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  • Consumer Confidence Down, Present Situation Index Plunges
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in September, deteriorated further in October, as did the Present Situation Index, which plunged to its lowest reading in 26 years. more
  • Yeah, but What Does It Mean?
    "With free programs like Google Analytics," says Corte Swearingen in a post at the SmallBiz Marketing Tips blog, "acquiring data is not the issue—the challenge is finding a way to improve your bottom line using that data." Swearingen discussed the issue with Jason Burby, author of Actionable Web Analytics, and here ... more
  • Don't Rev the Search Engines Yet
    As more and more customers use the Internet to research purchases, you might assume that any online marketing strategy requires a significant level of search engine optimization (SEO). But if your target market is local, argues Kenton Newby in an article at MarketingProfs, that assumption may not necessarily apply. ... more
  • Good Design Doesn't Just Happen
    Ever wonder how great search results end up that way? Well, in a recent post at the User Interface Engineering blog, Jared Spool says there are no shortcuts to search-result success. According to Spool, "There is no way you can produce a great search-results page [on your website] without spending ... more
  • What Would We Do Without You?
    You've probably heard a lot that the days of "push" messaging—a mythical golden age when marketers could feed passive viewers whatever rigmarole the ad department pleased—are dead. So true. But for you, it's not a bad thing; it's a chance to develop long-term, even downright codependent relationships with users. And there ... more
  • Does This Look Like Spam to You?
    "We all have opinions about what constitutes spam," begins a post at the Marketance blog. Indeed, while some would argue that meeting the letter of the CAN-SPAM law puts you in the clear, others insist such legislation is merely the jumping-off point for best practices. In the end, spam is ... more
  • 19% of Internet Users Use Twitter
    Twitter use jumped significantly in the last six months, from 11% of US internet users in April 2009 to 19% today. Driving the growth are three groups: people who use social networks, those get online via a mobile device, and younger internet users (under 44). more
  • Ready—Set—Deliver
    Your offer could be good—heck, your offer could be great—but still not compel your email subscribers to take action. Why? What is the magic that leads to great email conversion results? Managing expectations and hand-holding, says Scott Hardigree in a recent Marketing Tech Blog post. "Tell your subscriber exactly what ... more
  • Lessons Learned From a Backpack
    "Let's imagine it's this afternoon, and I suddenly have cause to fly to West Virginia," writes Peter Hartlaub in a post at The Poop blog. "Airline X has a non-stop flight that will get me there three and a half hours after takeoff. Southwest Airlines also has a flight, but ... more
  • Cheer-in the Holidays!
    "The pumpkins come out, the days grow shorter, the weather cools, and there's no mistaking that the holiday season is upon us," says Karen Talavera in an article at MarketingProfs. And though marketers face the challenge of lingering recession worries, you can still add holiday sparkle to a subscriber's inbox, ... more
  • Cable TV Tops List of Moms' Must-Haves
    Cable TV, new clothes and accessories, and restaurant/bar outings are the three things that moms are most reluctant to give up in the name of saving money in this recession. But Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomer moms placed different values on each. more
  • You Don't Drive Me Nuts Anymore!
    What makes Twitter so useful is also what makes it difficult to navigate: everyone is spewing what they think, all the time, about anything imaginable. This is good for tracking brand buzz, because when you run a search on Twitter it's like being clairvoyant: the opinions are there, raw and ... more
  • Top 10 Online Retail Categories, September 2009
    The top online-retail category by average order size ($) in September was automotive, followed by computer hardware in second place, and event and movie tickets in third. more
  • Top 10 Online Retailers, September 2009
    September's top online retailer—based on conversion rate—was food home-delivery and mail-order service Schwan's, followed by florist ProFlowers, according to Nielsen. more
  • Be a Devil This Halloween
    Even though things are starting to look up, companies are still a bit wary about spending limited dollars in a tough economy. Might there be a devilish tactic lurking somewhere out there that will break through their uncertainty? Susan Fantle says yes. In a recent post at the B2BMarketingSmarts ... more
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    If you were to visit the subscription page at The Atlantic magazine's website, you'd find an important note beneath the form for payment information. It reads: "By paying with a credit or debit card, you authorize The Atlantic to charge your account now at the price above and then before ... more
  • Low Prices Will Rule 2009 Holiday Season
    US consumers plan to spend an average of $682.74 during the upcoming holiday season, a 3.2% drop from last year. More than half say sales and low prices will determine where they shop, although convenience will draw many of them online. more
  • Prepare to Face a Brave New World
    When dealing with the fallout from an economic downturn, we may try to find comfort in the idea that everything will go back to normal come the upturn. But what if we get there and realize "normal" isn't what it used to be? That may indeed be the case for brand ... more
  • Tell Them a Story
    A recent post at Bazaarblog touts the power of customer outreach through story-telling. The blog offers an inspired effort by CVS Caremark as an example. The CVS outreach campaign and website, For All the Ways You Care, features stories about caregivers—the thousands of "unsung heroes" who patronize CVS pharmacies ... more
  • Just Give Me the Facts, Ma'am
    When your email campaigns encounter deliverability issues—especially those for which you are not at fault—you might think the best way to resolve your problem is to make friends with an ISP representative and schmooze your way to an acceptable solution. But in a post at the Word to the Wise blog, Laura ... more
  • Halloween Spending Down 15% This Year
    US consumers are cutting back on their Halloween plans this year in response to the state of the economy. Still, plenty of people will be buying costumes for themselves and their children—and their pets. more
  • -9.9% Global Ad Spend Growth for 2009
    The first half of 2009 was much tougher on the media industry than expected. As a result, ZenithOptimedia is forecasting global ad spend growth this year at -9.9%, down from its earlier forecasts of -8.5%. more
  • Ad Spending Share by Medium, July 2009
    Local television retook the No. 3 spot from national magazines in July; meanwhile, cable television remained the No. 1 medium in ad spending, extending its lead over No. 2 network television. more
  • No Excuses
    "One of the ultimate excuses for not measuring [the impact of marketing efforts] is: 'Oh, that's just a branding campaign,'" says Avinash Kaushik in a post at the Occam's Razor blog. "Admit it, you've heard it. I suspect you've even used it liberally!" But is it true? Not entirely, according to ... more
  • Small Is Dutiful
    "Ask most people what they like about working with [small B2B companies]," says Steve Adams in an article at MarketingProfs, "and you'll hear answers such as 'their personal approach' or 'I'm not just a number to them' or 'I get to work with the heavy hitters instead of some trainee ... more

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