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  • Spice Up That Limbo Space
    Yet another promising piece to add to your digital-strategy arsenal: how about interstitial :15-:30 video spots? This summer, ShortTail Media is launching a beta for its Digital 30 (D30) program—full-page interstitial ad placements in which 15- to 30-second spots can be incorporated. Interstitials are ads you see when you are ... more
  • Tell 'Em What You Think
    "One of the best ways to grow your blog, is to leave it," says Mack Collier in a recent post at The Viral Garden. "What I mean by this is, leaving comments on other blogs is a great way to create value for others, and ultimately grow awareness for your ... more
  • Make the Most of the Slow Season
    "When the slow season strikes," says Kimberly Smith in an article at MarketingProfs, "it's time to put some energy into pumping up that brand." She runs down a list of action points that make the most of your downtime, and says here's where you should start: Strengthen connections with your ... more
  • New Brain in Town
    There's a new thinker in town, and its name is Wolfram Alpha—a "computational knowledge engine." It can handle some complex searches, and it's quite different from how Google functions. more
  • The Deep Pockets of Chatters
    Do Chatty Cathies spend more money online than other cyber citizens? New research says indeed they do. A recent survey of regular online shoppers from BoldChat and Bravestorm, LLC presents new insights into the preferences of customers who use live chat features at shopping sites, and matches their behavior to ... more
  • Let the Sun Shine In
    When hunkering down to face a challenging economic climate, you might become so focused on survival that you don't notice when the storm begins to weaken. In an article at BusinessWeek, Gene Marks explains how to spot true signs of a recovery: Pay attention to the Consumer Confidence Measure, released by ... more
  • Green Facts for Greenbacks
    In the past, recessions have proven disastrous to the momentum of eco-conscious movements. But not this time. "There is a growing body of evidence that [green policies pay big] dividends," says Chet Dalzell in an article at MarketingProfs. Apparently, "environmental concerns resonate with consumers—even amid a … recession." Dalzell suggests ... more
  • Marketing Addictionary: 'Emalfeasance'
    Emalfeasance (noun): A particular kind of guilt caused by a pile of unanswered email. more
  • Test, Test and Test Again
    "No matter how well your ads, emails and landing pages are performing, they can always be doing better," says Dan Zarrella in a post at the HubSpot blog. The way to gather the data you need is with exhaustive—and ongoing—testing. "Every email, every PPC [pay-per-click] ad, and every landing ... more
  • Do You Hear What I'm Saying?
    Words for Hire blog's Karen Swim tells the story of Jane, a freelance editor hired by Miranda to proofread an e-book. To Jane, this request entailed an exhaustive review of Miranda's copy to ensure proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Accordingly, Jane scoured every word of the book. "When it was ... more
  • Air New Zealand Baring It All
    Airline travel of late has become decidedly less of a joy. Planes are crowded and passengers are nickel-and-dimed at nearly every opportunity—for bottles of water, blankets, checked baggage, and so on. Which makes for a perfect opportunity for an outfit like Air New Zealand. more
  • Why All the Talk About Dog Food?
    by Aaron Strout
    Have you ever heard the expression "eat your own dog food"? It's a concept that essentially means that one is "walking the talk," or leading by example. Many companies have talked about being "customer-focused," but how many really are? Unfortunately, just saying you're committed to doing something is dramatically different ... more
  • My So-Called Marketing Life: How Do I Extend the Reach of My Brand?
    by Sue Duris
    Although she has been successful in promoting and extending corporate brands, the author entered into another chapter of her life a few years ago: re-energizing an acting career. Eventually, she came to see marketing herself as an actor as the same as marketing any other product or service. She revisited ... more
  • Anatomy of a Novel-Sized Landing Page, Part 2
    by Kim MacPherson
    In Part 1 of this article, the author talked a little bit about the necessary components to a successful landing page: You need "bones" to hold it all together; you need to keep the message on track and motivating by maintaining a consistent theme throughout; and you need to stir ... more
  • E-Marketing: Greening the Digital Process
    by Chet Dalzell
    For those of us who were brought up e-marketing, e-shopping, e-dating, e-gossiping—and all things e—we may feel smug that we are truly paperless (are we really?), and thus we are so green in our behavior that who would dare cast a stone at us? Well, it's time to wake up. Direct ... more
  • Case Study: Using Video to Reel in Record High Traffic and Conversions
    by Kimberly Smith
    Supply-chain software provider Kinaxis needed to reel in more customers, so it created a comedy video series, which soon became its most popular online content. The videos drew record site traffic and conversions, as well as doubling RSS subscriptions to the company blog within the first month. more
  • Be Professional: Act Like It's a Cocktail Party
    You might have seen the PSA in which a teenage cyber-bully reads her hateful words from the podium of a school assembly. The absurdity of the scene illustrates a disconnect that often exists between our online and offline behavior—when emboldened by the impersonal buffer of a social network, we might ... more
  • Attitude Adjustment: Proactive vs. Reactive Marketing
    No doubt about it: marketing and selling even the best of solutions in a bad economy is a hard job. On the sales front, cycles are longer, it's tougher to close business and profit margins are thinner. For marketing, the pressure is on to produce better results with less money. ... more
  • Free Resources That Can Pay Off
    While the blogs we highlight are a great resource for email marketers, you might also benefit from the more in-depth guidance of downloadable whitepapers. Companies have discovered the marketing advantage of offering free whitepapers to prospects, and some of those papers are worth a look. ExactTarget's One-to-One Marketing Field Guide ... more
  • Commercial Break: Honda's 'Cog'
    In this regular Daily Chirp feature, William Arruda shares some of his favorite television ads. And he offers up a lesson for how the ad relates to your personal brand. Today, he looks at Honda's "Cog," which went viral before the term "viral" had gone viral. more
  • Facebook Freebies Demystified
    So you say you're still a bit iffy about investing in Facebook's panoply of paid brand offerings (virtual gifts, banner ads, homepage takeovers)? Not to worry: we've done some legwork for you, and turned up some freebies at the site that could actually serve your marketing plan to a "T." ... more
  • Here's That Email You Requested
    Congrats! You've created a terrific whitepaper, and now you're adding a download link to a free copy of it on your landing page. All your prospects have to do is enter their email addresses, and voila! Instant whitepaper! Perfect B2B lead generation, right? Well, not quite so perfect, says ... more
  • That's Amore!
    Not long ago, a MarketingProfs colleague in Orange County, California, ordered an extra-large pizza from Gina's Pizza and Pastaria—a small, local chain known for its high-quality ingredients. When he went to pick it up, the manager asked, "Do you have a coupon? I see you've purchased three of these pizzas ... more
  • 'Mainstream' Is Not a Target Market
    Mainstream is not a target market. In fact, by trying to blandly appeal to everyone, you wind up not really appealing to anyone in particular. Yet, in many companies, "niche" is a dirty word, right up there with "polarizing." more
  • Pick a Price, Any Price
    When you have customers scrambling to make ends meet, or cutting back on unnecessary expenditures, it might seem foolhardy to let them set prices for your product or service. But Sam Lippert of the Java Street Cafe in Kettering, Ohio, took a chance on that risky strategy. He told diners ... more

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