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  • Speed Racer Eats FedEx's Dust
    When using DVRs to watch television, we've gotten used to zipping through commercial breaks. We've been also spoiled by limited interruptions at online services like Hulu, where ads rarely last for more than 30 seconds. In such an environment, sitting through five-minute advertising blocks on live television seems downright onerous. ... more
  • Hello? Is There Anybody In There?
    We hear lots of advice about maintaining a clean list, and much of it centers on how to handle subscribers who seem uninterested in your messages. At a certain point, you might decide it's time to take them off your list. Before you do, though, consider these four "hidden" segments ... more
  • Roll Your Own: 'Mother of the Year' Video
    If you're a mother, or perhaps you have one, check out this fun promotion by to celebrate someone you consider "Mother of the Year." more
  • Too Smart to Lose
    Last year, Southwest Airlines refused passage to two young women for obnoxious behavior. The ladies immediately went out and told the press they weren't permitted aboard because they were "too pretty to fly"—sparking a media-driven feeding frenzy on Southwest's precious brand equity. It didn't matter that it wasn't true. It ... more
  • Tear Down Those Walls!
    "It's not news to anyone in our industry that we're having to take on changes of tectonic proportions," Gavin Hilton says in a recent post at the RAPP Blog. The RAPP direct marketing agency serves a range of clients worldwide. The debate still rages, Hilton notes, as to which creative "silo" ... more
  • Pimp My Mag
    When we discuss content designed to help your customers, we usually focus on whitepapers and social-media channels like blogs. A custom magazine is another way to connect in a meaningful way, but before you embark on such an ambitious project, consider tips like these from Joe Pulizzi at Junta42:  ... more
  • Twitter + Wine = Dream Job
    With all that negativity about today's job market, a bit of lightheartedness doesn't hurt, right? Well, looks like Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma City, has done so by creating THE dream job for a Twitter and Facebook power user who's a wino (no joke). more
  • No, It's Our Fault. Really.
    It's a bit of a craze these days: "Oops!" email subject lines that purport to apologize for a mistake, when they're really nothing more than tricks to get you to click. Inside, the messages say something like, "We're sorry, we sent you the wrong ad yesterday! Please accept 10% off!" ... more
  • Look for the Silver Lining
    A recent television spot for a major insurance company—set to the wistful tinkling of a piano—opens with evocative images from the Great Depression. "1931 was not exactly a great year to start a business," says spokesperson Dennis Haysbert. "But that's when Allstate opened its doors." "And in the twelve recessions ... more
  • The Seven-Second Rule
    When subscribers open email messages, you have about seven seconds to answer their most important question: "What's in it for me?" According to Steve Adams, the best way to prove value is to deliver great content again and again. Here are three time-tested rules to keep in mind when writing ... more
  • My Big Fat Job List
    Looking for a job in what CNN calls the "worst job market" in decades? To help with your search, we've compiled a Big Fat List of some of the most popular job boards and career resources, including marketing-focused sites. more
  • The Raw and the Cooked
    "For marketers, it's very easy to get caught up in raw numbers," says Prashant Kaw in a brief video embedded in a post at the HubSpot blog. "Such as, 'Oh, I did 50,000 visitors to my site this month,' or 'I got 10,000 leads.' But it's very important to know ... more
  • Is Facebook Really Your Friend?
    Facebook has a checkered past when it comes to user relations. Members cried foul, for instance, when the social-networking giant launched the invasive Beacon system, and they later bemoaned certain aspects of the site's redesign. More recently, they decried the new terms of service that weighed heavily in Facebook's favor. ... more
  • Connecting Twitter with the Real World
    Twitter has seen massive growth as an online communications tool, especially with the recent influx of celebrity personas (Ashton, Oprah) using it. But perhaps no celebrity has found more success with Twitter than Tony Hawk, who is using it to bridge both his real and his virtual communities. What are ... more
  • Email Marketing Success Is All About the Value of Content
    by Steve Adams
    A great-looking email template is important for establishing credibility and brand recognition with readers; but, as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. The same mentality should always be applied to email campaigns. A nice-looking template means nothing if subscribers aren't engaged and interested in what you ... more
  • Suiting Up for Customer Loyalty: Email That Fits
    by Stephanie Miller
    For every email marketer who has ever heard an executive say, "Email generates revenue, just send more email," this one is for you. Most email marketers care about their subscribers and want to provide a good experience. But sometimes, business demands make it hard to advocate for long-term subscriber value. ... more
  • Win/Loss Analysis (Part 2)—A Process for Taking Revenue up a Notch
    by Laura Patterson
    Part 1 of this article series examined the purpose, definition, and metric associated with win/loss analysis. This final part discusses getting started, questions to include in the discussion, when and how to conduct the analysis, and using the findings more
  • The Art and Science of Web Analytics: Going Beyond the Status Quo
    by Chris Golec
    Companies are realizing that in today's competitive business environment, marketers must go beyond the status quo of a Web site that acts like a brochure if they are to induce user behavior and enter the world of opportunity outside of counting visitors and click-throughs. The trick is to combine both art ... more
  • Case Study: How a Single Modification to a Web Site's Functionality Significantly Upped Natural Search Traffic, Sales
    by Kimberly Smith
    Customer reviews are powerful, held in high regard by consumers—and search engines, which love keyword-rich content. But the technology that serves up reviews on a product page makes them all but invisible to those engines. By getting around that conundrum, scored big. more
  • Friends Help Friends Boost Rankings
    "I get by with a little help from my friends." The words of that old Beatles song could well be applied to today's search marketers. After all, there's nothing like a good link-back among friends to boost search rankings. And in a recent guest post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog, ... more
  • The Golden Rule of Networking
    "For several months," says Lori Feldman in an article at MarketingProfs, "I've been asked almost weekly to help someone who's just lost a paycheck to find their next one." Sound familiar? When it first happens to our friends and family, we're very sympathetic—after all, we may be next on the ... more
  • Where Did They Go?!
    If you've noticed an unusual drop in open rates for messages sent to Gmail accounts—and for B2C companies, this could represent a large percentage of subscribers—it's probably not your fault. "There's growing evidence that Gmail is disabling images for senders that users had previously whitelisted and enabled images for. Near-term, ... more
  • Selling Pork in the Age of Swine Flu
    The MarketingProfs customer-service team received an interesting message recently from a pork producer in Mexico. "At this moment we are suffering the worst crisis ever in the national pork industry... [and] we have no further blood to bleed out," wrote Carlos, a pork processor and retailer. He asks: Could marketing ... more
  • Tornado Warning
    You may have seen the YouTube video: a pair of Domino's employees gleefully preparing food in a shockingly unhygienic manner. Much to the horror of the pizza chain, the video went viral a few weeks ago. Even several days after the story broke, the first page of a Google search for "Domino's" still ... more
  • Why Didn't I Think of That?
    Whether creating content for email campaigns or newsletters, you might experience writer's block. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you just run out of ideas. But consider this: in a post at the Vertical Response blog, Janine Popick says you might be sitting—unaware—right on top of some great ... more

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