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  • Android, iPhone Battle Over Blackberry Owners
    Nearly four in ten (39%) Blackberry owners continue to prefer Apple's iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but another one-third (34%) say they would switch to Google's Android operating system, according to a survey from Crowd Science. more
  • Go With the Global Flow
    A local search strategy should include more than just a presence at Google, Yahoo and Bing, says Jay Berkowitz in an interview at the New Times blog. Search marketers should also look to the tools and trends that consumers are embracing, he advises. Here are his tips for adding the latest ... more
  • Multicultural CPG Market: $520B by 2050
    By 2050, more than one-half of the US population will be non-white—African-American, Asian, or Hispanic—representing both a historic cultural shift and huge economic opportunity. The multicultural business opportunity for brands in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space is projected to reach $520 billion by 2050, up 74% from $299 billion ... more
  • Kids and Gadgets: How Young Is Too Young?
    Most parents (61%) say the appropriate age for children to own their first cell phone is between 13 and 18, while over one-quarter (28%) say kids should have their own cell phone between 9 and 12 years old, according to a survey from Retrevo. more
  • Most Business-Blog Traffic From First-Time Visitors
    Although most business blogs tend to have a small, core group of loyal readers, a new study reveals just how small those groups are, relatively speaking, as the overwhelming majority of traffic to business blogs consists of first-time visitors. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of businesses that publish a blog say first-time ... more
  • Social Marketing Ahead of the Curve
    Advances in social technologies continue to add complexity and risk to the decisions marketers make every day. Wherever you find yourself along the adoption curve, "be deliberate in your adoption strategy," says Jeremiah Owyang in a Web Strategy blog post. Each stage has its own risks and benefits: Being first ... more
  • They Say Everybody Has One
    Point of fact: One of the most alluring things about Facebook is its infinite capacity to find us a new distraction—be it Farmville, virtual gift-giving or browsing through an old flame's recent family photo shoot (major creepiness factor, BTW). Second point of fact: Some companies know this about Facebook, and are already ... more
  • B2B Search Is From Mars
    …and branding is from Venus. Right? That's what quite a few B2B marketers still believe, says Ben Hanna in a post at's B2B Online Marketing blog. "Many diehard pros specializing in one or the other of these areas still struggle to understand, find value in, or even imagine, using ... more
  • Consumer Confidence Rallies in March: RBC
    US consumer confidence improved sharply this month after taking a tumble in February, according to the recent results of the RBC Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household (CASH) Index. more
  • Adoption of Emerging Marketing Channels Heats Up
    Unprecedented change brought on by a volatile economy and the rise of new marketing channels is creating opportunities for marketers—and leading the way for widespread adoption of emerging tactics such as social media, rich media, and mobile marketing, according to a survey of online and direct marketers by Unica and ... more
  • Bing Search Share Up Third Straight Month
    Microsoft's Bing for the third consecutive month increased its market share, accounting for 9.7% of US searches in the four weeks ending Feb. 27, up 4% from January, according to Experian Hitwise data. Meanwhile, uncontested search leader Google accounted for 71.0% of February searches, down 1% from the previous month. more
  • You're Fired!
    "I had a customer who made my blood pressure spike as soon as I heard she was on the phone," writes Scott McKain in a Pro article at the MarketingProfs site. "We would jump through hoops to try to keep her happy, and she stressed all of us beyond description." There ... more
  • Web-to-TV Viewing Growing Slowly
    The adoption of Web-to-TV viewing is in its early stages but is slowly gaining market traction: 24% of US households have a television connected to the Internet, and the most popular types of connections are via videogame consoles, Blue-Ray systems, and Internet TVs, according to a survey from Leichtman Research ... more
  • Use That CMS for Better CRM
    "Ultra-Web-savvy marketers are doing great experiments with social-networking platforms, community forums, and the like," says AJ Harring in a recent article at MarketingProfs. But there's one hitch: Few of their efforts are interconnected in a meaningful way to boost customer engagement at their websites, he argues. A few companies are getting ... more
  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
    Some marketers might regard an opt-in subscription as the end of the permission process—but it's just the beginning, says Stephanie Miller in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Permission does not give marketers a license to just send whatever, whenever," she argues. "In fact, more than just a one-time exercise, ... more
  • Online Video Viewing Edges Down in Jan.
    A total of 32.4 billion videos were delivered to US Internet consumers in January 2010, down 2.5% from 33.2 billion in December, and nearly 173 million consumers watched online videos in January, down 2.8% from 178 million the previous month, according to comScore data. more
  • The Best Bang for Your Buck
    "According to the 2009 Spencer Stuart survey of more than 300 senior-level marketers," write Kevin Clancy and Peter Krieg in a Pro article at MarketingProfs, "55% said emphasis on a short-term response to the economic downturn has led them to neglect long-term strategy." As the economy begins to stabilize and ... more
  • Get a Speaking Gig: How Event Producers Decide Who Gets Onstage
    by Helena Bouchez
    Getting speaking gigs can be a mysterious and frustrating process, particularly if you don't have much experience. You know the drill: Send pithy email offering yourself up (or copiously fill out online proposal form). Hit Send. Wait. Sound familiar? Here's how to get the green light. more
  • How to Create Your Marketing Dashboard in Five Easy Steps
    by Laura Patterson
    You already know that a dashboard is an essential tool for improving (and proving) marketing effectiveness. These five steps will help you and your marketing team get started on the road to creating a dashboard that works for you. more
  • When Best-Practices Aren't: Five Ways to Break the Rules of Email Marketing and Still Win the Game
    by DJ Waldow
    A best-practice is the generally preferred practice, one that will make your company more money, thus making your boss happy, which in turn will make you happy. If it were only that easy. more
  • Branding in the Age of Social: Gaining Insight Through Research
    by Eric Norman
    Do you have a clear picture of your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and of the opportunities and threats in the marketplace? Is your position vis-à-vis your competitors clear and compelling? Does anyone else in this vast universe know or care? What brand signals echo back from the noise in the ... more
  • Mobile-ity
    "Make no mistake about it," says Christina "CK" Kerley at MarketingProfs, "mobile has arrived—and it's changing how (and where) business professionals communicate with one another and how (and why) they interact with B2B brands." And yet, she laments, many B2B companies lag far behind B2C counterparts in leveraging this powerful ... more
  • Hispanic Consumers an Untapped Opportunity
    Although most US businesses recognize the growing influence of Hispanic consumers, over one-half (51%) of those surveyed don't market to Latino consumers in Spanish, and 82% have no plans to begin or increase existing efforts aimed at Hispanics in the next 12 months, according to a survey from Orci. more
  • Online Security Concerns Rattle Consumers
    Consumers are uneasy about the security of their personal information online: 61% of Americans say they are concerned about the amount and security of personal online data that can be accessed by search engines, such as Google or Bing, and 64% are concerned over the amount and security of personal ... more
  • We Want More of That Pie!
    When a salesperson talks budgets with a CEO, the chief's eyes may either light up or send sparks, depending on the news conveyed. But when a search marketer brings up budgets, the CEO may just get that deer-in-the-headlights look. That's because "few marketers explain how search can affect the goals ... more

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