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  • by Ignacio Hernandez Jr.
    The US Hispanic population, with its growing purchasing power and impressive growth in media usage, has companies scrambling for ideas and ways to effectively target this barely tapped market. In this new report from MarketingProfs is solid and hard-to-find data on what organizations are doing effectively to target this market, ... more
  • by Michael Fischler
    To create a complete marketing plan, one that drives near- and longer-term marketing action, I need only four "colors." Here's how structuring the "color set" will help you focus your research, derive relevant conclusions, and then use all that information to create workable, living action plans for your marketing efforts. more
  • by Scott Davis
    After years of paying lip service to the importance of marketing while engineering and design ruled the roost, technology companies are learning that maybe they need to be more like other businesses after all. more
  • by Paul McKeon
    Salespeople are notoriously poor in following up on qualified leads. In fact, experts say, sales does not follow up on more than 70% of leads. Why? Field salespeople in most organizations are compensated, motivated, and managed to focus on short-term opportunities, not on the pipeline. Contrast that scenario with the ... more
  • by Nick Usborne
    Nothing gets the adrenalin pumping quite like an AdWords campaign that delivers a strong ROI. Success brings a big grin on your face when you realize you can invest more in the campaign, expand the base of keywords, and make even more money. The more you spend, the more you ... more
  • by BL Ochman
    Thanks to the time constraints and laziness of both traditional journalists and bloggers, you may be quoted in a story (sometimes at length), without having been interviewed—the victim of a stealth interview. There was a big brouhaha when something similar happened to actor George Clooney recently, but it's really nothing ... more
  • by William Arruda
    Patricia Hume, global VP of Avaya, gives her own views from the top about what she looks for in new hires, why she sometimes hugs her co-workers, and why women just might be the best marketers. more
  • by Jacquelyn A. Ottman
    Old news: Green products don't work, and consumers won't pay a premium for them. New news: Investment in environmentally preferable products and technologies can lead to a potent new source of innovation and competitive advantage. more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Do your customers prefer to get information from email newsletters? Web sites? Blogs? Feeds? A mix? A growing number of users are relying on RSS feeds to satisfy their hunger for information. more
  • by Jim Lenskold
    One of the most exciting and promising developments in marketing is the emergence of something called Net Promoters. First described two years ago in Harvard Business Review, Net Promoters is now being adopted by a growing number of highly respected firms, including General Electric, Intuit, and SAP. What is it? And ... more
  • by Nedra Kline Weinreich
    If you run a nonprofit, you know that marketing is essential to your mission. To many nonprofit managers, marketing equals fundraising and nothing more. But your organization exists for more than just bringing in donations. By using social marketing methods, you can boost the effectiveness of programs and activities that ... more
  • by Jay Pattisall
    Advertising and marketing has changed. What could possibly be the cause of so many beleaguered established players and fortunate newer ones? more
  • by Ernest Nicastro
    If you want to improve the response rate to your direct mail, the answer may be as simple as making a better offer. To paraphrase Don Corleone: Make your customers an offer they can't refuse. more
  • by Sherlyn Manson
    Consumers want to align themselves with brands, employers and even investments that stand for something we believe in and that we can feel good about. Here's how smart companies are responding (and how your organization can, too). more
  • by William Arruda
    What gets a resume more than a 10-second glance? What's the surest way to impress during an interview? Scott Davis, Senior Partner at Prophet and author of two widely acclaimed books on branding, offers must-read career insight. more
  • by Peter Honebein
    Customer experiences are the foundation for competitive differentiation, value creation, and brand identity. While some companies create emotion-driven customer experiences that leave an impact on shoppers, others create "co-production" experiences in which customers are active co-producers. Here's how it works. more
  • by Jay Bower
    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is not just the marketing flavor of the week. It is a very profitable way to get prospects to Web sites for a long time to come. It is direct marketing at its purest. To succeed with PPC, you need to apply all the rules for media, ... more
  • by Nick Usborne
    When you're setting the price for physical goods, particularly commodity goods, you may not have a great deal of flexibility. But if you are selling something less tangible—like a service, a subscription, a seminar or downloadable report or book—the range of prices you can charge is very broad, and often surprising. more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    Writing for business-to-business lead generation is a balancing act: On the one hand, you want as great a response rate as possible; on the other, you don't want to clog the sales pipeline with useless leads—people who don't have the authority, interest, or money to buy what you're selling. Here are ... more
  • by Geoff Dillon
    Here's why tapping your top-volume clients for further growth doesn't always work. The truth is: you need to cast a wider net. more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    We've never seen a CEO who wouldn't sign up for customer loyalty, customer focus, and just plain improving things for their customers. It's getting them to drive the company to do something about it that's the challenge. A number of telltale signs determine pretty quickly whether a company is serious about ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    The Olympic flame has been temporarily extinguished, the athletes have gone home, and the sidewalks of Turin are quiet again. As we look back at the highs and lows of the winter games, there are three definitive business and marketing lessons to be learned. more
  • by Glen Hamilton
    Shopping portals, comparison-shopping sites, and search engines allow merchants to promote increasingly detailed merchandising offers with the goal of cost-effectively increasing brand visibility, acquiring new customers, and driving incremental revenues. But how does an online retail merchant ensure that third-party shopping destinations and other referral-based merchandising channels contribute to the bottom ... more
  • by Dan Skeen
    The aggressive drive to be the number-one search result in Google continues to change the nature of communication. No one is feeling that more than today's copywriters. In less than a decade, many copywriters have fundamentally changed, or felt pressured to change, their approach to the craft. They have learned ... more
  • by Michael Perla
    The corporate graveyard is full of onetime leading businesses that lost their competitive edge by failing to keep current on their competitors. Think of the classic story of Digital Equipment Corporation, with its once technical superiority turning into organizational chaos, or the various bloated airlines, with cost structures and business ... more

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