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  • Six Free Tools for Online Reputation Management
    by Daniel Schawbel
    Do you know what people are saying about you? Online reputation management consists of tracking your brand and reacting when necessary. Sometimes it's tedious. But brand monitoring can save you from a potential disaster. It can also help you proactively join conversations around your topic area, to get your brand ... more
  • When the Media Becomes the Marketing: Q&A With CC Chapman
    by Mack Collier
    While blogs and social networks seem to get most of the attention when it comes to social media talk, podcasts and videos also remain viable channels to reach and connect with an audience. CC Chapman should know, as he's been active in the blogosphere and social networking spaces for years, but ... more
  • How to Be a Good Public Relations Client
    by Ford Kanzler
    Since public relations isn't done "to" a company, it's done "with" the management team or owners, there's an essentially different nature to how this kind of professional service is successfully delivered. It's much more akin to legal or medical services with the "defendants" or "patients" (read management team members) having ... more
  • Two Reasons Why SMS Should Be on Your Shortlist
    by R.J. Talyor
    Should SMS be used for every marketing message? No, definitely not. Your company must consider whether or not your intended message is urgent and determine if subscribers will appreciate receiving it in a mobile form. With that said, there are certainly are two major reasons SMS should be on your ... more
  • Case Study: How HP Boosted Product Sales 84% by Letting the Blogosphere Run Its Online Marketing Promotion
    by Kimberly Smith
    Hewlett-Packard simply handed over a $5,000+ computer prize package to each of 31 bloggers, asking them to give away the prizes to their readers in any way they saw fit. HP trusted the bloggers' influence over the market it wanted to reach—and had faith in their creativity. Turned out, that ... more
  • Search Is 6/8 of Research
    You have lots of options when it comes to market research. "[T]here is a research firm for every project," says Ed Erickson in an article at "Don't settle for a firm that happens to be available." And whether you're looking at a small outfit or a large company, the ... more
  • Ranting and Raving
    Back in 2006, a group of friends decided to play a practical joke on a colleague obsessed with his Jaguar—they covered the S-Type sedan with thousands of colorful Post-it notes. Scott Ableman uploaded photos of the prank to Flickr, where they became a viral phenomenon. This clip of an ABC ... more
  • Peeling Back the Top Few Layers
    In a recent article at MarketingProfs, Mike Volpe of HubSpot likens search engine optimization to a gigantic onion. There's no end to the number of layers you can peel back in your quest for a higher rank among your target market's search results. But the good news is you don't ... more
  • Fight Fire With ... Rohit's Five-Step Action Plan
    It's mid-afternoon and you learn—a little too late—that a blog post badmouthing your company has just gone viral. Rohit Bhargava offers a five-step plan for dousing the flames of these online wildfires: Identify the players. Says Bhargava, "Every blog crisis has three categories of participants: the source, the commenters and the ... more
  • Stoking the Dragon Fire
    Nine months after launching the HDX Dragon, Hewlitt-Packard faced a quandary: Sales of the feature-packed laptop were underwhelming. The company took action by partnering with Buzz Corps to create a social media campaign that targeted 31 influential bloggers. Dubbed 31 Days of the Dragon, it gave each blogger the opportunity ... more
  • For Members Only. Period.
    According to a recent article by Bill McCloskey, "The real secret to email marketing has nothing to do with deliverability, rendering, or any number of other technical issues we discuss to take our minds off our dwindling response rates." The real key, he says, is the creative: "providing something unique through ... more
  • Just Send Me the Dry Red Ones
    Back in the days of the Model T, Henry Ford could get away with offering customers any color they wanted—as long as it was black. Ridiculous as that mentality sounds to modern ears, you risk sending customers the same message if you don't tailor your email campaigns to their interests, ... more
  • Sidle Up to the LiveBar
    If you dropped everything and followed the leader every time a social media tool went live, you'd never have time to do real work. Right? Not this time. Chin up: the social media gods have smiled upon you. While your rivals fought for the title of Early Adopter—taxing both their ... more
  • Dinner-Party PR
    In a post at Silicon Alley Insider, Jason Calacanis says start-up companies don't have to splash out $10,000-a-month retainers—or even hire in-house PR—to get the right exposure. These are only a few of his recommendations if you want great do-it-yourself PR: Always pick up the check—always. When Calacanis attends conferences, he ... more
  • You're the Top, You're the Louvre Museum
    No doubt about it: corporate images are important, and many companies work very hard to cultivate them. But how do specific corporate images (eg, an image of being innovative, trustworthy, socially conscious) affect customers' impressions of the products a company makes? In some instances, quite a lot. Research shows that ... more
  • Get in the Hot Seat
    It happens all the time. We get so caught up in routines and deadlines that we charge forward, never pausing for an analytical look at why we do the things we do. With this in mind, Mark Brownlow jotted down a dozen questions he planned to ask himself about his ... more
  • Get the Vote: Use Political Marketing Techniques to Power Your Campaigns
    by Jean Fleming
    Love 'em or hate 'em, politicians are some of the most effective marketers out there. Let's break down how they achieve their ends, and how we marketers can cop their best moves to win the vote—for our products and services. more
  • Top Lessons Learned in Consumer-Generated Advertising
    by Neil Perry
    Marketers have recognized the immense creative talent that resides outside of Madison Avenue. They've recognized that, with Consumer-Generated Advertising, properly executed, they can generate quality, consumer-relevant content at a fraction of the cost of conventional agency productions. And these commercials break through the clutter with their "real" feel and relevant ... more
  • The Power of Podcasts
    by Lisa Formica
    Social marketing techniques such as blogging, wikis, podcasts, twitter, and virtual worlds have given marketers an extraordinary range of opportunities to reach out to audiences. But do these techniques really pay off—or are they just trendy alternatives that offer no measurable return on marketing investment? more
  • Boost Email Marketing Response With List Segmenting and Triggered Emails
    by Neil Anuskiewicz
    If you are an email marketer who is doing traditional "batch and blast" email marketing, now's a good time to start segmenting and sending triggered emails. Doing so allows you to send more relevant emails and achieves better response from your subscribers. more
  • Case Study: How a Nonprofit Used New Banner-Ad Technology and Market Insight to Create an Effective Viral Campaign
    by Kimberly Smith
    Founded in 1897, the Blue Cross is one of the UK's oldest animal welfare charities. It built an online community of pet owners - then launched a viral campaign, including rich media, that had people flocking to the social network. more
  • The Price-Hike Gamble
    No doubt you've noticed it with your cable bill, your phone bill or anything else you pay on a regular basis—prices that creep slowly, and steadily, upward for no readily apparent reason. Most of us shrug off the extra cost as a minor annoyance; we won't go to the trouble ... more
  • Loaf Run
    A recent television ad from Britain's Hovis has gotten as much press for its cinematic scope as for the bread it markets. Shot with 750 meticulously costumed extras over a week in the city of Liverpool, the spot checks in at a full 122 seconds—one for each year of the ... more
  • Google's Smarter Than You Think
    The more you focus on SEO strategy, the more you might begin to think you can outsmart Google. But Dharmesh Shah argues in an article at that gaming the system with sneaky SEO techniques is, in the long run, a losing proposition: "It's safe to assume that if you ... more
  • The Polarizing Power of Real People
    If you have a television, you've seen the snarky Apple ads that personify Microsoft as a hapless dork in a bad suit. That "loser" characterization went more or less unchallenged until a recent Microsoft campaign kicked off with some surreal spots featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. One vignette—set in a ... more

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