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  • Popping the Top on Your Brand's Potential With Social Media: Q&A With Gary Vaynerchuk
    by Mack Collier
    There's probably no better case study on how a business leverages social media to connect with customers and grow itself than Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library. Here, Gary shares the reasons your company should pay attention to social media, and what impact these tools will have in the years to come. more
  • Direct-to-Consumer PR Reflects Power of Do-It-Yourself
    by Gail Martin
    With the rise of search engines, Wi-Fi, and a Do-It-Yourself mindset, today's consumers are more empowered than ever before. They not only believe that they're entitled to information but also have unprecedented access to information on a global scale. An increasing number of consumers turn first to the Internet when they ... more
  • Case Study: How a Telecommunications Company Enlisted the Quirkiness of an Offbeat Celebrity to Build Brand Awareness
    by Kimberly Smith
    GotVMail set out to raise brand awareness, promoting itself in a way that would both amuse its audience and set the company apart. What resulted was a viral video campaign starring Gary Busey. more
  • Life Is Tweet
    "Twitter has become an essential tool for PR, and has relevance for almost every type of business," says Sandra Fathi, president of Affect Strategies. Here are only a few of the ways Fathi recommends using the new software to your advantage: Seek and create media opportunities. Twitter can help you ... more
  • Have You Considered an ... Open Relationship?
    Before you sign up for exclusive sponsorships, Rohit Bhargava suggests taking a hard look at what you really get out of the deal. Because if your sponsorship makes it difficult for people to get what they really want, the entire thing could blow up in your face. Take the case ... more
  • The Big Three
    This October, MarketingProfs is hosting the Digital Marketing Mixer in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a stellar line-up of experts will address the Big Three of online marketing: Email, Search and Social Media. In a post at the Daily Fix blog, chief content officer Ann Handley touts our keynote speaker, Arianna Huffington. "However ... more
  • Talk to Me—Less
    Another Monday. Another newsletter to crank out. You've built a decent subscriber list, and your clients are happy to receive your ramblings. So why aren't you that happy to produce them? Perhaps you need to give yourself a break. Enter Kevin Sinclair with his Quick Newsletter Tips. Who knew you ... more
  • Go with the e-Flow
    "Email is not dying in the midst of the Social Media revolution," says Anna Billstrom. But your email marketing strategy, she says, must evolve to go with the flow. Take the way subscribers read email. You probably have a BlackBerry or an iPhone, and so do your customers. It's therefore ... more
  • Oh, Behave.
    It's knowing where prospects are—and how they behave—that's paying off for today's New Media marketers. Their advertising dollars are in hot pursuit of a fragmented audience that now receives thousands of channels of programming over TV, Internet, radio and mobile device. … Enter good ol' Behavioral Targeting. This tried-and-true direct marketing practice ... more
  • Make Nice
    When General Motors first launched its Saturn division in 1990, the main attraction for many customers wasn't a line-up of fairly mundane economy cars wrapped in unusual polymer body panels. Rather, Saturn was nice. Its dealerships offered a low-pressure, no-haggle transaction, went out of their way to be friendly during ... more
  • I Remember You
    As we mentioned last week, customers like to be woo'ed and won. Here's another way to look at it, with memory and immediacy each playing a part. This bit of research shows that, chances are, your customers are making their buying choices in two main ways: They make memory-based choices ... more
  • Give 'Em What They Paid For
    "Transactional messages like membership confirmations and shipping notifications show some of the highest open rates in the inbox," says Aaron Smith at MediaPost's Email Insider blog. "Customers receiving these [are engaged] … and they wait ready for you to reach out and seal the deal." According to Smith, there's a ... more
  • The Luxury Catch-22
    by Martin Lindstrom
    In the luxury brand business, stretching brands too thinly across market segments may gain short-term revenue increases, but it also almost guarantees long-term loss to the shareholders, brand owners, and, well, consumers. So, set your limits for how much you really want to stretch your brand before you open your doors ... more
  • Email Marketing and Social Media, Part 1: Adding Social Media to the Email Newsletter
    by Anna Billstrom
    Email is not dying in the midst of the social-media revolution. In fact, the question we should be asking is: How can email marketers best leverage the new social-marketing applications? more
  • Managing Marketing Performance: The Role of Data, Analytics and Metrics
    by Laura Patterson
    Performance management has been applied to various parts of a business for quite a long time, particularly when it comes to manufacturing, logistics, and product development. Applying the concept to marketing is finally coming of age. more
  • Tough Times Increase Pressure to Meet the Marketing Effectiveness Imperative
    by Jay Milliken, Chiaki Nishino
    Businesses today are hunkering down. With consumers clutching their wallets more tightly, companies are scrutinizing every budget item in an effort to maintain profitability even as revenues are flat and costs rise. And with marketing commonly viewed as a discretionary spend, it is one of the likeliest victims of the ax. more
  • Case Study: How a Telecommunications Company Used Video to Streamline Its Sales Process
    by Kimberly Smith
    Digium created a Web-based video that covered all the essential points of in-person presentations, but in a format more easily accessible to all of its sales outlets. The results: a more efficient sales process and an effective press tool. more
  • It's the Small Guys Who Really Know How to Socialize
    If you're a small business, you're aware that Web 2.0 offers entirely new channels for attracting and cultivating customers. And in a post at the Acquiring Minds blog, Robert Lesser explains why your diminutive stature might actually give you the social-media edge over your larger (and richer) competitors. So cheer ... more
  • We're Short on Euphemism Today
    We live in an age of euphemism. A used car isn't "used," it's "pre-owned"; we're sold "bathroom tissue," not "toilet paper"; and no marketer in her right mind would dream of calling wrinkle cream anything but "rejuvenating moisturizer." This is why the decidedly un-euphemistic name of a Beverly Hills clothier—Jimmy ... more
  • Olympics of the Mind
    Colleen Coyne, a former member of the U.S. women's ice hockey team, earned a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Games. And in a post at the HubSpot blog, she outlines how the keys to Olympic success apply to your work in marketing. Here are some highlights: Be in position to ... more
  • Would Your Blog Get an A?
    For nearly a year and a half, Mack Collier has produced a series he calls the Company Blog Checkup. "Originally," he says, "I looked at each blog's content, how they encouraged and replied to reader comments, and how frequently the blog published new posts. I would later start examining the ... more
  • Go With the New Kids on the Block
    Brandon Leibowitz is a fan of the new kids on the block when it comes to Web directories. He says there are lots of benefits to advertising with unestablished directories. "New directories are a valuable tool for Web sites that need that extra boost in search engine ranking or in ... more
  • The Dummies Prove a Point
    How well does your subscription process handle improperly entered—or clearly malicious—email addresses? If the findings presented in a whitepaper by FreshAddress are any indication, the answer might be: not so well. For its study, the email marketing service created 13 dummy accounts that replicated typical errors. In addition to those ... more
  • I Need My MP3
    Over 50 percent of music downloaders consider iTunes the best fee-based digital music service. And a growing legion of iTunes users are implementing Coverflow, which lets you scroll through a music collection by album art, for aesthetic purposes. Millennials may be a generation obsessed with instant gratification, but music remains ... more
  • Phone It In
    You might scoff if someone were to suggest that phone support was obsolete, but Sarah Hatter of 37signals makes the argument that you no longer need an 800 number. "We get requests every day from people who don't think email support will cut it and demand a phone number to ... more

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