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  • Hey, Remember Me? Hey!
    Imagine that a typically obnoxious B2B-marketing email has come to life—and he wants to talk to you even though you can't remember where you met or why he has your address. In a highly entertaining video, Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports adopts the off-putting persona, and shows us why ... more
  • I'm In With the In-Crowd
    "We all like the comfort of the crowd," says Mark Brownlow in a post at the Email Marketing Reports blog. "The knowledge that others went here before us tells us we're on the right path." Because of this tendency to trust the wisdom of crowds, he argues, you can encourage opt-ins ... more
  • What's Your Hook?
    You've undoubtedly developed a great elevator pitch for your company, product or service—that informative-yet-concise summation designed for delivery in the time it takes to travel from the lobby to the 17th floor. But what about visitors to your Web site—do you have a punchy way of telling them, in two ... more
  • They Gotta Believe
    When writing copy for email messages, landing pages and a host of product descriptions, marketers need to be more than clear and concise; they must also persuade readers to click through and take action. To help you achieve this goal of engaging—and gently goading—readers, Brian Clark of Copyblogger offers tips like these: Say ... more
  • Lead That Search Party!
    According to an iProspect and JupiterResearch study released last year, search users prefer "blended" search results—in which results are potpourried with videos and other media—over standard (slightly boring) text-only search results. Blended results (Google's term is "universal search") work like this: If you've got a restaurant, a search on your restaurant's ... more
  • What Exactly Do You Do, Again?
    We all know the cliché: you have 1.5 milliseconds to grab a prospect's attention at your home page and convince him to stay. So why, then, are so many B2B Web sites still not that "sticky"? According to a recent post at eMagine's B2B Web Strategy blog, it's because too ... more
  • The Inside Scoop
    There are lots of good frozen-yogurt shops in Simon Glickman's Pasadena, California, neighborhood. But one—21 Choices—seems to enjoy bigger crowds than the rest, and he explains in his Editorial Emergency newsletter how the small storefront keeps customers coming back from more: It delivers plenty of atmosphere. ... more
  • This Is No Time for Regrets
    "Oh, no! I thought that sale ran through today!" Your customer planned on grabbing a bargain, only to realize she got to your store a day after the sale ended. Is there any way you can still convince her to buy? Well, read on. One researcher recently worked with a ... more
  • Hit Me Baby One More Time
    While most of the email you send contains stand-alone content, it's worth considering an ongoing campaign that engages your customers with multiple messages. "A series of emails is a great opportunity to build top-of-mind awareness and recall for your brand," says Keri Palasz in a post at the Listrak email ... more
  • Get 'em Chattering
    When it comes to the analyzing the data you collect at your Web site, you're doing a great job. You know which of your customers visit most often, where they live, which keywords they use to arrive at your site and which links provide the best traffic. But are you ... more
  • Now That's Good Feedback
    You're having a casual conversation with someone from your customer-service department when he makes an offhand statement: "Oh, you should hear how much customers love [fill in employee name/company product]." If you find such news surprising, it's time to rethink how your front-line staff handles praise. They probably respond to ... more
  • Should You Launch a Brand Community?
    by Nancy Strauss
    On company Web sites everywhere, community sections are popping up—both a cause and an effect of a climate in which more and more marketing directors and brand managers are being asked by their companies, "Why don't we do something 2.0?" Although an online community can bring innumerable benefits to a brand, ... more
  • Did My Video Ad Work? How to Use Simple Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Video Ads
    by Diaz Nesamoney
    Do video ads work to turn viewers into buyers and passionate brand advocates? For starters, measurement of the effectiveness of video ads gets bogged down by syndication, viral distribution, viewing via social networks, and many other factors. So how can you find out if your video ad "worked"—an even more important ... more
  • Win/Loss Analysis (Part 1)—A Process for Taking Revenue Up a Notch
    by Laura Patterson
    When done properly, win/loss analysis provides clarity and insights into customers' perceptions of your product, experiences throughout the sales cycle, and expectations created by your company messaging. more
  • Five Reasons to Change Your Registration Page (and Boost Conversions)
    by Amy Gesenhues
    Want to improve your online conversion rates? Reconsider your registration page. Whether your conversion process includes registering for a demo, signing up for an e-newsletter, or making a purchase, there are particular rules you should follow. more
  • Case Study: How a Company's Word-of-Mouth Strategies and Customer Focus Helped Grow Its User Base 150%
    by Kimberly Smith
    Small businesses need all the TLC they can get. Billing and invoicing online-solution provider FreshBooks knows that better than most. Its customer-centric focus is so fresh and refreshing, word-of-mouth has spread far and wide—and helped grow its user base 150%. more
  • Seek and Ye Shall Find Our Event
    When you plan an event, you pull out all the stops. So, too, should it be with your event promotions. Apogee Search's Brian Combs suggests in a recent MarketingProfs article to add paid-search marketing to your event promo mix. "With almost half of all Internet users now using search engines ... more
  • I Was Merely Acting!
    Set the scene: An attractive blonde Australian sits on the edge of her bed in an all-white bedroom and awkwardly begins a homemade video produced for YouTube. After a few false starts, she says, "Before I go any further, um, I want to make something really clear to everyone, okay? ... more
  • No! No! I Didn't Mean That!
    There’s almost nothing worse than sending out an email offer, only to realize a foolish typo or error evaded your eagle eye. It happens to the best of us. And Kelly Lorenz, writing at the Bronto blog, recommends a plan of action that includes steps like: Stopping the send. If ... more
  • I Totally Made That Up
    If you hear some slang you don't recognize, you can always visit the Urban Dictionary, where users provide, and vote on, correct definitions. Now, Addictionary is putting a playful spin on the concept by inviting users to invent, define and judge words all at once. The platform offers four interactive ... more
  • Watch Your Finger on That Trigger
    "Trigger-based email is when you email a message to a customer in response to certain [behavior] or preferences," Valerie Khoo reminds us in a post at the Sydney Morning Herald's Enterprise blog. "The email is literally triggered by something the customer says or does, or is based on other information ... more
  • You Too Can Tweet, Part II
    In last week's installment, we offered step-by-step tips to get you tweeting on Twitter. This week, we offer a few more advanced steps to take, based on Jim Sterne's advice in a MarketingProfs article. Incorporate these into your tweeting habits, and you'll be well on the way to becoming a Twitter ... more
  • Movin' On Up
    "I think one mistake many marketers make is to think of their lead management requirements too narrowly," says Jon Miller in a recent post at Marketo. He suggests it's time to move on up—beyond just nurturing and scoring leads—to a higher level of overall lead management. To help show the ... more
  • I'm the CEO, Dammit. Read My Blog!
    If you're a hard-charging CEO with lots of vision and business acumen, you've undoubtedly wondered if you should blog. Before you take the plunge, though, Todd Defren has some advice: Learn what it means to be a successful blogger. "Too many would-be CEO bloggers treat their new toy as little ... more
  • Frankly, You Just Scare Me
    Uh-oh. Just when you thought e-commerce might survive these dreary days, a new report comes along that says online merchants didn't do nearly as well last year as they could have done. Why, you ask? Because online shopping is just too scary for some people. According to research results released ... more

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