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  • Telecoms Increased Advertising in 1H09
    Spending on advertising in Jan.-June 2009 fell 14.3% YOY, but the telecom category experienced solid growth (7.5%), with Sprint Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon increasing spending 55.3%, 6.3% and 3.1% respectively. more
  • We'll Have a Gay Old Time
    We've seen Sarah Haskins critique advertising that patronizes women, and now it's time for Bryan Safi's take on commercials that handle gay topics with varying degrees of respect. In this occasionally off-color video from Current TV, he begins with a few ads that use gay men as the punchline for ... more
  • 3-2-1 Blast Off!
    If you read many email marketing blogs, you've probably noticed their authors tend to hate the word "blast." Scott Cohen is no exception, and—in a post called "The Naughtiest Word in Email Marketing"—he discusses "its general evilness and lack of thought about the recipients." Here's why he believes the word should ... more
  • Americans Did 13.9 Billion Searches in August
    Google remains the undisputed king of search, but a recent analysis of search activity uncovered a few surprises. more
  • 'Oh, and Here's Another Neat Thing...'
    Heard those words in a software demo lately? Regardless of how important the demo can be in a complex B2B sale, it's not hard for you, or your customers, to lose focus during a demonstration. Done effectively, however, the demo educates your buyers, engenders trust and helps you gain credibility. ... more
  • Monetize This
    "We were looking at all the conferences coming up," says Guy Kawasaki at the beginning of a video from the Revenue Bootcamp conference, "and everything was about social media and Twitter and basically gathering eyeballs, but nobody was talking about monetizing people. And so we thought, what a concept, maybe ... more
  • OK, OK, so I Screwed Up
    Despite your commitment to following best practices, you might still commit minor email-marketing sins on occasion. Well, take heart: You are not alone. In a post at the Email Experience Council blog, Marco Marini recounts asking his staff to create a list of the 10 most frequent mistakes they have ... more
  • Ad Spending on Social Networks Doubles
    Time spent on social network and blogging sites accounted for 17% of all the time Americans spent online in August 2009, nearly triple the figure for August 2008. Ad spending more than doubled over the same period. more
  • That Looks, Sounds, Feels, Smells, Tastes Nice!
    "If you want your B2B lead-generation campaigns to be as successful as possible, you need your ... messages to break through the clutter, get your prospects' attention and provide them with compelling reasons to respond," says Mac McIntosh in a recent post at his Sales Lead Insights blog. And what's ... more
  • Upscale Consumers More Budget Conscious
    US consumers with a household income of $100K+ are feeling the recession's pinch, and it's changing what and how they spend. more
  • Color Me Beautiful
    If we asked you to name the company associated with the term "Big Blue" you'd probably reply "IBM" without a moment's hesitation. And in an article at MarketingProfs, William Arruda says that color is one of the most important components in your branding toolbox. "[S]ome organizations are so consistent and ... more
  • Facebook, Nielsen Partner to Measure Ads' Impact
    Facebook has entered into a multiyear partnership with Nielsen to allow better measurement of the effectiveness of advertising on the widely popular social networking site. The alliance is yet another move by Facebook to heighten its attractiveness as a marketing platform. more
  • Get Out On That Dance Floor!
    "It seems to me that this is the time when marketers should be pushing the envelope, yet it seems like most aren't," says DJ Francis in a post at the iMedia Connection blog. Instead, he says, they are buying into several recession-marketing myths that could do them more harm than ... more
  • Spooky, Yes, but It Works
    In a recent post at ClearAction's Customer Experience Optimization blog, Lynn Hunsaker cites a troubling stat from Accenture's Delivering on the Promise study. Though 75% of surveyed executives viewed their customer service as "above-average," 59% of their customers reported their customer-service experience as "somewhat to extremely dissatisfying." Now, that's a ... more
  • You Make It Easy to Stay Friends
    When your company generates revenue from annual subscriptions or memberships, renewal rates are critical to your bottom line. To keep them high, Winston Bowden recommends email programs that use date-based triggers to send automatic renewal notices. In an article at MarketingProfs, Bowden suggests your renewal campaign might include components such ... more
  • Moms, Media, and Marketing
    Women with children at home are more likely to use Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter than average adults, according to a newly released survey. They're big on word-of-mouth, and some 15.3% maintain a blog. more
  • Top-Gaining Categories, Top Ad Networks in August
    The humor, education, home improvement, and B2B site categories experienced the biggest gains in August. The ad network with the greatest reach was AOL Advertising, followed by Yahoo! Network and Google Ad Network. more
  • Problem Solved: You've Built a Social Media Fan Base, Now What Do You Do to Keep Them Engaged?
    There's nothing we love more than solutions—top-notch insights from top-of-the-line experts that help solve common marketing problems. Once a week, this column will pose a problem, and invite a MarketingProfs speaker—past, present, or future—to help solve it for you. more
  • I Get Sentimental
    "The rise of blogs and social networks has fueled a bull market in personal opinion: reviews, ratings, recommendations and other forms of online expression," writes Alex Wright in a recent New York Times article. "For computer scientists, this fast-growing mountain of data is opening a tantalizing window onto the collective ... more
  • It's not You, It's Them
    According to Ian Lurie, what you don't know about your customers can lead to ineffective website design and, consequently, lost sales. In a post at the Conversation Marketing blog, he provides 22 insightful points with highlights like these: Visitors don't want ... more
  • Top 100 Brands Worldwide
    Coca-Cola is the most valuable brand in the world for the ninth consecutive year, according to the latest Interbrand/BusinessWeek brand-value ranking. Rounding out the Top 5 list are IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, and Nokia, in a repeat of last year's results. more
  • Visits Plateau to Medical, Health Sites
    Some 67% of US adults, or about 154 million people, have looked up health and medical information online. more
  • It Doesn't Have to Be Either-Or
    A question many small businesses face when money is tight is whether to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing or search engine optimization (SEO). The answer, says Claudia Bruemmer in a recent blog post, is both. "Start a PPC campaign to gain visibility in the search engines and define the ... more
  • Your Husband: Slightly Dumber Than a Dog
    Comedian Sarah Haskins is back with another Target Women video at Current TV that skewers gender-based advertising clichés—this time it's the Doofy Husband. "Being a woman isn't easy," she says in a mock serious tone. "We work, we take care of the house, we raise children, and we do it ... more
  • Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    In a move to shove Yahoo off its display-ad perch, Google last Thursday launched its DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which the company promised would streamline and improve how display ads are targeted at and delivered to a desired audience. more

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