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  • You'll Be Shocked and Amazed! Or Maybe Not.
    The purpose of a subject line or headline is, obviously, to persuade a reader that she must look inside. But if your tantalizing teaser promises far more than the email or newsletter can possibly deliver—or, worse, proves to be deceitful—you'll be doing your cause more harm than good. According to Seth ... more
  • Magazine Ad Revenue Down 18.1% in 2009
    Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue closed at $19.45 billion in 2009, down 18.1% from 2008 levels, according to Publishers Information Bureau (PIB). more
  • It's All in How You Say It
    Your own keyword analytics data is the most valuable marketing asset of your company, says WordStream’s Larry Kim in an article at MarketingProfs. The data contained in the keyword report from your Web-analytics application—which tells you how people are finding your site through paid and organic search—comprise a far more effective ... more
  • 74% of Americans Use the Internet
    Nearly three-quarters (74%) of American adults use the Internet末a slight drop from 79% reported in April 2009, when the survey did not include Spanish interviews, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. more
  • Showcase Your Brand App-titude
    Ever wish you could take your favorite Web strategist with you wherever you roam? Well, sure enough, now you can. App developer MotherApp brings you the Web Strategy iPhone App, which lets users read blog posts, reviews, news and other updates from such names as Jeremiah Owyang (Altimeter Group), Brian Solis ... more
  • Are You the Missing Link?
    "Without some of us even noticing," writes Brian Carroll in an article at MarketingProfs, "[LinkedIn] has developed into a useful lead-generation tool for marketers and salespeople who are looking to build relationships with prospects." As with any networking tool, however, you must develop a solid strategy for getting the most from ... more
  • Social Media Spurs Haiti Earthquake News, Donations
    In the aftermath of the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, much of what people are learning about the quake is coming from social media末with Twitter posts the leading source of discussion, followed by online video, blogs, and other online boards/forums, according to The Nielsen Company. more
  • Brewing up Great Social-Media Content
    IT buyers are among the most active participants in social media. In fact, over half of technology decision-makers employed some type of social media, according to Forrester Research. So there's never been a better time to start conversations—using a variety of social tools—about your software and solutions. But what makes ... more
  • Twitter Quickly Expands Outside US
    Though the US accounts for 50.1% of all Twitter users末down from 62.1% in June 2009末Twitter use elsewhere, particularly Brazil, Germany, and Indonesia, is quickly growing, according to a study by Sysomos. more
  • CBS Displaces ABC as Top TV Brand
    CBS is the new top "must-keep TV" brand in America , chosen by 49% of viewers, and narrowly beating its rival ABC (48%), which had led the pack as the top brand for two years, according to a survey of US consumers by SRG. FOX is now in the third ... more
  • Google Grabs 72% of Searches in December
    Google continued to dominate search, accounting for 72.3% of all US searches in the four weeks ended January 2, 2010, up 1% from a month earlier, according to Experian Hitwise. Yahoo followed with 14.8% of searches, Bing with 8.9%, and with 2.5%. more
  • ESPN to Capture More Cable Ad Spending
    Nearly one-half (45%) of cable TV advertisers plan to increase ad spending on the ESPN Sports Network in the next 12 months, and 40% plan to allocate more spend on the Discovery Channel, according to Beta Research. more
  • High-Tech Paid-Search Spend Up 17% in 4Q09
    Paid-search spending worldwide by US-based high-tech and consumer-electronics advertisers grew 16.6% in the fourth quarter of 2009 over third-quarter levels, after having grown 7.7% in the third quarter, according to a study from Covario. more
  • Taking Groupthink Up a Notch
    News flash: LinkedIn still boasts one of the largest, tightest-knit collections of professionals in the social-networking space. And now it wants to be even more useful to marketers. Custom Groups is a new feature at the site that lets users build sponsored collectives. Simply establishing a non-branded LinkedIn group is still ... more
  • Americans Say Getting Rich Is Harder Now
    Seven out of ten (70%) of Americans say it's more difficult to get rich today than it was in the past, compared with 38% who said the same in 1999末a year dominated by the bubble末according to a survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International on behalf of more
  • Let's Move It, People!
    It's a question that haunts B2B product retailers when sales are down: "How do we move this excess inventory?" Cutting prices, offering two-for-one deals, or announcing blow-out sales to regular clients may go only so far in a downturn. Well, take heart. In a recent post at What Works for Business, ... more
  • May I Make This Annoying for You?
    "I was at my bank earlier this week, making a deposit, when I saw a display for VISA gift cards," recounts Drew McLellan at his Marketing Minute blog. "I needed one for a gift, so I thought … great, I'll just get it here." Thus began the exasperating process of completing ... more
  • How Lead Management Pays Off
    B2B marketers who develop consistent lead-management processes末along with careful investments in automation末achieve stronger, more qualified sales pipelines, according to interviews conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silverpop. more
  • Times Have Changed, so Have We
    Happy New Year! It's a brand-new day—especially when it comes to the American consumer. And that may be good or bad news for marketers, depending on the products they sell and the marketing strategies they deploy. New research released late last year by McKinsey & Company suggests that the downturn may ... more
  • $2.17B: 20-Year Super Bowl Ad Spend
    Over the past 20 years (1990-2009), the Super Bowl has generated $2.17 billion of network sales from a total of 210 different advertisers and more than 1,400 commercial messages, according to TNS Media Intelligence. more
  • Online Video Viewing Surpasses 30 Billion
    A record high of nearly 31 billion videos were delivered to more than 170 million US Internet users in November 2009, according to comScore. more
  • Stay or Go? You Tell Me.
    As subscriber engagement becomes a critical factor in the deliverability rates of email campaigns, removing inactive recipients from your list is more important than ever. To keep your list as clean as possible, "Mark" of the MailChimp blog recommends a three-message series that asks non-responsive subscribers if they still want ... more
  • Younger Shoppers Use Mobile for Real-Time Info
    Over one-half of surveyed consumers across 11 countries used their mobile phones during the 2009 holiday shopping season for in-store activities such as comparison-shopping and getting peer feedback, product information, and coupons, according to a study from Motorola. more
  • Crossing the Channel
    "[I]n today's environment," writes Laura Patterson at MarketingProfs, "we may need to gather data from an email campaign, a physical event, and an online advertising campaign to better understand purchasing behavior and correlate marketing programs with purchases." In other words, when working with cross-channel strategies, it's important to know how each ... more
  • How to Be Heard When Everyone's Talking?
    The rise of blogging and other social media has created millions of conversations worldwide whose volume and reach both impress, and dismay, the marketer. How to be heard above the din? In this video interview, author Scott Rosenberg says the first thing is to reframe the problem. more

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