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  • You Come Here Often?
    "Blogs, wikis, podcasts, vodcasts, social networks, mobile[s] … webinars, e-newsletters, print magazines, trade shows, RSS feeds, industry websites …" These are just some of the channels now available for meeting and greeting B2B prospects and customers, reports Stacy Whisel in a post at the B2B Insights Blog. So, with the ... more
  • Kickin' it Old School
    "Digital marketing has become the way to communicate in the 21st century," says Elaine Fogel in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. "Social media, email, search engine marketing, interactive marketing, blogs, wikis, and knols—the list goes on … to include mobile marketing, podcasting, videos." But in your rush to marketing's online ... more
  • What Am I, Chopped Liver?
    It looks like companies may talk the talk of customer service, but not that many walk the walk. That's the finding of a recent study by the CMO Council. As reported by Internet Retailer, the study's results show that, "Despite overwhelming agreement on the importance of the customer experience and ... more
  • Hey, Pop! We Can Do This!
    According to Kara Trivunovic and Andrew Osterday, most mom-and-pop businesses can't do much with email marketing advice that concentrates on sophisticated topics like multivariate testing, dynamic content development and data integration. For those who need entry-level advice, they created a 10-point Do-It-Yourself Primer that includes handy tips in plain English. ... more
  • Put Away Your Unreliable Mirror
    If you're looking for good business advice, says Drew McLellan, don't look in the mirror. "I know what you're thinking," he says. "You are the one in a million business owner who can in fact, be objective. Don't fool yourself. That's like asking someone who's had 10 shots ... more
  • 10 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners
    by Kara Trivunovic, Andrew Osterday
    Email is a medium for economically and effectively marketing your small business. But most everything out there that provides guidelines, best-practices, and advice on the application of the channel to your marketing efforts are largely geared toward bigger businesses. Until now, that is, because here are 10 tips you can leverage ... more
  • The Dark Side of Twitter: What Businesses Need to Know
    by Michael Stelzner
    As companies tighten their ad spending, inexpensive social media is clearly the next marketing frontier. As with any new craze, there are enormous opportunities. And with them come giant pitfalls that must be avoided. more
  • What's the 'Return on Sound'? Build Long-Term Emotional Equity by Applying Sound Strategically
    by Noel Franus
    What's your Return On Sound? Budgets may be tight and long-term planning may feel out of reach, but a few simple principles can help lay the groundwork for long-term brand value for "sonic identity." Music and sound create significant long-term brand power. That effect comes by design, and it starts ... more
  • A Lesson from Sears: Creating Relevance in Email Marketing
    by Stephanie Miller
    Sears performed a courageous email-marketing act in mid-December. Like every retailer, Sears was surely eager for additional sales and revenue as the worst holiday season in memory reached a crescendo and the sale window started to close. Despite that pressure, the Sears team had the discipline to hit the pause button on ... more
  • Case Study: How a Franchiser Automated Its Marketing Support to Improve Efficiency, Profitability
    by Kimberly Smith
    Global ink and toner supplier Cartridge World expanded its US presence to 650 franchisee-owned stores. But its marketing support lagged behind. Here's how the company turned things around: creating a centralized marketing resource center, upping efficiency and increasing profitability. more
  • Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too
    Marketers may think they have to sacrifice site usability to maximize their rankings with the search engines. But the truth is, the most efficient strategy is finding a balance between the two strategies. As Netconcepts' Stephan Spencer said in a recent MarketingProfs article, "SEO, when done right, enhances the usability ... more
  • Come As You Are
    A recent McDonald's ad sets a scene many of us see every day, but throws in a twist. Two cultured-looking men are reading at a table in a highbrow coffee house when the first friend—neck wrapped in a scarf—mentions that McDonald's now sells cappuccino. His goateed compatriot greets the news ... more
  • That Bounce Ain't So Soft
    "Most email marketers do not view soft bounces as being a major cause for concern," says Dela Quist in the UK DMA Email Marketing Council newsletter, "so rarely, if ever, have any specific strategies been in place for dealing with them." According to Quist, this erroneous belief is based on ... more
  • Are You Ready for Total Recall?
    It's hard to believe, but only fifteen years ago almost no one used email in the course of a business day. Today, meanwhile, we can't imagine life without a mobile device that gives us instant access to multiple email accounts, wherever we might be. Now it's time for a new ... more
  • Don't Look Phishy
    You know you're on the up-and-up, and that your email messages contain legitimate offers for actual products or services. Unfortunately, though, you're often sharing inbox space with fraudulent messages that claim to come from popular retailers and banks. Those emails are, in fact, nothing more than phishing scams designed to ... more
  • Dare To Go Viral, Part One
    There's a school of thought that asserts going "viral" is a random occurrence. There is no formula, algorithm or logic that dictates what does and doesn't become a mainstream hit on the Internet. Those people are correct. But there are ways to hedge the bets in your favor—without selling 3/4 ... more
  • Playing Big-Time Tag
    According to a recent post by Andy Hasselwander at the B2B Marketing Confidential blog, Microsoft's biggest announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in January was their version of QR codes called Microsoft Tags. These little wonders (two-dimensional color codes) can contain a bunch of information, and are easily readable by ... more
  • Como Se Dice 'Brand Loyalty'?
    According to Jorge Aguilar and Andrew Pierce, the Hispanic population in the United States will surpass that of their white non-Hispanic compatriots by 2030. And, argue the pair in an article at MarketingProfs, appealing to this rapidly growing segment is not as simple as hiring a Spanish translator. "[M]arketers ... more
  • Brand 'Em, and Let 'Em Roam Free
    We are exposed to people interacting with their favorite brands every day—for instance, commuters drinking bottled water. Might these glimpses of others using common brands influence our own brand choices? This new research says yes. These researchers asked consumers to focus on the faces of people in a "study" of ... more
  • That's Too Fwd:
    When he saw a reputable marketer praising the use of Fwd: in the subject line of an original email, Matt Hill decided to explain why he disagrees. "[E]ven selectively this is a bad idea," he says at the Email Karma blog, noting that spammers often use this device to trick ... more
  • Enough Is More Than Enough
    You've just read the first draft of a press release and you can already see where you want to make a few edits. The lede needs more punch. Your audience might not recognize that industry-specific term. You've noticed that your third paragraph fell victim to the passive voice. Once you ... more
  • Leverage the Voice of the Consumer
    by Evan Gerber
    There are a number of ways to measure the success of a Word-of-Mouth marketing campaign on the Web. Start by looking in the right place: where the target audience congregates online. more
  • Benchmarking: A Best-Practice for Improving Marketing Performance (Part 2)
    by Laura Patterson
    Knowing what to improve and by how much is vital to establishing realistic performance targets and metrics. This two-part article discusses how to use benchmarking to assess your organization's performance and to understand what changes to make. Part 1 defined benchmarking and explored its value. This second and final part identifies marketing ... more
  • Most Super Bowl Ads Aimed at Males; Most Money Spent by Females
    by Gerry Myers
    A few basic thoughts advertisers should consider for the 2010 Super Bowl: Who watches the Super Bowl? Approximately 100 million viewers, with more than 40 percent of them women. Who spends the most money as a consumer? Women spend approximately 85 percent; men spend only 15 percent. Who focuses more ... more
  • How to Fix a Leaky Web Site
    by Bob DeStefano
    Your company may already have more than enough traffic on your Web site to achieve your business goals, but the problem is that you may have a leaky Web site: Prospects and customers are visiting your Web site, but very few are taking the next step to do business with ... more

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