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  • Newspaper Sites Attract 38% of Internet Users
    Newspaper websites attracted more than 74 million unique visitors in the third quarter of 2009, accounting for 38% of all Internet users, according to a study conducted by Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). more
  • Enjoy Some Good Holiday Cheese
    As the goblins and ghouls out there munch away on their Halloween bounty, fond memories arise of one apparition we saw a lot of this season—the Monster Mash JibJab "sendable." The e-card uses facial-recognition technology to seamlessly attach the faces of your friends or family to the body of a monster. ... more
  • Shift to Mobile Web Means Marketing Opportunities
    As mobile devices mature, consumers are shifting their online search habits away from the desktop toward mobile, and so changing the game for online advertisers and search marketers more
  • Is He a Searcher or a Sleaze?
    As B2B companies boost their search-marketing efforts, SEO experts are in greater demand. And why not? With search one of the few bright spots in advertising these days, it stands to reason that optimizers who know how to get the job done are a precious commodity. But in a recent ... more
  • Cut the Loopholes
    Knowing that Hilton Hotels offers a best-rate guarantee, Hilton HHonors member Randall Gellens booked a room in Rome at the lowest available rate of €168. When he found a better price—€139—for what appeared to be an identical reservation through a third-party travel site, he expected to receive the compensation Hilton ... more
  • Politicians Deemed Worst Endorsers
    Almost two in five (37%) of US adults think politicians are the least credible and persuasive spokespeople for a product. more
  • SMBs to Boost Twitter Use for Marketing
    Some 9% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) use Twitter to market their business, and 32% of SMBs say they plan to include social media in their marketing mix over the next year. more
  • So, the Recession Is a Good Thing?
    While acknowledging the damage this recession has done to the personal and professional lives of so many people, Freddie Laker also argues that our dark economic cloud has brought with it a significant silver lining for marketers. "I think this might be the best thing that has happened to our industry ... more
  • Polish Your Brand With Co-Creation
    "A revolution in both marketing thought and practice is at hand," say three researchers in an interesting new report on brand marketing. In their research, these authors examined "consumer co-creation in an empirical context"—specifically, creative consumer behavior in nine brand communities across a wide array of products, including Apple Newton (a ... more
  • D0n't Do T.his
    If you visit political blogs, you may have noticed that some bloggers try to outsmart content filters that flag incendiary words by substituting numbers and symbols for letters (e.g., pr0p@ganda), or by inserting periods or spaces where they don't belong within words (e.g., m.orons). Unfortunately, says Karl Foxley, he has begun to ... more
  • Fall TV Drives Record Online Video Viewing
    The fall TV season premieres attracted record online viewership in September, with nearly 26 billion videos delivered to 168 million US Internet users during the month. more
  • Oh, so That's How It Works
    It's happening less often these days, but you probably still encounter executives or colleagues who have trouble wrapping their heads around newer technology—how something works, for instance, and what it can do for them. So if you find yourself trying to explain the ins and outs of Google Analytics to ... more
  • Don't Leave Me This Way
    It's the bane of every retailer with an online store—somewhere between adding products to shopping carts and finalizing their purchases, some customers vanish into thin air. According to Brendan Regan at the FutureNow blog, they abandon their carts for various reasons. Here are a few: They thought ... more
  • I Prefer a Smooth Blend
    To be free or not to be free? That is the question many content providers are asking these days. Says SEO Book author Aaron Wall in a Search Engine Land article: "Free content can spread far and get many links, but it won't produce any revenue directly. If it is paid, ... more
  • Mind the Big Three Be's
    Fun fact: Only 13% of the mobile market has an iPhone. That sounds like plenty when you consider how long the phone's been available, but it merits remembering that the vast majority of users—and possibly many in your demo—still don't have one. So how to wiggle into the pockets ... more
  • Are You That Into Me?
    "During the sales process [with potential email service providers] you will meet rainmakers, executives, subject-matter experts, high-level technical support, and creative directors and so on," says Bryan Stapp in a post at the Loud Amplifier Marketing blog. "The real question is: Who is going to be there after the contract ... more
  • Why Salespeople Fail
    "It's a battle of the plans, and the person with the stronger plan wins," says Steven Kraner at, and it's the main reason why high-tech salespeople fail. Technology buyers are often formally trained to manage salespeople, extract as much information as possible and maintain control over the sales process. ... more
  • You Lie!
    A recent viral video opens on a pretty blonde, who sits at her desk while cradling an infant son. "Hi, my name is Karen and I'm from Denmark," she says. "And this here is my baby boy. His name is August. I'm doing this video because I'm trying to find ... more
  • 25% of UK Ads on Social Networks
    Social networking sites accounted for more than 25% of all UK display ad impressions in August. Although younger social networkers were delivered the highest percentage of ads, a sizable percentage of impressions reached every age group. more
  • The Ho-Ho Heat Is On
    "The holiday season is the most important time of year for retailers, when aggressive goals are set for increased traffic and sales, both in-store and online," says eROI's Alex Williams in a MarketingProfs article on key takeaways from his podcast with Chad White of Smith-Harmon. As you experience this holiday season's campaigns ... more
  • Kanye, Jon & Kate: Tops for Halloween
    Kanye West and Jon & Kate Gosselin topped the list in a survey of likely Halloween costume choices this year based on a celebrity mistake. Jon & Kate also swept the top spots in a question about which reality TV stars should have their own costumers. more
  • Teaching an Old Brand New Tricks
    Good news: You don't have to lose sight of your brand's tried-and-true persona to participate in the quest for deeper engagement at the new social sites. Just think of the social-media generation as a silver-dish serving of people who already want to talk to you; you just need to make ... more
  • Yes, It's Viral, but I'm not Afraid
    This time of year, the word "viral" strikes fear in the best of us. Images of flu viruses ready to attack spring to mind. (Shudder.) But that word holds a scary connotation for B2B marketers just about any time of year. After all, once an online B2B campaign goes viral, it ... more
  • No Escapin' This
    Ask 100 people for their opinion of social-media tools like Twitter and you'll likely get 100 different responses—ranging from extreme enthusiasm to extreme derision. However you feel about social media, here is one simple fact: Even if you're a naysayer who considers these tools inane and a waste of time, ... more
  • 36MM Germans Viewed 6.4B Videos in August
    Germany’s 36 million online video viewers watched 6.4 billion videos in August 2009, an average of 178 videos per viewer. About 43% of those 6.4 billion videos were viewed on YouTube. more

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