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  • Image-Based Ad Impressions by Industry, July 2009
    The financial services industry accounted for the most online image-based ad impressions in July, with nearly 36 billion. Next were Web media and telecommunications, followed by retail goods and services, according to Nielsen. more
  • Social Networks Deliver 21% of Ad Impressions
    Social networking sites delivered 21% of all US online display ad impressions in June 2009, according to a recent comScore study, with MySpace and Facebook together accounting for more than 80% of impressions in the social networking category. more
  • Fist-Bump Your Card-Stack Into Oblivion
    The sun is setting on the tyranny of business cards—that stack of stiffs that seems important as you add to it again and again, but which you never really get the chance to sort through later. Well, hail and farewell!  One application precipitating the demise of these paper dinosaurs is Bump, which pretty much turns ... more
  • Why Not Quantity AND Quality?
    When Melissa Marron recently checked out the lead-generation-related results of the MarketingProfs' Marketing ROI & Performance Evaluation Study, it prompted her to ask this question of her fellow B2B marketers: "Why do we have to think of [lead] quality and quantity as mutually exclusive?" And in a recent post at ... more
  • Top 10 Current Events & News Destinations, July 2009
    Yahoo News led the way among online current events and global news destinations in July, followed by the CNN's and MSNBC's digital networks, according to Nielsen NetView data. more
  • Turn That Follower Into a Retweeter
    "When you first start playing in the social media sandbox, you feel compelled to collect," says Mark Goren in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Subscribers. Followers. Friends. The more the merrier—at least that's what it feels like at first." But consider this: Just because someone ... more
  • Facebook Hits 300 Million User Mark
    Facebook users now number 300 million—nearly the size of the US population—CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced. His even bigger news: Facebook is now in the black, much earlier than anticipated. more
  • Facebook: Great Growth, Big Gaps
    Facebook use among the 55+ set increased 25% from July 4 to August 4, after growing an astounding 532% in the previous six months. more
  • Stand Up to Stand Out
    According to Madison Riley and Brooks Kitchel of Kurt Salmon Associates, retailers often respond to sluggish sales by slashing prices and hoping to beat the competition on value. But there's a problem. "Contrary to the common practice of deep discounting in troubled times," they argue, "competing on compelling products is ... more
  • Tried-and-True or Just Plain Blah?
    Everywhere we look, ever since we can remember, we see that price ending: .99. But does using this just-below-a-round-number pricing system always produce optimum results for merchants? Might other pricing options produce better results? Some researchers recently took a fresh look at pricing, and their results suggest it may be time ... more
  • Hey! Is This a Bait-and-Switch?
    In a post at the FutureNow blog, Bryan Eisenberg recalls an email from Nikon that caught his attention with the subject line "My Picturetown—20GB for just a few cents a day!" So far, so good. But clicking on the message's call-to-action—Store my photos and videos—led him to a landing page ... more
  • WoM Marketing Still Growing, but More Slowly
    Spending on word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing slowed in 2008, nevertheless increasing 14.2%, to $1.54 billion. It is on pace to increase another 10.2% in 2009, placing WoM among the fastest-growing advertising and marketing segments. more
  • Adobe to Buy Omniture for $1.8 Billion
    Adobe will buy Web analytics firm Omniture in a move to enable Adobe customers to better measure and monetize their digital assets, said Adobe. more
  • Is Your Store for Barry or Jill?
    In Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris explain how Best Buy used data collected on 60 million U.S. households to create eight customer segments. And with the insights it gained, the company devised new formats that cater to specific segments in a few ... more
  • Video Consumption, Multitasking Continue to Rise
    The number of Americans watching mobile video jumped 70% from 2Q08 to 2Q09, and TV viewership increased slightly in the same period. Moreover, 57% of consumers at least once a month watch TV and go online simultaneously. more
  • Viral, Shpiral
    You've almost certainly seen, or heard about, the YouTube video of a Minnesota wedding in which the bride, groom and their attendants dance and tumble down the aisle to Chris Brown's Forever. According to Rick Burnes, this is the viral ideal. "15 million people reached with no money spent on ... more
  • Top 15 Travel Sites, July 2009
    Map sites led the way among the top online travel properties in July, namely Google Maps and erstwhile category leader Mapquest, followed by travel-planning sites Expedia and TripAdvisor, according to Hitwise. more
  • When the Honeymoon Is Over
    "Are you on an SEO honeymoon?" asks Ben McKay in a recent Search Engine Journal post. You know you are, he says. when you can think of simple ways to increase your client's search-engine rankings and garner fast results. But what happens when you've picked all the low-hanging fruit? "You've ... more
  • Dramatic Rise in TV Show, Movie Streaming
    Streaming TV shows and movies is at an all-time high in the US, with young adults (18-24) leading the way. more
  • Top 15 Shopping and Classifieds Sites, July 2009
    The triumvirate of eBay,, and Craigslist sat atop the shopping and classifieds website rankings, with eBay clearly the leader, according to Hitwise data. more
  • Have You Ever Noticed…?
    A recent ad from Carnival Cruise Lines shows an average-looking guy in a red, white and blue track suit as he wanders around a ship, sniffing everything in sight: the carpeting, the rails, the Jacuzzi, the drapes and—even—various members of the staff. It's a little weird. Finally, though, he breaks ... more
  • Now, That's a Good Tease
    Under normal circumstances, writes Dylan Boyd in a post at The Email Wars, the use of animated GIFs in email campaigns can be a dicey proposition. "[S]ometimes they work with a promo or special event," he says, "sometimes they just make things look cheap." Either way, it's a risk probably ... more
  • The Truth Hurts
    On the coattails of the social-media revolution, a wave of new Web 3.0 possibilities marches into view. For resellers who haven't seen the writing on the Web 2.0 wall, here's a newsflash: "[Reseller] websites, developed a decade ago with so much vendor enthusiasm, are now about as relevant as their ... more
  • You Broke It, You Fix It
    "While Dave Carroll was flying from Nova Scotia to Nebraska he had his Taylor guitar ruined," says the Huffington Post. "After a protracted attempt to get United to pay for the damage, Carroll struck back." And how! The Sons of Maxwell frontman wrote a song called "United Breaks Guitars," in ... more
  • Don't Try That Around Here
    Laura Atkins, in a blog at Word to the Wise, recently invited the blogosphere to comment on a reader's claim that direct-mail catalog marketers would soon begin to rent and trade email lists as if they were physical addresses. "Once they figure out how to do this legally and ethically," ... more

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