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  • Social Media, Mobile to Guide Holiday Shopping
    Nearly one in five holiday shoppers will rely on digital advancements such as social media and mobile phones for help with holiday shopping this year, according to Deloitte’s 24th Annual Holiday Survey of retail spending and trends. more
  • Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
    Baggage fees have become nearly ubiquitous in the airline industry, and Southwest has capitalized on passenger hostility to the dreaded surcharge with its playful Bags Fly Free campaign. "Some airlines charge your bag up to $20 to ride in the bottom of the plane," says the narrator of one commercial. "In ... more
  • Marketing-Performance Measurement Yields Competitive Advantage
    Companies that have fully embraced marketing-performance have marketing organizations that make a more positive impact on business—and are more likely to be market leaders—according to a study conducted by CMG Partners and Chadwick Martin Bailey. more
  • Don't Forget Those News Guys
    Last month, we offered a bunch of options for optimizing your local search advertising. Well, here's a way to extend your local search marketing options even further: through your good-old local news guys. In a recent article at Search Engine Land, KeyRelevance's Chris Silver Smith suggests three ways to optimize ... more
  • Shake It Up, Baby
    Based on the premise that data's no fun (and no use!) without insight, BrandZ has launched BrandZ 100, an iPhone app that takes its annual Top 100 Brands Report and actually makes it fun to read. Developed by IconMobile, the app—decked out in crisp black, white and red—takes you straight to ... more
  • Mobile Marketing Not for Everyone
    Mobile marketing is on track to grow 27% to a $2.1 billion market in 2010, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. The total mobile audience is still relatively small, however, and is confined to a limited market segment; moreover, marketers who reach out to the wrong mobile audience risk turning ... more
  • [Your Name Here]
    Marketing messages with personalized subject lines usually fail to impress DJ Waldow. "[Most] of those emails use my first name as the 'hook' to get me to open," he writes in a recent post at the Email Experience Council blog. "This never works for me. Never. I know it's fake. ... more
  • Fear Not, Numerophobics
    Speculate all you want about how successful an online marketing campaign has been. But once someone brings hard data to the table, all bets are off: The answers are plain to see. Surprisingly, however, the average company doesn't make marketing decisions based on data. Why? Some companies explain that they ... more
  • More SMBs Use Online Media Than Traditional
    For the first time, the number of small and medium-sized businesses using digital/online media has surpassed the number using traditional media, according to the Kelsey Group. more
  • So, It's Like a Barn?
    "It's certainly not unusual that a stand up comedian like Tim Washer would be producing absurdist viral videos," notes AdAge. "What is surprising is that the IBM communications executive is doing so for his straight-laced corporate employer." Washer's first mini-mockumentary for the conservative company was called Mainframe: The Art of the ... more
  • Smartphones to Overtake Other Mobile by 2012
    Smartphone units sold worldwide in 2009 will grow 14.5% from 2008 levels, according to a forecast by Infonetics. more
  • Wonder-Twin Powers, Activate!
    Inactive subscribers are a conundrum for email marketers. Although they treat your messages with apparent indifference, they never opt out; as a result, you continue to send messages that they continue to ignore. You naturally want to reactivate these recipients so you can revive relationships and make future sales.  Now here's ... more
  • Come Tweet With Me
    Hoping to position Lufthansa as bigger than just a German airline, digital agency Profero has helped it create MySkyStatus—a tool that has brought Lufthansa's branding catch-phrase, "passion for precision," to life in a hands-on way. "Communications needs to have a use," explains Profero's Wayne Arnold in a recent article at Adweek. "Saying ... more
  • Tip Your Hat to the Tried-and-True
    "Too often, we are looking for silver-bullet systems or recipes for success, while ignoring the basics," says Bill Rice in a post at the Better Closer blog. "In my experience, 90 percent of big sales improvement comes from getting back to the basics." What are the tried-and-true basics of B2B marketing—those ... more
  • Social Media Users Open to Branding, Marketing
    Consumers flock daily to social media sites to keep in touch with friends and family, but they are also keen to buy from brands that they have seen on these sites, according to new research from Performics and ROI Research. more
  • Don't Hate the Playa
    Companies in the high-end service industry often do much more than turn a blind eye to the extramarital escapades of their guests. "[T]he owners and managers of the world's most exclusive restaurants and hotels pull out all the stops to make sure their best customers can conduct their affairs there ... more
  • Glamp It Up
    Warren Katz uses a post at the Elephant Bites blog to discuss the recession-driven microtrend of "glamping"—a freshly coined portmanteau for glamorous camping. In essence, its proponents want the low-budget benefit of a holiday in the great outdoors, but don't care to leave all the luxuries of home behind. "So, who ... more
  • Is Murdoch Going Off the Grid?
    Google and other sites may soon be prevented from searching and indexing News Corp. content, Rupert Murdoch recently said. Whether content can live (profitably) off the Google grid remains to be seen. more
  • Fly a Mile in Their Shoes
    In a recent post at the Church of the Customer Blog, Jackie Huba offers a few quick stats about airline revenues in September '09. First, a couple of positives: Southwest reported an 8.8% increase in revenue passenger miles and JetBlue recorded 9.8% jump in passenger miles. Then come the negatives:  ... more
  • Who Invited You?
    Last summer, Morgan Stewart of ExactTarget quizzed 2,400 people on their attitudes toward marketing and made an interesting discovery. "70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a 'fan' of at least one company or brand, don't believe they have given those companies permission to ... more
  • Americans Altering Attitudes About Money
    As a result of the financial crisis, Americans have permanently changed their attitudes toward saving money and are more focused on paying down debt and controlling finances, according to a recent study by Synovate. more
  • ¿Habla Español?
    Not all Spanish speakers want the same thing from a website—many more factors than just language are at play.That's why, Tamara Barber explains in a post at the Forrester blog, research on customers' preferences led Best Buy and Allstate to dramatically different conclusions: "Best Buy," she notes, "has learned ... more
  • Talk to the Hand
    If you blog, you've certainly encountered your share of bizarre, offensive or spammy comments. It comes with the territory. Each of us has our own standard, and you've probably developed a list of commenting no-nos. But do your readers know what they happen to be? "I publish every reasonable (and some ... more
  • Touchscreen Mobile Phone Adoption Growing Rapidly in US
    Touchscreen mobile phone adoption in the US grew 159% during the past year to 23.8 million users in August 2009, according to a study by comScore. more
  • Getting Hot, Hot, Hotter
    Does the URL to your Web page sizzle? In a recent Bloggapedia post, online marketer Bill Hartzer reports on the Alexa Toolbar's popular Alexa Hot URLs list. According to Hartzer, the list presents "the hottest Web pages on the Internet right now," and it's updated every five minutes! That should ... more

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