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  • The Chart to the Rescue
    When gas prices spiraled toward the stratosphere, car-rental companies saw a distinct change in their customers' reservations strategies. Chris Payne, Dollar Thrifty's senior manager of corporate communications, offered this explanation in an article on Direct magazine's Web site: "There are road warriors who like to get the best deal they ... more
  • Enough, Already!
    In a post at the ExactTarget blog, Nate Romance recounts a visit with his tech-savvy mother, a woman who makes frequent online purchases through sites like Craigslist and Amazon. While scanning her email, she became annoyed with a particular message. "If they send me one more stupid email this week," ... more
  • Get Your Goat
    In a video post at the Church of the Customer Blog, Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell use the example of a goat-milk carton (that's right: a goat-milk carton!) to underscore the importance of listening to your customers. "One thing you have to know about goat's milk," explains Huba," is that ... more
  • Take This Quiz
    It's always good to pause for reflection, and Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports has grouped 27 questions you might ask yourself into thematic categories, along with links to insightful blog posts and articles that address each topic. Under the heading of coping with increased competition, he poses thought-provoking queries ... more
  • What Do We Do Now?
    "Given the lackluster sales that most B-to-B catalogers are experiencing, many are wondering just how happy, or sad, 2009 will be," Terence Jukes writes in an article at Catalog Success. They seem to be in denial about how dire things really are. Jukes quickly sets the record straight: "What you ... more
  • Just Call It the YouHouse
    Barack Obama wowed the nation with his social media savvy when he won the bid for President on November 4—but he surprised us again when he didn't stop there. Just weeks after scoring the title of POTUS (President of the United States, for those who didn't take poli sci in ... more
  • Get Those Happy Customers Yakkin'
    "[M]any companies hesitate to launch customer case studies because they worry about imposing on their best customers," say Barbara Bix and Olga Taylor in an article at MarketingProfs. "To their delight, however, companies often discover that decision-makers are happy to discuss their experiences and look forward to being featured in ... more
  • I Make the Decisions Around Here
    Oh, the dreaded negative customer review: shoppers love to read it, and marketers live in fear of it. Marketing teams across the land have been trying to develop strategies for dealing with this new reality. Well, take heart: a recent Forrester Research report called "Myths and Truths About Online Consumer ... more
  • Getting Past the Bouncer
    No matter how good the offer in your email is, you won't see any results if subscribers don't receive your message. This reality makes deliverability an extremely high priority. Neil Anuskiewicz, in an article for MarketingProfs, has some advice for achieving the highest rates. In his article, Anuskiewicz suggests the ... more
  •  So You Wanna Be a Swan?
    "We're duped into believing that the pretty, the pristine, and the perfect get all the perks, all the breaks, all the glory," says Vicki Kunkel in her book Instant Appeal. In many cases, she argues, the opposite is actually true. Obvious imperfections have their benefits—whether in your personal or corporate ... more
  • Code Blue: A First Aid Kit to Revive a Failing PPC Campaign
    by William Leake
    Perhaps your spending has spiraled out of control and your conversions haven't budged. Or, like many of us, maybe your performance is fine but your budgets have been slashed, forcing you to produce the same results with less spend. Before you scrap everything and start from scratch, pull out this trusty ... more
  • 2009: The Year of 'Light Green'
    by Andrew Winston
    Over the past two years "green" has become part of nearly every serious business discussion. But what will happen now in this damaged economy? Some of the green pressure on companies will lessen, but the underlying forces driving the green wave will continue over the coming years—from volatile commodity prices ... more
  • Seven Words That Will Make Your Web Site Worth Viewing
    by Jerry Bader
    What are the seven most important words in Web marketing? Here's a hint: Search, engine, and optimization don't make the cut. So what words do make the list? What are the seven words that will make your Web site worth viewing? more
  • Bring Deliverability and Design Together to Maximize Email Marketing Success
    by Neil Anuskiewicz
    Getting your permission-based email marketing emails into the inbox and ensuring that your email design is just right are closely related. Here is some useful information on the nexus between the two as well as on doing both well. more
  • Case Study: How a Women's Clothing Retailer Bucked the 2008 Downturn, Upped Revenues via Email
    by Kimberly Smith
    Today's economy has earnest marketers scrambling for consumer attention. As inboxes become inundated with yet more marketing messages, the bar continues to inch higher for those attempting to stand out from the clutter. Here's how one retailer tweaked its email program to grow revenue, even in this market. more
  • Bandage, Please
    All marketers have the same goal for their paid search campaigns: increase conversions while keeping costs down. So when the opposite occurs and a marketer finds him or herself spending more and more money for less-than-quality leads, it's time for a fix. In a recent MarketingProfs article, Apogee Search's William ... more
  • They Can't Drive 55
    If your B2B product or service has a lengthy sales cycle, you've probably developed an excellent program for nurturing leads until a prospect decides to pull the trigger. But what if a customer needs a solution ASAP? Paul Dunay, who blogs at Buzz Marketing for Technology, observed a pattern of ... more
  • The Art of Courtship
    Some email marketing practices should always be avoided. "There are a hundred ways to skulk around, to collect email addresses, to write clever privacy policies or to argue about whether opt-out ('you can always unsubscribe!') is a valid way to build a brand," says Seth Godin at his eponymous blog. ... more
  • Don't You Dare Disappoint 'Em
    If you attend as many conferences as Mack Collier, you'll develop a keen sense of factors that make the difference between a successful event and an also-ran. In a post at the Viral Garden blog, he runs offers decidedly practical advice that will make any professional confab better. Here are ... more
  • C'mon: If You Show Me Yours, I'll Totally Show You Mine
    While you know you shouldn't measure the success of your email marketing programs against results achieved by other businesses, learning about average open, click-through and conversion rates can be a useful tool. You might identify areas for potential improvement—or get a thrill out of learning you outperform other companies in ... more
  • Try the Escape Hatch
    "Surviving or Escaping? This is a discussion I've been having with a lot of my friends in online lead gen and B2B sales," reports Bill Rice in a recent Better Closer blog. "The survival attitude is definitely in the air. My theory? That is the number one killer of businesses." ... more
  • Cut Back, but Don't Cancel
    In a post at Harvard Business Online, John Baldoni worries about the impact budgetary cutbacks will have on corporate meetings this winter. "I hear from colleagues in the communication business [that] meetings are being scaled back or canceled to a large degree," he reports. "Scaling back makes sense; canceling meetings ... more
  • Get Wired and Get Hired
    The news isn't good: Fidelity Investments this week announced its second round of job cuts, NEC is cutting 20,000 jobs and Motorola just shed 4,000 workers. But despite the doom and gloom, some companies are indeed hiring. As the optimists say, the sun is always shining somewhere. Here are a ... more
  • Monkey See, Monkey Choose
    Social scientists have long been intrigued by the human tendency to mimic the behavior of others. Research has shown that people automatically mimic other people's posture, mannerisms and facial expressions as they interact. But does mimicry translate to product preferences as well? These researchers say yes. Consumers were invited to ... more
  • Turning Digital into Gold
    While attending MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing Mixer in Scottsdale, Karen Talavera finally understood the importance of mixing various sorts of online marketing together. Take email and social media: Each is a significant force in and of itself, but combined they become even more powerful. Talavera's tips for creating marketing gold through ... more

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