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  • Email Marketing in the Age of the 'Ultra Managed Inbox'
    For years, writes Stephanie Miller at the Deliverability blog, marketers have enjoyed the linear nature of the email inbox—your newsletters and offers sitting cheek-by-jowl with personal correspondence from a subscriber's friends. But you shouldn't get too comfortable with this privileged arrangement. "The world is changing," Miller says. "A new set of ... more
  • Ownership of Untethered Gadgets Continues to Grow
    Far beyond the desktop, the digital world has expanded to an array of untethered devices: US consumers' adoption of laptop computers, cell phones, and other mobile gadgets continues to increase, while the ownership of desktop computers is gradually declining, according to Pew Research. more
  • Ask an Imprecise Question, Get an Imprecise Answer
    When you write survey questions, it's important to ensure the information it elicits will produce meaningful analysis. "Data from mixed-mode questions are hard, if not impossible, to interpret accurately," explains Carey V. Azzara at MarketingProfs. To make his point, he uses this sample survey question: Please rate the effectiveness in achieving ... more
  • Protect Profitability: Start Each Day With a Mission Statement
    "Many business owners have dutifully written their vision and mission statements, working hard to craft statements with impact and importance," writes Marla Tabaka at Inc. "But what happens to those statements?" All too often, they're shuffled out of sight—and out of mind. In Tabaka's experience, many clients can't articulate a mission ... more
  • Video-Based Email Marketing Growing, Despite Challenges
    Nearly three-quarters of marketers (73%) say integrating video with email marketing increases click-through rates (CTR), and fully one-half are now using video in their email marketing programs, according to a survey from the Web Video Marketing Council. more
  • How to Outbid Bigger Competitors on Google AdWords
    You might think that your small business—say, one with an annual Google AdWords budget of $50,000—has no chance when bidding against larger companies with much deeper pockets. Happily, that just isn't true. "Bidding for keywords on Google is not a straight auction," explains Minda Zetlin at Inc. "Instead, Google multiplies the top ... more
  • Leads: Quality or Quantity? Depends Where They Are in the Sales Cycle.
    As a marketer, you might have noticed a certain ebb and flow in the requests you get from your sales department. "At the beginning of the year when the funnel is looking light and the end of the quarter or year seems far away, eager sales people see their friends ... more
  • Small Biz Report: Social Media Adoption Levels Off
    As small businesses continue to navigate the economic recession, their adoption of innovative marketing technologies such as social media has leveled off, while expectations among those who use social media have changed, according to a study by Network Solutions and the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. Still, among ... more
  • Most Americans Conduct Online Product Research
    The commercial use of the Internet among Americans continues to grow: 58% of US adults say they conduct research online about products and services, up from the 49% who said so in 2004, while roughly one-quarter (24%) have posted comments or reviews online about products they buy, according to a ... more
  • Five Easy Tools for Long-Distance Collaboration
    New media's about discovering savvier ways of communicating—not just with your target, but with your team as well. After all, the closer you collaborate, the better equipped you are to produce winning strategic work. But how can team members dispersed across the nation—or the world—easily maintain communication? Here's some help. Authority Labs lists ... more
  • Four B2B Marketing Engines to Fire Up Right Now
    In a recent post at the Reputation to Revenue blog, Rob Leavitt questions the value of B2B firms' putting so much energy into "advertising and collateral"—and stresses the need for a stronger emphasis on thought leadership and social media. Times have changed for B2B marketers, Leavitt argues, and companies need ... more
  • Social Media Brand Passion Index: Butterfinger Rules for Trick-or-Treaters
    When trick-or-treaters head out for their favorite candy on Halloween night, they'll be most delighted by the sight of a Nestlé's Butterfinger: Consumers are more passionate about that brand than any other major Halloween candy, according to the NetBase Brand Passion Index, which measures the intensity of consumer passion for ... more
