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  • There Goes the Neighborhood
    No matter how upright you are as a mailer, your good reputation won't follow you to a new IP address: for all an ISP knows, you could be a spammer. This means you have to "warm up" any new IP address to gain acceptance in your new "neighborhood." Stefan Pollard ... more
  • Marketing Champion Focused on Customer Analytics: Q&A With Paul Barsch, Marketing Director of Teradata
    by Roy Young
    Paul Barsch, Marketing Director at Teradata, the business intelligence and data warehousing firm, is responsible for coordinating services engineering teams to define, build, and bring new offers to market. A self-described "information junkie" with over 15 years in marketing for information technology and consulting firms, Paul challenges all marketers to bring ... more
  • Extending and Enhancing Closed-Loop Marketing via the Mobile Channel
    by Stephan Dietrich
    While mobile marketing can be invasive on its own, integration with the larger marketing campaign mix and proper tracking of customer response can ensure that customers are drawn in, rather than turned off, by mobile messages. The mobile medium has achieved staying power as a gateway for marketers to reach customers ... more
  • Four Tips for Customer-Centric Copywriting
    by Sharon Ernst
    A customer-focused approach to marketing communications applies whether you're a property manager renting out high-end vacation homes in Maine to wealthy residents of NYC, or an international high-tech company providing support to clients who rely on an enterprisewide accounting software. No matter what you sell or to whom, by framing your ... more
  • 11 Tips to Align PC and Mobile Email Design
    by Loren McDonald
    The good news: More of your customers can read your email messages on their smartphones now, instead of waiting until they get back to a computer. The bad news: The email that looks so great on your PC may look like a garbled mess on the phone. These HTML cross-platform optimization tips ... more
  • Case Study: How Intrigue and Personalization Helped a Marketing Firm Connect With Handpicked Leads
    by Kimberly Smith
    Relationship-marketing firm Babcock & Jenkins didn't tell prospects what it could do, it gave them a taste. Its campaign, launched with a package of brownies from a mystery source, showed how it uses intrigue, personalization, humor, and the soft-sell to establish and advance client relationships. Results: A tasty 50% response ... more
  • The Right Way to Serve Up Links
    Most Web sites have a page with outbound links. In theory, they serve as a resource for your customers, but Shavkat Karimov argues that, in practice, links pages rarely add value. "They just list sites," he says in a post at the Digital Marketing Blog. "That's it. It's a very ... more
  • Create a Customer Walk-a-Thon
    When we say "viral marketing" you know exactly what we mean. The question isn't whether to integrate viral elements into your marketing mix, but rather how—and to what degree. But when a profession-specific concept becomes so commonplace so quickly, it's easy to forget that your colleagues and clients might not ... more
  • Treat, Don't Trick, Search Engines
    While good SEO boosts site traffic, not all tactics used these days are above-board. Some, designed to "trick" search engines, are not only bad business: they can get your site banned. And that's no treat. To make sure you're operating with the good guys, it's best to avoid using questionable tactics. ... more
  • Go Cone Yourself
    "It's hard to keep those marketing juices flowing if you are feeling bogged down," says Drew McLellan at his Marketing Minute blog. "Sometimes I have to give myself a reprieve. So I cone myself." Say what? It turns out that everyone in McLellan's office has a bright orange traffic cone. If ... more
  • Get Patronized
    Let's say your company has a great approach to customer service—you offer quality products or services, your front-line staff are friendly and knowledgeable and you respond quickly and effectively to any concern. As good as this scenario sounds, your customers might still consider you so-so if the competition is even ... more
  • Hands Off!
    OK. This one is for the sales managers. Grab a cup of coffee, and take a minute for a quick quiz. Daniel Sitter at the Idea Sellers blog has come up with some key questions to help determine if you're getting the most out of your B2B sales team. "Do ... more
  • Text Your Vote to ...
    In late August, 2.9 million subscribers learned the identity of Barack Obama's running mate with a 26-word text message delivered via SMS (Short Message Service). The announcement joined a trend of strategies employed by the likes of NBC (Olympic coverage), Fox (American Idol) and others. According to R.J. Talyor, the ... more
  • Application Nation
    When Apple unveiled its first iPhone in 2007, most reviews highlighted features that skewed to personal—rather than business—use. You could use the iPhone for many things, but you surrendered a measure of professional functionality in the tradeoff. A recent re-design, however, coupled with the introduction of the App Store, has made ... more
  • You Don't Say
    You're in line at a store when the cashier answers the phone, speaks in a snarky tone, rolls his eyes, hangs up and then comments on the caller's stupidity while ringing up your purchase. Anyone would consider this an egregious example of poor customer service—black marks all around. But the Service Untitled ... more
  • End on a High Note
    Whether customers come back and buy your product again may likely depend on whether they remember it fondly or not. So, how do you promote positive product memory? Well, research on consumers' memories for experiences (eg, listening to music, attending an event) shows that whether they remember an experience as good ... more
  • Cool Open-Rate Stats
    Even if your email campaigns meet goals and deliver great ROI, you probably wonder how you compare to industry standards. If so, you’re going to love the spreadsheet in a recent blog post from Mailchimp. The company analyzed 271 million emails delivered by its system on behalf of small business ... more
  • Six Free Tools for Online Reputation Management
    by Daniel Schawbel
    Do you know what people are saying about you? Online reputation management consists of tracking your brand and reacting when necessary. Sometimes it's tedious. But brand monitoring can save you from a potential disaster. It can also help you proactively join conversations around your topic area, to get your brand ... more
  • When the Media Becomes the Marketing: Q&A With CC Chapman
    by Mack Collier
    While blogs and social networks seem to get most of the attention when it comes to social media talk, podcasts and videos also remain viable channels to reach and connect with an audience. CC Chapman should know, as he's been active in the blogosphere and social networking spaces for years, but ... more
  • How to Be a Good Public Relations Client
    by Ford Kanzler
    Since public relations isn't done "to" a company, it's done "with" the management team or owners, there's an essentially different nature to how this kind of professional service is successfully delivered. It's much more akin to legal or medical services with the "defendants" or "patients" (read management team members) having ... more
  • Two Reasons Why SMS Should Be on Your Shortlist
    by R.J. Talyor
    Should SMS be used for every marketing message? No, definitely not. Your company must consider whether or not your intended message is urgent and determine if subscribers will appreciate receiving it in a mobile form. With that said, there are certainly are two major reasons SMS should be on your ... more
  • Case Study: How HP Boosted Product Sales 84% by Letting the Blogosphere Run Its Online Marketing Promotion
    by Kimberly Smith
    Hewlett-Packard simply handed over a $5,000+ computer prize package to each of 31 bloggers, asking them to give away the prizes to their readers in any way they saw fit. HP trusted the bloggers' influence over the market it wanted to reach—and had faith in their creativity. Turned out, that ... more
  • Search Is 6/8 of Research
    You have lots of options when it comes to market research. "[T]here is a research firm for every project," says Ed Erickson in an article at "Don't settle for a firm that happens to be available." And whether you're looking at a small outfit or a large company, the ... more
  • Ranting and Raving
    Back in 2006, a group of friends decided to play a practical joke on a colleague obsessed with his Jaguar—they covered the S-Type sedan with thousands of colorful Post-it notes. Scott Ableman uploaded photos of the prank to Flickr, where they became a viral phenomenon. This clip of an ABC ... more
  • Peeling Back the Top Few Layers
    In a recent article at MarketingProfs, Mike Volpe of HubSpot likens search engine optimization to a gigantic onion. There's no end to the number of layers you can peel back in your quest for a higher rank among your target market's search results. But the good news is you don't ... more

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