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  • Stood Up at the Altar
    Because your customers will abandon online purchases if they encounter a tedious checkout process, it's critical to make your e-commerce functionality simple and efficient. In a post at the Conversation Marketing blog, Ian Lurie offers recommendations like these: Never make a customer log in before ... more
  • We're Corporate! We're Capable!
    "To get a running start on 2009 projects, yesterday we googled-up some corporate capability brochures to get some ideas," writes Dave J. in a recent B2Blog post. "Immediately, I was drawn [to] what was wrong in these publications." Now, lots of B2B companies have a "Who We Are and What ... more
  • Bear Market? Change Your Tune!
    Last year, Google and MediaVest reported on a brainwave-tracking study about banner ads. According to the ad giants, banner ads rated a 6.3 in effectiveness—which was said to be a "very encouraging score." But combined with overlays, the effectiveness of banner ads increases to 6.6. This is because users find ... more
  • I'm Ignorant. I'm Blissful. Shut Up.
    Ah, chocolate. Who doesn't love it? Short of an ice cream cone, nothing produces an instant state of bliss better than a good chunk of the sweet stuff. Now, a new research study presents chocolate as a product that can virtually sell itself—better than any marketer can, anyway. These researchers ... more
  • Sometimes, Less is More
    When your subscribers cut back on spending, you might be tempted to compensate for lost revenue by stepping up your email campaigns. But be forewarned: It's a potentially hazardous strategy. "Instead of being financially rewarded for emailing more," says Barton Schaefer, PhD in an article at MarketingProfs, "you may be punished ... more
  • Get Sober
    When you have a great idea—a true light-bulb moment—you don't want to be bothered with pesky marketing research that tells you it won't work. "People who really, really want to believe, will believe," says Steve Cuno in an article at MarketingProfs, "regardless of where the evidence points." But to avoid ... more
  • Usability and Findability—Getting the Synergy Right
    by Stephan Spencer
    Finding the balance between search engine optimization (SEO) and a successful user experience can be a challenge. The two strategies can conflict, and companies may mistakenly favor one over the other. more
  • Four Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Visual System
    by Gwyneth Dwyer
    What does your brand look like? Is it recognizable—in any medium? Or does it change its appearance and present a confusing array of visual styles? Most organizations understand the strategic importance of a consistent visual style... but fall short on implementation, especially when there are multiple in-house or agency creative teams. more
  • Is Your Web Site as Good as Your Favorite Bistro? A Post-Holiday Recipe for Online Success
    by Richard Pelletier
    The author recently had lunch with a good friend, a restaurateur. The food was delicious, but the lessons shared were even better. It seems the fragile nature of the restaurant business has more than a few things in common with the fragile nature of doing business on the Web. more
  • Tips on Avoiding Deliverability Disaster
    by Barton Schaefer, PhD
    Will nearly 100 percent of my marketing email end up in my customers' spam folders? The answer may be "yes" if your company doesn't change its email practices. more
  • Case Study: How an Automotive Dealership Used Voice Marketing to Supplement Sales, Boost Customer Retention
    by Kimberly Smith
    While automotive dealers struggle to survive, Mike Miller Hyundai has reached out to customers via voice marketing, at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. Now: service bays are filled, and customer retention is significantly higher. more
  • Make Friends with the Great Disruption
    In a recent post at Harvard Business Online, Scott Anthony coined the term Great Disruption to describe our current economic climate. "In the Great Depression," he reasons, "demand, output and wages declined across the board. Today's times are different. It isn't just that demand is sagging. It's that change is ... more
  • That's Definitely Worth the Price!
    You can always find someone willing to sell you a solution for boosting your keyword effectiveness. But in a recent blog post, search marketer PotPieGirl offered her favorite free keyword research tools: Your brain. We were all consumers before we were marketers, she reminds us. So ask yourself, "If I ... more
  • It's a Brand New Day!
    If you've made some recent improvements—whether to your product, service or customer experience—now is the time to trumpet those changes!  A new year, with consumers anxious for a new start, is a great time to tell your subscribers what they can expect on their next visit to your site. In a post at the ... more
  • Mix It Up, People
    In a post at the HubSpot blog, Prashant Kaw says his small education-oriented Web site has achieved remarkable Google rankings in a category loaded with heavyweight competitors. His dependence on the search engine, though, gives him cause for concern. "While marveling at my site's ability to outrank large .edu behemoths ... more
  • Show Me Your Sense of Urgency
    In a post at her Conversation Agent blog, Valeria Maltoni recounts how a Skype call to her family in Italy went horribly wrong on Christmas day. "My account is set up to auto-recharge when it dips below a certain amount so that I do not need to worry about interrupting ... more
  • Just Say No to Comment Spam
    If you read blogs on a regular basis, you've seen comment spam. There are the obvious offenders (those people, for instance, who work their way around the blogosphere leaving generic cut-and-paste lines like, "I love your blog, check mine out"). Then there are those who rub other readers the wrong ... more
  • Go gif in a Jiffy!
    "It can be done, I've seen it," says the Email Karma blog of Goodmail's email certification platform, which now enables users to include video in email messages. "However," the blog says, "if you don't have the marketing budget for certification, you can always try … converting video to an animated ... more
  • Don't Just Use It, USE It!
    On the weekend it launched, Apple sold one million iPhone 3Gs—and not just to early adopters and hipsters: stats from ChangeWave suggest iPhone's moving in on the smartphone (read: ENTERPRISE!) market, currently dominated by BlackBerry. Already, iPhone's a fertile ad medium. From MySpace to Stella McCartney to the Associated Press, ... more
  • Time to Polish That B2B Star
    It's a brand new year! Time to start fresh, set new goals—and write 52 dry-as-bones B2B blog posts. But wait. The words "B2B blog" don't have to strike dread in the hearts of readers. Chris Brogan wrote a terrific post in 2008 that will surely help you polish your B2B ... more
  • The End of TV Ads? Not so Fast.
    The advent of DVR technology struck fear in the hearts of advertisers worldwide. Suddenly, viewers were able to fast-forward through TV commercials! A sad truth quickly emerged: when given the option, consumers love to hit that FF button. Now, let's (ahem) fast-forward to today. Are we witnessing the demise of ... more
  • Wow, It's Half Full After All!
    "When it comes to marketing budgets, more is always better than less," writes Adam Cahill in a refreshingly honest column at ClickZ, "so let's not pretend this is a 'glass half full' situation we're dealing with." However, he notes, the current economic downturn can produce some positive outcomes. For instance, ... more
  • Boost That ROI Right Now!
    "The news regarding investment in marketing is not good, with many firms cutting their marketing budgets left and right," reports Neil Anuskiewicz in an article at MarketingProfs. Before taking such drastic steps, you might want to consider his better option: "Instead of taking an axe to your marketing budget … ... more
  • Something for Nothing: The New Age of Marketing and Advertising?
    by Tim Brunelle
    What's of greater value: the idea itself, the selling of the idea, or the production of the idea? While there seems to be a shift afoot, why does our industry continue to struggle to ascribe value to (and get paid for!) the core concepts that fuel everything else? more
  • Stand Out for the Right Reasons: Nine Memorable Conference Presenter Mistakes
    by Gary Cohen
    When we are given the opportunity to stand out from our competitors, we must be memorable! What will standout so that people who are there will tweet positively about your company, your presentation, your product? What will they remember? What will they say about you? more

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