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  • This Is Your Brain on Twitter
    Earlier this month, a doctoral student developed a way to post messages on Twitter using only the mind. The discovery could be a lifeline for people with paralysis, offering them a way to communicate when they cannot otherwise speak or move. more
  • Exit Laughing
    Like most of us, Elaine Fogel enjoys a good joke. And in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog, she points to an irreverent advertisement that puts the subject matter of an ancient tale in a very modern context. The video, titled "Exodus," opens on a bedraggled group of ... more
  • Working Miracles, One by One
    "Now more than ever, the email channel in particular is being asked to contribute higher revenue," says Stephanie Miller in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Yet, we all must make that happen with existing (or lower) resources." Reaching that goal requires innovation, and Miller reports on a number ... more
  • 'Hello, First Name': How to Avoid Being an Email Cliché
    Imagine that a typically obnoxious B2B-marketing email has come to life—and he wants to talk to you even though you can't remember where you met or why he has your address. In a video, Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports adopts the off-putting persona, and shows us why we never ... more
  • Stream a Little Stream of Me
    Email remains one of the least-expensive and highest-converting online marketing techniques out there, but few would argue it isn't past-due for a trendy facelift. Thankfully for the intrepid marketer, there are lots of programmers working on this problem, like little elves, day and night. And a whole passel of them apparently ... more
  • It's Not All About Business, OK?
    A lot of CEOs seem to shy away from blogging. And a lot of PR teams keep asking, "Why?" Actually, it's understandable: the head honcho must always represent the entire company, and that's a lot of pressure for a writer. The real question should be: How can a CEO blog ... more
  • Can We Get Irrational for a Moment?
    "The most common frustration I see, and I see it daily, comes from marketers who can't figure out why more people won't buy their product," says Seth Godin in a post at his blog. All the rational arguments in the world, it seems, won't dissuade irrational customers from giving their ... more
  • Hold the Plastic
    Susan Boyle wowed the world when she recently debuted on "Britain's Got Talent." What are the lessons in her success for marketers? more
  • Recession Marketing I: What to Cut
    Welcome to MarketingProfs' inaugural issue of Marketing in a Downturn. We are glad you signed on to receive these once-a-week guides to navigating rough economic seas—and safely making it through to the upturn. We will chart this course together. But if you wish to opt out, just click on the link below. ... more
  • Walk the Walk, Evangelists
    "Evangelism" is the catchword of the day. Companies are diligently turning their customer-service reps into "evangelists." How precious. But is there something behind this movement? Is evangelism actually taking CRM to a new level? Ben McConnell thinks so, and he cites an example at the Church of the Customer Blog. ... more
  • Marketing Addictionary: 'Social Notworking'
    Social Notworking: (noun) The pursuits of those who spend their workday on Twitter. more
  • Here's Looking for You, Kid
    "Effective one-to-one marketing is more than just email," R.J. Talyor states in an article at MarketingProfs. "[Y]our subscribers and customers aren't always staring at their email inboxes. Rather, they're also posting, texting, watching, commenting, and they step away from the computer sometimes, too." Because of this, he recommends the development ... more
  • The Question of Web Analytics
    Not long ago, Avinash Kaushik posed this question via Twitter: "Inspire me: If there is one web analytics question you want answered what would it be? What's your juiciest/mundane, daily, challenge?" The tweet generated a huge response, and in a post at his Occam's Razor blog he answers a number of ... more
  • Jam with the Traffic
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Mack Collier explains why it pays to obsess about the traffic coming to your blog. Here are some of the key questions you should be asking: Where do my readers come from? If you see a sudden spike in traffic, it's worth finding out why ... more
  • How We Got Here
    If our current economic situation can teach us anything, it's that we really can't carry on in personal finance or business (or politics, for that matter) without keeping our wits about us. Check out this great 11-minute video by Jonathan Jarvis that explains leveraging, credit default swaps, and how we ... more
  • Customer Feedback to Improve Email Performance: Ingredients for Success from Betty Crocker
    by Stephanie Miller
    Marketers talk about asking for feedback all the time. Yet, few marketers take the time to really engage with subscribers on any level. That's why stands out. more
  • Opportunity Rocks: Establishing Your Natural-Search Goals
    by John Thielmann
    Measuring your natural-search performance is definitely a good idea. However, establishing goals for your natural-search program is what will help communicate direction for the program and serve as a guide for measuring overall success. The challenge lies in establishing realistic goals in an achievable timeframe. more
  • Pushing One-to-One Marketing Beyond Email
    by R.J. Talyor
    You get it. Email needs to be relevant, timely, and personalized, and it has to arrive in the inbox—not the spam folder. When an email renders, it should load images perfectly, guide the eye through stunning, effective design that drives subscribers to convert—download, purchase, whatever. But effective one-to-one marketing is more ... more
  • To Sell During a Recession, Shop a Mile in Their Shoes
    by Jenny Schade
    Harnessing the power of customer insights throughout your organization produces a powerful, ongoing interactive connection with key constituents that competitors can't duplicate. Beyond the clever words and attention-getting visuals, the connection with the customer truly engages. When the product has been reviewed, when the ad is over, it's the feeling ... more
  • Case Study: How a Single Voice Recording Scored Immediate Ticket Sales for Boston College
    by Kimberly Smith
    Boston College had just two weeks to inspire alumni and fans to make a last-minute trip to Florida after the school's football team secured its first conference title game. An enticing voice-marketing campaign quickly generated 5,000 ticket sales, netting $200,000. more
  • It's OK to Repeat Yourself
    The news is out: consumers are changing their buying—and search—habits. SearchIgnite reports that users are taking longer to make purchase decisions online: the average time between when they click on an ad and convert on a marketer's website increased by 32.4% in Q1 2009 compared with Q1 2008. Ouch. In addition, ... more
  • Haters Make Lovers Love You Even More
    In a post at the Brains of Fire blog, Spike Jones tells the story of Pizzeria Delfina, a San Francisco establishment that chose not to ignore its one-star reviews at Yelp. Instead, the restaurant printed up employee T-shirts with gems like "This place sucks" and "The pizza was soooo greasy. ... more
  • I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt
    Abercrombie & Fitch has built a youth-oriented brand around racy images of shirtless men and scantily clad women, often photographed in provocative poses. Subscribers to the clothier's email campaigns are more likely to see well-toned bodies than actual product shots. But this attitude-driven approach can create some problems. For instance, ... more
  • Our Bad!
    When we highlighted Aaron Brazell's SXSW Cheat Sheet a few weeks ago, we made the error of assuming all of our readers would know what those four letters meant. As a result, we neglected to identify the Austin, Texas, festival-cum-conference by its full name—South by Southwest—or to explain that the ... more
  • You Sure Are Testy These Days
    Just because an email strategy works for one company—even one very like yours—that doesn't mean it will automatically work for you. "This is due to different cultures and expectations," says Debra Ellis in an article at MarketingProfs. "The only way you will know the best strategy for your organization is ... more

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