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  • On-the-Fly Creativity
    You spend most of your day trying to be creative, but do you ever stop to ask yourself what creativity is? With a white board, a few markers and a techno soundtrack, Tate Linden uses the written word to express and modify his thoughts on the subject. And because it's ... more
  • On-the-Fly Creativity
    You spend most of your day trying to be creative, but do you ever stop to ask yourself what creativity is? With a white board, a few markers and a techno soundtrack, Tate Linden uses the written word to express and modify his thoughts on the subject. And because it's ... more
  • Build It and They Will Come
    The key to getting your site to the top of a B2B keyword search list isn't just content, says Galen DeYoung: "Proper site architecture is also critical," he insists. So it's not just how you say it that counts in SEO; it's how you build it, too. With that in mind, ... more
  • Singing the Budgetary Blues
    Most email marketers know the frustration of trying to secure adequate funding for their online efforts. "Direct mail is so expensive that mailers can often justify a marketing database and top-notch analytics team to help manage costs," says Elana Anderson. "Unfortunately, email is so cheap that online marketers struggle to ... more
  • Widget for Dollars
    You know investing in widgets can improve brand recognition and site traffic. So what's holding up execution? Well, you protest, I’m not very tech-savvy. Breaking news: widgets have evolved. Sites like,, Google Gadgets and make building them as easy as disseminating RSS feeds. Dampen your toes at a ... more
  • The Five Dumb Mistakes
    Running a small business can be a risky endeavor, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Taken from The Reach Group's Free Agent Formula—created by Cheri Hanson, Lisa Johnson and Cassie Pruett—here are the top five mistakes made by entrepreneurs: Creating a business that follows ... more
  • Target Jim and Mary
    Research has uncovered quite an interesting effect that guides customer brand choices. They call it the "name letter branding effect." The NLB effect shows that customers are more likely to choose a brand name that has the same letters as their first name than they are other, equally attractive, brands. ... more
  • When Less is More
    You've crossed all your marketing t's and dotted all your best practices i's with a relevant, enticing offer sent only to subscribers who opted in to your campaigns. You're anxious to see how well the offer performs, but then you learn a major ISP has blocked your IP address because ... more
  • Getting 'Social' with Social Media—Q&A With Rohit Bhargava
    by Mack Collier
    Rohit Bhargava is a well-respected marketer and blogger and frequent speaker at conferences, including the upcoming MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer. Here, he shares advice on how to get the most from the conference experience and discusses where social media is headed, as well as how businesses can make the most ... more
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Nurturing Strategy
    by Kathy Rizzo
    Although more than 80% of high-tech marketers say they have a lead-nurturing strategy, 64% say their strategy needs improvement, according to a February 2008 survey by TeleNet Marketing Solutions. As for which areas of overall lead-generation strategy tech marketers would like to improve in the next year, nurturing of long-term leads ... more
  • Top 10 Challenges Interactive Marketers Face
    by Aaron Kahlow
    The top 10 challenges facing the interactive marketing community are very much the same as those facing the entire marketing community... in that almost every marketing professional must address the interactive/online marketing medium. When they are asked about top challenges, many marketers say things like "social media" or "search engine optimization" ... more
  • The Power of Green Lies in the Hands of Marketers
    by Jacquelyn A. Ottman
    Many people think the power to restore our environment—to curb greenhouse gases, to clean up our air and water, to cut down on precious resources' ending up in landfills—lies in the hands of scientists and engineers, or lawyers and legislators. But the real power of green lies in the hands ... more
  • Case Study: How Lenovo Used New Media Along With Olympic Sponsorship to Establish Global Brand Awareness
    by Kimberly Smith
    Last month in Beijing, Lenovo leveraged its Olympic sponsorship to develop global brand awareness. Unique to its approach was its use of new media, which fortified its traditional marketing and created a new level of athlete and fan interaction. more
  • All in the Execution
    The success of videos posted at your Web site or YouTube depends in no small part on the quality of execution, and those made in-house are most vulnerable to amateurish production values. Not to worry: In a guest post at the HubSpot blog, Catie Foertsch offers her best tips for ... more
  • An Apple a Day
    "At some point just about every marketer is bound to look at something that Apple is doing and wish they could have done it for their own brands," says Rohit Bhargava in a post at the Influential Marketing Blog. But, he argues, the company's success relies on more than the ... more
  • Time to Get Engaged
    In a post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley discusses the book Sway, by Ori and Rom Brafman, and explains a key takeaway from their study of unorthodox demographic segments: That investing your time in customer engagement is one of the best investments you can make. These "customers" might not sound ... more
  • Go Where the Current Leads
    John McCain got people talking when he aired an ad that compared Barack Obama to style-over-substance celebrities like Paris Hilton; but the conversation really picked up when Hilton shot back with an entertaining rebuttal at the comedic website Funny or Die. Reclined on a chaise lounge—and attired in high heels ... more
  • The Very Definition of Social Media
    OK, you're supposed to be in-the-know about Social Media and B-to-B outreach. You can define "mashup," and report how it can best serve your clients, in 25 words or less, right? Yeah. Thought so. Here's a short list of terms, from a recent E-Commerce Times article, that might help. Hide it ... more
  • The Freeconomics of Online Media
    Phil Bronstein, San Francisco Chronicle editor-at-large, said during the 2008 AlwaysOn media summit at Stanford that if he "could collect a buck every time anyone says 'monetize,' I wouldn't need any more money." But Internet users have come to expect free content. So, how will online media companies transform "free" into ... more
  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
    "Nobody loves email marketing more than I do," says Gary Levitt. "But even I admit that within the grand taxonomy of consumer touchpoints, e-newsletters hold a sorry position." Regardless of how we feel about them, the fact remains: e-newsletters do a consistent job of moving product and building loyalty. So if you must ... more
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    "Are you listening [to your customers]?" asks Todd Defren in a post at the PR Squared blog. "Great. But are you also empowered to act effectively on [their] behalf?" In other words, any company worth its salt can listen to its customers—what you do with the information is what sets ... more
  • Help Me Out, Here.
    Customers often want advice when making decisions—particularly if they involve an emotional element. So, they seek the opinions of friends, colleagues, and marketers. Now research is showing that they also may seek a more personal connection with a salesperson when facing an emotional decision. This researcher says that sales professionals ... more
  • Average, Schmaverage
    In a post at the Email Insider blog, Jordan Ayan writes that he inevitably receives a basic query when he speaks at conferences: "What is the average [fill in the blank]?" The usual concerns relate to click rates, open rates and delivery, but Ayan claims to be more interested in ... more
  • Email Marketing Disobedience: Six laws of proper e-Newsletter creation, and why you should ignore every one of them
    by Gary Levitt
    Within the grand taxonomy of consumer touchpoints, e-newsletters hold a sorry position. They're the longwinded busybodies who never get invited to the cool parties. Porcelain-skinned print campaigns turn up their perky, sans-serif noses at e-newsletters' frumpy templates and canned copy. Super Bowl spots kick sand in e-newsletters' bespectacled faces. Yet, these ... more
  • Five Steps to Building Brand Equity for the Small Business
    by Mike O'Toole
    Everyone wants brand equity. But building it, when you are more likely to qualify for the Inc. 500 rather than the Fortune 500, can be a puzzle. Particularly when the role models for brand equity are global icons like Coca Cola, Volvo, or Sony—hardly your peer set. The good news is ... more

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