  • One Easy Way to Make Your Emails More Readable
    Writing at the Retail Email blog, Chad White offers some interesting facts about the Baby-Boomer generation. First, by 2015, nearly half of the US population will be age 50 or older (AARP). Second, Boomers currently control over 80% of personal financial assets and account for more than 50% of the country's discretionary ... more
  • Blogging for Dollars: Retweets Are Nice, but Business Is Better
    "You are cranky, it's been a long day, you need to vent," writes Mack Collier at The Viral Garden. "So you write a nice stress-relieving post to your blog. Totally out of character with what you normally write, but you need the release." Of course, this is the post that ... more
  • Consumer Confidence Tanks in June
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had been on the rise for three consecutive months, declined sharply in June and now stands at 52.9 (1985=100), down from 62.7 in May, the Conference Board reported. more
  • The Fallacy of Search Engine Marketing Only
    by Scott Buresh
    There has been much debate in the search community about whether it is proper or even hypocritical for a search engine marketing company to use other forms of advertising unrelated to Internet marketing. The naysayers generally have a common argument: A quality SEM company "shouldn't need" to engage in any ... more
  • Why Do People Write Like That? (And How You Can Avoid Doing the Same)
    by Ernest Nicastro
    Those who write in corporatese love a paradigm, whether it's new, shifting, or otherwise. And they would never think of simply using something when they can leverage it. But there's a better way. more
  • How Scotts Miracle-Gro Uses Its Email Newsletter to Nurture In-Store Sales
    by Stephanie Miller
    Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, like many consumer packaged goods companies, has no direct online sales channel—but it finds that email-newsletter subscriptions boost purchases on average 1.5 times annually. Perhaps the reason the Scotts Lawn Care Update email newsletter is so successful is its commitment to the roots of the program—customer service. more
  • Your Launch Strategy and Beyond—at Cyberspeed
    by Barbara Bix, Olga Taylor
    When used systematically, market research is an ongoing two-way communication between your business and its target audience. Treated as such, market research becomes a constant source of information about opportunities for improvement and innovation. And via the Web, you now have a direct round-the-clock link to every potential customer. more
  • 'I'm Sorry': Three Ways to Say It to Customers
    No matter how excellent your company's product or service, and no matter how outstanding your customer service team, you will encounter disgruntled customers. It's a fact of life. And, warns Michael F. Kelly at MarketingProfs, this disproportionately vocal group can do serious damage to your company's reputation. "If 20% of your ... more
  • Most Multitask While on Facebook
    Facebook users spend an average of 7.3 hours a week using the social site—roughly one-third of the amount they spend online—and while on Facebook, most are multitasking online, such as searching the Web or shopping and researching products, according to a survey from Morpace Inc. more
  • Tips for Comparing Your Site to Competitors: Do You Stand Out?
    In a post at the SEOmoz blog, Laura Lippay asks, "What makes your site different? Remarkable?" Stumped? Well, one great way to determine how your site stacks up against the competition is to analyze what your competitors are doing right, Lippay says. She offers some guidelines on how best to snoop: "We're ... more
  • YouTube Video Viewing Hits All-Time High in May
    Some 34 billion videos were delivered to US Internet users in May 2010, up 12.0% from 30.3 billion in April, with YouTube reaching an all-time high of 14.6 billion videos viewed during the month—surpassing the threshold of 100 videos per viewer for the first time, according to comScore data. more
  • Boost Customer Service With a Little Digital Magic
    Ever wanted to share a snowman in springtime, send a love letter to a stranger—or surprise a loyal customer with a gift message? Get a load of Layar, which puts the magic of augmented reality in the hands of anyone with an idea and an iPhone 3GS or a phone that ... more
  • Companies Using Social Media Without Game Plan
    Despite widespread adoption of social media marketing, most companies are still learning how to integrate those efforts into their overall corporate strategies: 78% of surveyed companies say they actively use social media, but just 41% say those efforts are part of a strategic game plan, according to a survey from ... more
  • Four Ways to Be an Indispensable Resource to Prospects
    "One of today's hottest B2B marketing topics, along with social media, is content," writes Susan Fantle in a guest post at Marketfish. And if you want your content marketing program to generate and nurture the right kind of leads, she has advice like this:Tell them what they want to hear. ... more
  • More Email Marketers to Integrate Social Media
    Most marketers believe there is value in combining email marketing and social media: Nearly 70% of small business marketers use some type of social media marketing tactic and 77% say integrating email marketing and social media is very or moderately important to their digital marketing efforts, according to a survey ... more
  • How Open Should You Be in Social Media?
    One of the challenges facing businesses today is deciding how open to be in online communities. Well, here's some good news: Openness in social media can vary. Businesses can start slow in online communities, hold back a bit and open up over time—the way people do in human relationships. (And think ... more
  • Three Ways to Make Email a Lead-Generation Machine
    "Social media is all the rage these days, and I'm in complete agreement that it should be part of your campaigns—but let's not overlook the power of email," writes Chad Horenfeldt in a recent post at the Anything Goes Marketing blog. Email is being underused by many B2B companies, Horenfeldt ... more
  • Millennials Favor Email for Deals, Promotions
    Millennials are more likely to use Facebook and Twitter to show support for their favorite brands, but when they're ready to purchase they use email—by signing up for coupon-loaded newsletters, according to a study by ExactTarget. more
  • Music and Mobile Made for Each Other
    Nearly three-quarters (73%) of mobile content downloaders—i.e., those who download mobile entertainment content from the Myxer platform—say they listen to music on their mobile phones, according to Myxer. more
  • Ad Recovery for Most Industries by 2011
    Boosted by newer advertising channels and increased marketing activity, ad spending is forecast to increase on average 0.6% in 2011 from 2010 levels, with outlays led by the diversified food products, pharmaceutical, and telecom industries, according to Schonfeld & Associates, Inc. more
  • Four Email Must-Do Principles to Boost Response
    As email becomes ever more prominent in the typical marketing mix, we can expect a few slip-ups and oversights. According to Max Kalehoff—writing at the AttentionMax blog—telltale symptoms of lax email practices include an ignorance of basic etiquette and less-than-rigorous spam compliance. "I'm not going to out anyone (including a prominent technology ... more
  • In Social Media Era, Facebook Rules
    We're at a turning point in how we describe Web-based innovation trends, and the ascendant term is "social media," according to a study by Justin Kistner posted on Socialfresh. Moreover, Facebook among those media is so popular that no other search term in Google beats the volume for "Facebook," Kistner ... more
  • Google Grabs 72% of Search in May
    Google continued to dominate search in May, accounting for 72.2% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended May 29, 2010, up 1% from April, while Yahoo, Bing, and Ask received 14.4%, 9.2%, and 2.1%, respectively, according to Experian Hitwise data. more

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