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  • Most Americans Have Found TV Commercials Confusing
    Regardless of age, roughly three-quarters of Americans (75%) say they have found a commercial on television confusing and 21% say they often find TV commercials confusing, according to a Harris Poll. more
  • Three Ways to Engage Prospects in a Buyer-Controlled Sales Cycle
    With vast Web-based resources now available to evaluate products and services, tech buyers are no longer dependent on Sales for information about purchases. Buyers don't want or need to engage with sales people until far later in the buying cycle. "Information is power," writes Don Fornes, Founder & CEO of ... more
  • Social Buzz for The Social Network
    "The Social Network," from Sony Pictures Entertainment opened on October 1 to a strong $23 million in weekend ticket sales at US theaters, and prompted a 480% increase in weekend social media conversation about the movie, compared with levels recorded over the previous weekend, according to a study by Alterian. more
  • How to Use Twitter to Boost Buzz, Sales and Engagement
    In September, UNIQLO UK launched Lucky Counter, a piece of marketing genius that compelled users to Tweet about the company's products. Each time they did, the products got more appealing. How? Lucky Counter featured a diverse, limited array of UNIQLO products and prices. Click on one, and you'd be invited to Tweet ... more
  • Four Ways to Revive a Comatose B2B Blog
    Blogging ain't easy, folks. Anyone who's tried to maintain a vital B2B blog knows that. And in down times, when marketers are scrambling to meet profit goals, the task becomes all the more daunting. But offering a blog at a B2B website has become, well, a basic necessity. As Martine Hunter ... more
  • Mobile Report: Browsing, Social Networking Up; Android Surges
    More than one-third of US mobile subscribers (34.5%) browsed the mobile Web as of August 2010, up 2.6 percentage points (PPs) from the previous three-month average, while 22.5% accessed social networking sites or blogs, up 1.7 PPs, according to data from the comScore MobiLens service. more
  • Tips From 'The Office' on Social-Media Customer Engagement
    The hit TV sitcom The Office has extended its brand reach and consumer appeal through clever uses of social media. "Although there are only around 23 episodes [per year] ... the show has become far more than just 30 minutes of weekly airtime," Case Ernsting writes in a recent post ... more
  • A Four-Step Plan to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers
    "Your email database might show big numbers," writes Loren McDonald at Silverpop, "but 25 percent to 40 percent of your subscribers, or more, could be inactive without showing any obvious symptoms." Described by Dela Quist as "unemotionally subscribed," such recipients have active email accounts, but don't open your messages, click through, ... more
  • Online Searchers Swayed by Images, Multiple Brand Appearances
    When searching for products and services online, appearance matters: 48% of search engine users say they are more likely to click on a search result if it includes an image and 53% are more likely to click if a company name or brand appears multiple times on the search engine ... more
  • Present Your Data, Encourage Action
    "The hardest nut to crack in any type of analytics is getting our decision makers (bosses, leaders, marketers) to take action based on data," writes Avinash Kaushik at Occam's Razor. So you do you get over this hurdle? It might be as simple as changing how you present the information. To ... more
  • Thoughts About Being a Thought Leader
    Don't make the mistake of assuming thought leadership springs automatically from content marketing. "Thought leadership is not created with one, two or three pieces of content," writes Ardath Albee at Marketing Interactions. "It's created with the consistent application of ideas and concepts that helps to define a strategic direction your ... more
  • Seven Types of Smartphone Apps Driving Mobile Market
    Seven categories of mobile applications are expected to dominate the mobile market over the next four years: email, games, social networking, instant messaging, mapping and directions, music and radio, and weather apps, together will account for an estimated 7 billion downloads worldwide by 2014, according to research from In-Stat. more
  • Five Ways Deep Links Help SEO
    Worried that your website's inbound deep links—links to site pages other than your homepage or other top-level pages—are distracting visitors from your main advertising or branding page? Or that visitors following these links don't always realize they are on your site (as opposed to the site that linked to you)? Not ... more
  • Track the Pulse of Top iPhone and iPad Apps
    One of the most frustrating things about the iTunes store is its unintuitive search function. That's why folks have invented new apps like AppsFire for iPhone. It's an application that is search-engine optimized to float the most popular mobile apps sold through folks like iTunes to the top of the ... more
  • How to Nurture Your Leads' Emotions
    More than ever, your lead-generation program must include a strong nurturing component. A DemandGen survey, notes Cheryl Goldberg at the High-Tech Communicator blog, found that nurtured leads produce a 20-percent increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. And—realistically—many of your leads will require at least a little nurture. "According to Brian ... more
  • Most Twitter Replies, Retweets Occur in First Hour
    Roughly 29% of tweets generate a reaction from other twitter users, such as a reply or retweet, and fully nine in 10 of those reactions occur in the first hour of the original tweet, according to a report by Sysomos. more
  • Email and Facebook Dominate Sharing of Online Content
    Email is still a key component of digital marketing: 49% of consumers share content online at least once a week, with most of it shared via email (86%) and Facebook (49%), according to a study from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies. Just 4% of surveyed consumers share content ... more
  • Five Ways to Win Customers With Augmented Reality
    You know you could benefit by adding one or another new technology to your branding efforts, but how exactly? Well, it helps to look at existing examples of the latest cool innovations. Case in point: augmented reality (where real-world views through a webcam or mobile device are augmented with techno features that ... more
  • How to Engage B2B Prospects on Twitter
    "Just as B2B sales relationships aren't built overnight, sustained B2B Twitter relationships—often the basis for industry insight, lead generation and media coverage—require a commitment to engagement," says Karlie Justus in a post at the Social Media B2B blog. Although B2B companies necessarily focus on the legal and marketing aspects of crafting ... more
  • Content Quality (Not Quantity) Builds Social Media Influence
    Though most marketing executives (84%) agree there is a correlation between one's ability to drive action (influence) and one's reach, 90% draw a clear distinction between influence and popularity, and cite the quality of content as the most important factor in building influence online, according to a survey from Vocus ... more
  • Four Ways to Grow Your Email List
    "The start of a great email list is one that is filled with customers and prospects who have said yes to receiving information from you and who will be moved to action if the time or offer is right," says Wendy Lowe in an article at MarketingProfs. "But the list ... more
  • Forrester: Social Media Content Creation Waning
    Consumers continue to join and engage with social networking sites, but the percentages of those who contribute new and fresh content to a broad array of social media fell or reached a plateau in 2010, compared with levels recorded a year earlier, according to a study by Forrester Research. more
  • Four Ways to Impress Customers With Social Responsibility
    "It's a global trend," writes Geri Stengel at MarketingProfs. "Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and other businesses want supplies from, socially responsible enterprises." So how can you demonstrate your commitment while improving your bottom line? Stengel suggests the following: Treat your employees with respect. Social responsibility ... more
  • Most Teen Brand Word-of-Mouth Occurs Offline
    Despite the image of teens being obsessed with digital communications, only 13% of teen word-of-mouth (WOM) about brands takes place online—via texting/instant messaging (7%), social networking (3%), and email (3%)—according to a survey from Keller Fay Group. more
  • Five Tools, Four Ways to Find Just the Right Keywords
    In a recent post at the Content Marketing Institute, Elise Redlin-Cook asks the timeless question, "How do you find the best keywords for your audience?" Then she offers some timely advice. She recommends several online tools for novice and expert search marketers alike that can help simplify the process of researching keyword ... more

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