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  • Is Facebook Really Your Friend?
    Facebook has a checkered past when it comes to user relations. Members cried foul, for instance, when the social-networking giant launched the invasive Beacon system, and they later bemoaned certain aspects of the site's redesign. More recently, they decried the new terms of service that weighed heavily in Facebook's favor. ... more
  • Connecting Twitter with the Real World
    Twitter has seen massive growth as an online communications tool, especially with the recent influx of celebrity personas (Ashton, Oprah) using it. But perhaps no celebrity has found more success with Twitter than Tony Hawk, who is using it to bridge both his real and his virtual communities. What are ... more
  • Email Marketing Success Is All About the Value of Content
    by Steve Adams
    A great-looking email template is important for establishing credibility and brand recognition with readers; but, as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. The same mentality should always be applied to email campaigns. A nice-looking template means nothing if subscribers aren't engaged and interested in what you ... more
  • Suiting Up for Customer Loyalty: Email That Fits
    by Stephanie Miller
    For every email marketer who has ever heard an executive say, "Email generates revenue, just send more email," this one is for you. Most email marketers care about their subscribers and want to provide a good experience. But sometimes, business demands make it hard to advocate for long-term subscriber value. ... more
  • Win/Loss Analysis (Part 2)—A Process for Taking Revenue up a Notch
    by Laura Patterson
    Part 1 of this article series examined the purpose, definition, and metric associated with win/loss analysis. This final part discusses getting started, questions to include in the discussion, when and how to conduct the analysis, and using the findings more
  • The Art and Science of Web Analytics: Going Beyond the Status Quo
    by Chris Golec
    Companies are realizing that in today's competitive business environment, marketers must go beyond the status quo of a Web site that acts like a brochure if they are to induce user behavior and enter the world of opportunity outside of counting visitors and click-throughs. The trick is to combine both art ... more
  • Case Study: How a Single Modification to a Web Site's Functionality Significantly Upped Natural Search Traffic, Sales
    by Kimberly Smith
    Customer reviews are powerful, held in high regard by consumers—and search engines, which love keyword-rich content. But the technology that serves up reviews on a product page makes them all but invisible to those engines. By getting around that conundrum, scored big. more
  • Friends Help Friends Boost Rankings
    "I get by with a little help from my friends." The words of that old Beatles song could well be applied to today's search marketers. After all, there's nothing like a good link-back among friends to boost search rankings. And in a recent guest post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog, ... more
  • The Golden Rule of Networking
    "For several months," says Lori Feldman in an article at MarketingProfs, "I've been asked almost weekly to help someone who's just lost a paycheck to find their next one." Sound familiar? When it first happens to our friends and family, we're very sympathetic—after all, we may be next on the ... more
  • Where Did They Go?!
    If you've noticed an unusual drop in open rates for messages sent to Gmail accounts—and for B2C companies, this could represent a large percentage of subscribers—it's probably not your fault. "There's growing evidence that Gmail is disabling images for senders that users had previously whitelisted and enabled images for. Near-term, ... more
  • Selling Pork in the Age of Swine Flu
    The MarketingProfs customer-service team received an interesting message recently from a pork producer in Mexico. "At this moment we are suffering the worst crisis ever in the national pork industry... [and] we have no further blood to bleed out," wrote Carlos, a pork processor and retailer. He asks: Could marketing ... more
  • Tornado Warning
    You may have seen the YouTube video: a pair of Domino's employees gleefully preparing food in a shockingly unhygienic manner. Much to the horror of the pizza chain, the video went viral a few weeks ago. Even several days after the story broke, the first page of a Google search for "Domino's" still ... more
  • Why Didn't I Think of That?
    Whether creating content for email campaigns or newsletters, you might experience writer's block. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you just run out of ideas. But consider this: in a post at the Vertical Response blog, Janine Popick says you might be sitting—unaware—right on top of some great ... more
  • Commercial Break: The Softer Side of Sears
    In this new Daily Chirp feature, personal-branding guru William Arruda digs into his vast collection of classic TV advertisements and teases out a related lesson for modern-day personal branding. First up: a 1993 Sears campaign. more
  • Put a Bug on That WOM!
    Clearspring Technologies, which has helped everybody from WaPo to UCSF bring their branded wares to the mainstream, has put out a new tool that tells you how popular your widgets are on social networks. The ConnectedAds tool can follow the movement of your branded widget across 80 different social networks, ... more
  • Your ROI's Sick? Don't Blame the Downturn.
    Jon Miller wrote an interesting article for MarketingProfs last summer that deserves a second look. Its title: "The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing in a Recession." ('Nuff said?) One point that stands out in the article is this: a downturn is no time to be faint of heart. Instead, Miller ... more
  • The Second Life of Marketing Copy
    Getting your Web site's marketing copy just right takes time, effort and money. "But before you amortize your investment," says Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus, "consider how those carefully crafted words can work for your business in other places." By repurposing your content, he argues, you can:  ... more
  • Did You Know?
    Did you know that the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004? Did you know that today's learner will have 10 to14 jobs by the age of 38? Did you know that we are now preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist and will use ... more
  • Recession Marketing II: <br>What NOT to Cut
    In Part I, we suggested a few cuts to make in your current marketing budget to help keep your bottom line healthy during these tough times. Now let's take a look at a few line items you should probably keep intact—or even fund a bit more. According to Pat LaPointe ... more
  • I'm Worth My Weight in Gold
    We all know it: your best customers love it when they are made to feel special. New research that demonstrates just how important status tiers are in loyalty programs. The researchers ran a variety of tests to determine what resonated best with customers in terms of loyalty-status designations. For instance, ... more
  • Time for Some Spring Cleaning
    Spring is here, and Karen Talavera wants to clean house. "[N]ow is the perfect time for us to critically re-examine our programs, campaign processes, and messages with a fresh, unbiased eye," she says in an article at the MarketingProfs site. "Time to sweep away the cobwebs of inefficiency or neglect ... more
  • Marketing Addictionary: 'Mobsmacked'
    Mobsmacked: (adjective) That stunned feeling you get when your marketing efforts worked TOO well, and you can't keep up with customer demand. more
  • Simplify, Simplify.
    In a post at the Istobe blog, Chris Herrick reports on key takeaways he picked up at the Predictive Analytics World and eTail West conferences held earlier this year. In his view, the lessons include simplicity and restraint. Here are two of his recommendations: Zero in on the metrics that matter. ... more
  • I'm Satisfied. Now Make Me Loyal.
    Think about a product or service that does everything it's supposed to do, rarely breaks down and comes with a reasonable level of support. For Rohit Bhargava, his cable service, which he bundles with Internet access, falls into this category. Though he wouldn't call the package price a bargain, it's ... more
  • Do You Have Good Facebook Manners?
    The social-media world can be a landmine. Luckily, it's fairly easy to be schooled in good Facebook manners. Check out this video on proper etiquette on Facebook, the "electric friendship generator." more

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