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  • Ready, Aim, Market
    Direct marketers have long struggled to achieve the ultimate goal of getting the right message to the right person at the right time—and thereby gaining a sale. Now, the advent of location technology has added another dimension to that time-honored formula: getting a marketing message to the right place. In a ... more
  • Over Before It Starts
    Those of us who check multiple email accounts throughout the day can hardly imagine a world in which people don't read messages as soon as they receive them. But in a post at the Retail Email blog, Chad White reports on a Pivotal Veracity study that found email recipients in August ... more
  • Consumer Confidence Edges Up in Nov.
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in October, increased slightly in November and now stands at 49.5 (1985=100), up from 48.7 in October, according to the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Survey. more
  • Consumers Feel Frugal This Holiday Season
    Consumer spending will likely be lower this holiday season, as US households plan to spend an average of $390 on Christmas gifts, compared with last year's estimate of $418, according to the Conference Board Christmas Spending Survey. more
  • Pretense Alert!
    Copywriters Simon Glickman and Julia Rubiner of Editorial Emergency openly embrace the use of sophisticated vocabulary. They do, however, wince when a speaker or writer chooses an overly complex term because they think it sounds smarter or more authoritative. Because rarely is that the case. "I'm convinced the fear of sounding ... more
  • Do You Love Us?
    "Our experience suggests that most companies use a crude approach to gathering vital customer data," says David Jackson in an article at MarketingProfs. "Periodic, often annual, surveys that are disconnected in time from the events they are purporting to measure are the norm." Jackson dismisses such efforts as vain "Do You ... more
  • Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
    "Here's the scoop," writes Greg Verdino in a post at his blog. "I drive a Nissan Altima and I've been reasonably happy with it. It's neither the best car I've ever owned nor the worst, but I'm not a car guy so if it gets me from point A to ... more
  • Women Still Predominant Household Shoppers
    Women will soon outnumber men in the workplace, but they are still largely responsible for purchasing food and other items used by the entire household, according to Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI). more
  • SEO Professionals' Salaries Hold Steady
    Despite a weak economy, the salaries of most SEO professionals have remained strong in 2009, according to SEMPO's Second Annual in-House Salary Survey. more
  • You're Like the Air to Me
    In a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog, Adam Singer summarizes Charlene Li's keynote at Search Engine Strategies San Jose last summer. Co-author of the business bestseller Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, and a MarketingProfs presenter, Li examines the intersection of search and social media. According ... more
  • 'Value' Tops Consumers' Grocery Shopping List
    When making decisions to purchase food, household, and personal products, consumers' primary focus is value, according to Ipsos Marketing. more
  • Social Media Video Viewing Up 98%
    Time spent viewing video on social networking sites has nearly doubled in the past year, from 503.8 million minutes in October 2008 to 999.4 million in October 2009, according to Nielsen. more
  • I Just Want to Help You
    You're in the business of communicating, and in the age of Internet-and-mobile, your platforms for doing so have expanded almost exponentially. But here's a down side: From fielding phone calls to checking email to ensuring your personal/company blog and Twitter accounts are well-populated, how do you manage it all? Lucky for you, slews of ... more
  • Risky Business
    "Having an offer for your products or services that is truly risk-free might be just the ticket you need to really make a difference in your email marketing campaigns," says Janine Popick in a post at her Vertical Response blog. She points to retailers like these that generate customer loyalty and ... more
  • Gen-Y Women Viewed by Gen-X as Trendsetters
    Gen-Y women have emerged as a distinct and influential consumer demographic, and they wield significant brand influence over older Gen-X women, according to a study conducted by Radar Research for Sugar Inc. more
  • VARs: Be Yourselves
    A value-added reseller's identity is not just about the vendors it keeps. In a tough economy and an ever-changing business environment, smart solution providers are working hard to promote their own brand, apart from their vendor affiliations. "In the past, many VARs stressed their own vendor certifications first and foremost ... more
  • Moms Sacrifice Own Purchases for Family's Sake
    As mothers carefully budget for their families, they are sacrificing purchases that are for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need, according to a study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition. more
  • You Spent How Much on Lunch?
    Prices on the lunch menu at Maloney & Porcelli are typical of restaurants in its segment: You can start with appetizers like the $14 tuna-and-avocado tartare or the $20 crab cake; a mixed-green salad goes for $10: and one of the eatery's signature filet mignons will cost at least $39. As ... more
  • Somebody's Watching Me
    In March 2008, Amber Duick began receiving email messages from a criminal fugitive who identified himself as Sebastian Fowler. "Amber, mate!" read one missive. "Coming 2 Los Angeles. Gonna lay low at your place for a bit till it all blows over." Over the course of five days, he advised ... more
  • US Consumers Unprepared for Rainy Day
    Half of all US consumers would struggle if they had to meet an unexpected expense, and many lack the resources to meet an unexpected financial crisis, like sudden car or home repairs, or minor health-related expenses, according to a TNS Global survey more
  • Weaker Online Holiday Spending Expected
    Despite a gradually improving economy, consumers plan to spend less and save more this holiday season, according to Nielsen's annual holiday retail survey. Some 42% of consumers plan to spend less this year on holiday gifts than last year; only 4% say they will spend more. more
  • Don't Sow It Alone
    Kevin Nalts, a marketing director who produces hi-lar-ious videos on YouTube under the handle nalts, once joked that after cutting a bazillion notches into his belt, he still has no idea what makes a viral hit with users. And that's the accepted wisdom: Creating a truly viral video—something people want to ... more
  • Come in From the Cold
    Hard, cold fact: Few B2B sales reps relish having to make cold calls. And Laura Ramos could not agree more. "I believe marketing should strive to put sales out of the business of cold calling," she states at the B2B Marketing POSTs blog. Since that's a tall order, she offers a ... more
  • So Hot You're Cool, So Cool You're Hot
    "A hot brand ends up in one of two different ways," writes Laura Ries at the Ries' Pieces blog. "It burns bright too fast and fizzles. Brands like this are known as fads. Or a brand burns hot then continues at a steady simmer. Brands like this are known as ... more
  • Half of Americans to Buy Toys During Holidays
    This holiday season, 54% of Americans say they will buy toys as gifts, compared with 47% who said so last year, according to a Harris Poll. Among consumers who intend to purchase toys, 41% say they will spend the same amount as last year and 39% say they will spend ... more

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