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  • Where Everybody Holds Your Name
    If there's anything Second Life has taught us, it's that people like having a place to come back to—a virtual hideaway where you're always well-coiffed and surrounded by friends, and everybody knows your (avatar's) name. Well, here's some good news for mobile marketers: virtual living just got a whole lot ... more
  • E-tailers Eye Green-Monday Spending Boost
    US online holiday spending reached $19.9 billion for the first 41 days of the November-December holiday season, a 3% increase over the same period last year, according to comScore. more
  • We're Engaged!
    According to DIRECT's Ken Magill, a recent announcement from AOL hints at where Internet service providers' spam-filtering techniques are headed, and "what marketers had better start doing if they want their email lists to continue to perform." Here's the scenario: Until now, senders with consistently low complaint rates earned a coveted ... more
  • The Free-Trial Backfire
    It's become standard fare for software vendors to offer free trials to their prospects when they land on Web pages via search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This approach makes sense, since most software packages can't be appreciated fully unless they are experienced first-hand. It's also a super-efficient touch point—one that ... more
  • Seniors Flock Online, Love Facebook
    Americans 65+ comprise less than 10% of the active Internet, but their numbers are growing: In the last five years, the number of seniors actively using the Internet grew 55% to 17.5 million in November 2009, up from 11.3 million in November 2004, according to a survey by Nielsen. more
  • Untapped Opportunities for Online Communities
    Companies tend not to understand what people want from online branded communities末or the role that the brand plays in fulfilling those needs, according to a study by ComBlu. more
  • Agency Doublespeak
    If there's one thing marketers know how to do, it's to make things sound better than they actually are. Consider a drink often requested by Paul Williams at Starbucks—that purveyor of infinitely customizable beverages: Iced, tall, no-shot Americano. Even if you know how to decode Starbucks lingo, you might still ... more
  • Beer Budget, Champagne Style
    You might not have the big-time marketing budget of a major retailer—but as the holiday season peaks, don't forget there's a secret weapon in your arsenal. "Email marketing campaigns are affordable, and can help small retailers to compete with the big boys during this crucial sales period, " says Wendy Lowe ... more
  • Naughty? Nice? Get the List.
    In late October, Twitter launched its Lists feature, which might just improve your life in a panoply of organization-friendly ways. The new feature helps you sort your own contacts based on personal relevance, but—maybe more importantly—it also provides you with ready-made groups of people to which to target your messages. ... more
  • Consumers Digitally Dependent, Discriminating
    Americans can't live without the Internet and television; they prefer advertisements that are innovative and playful; and they are open to new technologies that monitor their media usage if privacy is ensured, according to a recent study by Synovate. more
  • Google Takes 71% of Searches in November
    Google continued to dominate search, accounting for 71.6% of all US searches in the four weeks ended November 28, 2009, a 1.4% increase from a month earlier, according to Experian Hitwise. Yahoo followed with 15.4% of searches, Bing with 9.4%, and with 2.7%. The remaining 52 search engines accounted ... more
  • Same Old, Same Old
    Recently, we talked about what a frosty process B2B cold-calling can be. Well, the next step past the cold call can be just as icy: the cold onsite visit. Odds are, you'll hear the same old grumblings and objections to your sales pitch at your next cold visit that you've ... more
  • Five, Four, Three, Two, Gone
    "You've decided to launch a blog for your business and you're busy laying the groundwork," says Mack Collier in an article at MarketingProfs. "You've selected a name for it, and you know what you want to blog about and who your bloggers will be." In the midst of your big ideas, ... more
  • Social Media Helps Guide Holiday Shoppers
    US online holiday spending reached $16 billion during the first 36 days of the November-December holiday season, an increase of 3% compared with the same period last year, with shoppers being influenced by social media, according to comScore. more
  • Bah, Humbug to the Downturn!
    Few companies have been spared the ravages of the recession, but some strategies seem to be working to help small businesses stay afloat. In a recent article at Inc., Elizabeth Wasserman suggests tactics that small retailers might employ to add some ho-ho-ho to the late-holiday sales season—and boost results in the ... more
  • Internet Strong Amid Tepid 2010 Ad Recovery
    Annual global advertising expenditure will have declined 10.2% by the end of 2009末the worst annual drop in modern times末but is forecast to stabilize and grow 0.9% in 2010, according to projections by ZenithOptimedia. more
  • The Chat Goes on
    Last spring, we offered a few insights about Chatty Cathies—online shoppers who love to use Live Chat options at retail websites. Among the findings we reported: (1) chatters tend to spend more money online than silent shoppers, and (2) the act of chatting builds customer loyalty. So, whether you're just considering ... more
  • Study Explores 'Social' in Social Media
    The integration of social media into American lives has created a world that is simultaneously expanding and narrowing, making it easy to create connections with people and businesses around the world—and in the immediate vicinity—while sometimes behaving in ways one wouldn't in person, according to a recent study by Euro ... more
  • Holiday Shoppers Holding out for Discounts
    Contrary to forecasts of an improved holiday shopping season, 2009 retail sales are down from last year as concerns over jobs cause Americans to spend less and wait for bargain prices, according to research by America's Research Group (ARG) and UBS. more
  • Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie
    "Every once in a while," writes Ardath Albee at the Marketing Interactions blog, "I get a bit irked at the irresponsible email practices of companies that play fast and free with their databases." In this case, an email from a marketing solutions company raised her ire by lying to her. Repeatedly. ... more
  • DVR Use and Online Video Growth Strong
    In the third quarter of 2009, Americans' consumption of new media formats grew at a brisk pace: DVR use increased 21% year over year, while the use of online video increased 34%, according to Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report. more
  • Mobile Content Access Issues Eclipse Experience
    Nearly eight out of ten US mobile content users have difficulty trying to access content due to slow page loads, phone/interface issues, and irrelevant content, according to a recent study conducted by TNS Global on behalf of Xiam Technologies. Moreover, mobile users report that 27% of the time, they are ... more
  • Are You Hot or Not?
    On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your ability to measure the impact of your social-media initiatives? Be honest. Because if you're like the marketers who graded themselves for Emily Riley of Forrester Research, it's likely you see plenty of room for improvement. "The average grade ... more
  • You Stupid Donkey!
    Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has built a reality-television empire with his abrasive style, ready arsenal of barbed insults and propensity for four-letter words. It all adds up to great television. But in the case of Kitchen Nightmares, which focuses on Ramsay's attempts to save failing restaurants, the entertainment is also ... more
  • Facebook Pages' Use Patterns Studied
    Fully three-quarters (77%) of Facebook pages末public pages set up by brands, media outlets, and celebrities末have fewer than 1,000 fans and only 4% of Facebook pages have more than 10,000 fans, according to a study by Sysomos. more

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