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  • by Todd Miechiels
    Imagine if half the people that called your sales team hung up within 10 seconds. There are not prospects they were cold-calling either, but interested people calling them. Heads would roll. At the very least, you'd want to know why so many people were disengaging. Well, chances are it's happening to ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    How would you sell computer repair services? Fast, friendly, and reliable? That kind of language speaks to the company's opinion of itself, not necessarily what it can do for its customers. Here's how to position yourself with your clients and customers when you are selling a service. more
  • by Leigh Duncan-Durst
    Many companies equate Customer Experience Management with Customer Relationship Management. But they are not the same. So what's the difference between them? And why is it important to understand the difference? more
  • by Cynthia Coldren
    It's been called "selling the invisible"—delivering intangible services as a core "product" offering. But invisibility, or intangibility, is just one factor that distinguishes services marketing from product marketing. Along with inseparability, variability, and perishability, these four characteristics affect the way clients behave during the buying process and the way organizations must ... more
  • by Jacquelyn A. Ottman
    If you think your customer isn't concerned about environmental issues, or won't pay a premium for products that are more eco-responsible, think again. You may just find an opportunity to enhance your product's performance and strengthen your customer's loyalty—and command a higher price. more
  • by Bill Babcock, Bill Koss, Bill Rozier
    Most companies have a serious problem: Sales hates marketing, and marketing despises sales. Marketing is having great success generating leads and uncovering opportunity. But sales has no respect for what marketing accomplishes. They take leads grudgingly and when the leads turn into real opportunities they claim those opportunities were already ... more
  • by Madhubalan Viswanathan, Jose Antonio Rosa, James Edwin Harris
    Over 20% of the US population consists of functionally illiterate consumers, yet we know very little about their thinking and behavior. Why should marketers pay attention to a segment that may seem less than economically desirable? Understanding how functionally illiterate consumers think and behave has many implications for businesses, particularly retail ... more
  • by Jason OConnor
    Sometime last fall, Google launched a major update to its search algorithm, shaking up the search engine optimization community—and millions of Web site rankings. The update has been named Jagger and is apparently complete. The keywords that people used to find your site with in Google may not be producing as ... more
  • by Leigh Duncan-Durst
    Too many consultancies and agencies equate Customer Experience Management (CEM) with User Experience. They are not the same. User Experience is an important part of CEM. But like Experiential Marketing, it's a part of a much larger whole. more
  • by Lorna Berry
    Testing is the backbone of any solid direct response campaign and business. Whether your business is mature or still in the launch phase, testing is necessary to keep your approach fresh and your product valuable to your customers—and profitable to your company. Whether you're testing new audience lists, media channel, offer, ... more
  • by Barry Silverstein
    One of the toughest challenges you face as a brand marketer is, very simply, getting your brand noticed. You have to worry about not just your direct competitors but all of the other brands fighting for a customer's attention. Just breaking through and being heard in this over-communicated, noisy marketing ... more
  • by Jill Griffin
    Customers—even bad ones—are our best loyalty teachers. In fact, the lessons gleaned from "problem" customers are often rich and long-lasting. Consider the following less-than-ideal customer types and some of the loyalty-making insights they provide. You might recognize some of these individuals! more
  • by M.L. Hartman
    If ever a winner-take-all match took place among the marketing heavyweights—direct mail, telemarketing, and the Web—our money would be on direct mail, without doubt. Simply put, the best pound-for-pound method for targeting a large audience and gathering data is direct mail. Armed with the right data, message, and creative, direct ... more
  • by Barry Silverstein
    Keeping a campaign fresh and vibrant—and maintaining its breakaway status—is a major challenge. The competitive landscape is turbulent and consumer perceptions are constantly shifting. It takes courage and perseverance to sustain a breakaway campaign over decades. more
  • by Michael Ortner
    Do your salespeople still ask, "How did you hear about us?" when a prospect calls? Do you list your contact information on your homepage? Do you display the same 800 number for all of your Web site visitors? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes," then buckle up. ... more
  • by Leigh Duncan-Durst
    Many people equate Customer Experience Management with Experiential Marketing. But in recent years, "experiential marketing" has become perceptually aligned with "marketing execution". This is because it largely focuses on developing highly visible, stimulating, interactive, and sensory-engaging environments in which products and services are showcased. Accordingly, experiential marketing is an important component ... more
  • by Daniel Jung
    It's been long known that preview pane and the blocked-images feature in email clients are problematic for business-to-business marketers. The majority of B2B readers are using both the preview pane and the default blocked-images functions to decide whether to open emails and block unwanted downloads. Companies that do not take steps ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Blogging is ubiquitous. Marketing experts, the media and the influx of books on business blogging give the impression that we should all do it, or be thinking about doing it. But should all businesses blog? Is it always a wise use of resources and an asset to an organization? more
  • by Andy Sernovitz
    Word of mouth marketing is an umbrella term for dozens of techniques that can be used to engage customers. Word of mouth includes viral marketing, blogs, communities, loyalty programs, and other techniques that get customers talking about your products. In many cases, WOM isn't actually "marketing" at all. It's great customer ... more
  • by Michael Antman
    Here's a pop quiz: Name a form of marketing communications that can take as little as five seconds to complete, can be accomplished by a nine-year-old child or an adult, and is of absolutely no importance whatsoever. Oh, and it also happens to be the most difficult and frustrating form ... more
  • by Ernest Nicastro
    You've carefully selected your list. You've labored long and hard over your letter—every word, sentence and paragraph. It's a powerhouse of persuasion with every key element firmly in place, including compelling benefits, powerful testimonials, a superb P.S. and an impossible-to-resist offer. But all your hard work, your hours of craftsmanship and ... more
  • by Mike McLaughlin
    From the time you book an airline flight until that plane lands, your pecking order in the airline's customer hierarchy determines your travel experience. To the airlines, all customers are not equal—they are segmented and managed according to profitability, loyalty, and frequency of travel. Like the airlines, professional service and solution ... more
  • by Jeff Thull
    There are two big problems with today's purchasing departments. Most obviously, purchasing is incented to save dollars of cost, a mandate that too often means dollars of value are lost. And the other problem—which is interconnected with the first one—is that purchasing often operates by obsolete and counter-productive rules. ... more
  • by Leigh Duncan-Durst
    A growing number of books and articles are actively promoting the concept of Customer Experience Management, or CEM. There are also a growing number of agencies and consultancies claiming expertise in the field—all with varying degrees of involvement and expertise. While there's a clear reason to become a staunch supporter of ... more
  • by Robert Kaden
    The way research is practiced today taps into the consumer spontaneous attitudes. While this may be all that is needed for many of our studies, it's rare that tapping into consumer's top-of-mind provides breakthrough brands. It's time to try some new approaches that dig below the surface. more

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