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  • More Inc. 500 Companies Succeeding With Facebook
    More than seven in ten (71%) of the nation's fastest-growing private companies now use Facebook and, among them, 85% say their efforts are proving successful, up 36 percentage points from the 54% that said so a year earlier, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth's Center ... more
  • Three Ways to Optimize Content Across Channels and Platforms
    Before you optimize your next piece of content, Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have some advice. "Bust your content silos!" they write in their new book Content Rules. "Do you have a print newsletter? Do you produce a regular podcast? Run a version of a print article on the blog, ... more
  • Nine Ways to Elevate Your Presentation and Speaking Skills to Black Belt Level
    by Mitch Joel
    Whether you're just beginning to present to audiences, or are a veteran speaker—becoming a speaking champ requires attention to detail. Begin with these nine, nuanced tips to master your speaking skills. more
  • iPhone Dominating Mobile Email Activity
    Some 13.36% of email message opens occur via mobile device with the iPhone comprising more than 65% of that activity on average, according to a study from Knotice, which also finds that mobile email open levels are highest in the early-morning hours but vary dramatically by industry. more
  • Five Key Assets of a Good Social Community Manager
    You've heard a lot about social community managers, but what exactly do they do? In short, they monitor conversations in the social media space (and that takes a lot more than just good listening skills). To clarify how a good CM goes about his or her work, Edelman's David Armano has put ... more
  • Three Lesser-Known Ways to Enhance AdWords Quality Score
    by Larry Kim
    Are you dissatisfied with the results of your Google AdWords ads? A low "Quality Score" could be to blame. If you've tried all else but aren't seeing results, give these three unconventional tips a shot at bumping up your score. more
  • Digital Ad Spend to Climb 14%, Social Media 35%
    US direct and digital advertising expenditures are forecast to reach $163.9 billion in 2011, up 6.2% from 2010 levels, according to a report from the Winterberry Group. Of that total, digital spending is expected to reach $31.6 billion, up 14.0% from the previous year. more
  • Using Twitter for B2B Marketing: Five Key Action Tips
    At the Mi6 blog, Chris Herbert praises the weekly Twitter chat sessions hosted by Philadelphia's Jeremy Victor that Herbert and his B2B colleagues regularly attend. "These sessions are a tremendous source of ideas, insights and data," Herbert writes. He isolates various lessons learned from a recent session exploring the use of ... more
  • Online Reputation Management's Top 3 Challenges
    by Monica Giffhorn
    Online reputation management (ORM) has become a hot term in digital marketing. But few marketers know exactly how to use it to their advantage. Learn how to tackle the Top 3 ORM challenges, and let your brand shine. more
  • Direct and Digital Marketing Jobs Rebounding in 1Q11
    In anticipation of stronger business conditions, more than one-half (52%) of digital and direct marketing executives plan to increase hiring in the first quarter of 2011, up from the 41% who said so in the previous quarter, according to a survey from Bernhart Associates. more
  • Why You Should Use Engagement Metrics to Guide Your Messaging
    by Jay Krall
    How many Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have isn't necessarily the best indicator of how many people are receiving your message. But a new breed of engagement metrics can give you those answers, and help mold your messaging to generate the highest levels of engagement. more
  • Four Ways to Eliminate Friction at Your Landing Page
    "Go to this website, click that link, call this number, fill out that form," writes Lary Stucker at FreshClicks. "Anytime you ask people to do something, you are creating a point of friction," he warns. "Your audience will not continue unless the reward is greater than the friction they are ... more
  • Brands Don't Use Social Media Effectively
    Though growing numbers of companies are using social channels to connect with their customers, only 12% of business executives say their companies are using social media effectively, according to a study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. more
  • Five Important B2B Marketing Trends in 2011
    by Chris Chariton
    2011 is here, and that means B2B marketers have just been evaluating plans and allocating budget. Though each company is different, the same five trends will affect them all—and marketers who capitalize on them are better positioned to reach their goals. more
  • Customers Listen, so Tell Them What You Want
    In a post at his Marketing Minute blog, Drew McLellan talks about the frustration he felt every time he made deposits at his bank. "Like most bank drive-throughs," he says, "they have a commercial lane on the far left and then several 'everybody and anybody' lanes to the right of ... more
  • Google Captures 67% of Search in December
    Google Sites led the US explicit core search* market in December 2010, accounting for 66.6% of total searches conducted during the month, followed by Yahoo Sites with 16.0% and Microsoft Sites with 12.0%, according to data from comScore qSearch. more
  • How to Optimize an About Page: Create Information Levels
    Your About page is one of the most important pages on your site, says Lisa Banks in a post at the Site Reference SEO blog. Done right, it can help boost rankings and stimulate inbound links, she notes. Banks' interest in About pages was recently stirred by influential blogger Chris Brogan's ... more
  • Seven Ways to Gain PR Campaign Momentum
    by Ford Kanzler
    Gaining PR campaign momentum can seem impossible without the availability of your client contacts or the participation of the management team. Learn seven ways to overcome these challenges, and watch your PR campaign soar. more
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns Still Beating Online
    Mobile campaigns continue to be a powerful ad channel for marketers, outperforming online advertising by roughly three times across a variety of metrics, including ad awareness, message association, and purchase intent, according to a study by InsightExpress. more
  • Hot New Tools to Provide Hot New Blog Content
    One way to build trust is to position yourself as an authority on topics associated with your product or service. Blogging helps, but any blogger knows that expert blogging demands research, dedication of time, community management, consistent cross-marketing—and it can take months, even years, to gain an appreciative audience. So you say ... more
  • How to Engage a Tradeshow Audience Year-Round
    by Rob Murphy
    When it comes to tradeshow participation and building brand awareness, having a well-defined communications strategy before, during, and after the event is crucial to maximizing your return on investment (ROI). more
  • B2B Brands Score With Online Marketing
    Only one-half (50%) of B2B marketers formally measure the return of their online marketing investments, but those who do say online is more effective than traditional marketing channels, according to a report by AMR International. more
  • How to Generate Leads With Content Syndication
    "In today's economic climate, content syndication is one of the lowest risk lead generation vehicles there is," writes Howard J. Sewell at The Point. "At our agency, the programs we negotiate for our clients are almost all performance-based," he says; that is, "they guarantee a minimum number of leads at ... more
  • The Four Essential Phases of Social Media Adoption
    by Tom Pick
    Using social media as a comprehensive, effective marketing channel for your organization can be met with challenges or seem daunting. It doesn't have to be. This four-phase adoption model will help your company see the bigger picture when it comes to social media. more
  • Shoppers Using (and Loving) Mobile for In-store Buying
    Though few consumers actually make purchases using mobile devices, smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in shoppers' buying decisions, particularly when they are visiting physical stores, according to a new study by ForeSee Results. more

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