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  • Can We Talk?
    Some time ago, we highlighted a MarketingProfs article in which Michael Antman cautioned against making word-of-mouth (WOM) strategies the primary element in your marketing mix. "He raises reasonable points about the limitations of WOM," says Deborah Eastman in her response. "[A]fter all, it can't completely replace other forms of marketing ... more
  • Google: New Media Meets Old Media
    Google has always been considered a giant in the online world—it's even been said it rules the Internet. But one medium it hasn't ventured into is television. Until now, that is. more
  • Tell It Like It Is
    We can't escape bad news—story after story about layoffs, closures and falling profits. It's only natural that employees are worried about the safety of their jobs. "Am I next?" they undoubtedly wonder, and they deserve an accurate picture of your company's health. In a post at Harvard Business Online, John Baldoni ... more
  • Why Do You Love That Fake Bag So Much?
    Here comes summer. Soon, tourists will descend on New York for the time of their lives. The shows! The dining! The street vendors hawking fake Louis Vuitton handbags! Needless to say, the appeal of that last attraction perplexes many marketers of luxury goods. Why do women flock to buy worthless knockoffs? ... more
  • Conversionary Tactics
    While most retailers have experienced various degrees of tumult during this recession, the picture isn't entirely gloomy. A recent survey by Internet Retailer, for instance, shows many online-only businesses have maintained—or are improving—their email marketing conversion rates. Of the 275 retailers surveyed: 56.4 percent report their ... more
  • Marketing Addictionary: 'TechNO'
    TechNO: (idiom) Using technology as a lame excuse for not going out, or not accepting a social proposal or date. more
  • Look Beyond the Rear-View Mirror
    "I run into lot of people who confuse web reporting with web analytics," says Anil Batra in a post at his Web Analysis blog. He illustrates the confusion with the story of a marketing manager who believed her analytics needs were covered by a staffer proficient at pulling data. "Does ... more
  • Brainstorm Like a Rainmaker
    Brainstorming a steady stream of ideas for your blog can be a challenge—especially when you're short on time and have already covered obvious topics. If you're facing writer's block, Michael Martine suggests several ways to update your blog and keeping readers engaged. Here are a few: Create ... more
  • Twitter in Real Life
    Twitter has swept the world as an Internet phenomenon. What would it be like if we lived out our offline lives speaking in 140 characters or less? The results would be hilarious, if this video is any evidence. more
  • Online Reputation Management: A View From the Top
    by Leslie Gaines-Ross
    The first few months of 2009 have already been tumultuous for reputations. So what can be done? Below, some of the findings of that online-reputation study as they relate to seven realities of managing online reputation in today's world—and some solutions to strengthen your reputation in the months ahead. more
  • Think and Act Like a Nonprofit to Deepen Connections and Build Relationships
    by Roger Sametz
    For decades, the prevailing wisdom was that nonprofits should learn from for-profit enterprises how to become "more businesslike." Many nonprofits thus embraced best practices in branding, marketing, service delivery, money management, and leadership. They have also learned how to keep different business models running simultaneously. To be successful in all these ... more
  • 25 Ways to Build Trust (and Sales!) with Customer Success Stories
    by Casey Hibbard
    Capturing the experiences of your most successful customers not only boosts your credibility but also educates buyers and shows them the payoff of your solutions. Here are 25 ways to use customer success stories in your sales and marketing to increase buyers' trust. more
  • Reading Your Buyers' Digital Body Language: A How-To Guide
    by Steve Woods
    Today's buyer is in control. This transition means that our sales teams are no longer required as a conduit of information. Industry websites, vendor sites, blogs, social media, and search all make the required information readily available and, by doing so, leave the sales representative out of the room. As a ... more
  • Case Study: How Good Karma Mixed With Moxy and Social Media Created Close to $1 Million in Revenue
    by Kimberly Smith
    How does helping out a friend, or a friend of a friend, become a million-dollar business... with not a penny spent on advertising? When those little favors are in huge demand—and word-of-mouth and social media spread the good news like wildfire. more
  • Five Stages of the Purchase Cycle
    Occasionally people may buy on impulse. Often, however, they go through a recognizable purchase cycle. "By targeting specific cycle stages, advertisers can increase relevancy by delivering appropriate messages at the right time," says Page Zero Media's Mona Elesseily in an article at Search Engine Land. Here are her definitions of the five ... more
  • Living in Exponential Times
    Because we've grown so accustomed to the steady, incremental flow of new technology and information, we might lose sight of how dramatically it has changed, and will continue to change, the way we live, work and market. "Did You Know 3.0," a five-minute slide show set to the Fatboy Slim ... more
  • They're Just Not That Into You
    It's one of the oldest clichés in the book, and one of the most persistent: parents who assume everyone else will share an equally enraptured fascination with the accomplishments of their toddlers. As if no other child in the history of mankind has ever taken his or her first step! ... more
  • Hulu: From TV to 'Bliggedy Blogs'
    Hulu has certainly made a big splash in the online video world. It's quickly becoming a favorite way to watch TV shows and movies. But what's ironic is that traditional TV ads have been instrumental in its growth. more
  • Speed Racer Eats FedEx's Dust
    When using DVRs to watch television, we've gotten used to zipping through commercial breaks. We've been also spoiled by limited interruptions at online services like Hulu, where ads rarely last for more than 30 seconds. In such an environment, sitting through five-minute advertising blocks on live television seems downright onerous. ... more
  • Hello? Is There Anybody In There?
    We hear lots of advice about maintaining a clean list, and much of it centers on how to handle subscribers who seem uninterested in your messages. At a certain point, you might decide it's time to take them off your list. Before you do, though, consider these four "hidden" segments ... more
  • Roll Your Own: 'Mother of the Year' Video
    If you're a mother, or perhaps you have one, check out this fun promotion by to celebrate someone you consider "Mother of the Year." more
  • Too Smart to Lose
    Last year, Southwest Airlines refused passage to two young women for obnoxious behavior. The ladies immediately went out and told the press they weren't permitted aboard because they were "too pretty to fly"—sparking a media-driven feeding frenzy on Southwest's precious brand equity. It didn't matter that it wasn't true. It ... more
  • Tear Down Those Walls!
    "It's not news to anyone in our industry that we're having to take on changes of tectonic proportions," Gavin Hilton says in a recent post at the RAPP Blog. The RAPP direct marketing agency serves a range of clients worldwide. The debate still rages, Hilton notes, as to which creative "silo" ... more
  • Pimp My Mag
    When we discuss content designed to help your customers, we usually focus on whitepapers and social-media channels like blogs. A custom magazine is another way to connect in a meaningful way, but before you embark on such an ambitious project, consider tips like these from Joe Pulizzi at Junta42:  ... more
  • Twitter + Wine = Dream Job
    With all that negativity about today's job market, a bit of lightheartedness doesn't hurt, right? Well, looks like Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma City, has done so by creating THE dream job for a Twitter and Facebook power user who's a wino (no joke). more

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