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  • How to Kill Your Email List
    "Tough economic times increase the pressure on marketers to hit their goals for open rate, click-throughs, conversions, and new email subscriber acquisition," says DJ Francis at the Online Marketer Blog. "Some marketers believe renting email lists is a way to reach these goals." But, as the title of his post ... more
  • Staying Up in a Down Economy: Eight Marketing-Strategy Tips from Best Buy and Wipro CMOs
    by Roy Young
    Leading companies do not subscribe to the notion that marketing is a discretionary expense. They know that there is business opportunity during economic downturns, and marketing can lead the way. more
  • Warning to Direct Marketers: Asking These Questions Will Kill Your Conversions
    by Barry Densa
    Can asking a question in an ad increase sales? Some will argue vehemently that the use of a question is a non-starter, a pre-ordained copywriting disaster. Craig Huey, founder and president of the award-winning Creative Direct Marketing Group, froths at the idea of a question in sales copy. Nevertheless, a question ... more
  • Three Key Tips to Minimize Email-List Churn
    by Loren McDonald
    It's a fact of list life: You're always going to lose a chunk of your email list to bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. In the past, you might have just shrugged off this loss—typically 30 percent or more annually—because you were able to acquire new subscribers at a much higher ... more
  • Seven Ways to Woo the 'Aspirational' Luxury Customer
    by Suzanne Hader
    Ongoing economic uncertainty has made aspirational luxury customers more selective about what they purchase than ever. "Aspirationals" are aggressively prioritizing discretionary spending, purchasing a select few emotionally charged luxury items but buying everything else at mass or "masstige" outlets. Companies that want to continue to profit from aspirational customers must make their ... more
  • Case Study: How a New Mom and Pop Pet Food Retailer Used Social Media to Achieve $2.5 Million in Sales in Under Two Years
    by Kimberly Smith
    K9 Cuisine helped fill a void created by the pet-food crisis of 2007. Since then, its annual sales have reached $2.5 million, and it expects to double that in the next 8-10 months. How? With the help of social media. more
  • The Sport of Unhappiness
    In a post at his blog, Seth Godin notes some of the seemingly unfounded whining in which our consumer culture likes to indulge. We bitch and moan about a Facebook redesign, when it's a free service; we can't wait to get our hands on the new 3G iPhone, but dogpile ... more
  • Pepsi's Scheme Fails Taste Test
    By now, you've probably heard about a recent Pepsi outreach that delivered three packages, over the course of an hour, to 25 influential bloggers; the first two contained cans with logos from throughout the cola-maker's history, while the last featured those with the latest design. A note explained: "You're part ... more
  • My House or Yours?
    With the Search Engine Marketing industry in North America generating more than $10 billion annually, most marketers know that search needs to be a part of their plan. What they seem less certain about, however, is whether to manage SEM campaigns in-house, or to outsource them. How do you determine ... more
  • A Win-Win Scenario
    A post at the Responsible Marketing Blog highlights some companies that aligned marketing campaigns with the recent election. "With estimates of turnout exceeding 130 million people," it says, "Election Day promotions make sense." The roundup includes: A one-minute video from Starbucks yearns for a country in which ... more
  • Some Impure Blogging Thoughts
    In her keynote address at our Digital Marketing Mixer in Scottsdale, Arizona, Arianna Huffington gave her play-by-play for turning the eponymous Huffington Post into a social media juggernaut. Rohit Bhargava—himself a superstar blogger—was also at the event, and he discusses the secrets to Huffington's blogging success at the Influential Marketing ... more
  • Kermit Got It Wrong
    Being green can be a plus for marketers. For instance, converting mail to email helps the environment, but also has a number of practical marketing benefits. Customers can take immediate action or forward email offers to friends; you, meanwhile, reduce costs, see quicker results, and gather the information you need to ... more
  • Was It Something I Didn't Say?