  • How to Ensure Your Messages Render Correctly
    You might think you've done your rendering homework, but that might not be the case. "Don't assume that the custom template you tested several months ago is still rendering correctly across all ISPs and Browsers on PCs, Macs, iPads," writes Kimbery Snyder at the Bronto blog. "ISPs are always changing ... more
  • Mobile Proximity Marketing Forecast: $6B by 2015
    Driven by increasing consumer adoption of mobile devices such as the smartphone and iPad, mobile proximity marketing is forecast to reach $760 million in 2011, and swell to nearly $6 billion by 2015, according to a report by Borrell Associates. more
  • How to Become a Newsmaker
    When you're ready to position yourself as a media resource, says blogger Nettie Hartsock, you can hire publicists who pitch your expertise to journalists—or you can start making news at your blog. "The media is constantly sourcing blogs and the experts who write them to feature in both online and ... more
  • US Ad Market Strengthens, Auto Sector Rebounds
    Though the path toward recovery has been slower in the US than in most regional ad markets, the trend is positive: US advertisers spent an estimated $54 billion during the first half of 2010, up 3.8% from the same period a year earlier, driven by discretionary ad spending categories such ... more
  • Four Steps to SEO-Friendly Content
    "You have a great website. It has beautiful images, a compelling theme and intuitive navigation, all designed to take eager visitors to complete descriptions of your proprietary products and services," writes Tami Wessley at Whole Brain Marketing. "The only problem is your website shows up somewhere after page 10 on ... more
  • Most Americans Have Found TV Commercials Confusing
    Regardless of age, roughly three-quarters of Americans (75%) say they have found a commercial on television confusing and 21% say they often find TV commercials confusing, according to a Harris Poll. more
  • Three Ways to Engage Prospects in a Buyer-Controlled Sales Cycle
    With vast Web-based resources now available to evaluate products and services, tech buyers are no longer dependent on Sales for information about purchases. Buyers don't want or need to engage with sales people until far later in the buying cycle. "Information is power," writes Don Fornes, Founder & CEO of ... more
  • Social Buzz for The Social Network
    "The Social Network," from Sony Pictures Entertainment opened on October 1 to a strong $23 million in weekend ticket sales at US theaters, and prompted a 480% increase in weekend social media conversation about the movie, compared with levels recorded over the previous weekend, according to a study by Alterian. more
  • How to Use Twitter to Boost Buzz, Sales and Engagement
    In September, UNIQLO UK launched Lucky Counter, a piece of marketing genius that compelled users to Tweet about the company's products. Each time they did, the products got more appealing. How? Lucky Counter featured a diverse, limited array of UNIQLO products and prices. Click on one, and you'd be invited to Tweet ... more
  • Four Ways to Revive a Comatose B2B Blog
    Blogging ain't easy, folks. Anyone who's tried to maintain a vital B2B blog knows that. And in down times, when marketers are scrambling to meet profit goals, the task becomes all the more daunting. But offering a blog at a B2B website has become, well, a basic necessity. As Martine Hunter ... more
  • Mobile Report: Browsing, Social Networking Up; Android Surges
    More than one-third of US mobile subscribers (34.5%) browsed the mobile Web as of August 2010, up 2.6 percentage points (PPs) from the previous three-month average, while 22.5% accessed social networking sites or blogs, up 1.7 PPs, according to data from the comScore MobiLens service. more
  • Tips From 'The Office' on Social-Media Customer Engagement
    The hit TV sitcom The Office has extended its brand reach and consumer appeal through clever uses of social media. "Although there are only around 23 episodes [per year] ... the show has become far more than just 30 minutes of weekly airtime," Case Ernsting writes in a recent post ... more
  • A Four-Step Plan to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers
    "Your email database might show big numbers," writes Loren McDonald at Silverpop, "but 25 percent to 40 percent of your subscribers, or more, could be inactive without showing any obvious symptoms." Described by Dela Quist as "unemotionally subscribed," such recipients have active email accounts, but don't open your messages, click through, ... more

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