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  • Incentives: 5 Cardinal Rules, 10 Great Ideas
    by Kristin Zhivago
    When the economy gets tight, customers can take forever to reach a buying decision. So, managers think up incentives that will encourage the customer to buy. Whatever lure you use should inspire the prospective customer to edge a little closer to a purchase, which is sometimes easier said than done. more
  • Case Study: How a Young Company's History-Making Soccer-Jersey Sponsorship Increased Sales, Brand Recognition and More
    by Kimberly Smith
    CASE STUDY - Here's how a unique Major League Soccer sponsorship helped a new beverage product score big in both sales and brand recognition. What's more, here are three lessons you can apply to your own sponsorship efforts. more
  • Snare That Sale with a Decoy
    In a post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley talks about staring at a shelf filled with shaving gels and creams, unsure of the actual difference between those labeled "Aloe" and those touting an "Advanced" formula, when a particular can caught his eye. "[It] was identical to several other cans ... more
  • Check <i>You</i> Out
    People used to get embarrassed when they admitted googling their own name—or that of their company—because it seemed vain. Today, though, knowing what shows up on the first page of a search engine's results is a critical element in maintaining your image. Because you've got a problem if someone writes ... more
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
    If you're working on a deal that hadn't been made public, the last thing you'll do is announce it to your friends on Twitter. And yet, warns Rohit Bhargava in a post at the Influential Marketing Blog, savvy online observers could use a variety of tidbits to gather information you never meant ... more
  • Ditch the Spam, Pitch Content
    If you've ever been on the receiving end of bad pitches, you know the feeling of sheer exasperation when yet another example of terrible PR arrives in your inbox. In that moment, someone could be excused for agreeing with the statement "Pitch=Spam." But it isn't true in a general sense. ... more
  • Do You Really Want to Leave Me?
    According to Loren McDonald, "Email consumers control their destiny—choosing when to opt in and when to say adios." This means your unsubscribe page needs to be easy to find and easy to use. And, in a best-case scenario, making this option as user-friendly as possible might keep them from leaving ... more
  • Get Them Sparkling White!
    Earlier this year, Michael Stelzner predicted a jump in demand for white papers by B2B marketers. That prediction is apparently coming true: financial and Internet-service companies are just two examples of B2B firms discovering the power of white papers. Why the white-paper mania? Stelzner cites the usual culprits—social media and the economy—as trend ... more
  • Video Games: Not Just for Kids
    Anyone who has witnessed a Wii bowling tournament at a senior center knows it: video games are not just for kids anymore. They are big business. And they are early indicators of tomorrow's interactive media products and services. When the first big video game success, Pong, was invented 35 years ... more
  • i  can   sell   just   like   you
    For customers, web-based shopping can be lonely and impersonal—not like shopping in stores, where they can chat with salespeople, tell them more about what they're looking for, and get advice and assistance. Enter the avatar—an animated "person" who can be used as a selling agent online. More and more web-based ... more
  • Find a Fresh Pair of Eyes
    "Let's face it," writes Bill Taylor in a post at Harvard Business Online. "Most companies in most industries have a kind of tunnel vision. They chase the same opportunities that everyone else is chasing, they miss the same opportunities that everyone else is missing." It's an atmosphere that stifles innovation, ... more
  • Avoiding the CAN-SPAM Pitfalls
    "At first glance, the CAN-SPAM Act establishes fairly basic rules for an organization to follow," says a whitepaper produced by ExactTarget. "However, given that this law is constantly evolving … new details and judicial interpretations will surely follow." This means you can't take anything for granted, but instead must proactively respond ... more
  • by Richard Pelletier
    Given how critically important effective content is right now and how important copywriters are to the creation of same - it might help the cause of world peace and mutual understanding to shine a little light on things. How do you choose a good freelance copywriter and how do you ... more
  • by Kevin Horne
    It's hard to believe how different it was, just a mere fifteen years ago, to conduct secondary market research. There was no Internet, no Yahoo!, no Google search, no Web-accessible databases to tap. How times have changed. But, not always for the better. more
  • by Loren McDonald
    Reducing the number of people who unsubscribe from your mailing list is one of the key ways to minimize list churn and in turn make it easier to grow your list. That doesn't mean you make it harder for people to leave, however. Instead, learn why people leave, offer them other ... more
  • by Eric Hansen
    In Part 2 of this series, the author looked at defining your success goals and what to measure when running multivariate tests. Let's now look at your site factors and learn how to select the right ones to test. By now, your marketing goals are clearly defined and you're ready ... more
  • Case Study: How a Small Internet Publisher Doubled Its Email Database & Reduced Marketing Spend With Cost-per-Lead
    by Kimberly Smith
    Earlier this year, when online travel publisher Tripmela was in startup mode, CEO Jared Blank determined that he needed to achieve a $1.50 cost per acquisition if he was going to lead this fledgling to profitability. Here's how he did it. more
  • The Power of Free
    If there's one thing your customers can't resist, it's the idea of getting something for free. Those who want some proof need look no further than an article written by Alina Tugend for the New York Times, in which she discusses the results of a study headed by Dan Ariely, ... more
  •  Will Dance for Gum
    In a post at the Servant of Chaos blog, Gavin Heaton says those who aren't sure how to get "viral" could learn a thing or two from Stride Gum, which took notice of the following Matt Harding had gained with his "Dancing Matt" videos. If you recall, they showed him ... more
  • Return to Sender
    In a post at the PitchEngine blog, Jason Kintzler argues that paperless PR is more than an exercise in environmental responsibility. The use of online and wireless communication not only saves you time, money and effort, it broadens your access to journalists—for instance, those who give you their email address ... more
  • It's Always You, You, You
    In a post at MarketingProfs' Daily Fix blog, Mack Collier started an interesting conversation about a potentially problematic trend in social media—one that seems to manifest most obviously on Twitter. "What I'm noticing," he says, "is that some well-known and established players … are using these tools not as ways ... more
  • by Jim Lenskold
    Want to take your performance to that ideal level of highly effective and efficient marketing? It takes better access to detailed data and ROI discipline, but it also comes along with greater growth and better levels of budgets, according to the recently released study. more
  • by Louis Chatoff
    Successful email marketing strategy is a lot like a spin class at the gym: We start with a predefined warm-up, slowly move into the heart of the workout (remembering to breathe), and finish with a focused, well deserved cool-down. In fact, email marketers could learn a technique or two from ... more
  • by Gary Anderson
    Do you want to record a video message for on-demand access? Do you want to do live video from a conference? Or do you have completely different objectives? For marketers who want to put video communication to good use, the key is finding the right tools. Here's a great place to ... more
  • by Matthew Syrett
    Film festivals have become the prime venue where independent filmmakers launch their works to the public. Festivals offer an excellent place to build buzz about your film, find distribution deals, network, get press coverage, and experience an audience for your movie. Despite the importance of film festivals, most independent filmmakers have ... more

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