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  • Think of It as Home Improvement
    "Sending guests into your house through the front door—with no previous knowledge of your floor plan, and no escort from someone who knows the house—seems rather rude," says Justin Talerico in a recent post at ion interactive's PostClickMarketing blog. "Certainly it would be uncomfortable for [them] to wander around your ... more
  • What Your Emails Say About Your IQ
    Nearly 6 out of 10 adults say they make judgments about an email sender's intelligence based on the email's style, tone, and language. They also assess the sender's age, authority, status—even attractiveness. more
  • Your Proposal: Don't Phone It in
    Many companies treat a request for proposal (RFP) as if it's a necessary and tedious evil—something you whip together or repurpose from an existing document with cut-and-paste indifference. But Gwyneth Dwyer believes to do so is a mistake. "An RFP is a key step in engaging an outside marketing partner," ... more
  • Top 15 Lifestyle-Related Sites, July 2009
    Online dating sites figure prominently in the list of top 15 lifestyle-related websites, in addition to blogging, children's, and miscellaneous other sites catering to niche audiences. more
  • How Do You Measure Your Social Efforts?
    How do you know whether your social media efforts are bearing fruit? The answer, according to Katie Paine, is to create benchmarks against which to measure your efforts. more
  • Time to Turn This Ship Around!
    "Reality dictates that business turnarounds require economic rebounds," says John Baldoni in a post at Harvard Business Online. "No leader can tweak his operation into success; you need customers to buy what you offer. But if you do not improve what you offer and how you offer it, you may ... more
  • Paralysis by Analysis
    Careful, now: New research posits that consumers may suffer paralysis by analysis if they aren't allowed to trust their guts when making buying decisions. In a recent post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley cites two experiments regarding consumer decision-making reported in Jonah Lehrer's How We Decide: The Jam-Tasters. One group ... more
  • Show Me the Numbers That Count
    "It's high time email marketers assess campaign performance in terms of the business and marketing goals, objectives, and contribution expectations that matter," says Karen Talavera in an article at MarketingProfs. She recommends placing data into two broad categories to drill down to what really counts: Process Metrics—which are diagnostic in ... more
  • Top 15 Sports Sites, July 2009
    ESPN's website was the frontrunner among sports sites in July, followed closely by Yahoo Sports. Not surprisingly, considering the season, Major League Baseball's site was third, followed by Yahoo's Major League baseball site. more
  • Ad Spending Down 15.4% in First Half
    US advertising spending fell 15.4% in the first half of 2009 compared with the same period in 2008, declining more than $10.3 billion to a total spend of $56.9 billion in 1H 2009. more
  • You've Come a Long Way, Baby
    "The use of mathematics in marketing seems to be one of the hot topics today," begins a post at The DoubleThink blog. "But is it that new? Not really." The informative primer that follows divides the history of marketing analytics into four distinct eras, and traces its roots to the ... more
  • Top 15 Portal Frontpages, July 2009
    Yahoo's portal frontpage alone accounted for more than half of all US traffic to all portal frontpages in July, while MSN's accounted for nearly a quarter of traffic. more
  • Gesundheit!
    In a Pro article at MarketingProfs, Kathryn Roy discusses seven infectious diseases often found in B2B marketing efforts. And she not only explains how to diagnose each disorder but also provides cures that can lead a campaign back to health. Here are a few examples: Glitzitis: This "refers to companies that ... more
  • A Match Made in E-Heaven: Twitter and Email
    While vigorous debate continues over Twitter's real business value—and its long-term viability—high-tech executives and marketers are experimenting with Twitter today, using it to nurture relationships and improve their visibility by sharing information about their business and industry. Not surprisingly, when Twitter and email campaigns are integrated, the effectiveness of both ... more
  • Champagne Taste, Beer Budget
    Would you dicker with a waiter about the price of a steak entrée? Or ask a hairdresser to give you highlights for free? Or expect a cashier to sell you a DVD at less than half its marked price? Probably not. A viral video making the rounds this summer uses ... more
  • Find Out What It Means to Me
    In a post at, Andrew Kordek acknowledges the ongoing push for relevant email campaigns—sending the right message to the right person at the right time. But despite these discussions, he worries that email marketers stop short of demonstrating true R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the people on their email lists. "Are you ... more
  • Social Media's Primary Use: Marketing
    About six out of seven (86%) US companies surveyed have used social technologies in support of one or more areas of their business, and marketing is their primary use for social media, the study found. more
  • Blog, Meet Tweet. Now, Mesh!
    Here's happy news for intrepid marketers seeking to more easily manage their brand reputations and promote their fab companies: in partnership with Sawhorse Media, Technorati has launched Twittorati, "where the blogosphere and twittersphere meet"! Here's why these two are a perfect new match for marketers: Sawhorse specializes in aggregating tweets from ... more
  • Viewing B2B in 3D
    In the B2B space, developing customer insight is not a simple proposition, says Andy Hasselwander in a recent post at B2B Marketing Confidential. The reason itself is simple: "Companies are a lot more complex than individuals or households." "A good way to start simplifying the customer-insight question in B2B," he ... more
  • The Funnel Sprung a Leak
    "Many senior sales executives are still looking for a predictable flow of leads at the end of a lead acquisition and nurturing 'funnel,'" says Francois Gossieaux in a post at the Emergence Marketing blog. But there's a problem with that expectation. "[T]he funnel metaphor," he argues, "is broken." Here's why:  ... more
  • Top 10 Online Retail Categories, July 2009
    The top online-retail category by average order size ($) in July was computer hardware, followed by the automotive category and consumer electronics. more
  • eBay Sells Stake in Skype
    eBay is selling a 65% stake in Skype for $1.9 billion in cash and a $125 million note, reversing a 2005 acquisition that had puzzled analysts. more
  • Refocus That Focus
    Sad but true: The use of focus groups to determine consumer preferences has lost favor in recent years. Why? Because "consumers have clear cognitive models of what to do when they're part of focus groups, which makes their answers sound canned and sterile," says Gavin Johnston in an article at ... more
  • Low-Tech and Lovin' It
    You probably invite customers to join your email list during their online activity, but do you have list-building strategies for offline interactions? Andy Sernovitz uses a post at Damn! I Wish I'd Thought of That! to suggest offline methods for generating permission-based subscriptions. Here are two low-tech options you may ... more
  • Top 10 Online Retailers, July 2009
    July's top online retailers—based on conversion rate—were food home-delivery and mail-order service Schwan's, Green Mountain Coffee's Keurig brewing system, and florist ProFlowers, according to Nielsen Online. more

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