    In a recent Marketing Interactions blog, Ardath Albee asks: "[W]hat happens when the frequency and recency of a lead's engagement stalls?" Often, B2B marketers will roll these leads into a "general" touch campaign, she reports, "with the intent of keeping [their] company in the lead's mind so that when something ... more
  • In-Game Ads: Real, Not Virtual, ROI
    Gaming is no longer the sole domain of geeky guys with programmer's pallor: 44% of online gamers, and 40% of gamers in general, are women. Over half are between 18 and 49, and "extreme gamers" devote 45 hours a week to games. Salivating yet? Good, because here's a pretty meaty ... more
  • How to Get Referrals Galore
    Everybody loves referrals. They're easier to close than non-referrals, make quicker buying decisions and tend to be more loyal—in short, they can often become your most profitable customers. Trouble is, referrals are also elusive. Even a likable person with plenty of integrity and knowledge won't see an influx of referrals ... more
  • You Just Don't Understand Me!
    You've got a great new product for the high-school crowd. The demographics you've researched are screaming that teens love all things digital. So, your marketing team has crafted a great email campaign, with social-media components and links to a fun landing page at your site. Will this totally rad approach ... more
  • Knock It Off!
    "I subscribe to a wonderful Web-based entity that sends me a weekly newsletter, which I enjoy very much," begins an entry in the Editorial Emergency newsletter. "But a while back they started sending me a daily e-mail on top of my weekly e-mail." The first problem with this scenario is—of ... more
  • Measuring Social Marketing and Media
    by Laura Patterson
    The more quantitatively you can measure your social media, the better. And the closer those measurements are to business outcomes, even better. How rapidly people in the network engage with you and respond to your "call to action," such as write a review, participate in the blog discussion, or forward ... more
  • Marketing Champion Q&A: Xerox VP Christa Carone Builds the Brand and Reputation
    by Roy Young
    During the 12 years that Christa Carone has been with Xerox, the company has been on quite a roller-coaster ride, having gone through significant challenges back in 1999 through 2001/2002, when the company's brand and reputation really took a hit. Recently she discussed with Roy Young her work to strengthen the ... more
  • Don't Settle for Web Site Mediocrity
    by David Salinas
    A Web site has to accomplish only two basic things to deliver success for your business—and those two things are mission-critical. A successful Web site must be built from the ground up to attract and capture: first, the attention of your target audience and, second, the attention of the major ... more
  • Going Green: Moving Printed Newsletters, Statements, and Promotions to Email
    by Chris Lovejoy
    In this day and age, one could say that green is the new black. More than ever, consumers are engaged in environmentally sound practices. And companies can easily leverage this "green" trend to not only show their customers their concern with the global environment but also reduce the continually increasing ... more
  • Case Study: How a Diving Equipment Retailer Leveraged Targeted Web Site Promotions to Lift Revenue, Conversions
    by Kimberly Smith
    Senior management at scuba-supply outfit Divers Direct weren't convinced they needed to run promotions or offer discounts to increase Web sales. A test using Sitebrand's personalization platform quickly changed that perception. more
  • A Bad Trip
    In a post at Emergence Marketing, Francois Gossieaux tells the story of making reservations with Air France for a trip to Belgium, where his father—who had been diagnosed with a pair of aneurisms—was scheduled for a complex surgery. Gossieaux didn't notice a glitch in the itinerary until calling ahead to give ... more
  • Your Twitter ID and You
    If you attended MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing Mixer, you would have heard keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk bemoan his choice of Twitter ID: GaryVee. In retrospect, he said, the handle—chosen quickly for reasons he can't recall—doesn't really fit his personal brand. Vaynerchuk might have benefited from a recent post at the Web Ink ... more
  • Might as Well Jump!
    To do search marketing right, it's best to send potential customers who click on your search-engine-generated links to a "jump" or landing page. This page is the gateway to your site, and should promote further action from your prospective clicker, be it to make a purchase or leave a name ... more

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