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  • Consumers Hesitant to Spend
    Consumers won't be spending the US economy out of recession any time soon: Despite positive news that retail sales are improving, consumers are still concerned about their jobs and remain cautious in their shopping decisions, according to a survey by America's Research Group and UBS Global Equity Research. more
  • Woman-Owned Businesses Put Customers First, Systems Last
    Most women-owned small businesses say customer service is a top strategic priority—but don't have a formal, companywide customer-service strategy—and many do not take advantage of important marketing channels, such as websites and social media, according to a survey from Forbes Insights more
  • Stepping out (of Your Comfort Zone)
    It's hard enough to keep up with new technology, so when it comes to selling IT, you might find yourself stuck using familiar tactics, even when business challenges signal otherwise. "Seriously ask yourself if you have faced the economic changes by selling the same things in the same way, but ... more
  • Google Takes 71% of Searches in April
    Google continued to dominate search in April, accounting for 71.4% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended May 1, 2010, up 2% from March, according to Experian Hitwise data. more
  • Consumers Prefer Verizon Service (but Want iPhone)
    Verizon continues to lead the telecom industry in wireless service customer satisfaction: 49% of Verizon customers surveyed say they are very satisfied with their cellular service, compared with 23% of AT&T customers who say the same about their service, according to a survey from ChangeWave. more
  • Calling All Ugly Ducklings
    Earlier this year, eBay invited six French fashion bloggers to engage in a crafty campaign called Wardrobe Commando. The objective: The bloggers were to select one reader each for a full-on fashion revamp. Hailing from different regions of France, each blogger created a video of herself consulting with her reader of ... more
  • Most Americans Post Risky Information Online
    Over one-half (52%) of adult Americans who use social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace, have posted risky personal information online, and 23% of Facebook users haven't used the site's privacy controls to protect themselves, according to a Consumer Reports study. more
  • You Hemingway, You
    In a post at the Modern B2B Marketing blog, Maria Pergolino offers sage advice for, well, writing a post at a B2B marketing blog. "A challenge many B2B organizations face is consistently creating content that's unique, relevant and resourceful—all at the same time," she notes. So, to help B2B marketers find ... more
  • Social Networks Influential, Not Always Trusted
    Nearly one in five US Internet users (18%) say they have purchased a product because of something they have seen on a social networking website—such as Facebook or Twitter—yet social sites continue to receive low trust and privacy ratings from consumers of all ages, according to a survey from Vision ... more
  • Guaranteed to Make You Smile
    "Recently," writes Mark Riffey at the Business is Personal blog, "you've seen a number of major car companies offer to buy your car back if you lose your job—and that's after they make several months of payments for you." In the case of one Hyundai dealership—located in an economically depressed area—the ... more
  • Consumer Brand Loyalty Wanes in Recession
    Driven by the need to save money during the economic downturn, consumers have been revoking their allegiance to brands in the past two years, and many have opted for cheaper brands across a variety of product categories, according to a new study from comScore. more
  • When the Customer Is Wrong
    The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema of Austin, Texas, encourages its patrons to enjoy dinner and a movie—at the same time. "The theater is laid out like a traditional movie theater," explains the company's website, "except every other row of seats has been replaced with a long narrow table for your food ... more
  • It's All in How You Present Yourself
    "The basic method of gaining a subscriber is simply asking someone to sign up for your mailing list," writes David Godot in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. "If a customer or client is already an engaged consumer and trusts you, then there is a good chance that customer will say ... more
  • How Parents Deal with Kids' Social Media Use
    Parents who use Facebook are nearly evenly split between those who friend their kids on Facebook (48%) and those who do not (52%), according to a survey from Retrevo. Meanwhile, a plurality of surveyed parents (36%) say the appropriate age for children to have their own social media page is ... more
  • B2B Marketers Struggle With Changing Roles
    Even while more and more consumers are using social media to help them make purchasing decisions, most B2B marketers are not using social networking and digital marketing tools to reach their audiences, according to a study that examines marketing's evolving role in the enterprise. more
  • Be an Action Hero
    At one of our favorite sites—Which Test Won?—Anne Holland presents results from actual A/B tests. And a recent post profiles a test run by Campaign Monitor in which the company asked its active customers to participate in a survey. "This was a clean test—both versions were sent at the same ... more
  • 7 Key Steps to Turning Your Big Idea Into a Big Success
    by Mike Sprouse
    If you're passionate about something and you have an idea that just won't go away, now is the time to explore it and to make something remarkable happen. Here are seven key steps you can take to ensure your great idea becomes a success. more
  • The Promises and Pitfalls of Translating Marketing Content
    by Swamy Viswanathan
    When you're marketing to global audiences, your messages must be accurate, concise, and targeted to establish consumer trust and brand loyalty. Satisfied customers often result in repeat purchases and increased return on investment (ROI). That is where translating marketing content comes into play, ensuring that messages are properly conveyed to ... more
  • Shopper Marketing—So What's Keeping You?
    by Alison Chaltas
    In today's consumer-goods industry, manufacturers and retailers alike are recognizing the value of developing an integrated understanding of the consumer and the shopper. Combining the voice of the shopper into brand and category plans is rapidly becoming a cost of entry for successful trading relationships. more
  • The Key to Effective Advertising? Use Analytics to Make It Personal
    by Dr. Michael Haydock
    Analytics are especially useful in the burgeoning field of interactive ads delivered to shoppers' smartphones and other portable devices. The immediacy of those ads—their ability to spark impulse purchases—can be very powerful. But to be successful, they must be personalized—the right ad aimed at the right customer at the right ... more
  • DIY PR
    If you can't afford to pay for a big-time publicist, or aren't seeing the results you'd like from your own very expensive publicity "expert," blogger Nettie Hartsock recommends seven smart ways to kiss a PR professional goodbye. Here are a few of Hartsock's suggestions: Become a bona fide news outlet. "Look ... more
  • More TVs Than People per Home, Drama Rules Primetime
    Americans now have on average 2.93 TV sets per household, up from 2.86 in 2009—the largest year-over-year increase since 2006, according to Nielsen's latest Television Audience Report. Although the US total population continues to increase, the number of people per TV home has held steady at 2.5, which means there ... more
  • Pageviews Down, Viewers Up!
    "A client called me, concerned because their analytics data showed a drop in pageviews," writes Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing. "[They] were dropping steeply, even as their rankings and traffic from organic search were going up." The client, who had just re-launched her site, believed negative visitor reaction to the new ... more
  • Small Biz Confidence Improving, Owners Going Social
    America's small businesses are becoming more optimistic about the economy: The Discover Small Business Watch, a monthly index on the pulse of small business owners, increased to 85.1 in April 2010, up 9.4 points from March and back to levels registered at the start of the year, Discover reported. more
  • IM as Team Sport
    The Blackeyed Peas' recently raised eyebrows during a concert in Florida when he freestyled, in real-time, anything users sent to his BlackBerry. You're thinking, "Whoa, that's a lot of people with's number." Thankfully, he still reserves that for his friends. The messages were sent to him via the instant-messaging ... more

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