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  • I Knew You'd Be There for Me
    Belgian beer label Stella Artois has added a splash of engagement to its marketing strategy with Le Bar Guide. Developed by Acrossair, Le Bar Guide is a free app that points users to the nearest bar serving Stella. Run searches by ZIP Code, or switch the augmented reality feature on—and have ... more
  • To the Power of Five
    More than ever, a successful lead-generation program relies on a steady stream of new content. And since the pressure to produce high-quality whitepapers and blog posts can be intense, Ardath Albee recommends the "Rule of 5" to ease your load and maximize results. "The Rule of 5," she explains at the ... more
  • Tapping the Potential of Online Demos
    An online demo is a powerful tool that can connect your prospects with your software in minutes, showcasing a full array of features and helping you drive home the value of your solution. But it can do much more than that, writes Jayson Gehri in a MarketingProfs article titled "The ... more
  • Super Bowl Viewers Tune in for Ads
    Over one-half (51%) of Super Bowl viewers enjoy the commercials that air throughout the game more than the game itself, according to the Nielsen Company. The remaining 49% say they enjoy the game more than the ads. more
  • YouTube to Launch Movie Rentals
    YouTube is set to debut movie rentals this week with a limited selection of independent films from the Sundance Film Festival, according to YouTube Biz Blog. more
  • Holidays Drive Traffic to Retail, Greetings Sites
    Traffic to retail websites grew in December as the online holiday shopping season reached a crescendo—while consumers' holiday festivities generated a surge in traffic to flowers/gifts/greetings and e-card sites, according to comScore. In addition, traffic to shipping sites reached a 2009 high as consumers rushed to ensure timely delivery of ... more
  • Marketers to Focus on Social Media in 2010
    Two-thirds (66%) of marketing professionals plan to invest in social media over the next 12 months and 40% will shift more than one-fifth of their traditional direct marketing budget toward digital, interactive, or social channels, according to a new survey from Alterian. more
  • Ride the Wedding-Dance Wave
    Last summer, a happy couple sent ripples through the Net when their video, JK Wedding Entrance Dance, hit YouTube. The video depicted a wedding entourage dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever," concluding with the bride cutting the rubber in the general direction of her nervous, but giddy, groom. Great ... more
  • 2010 Ad Spend Flat, Online Up: Forecast
    In view of improved expectations of economic recovery, the US advertising market is forecast to fall just 0.1% this year, according to a revised forecast from MAGNA. The reassessment is a slight improvement from MAGNA's forecast issued in December 2009, which projected a 1.3% decline in ad spending. more
  • B2B Goes 007
    "While most people think of social media as a non-business arena, many savvy marketers are ... leveraging [it] to gather intelligence about prospects," says Dan McDade in a recent post at the DemandGen Report blog. In short: B2B marketers are turning into virtual 007s—in a good way. "Social media can provide ... more
  • Many Google News Users Bypass News Sites
    More than four out of ten (44%) of visitors to Google News scan headlines without accessing newspapers' individual sites, including many "power news users" who consult news sources as least twice a day, according to new study from Outsell. more
  • Give 'em What They Want Today!
    "Retailers have complained incessantly about unfair competition from e-commerce stores," writes Mark Riffey at the Business is Personal blog, "but not enough have done something about it." Online shopping is undeniably convenient and efficient. After all, customers can browse, comparison-shop and make purchases from the comfort of their favorite chair. But—despite ... more
  • Online Retail Email Volume Up in 2009
    The largest 100 online retailers sent an average 132 promotional email messages to each of their subscribers during 2009––an average 11 emails per month––up 12% from 2008 levels, according to a study from Smith-Harmon. more
  • Consumer Confidence Climbs in Jan.: RBC
    After declining throughout much of 2009, American consumer confidence improved sharply this month, returning to levels not seen since the financial crisis began in September 2008, according to the recent results of the RBC Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household (CASH) Index. more
  • Don't Let This One Get Away!
    One notable effect of the economic downturn is the marked increase in consumer frugality. Marketers near and far are in hot pursuit of savvy pricing strategies that prod wary customers into buying. Well, here's a tactic that some researchers say is worth a try: "steadily decreasing discounting" or SDD. In a recent ... more
  • Show Me the Way, Whisperer
    "Do you know what your data [are] telling you?" asks Kelly Lorenz in a post at the Bronto blog. If you're not sure what to make of the copious information contained in reports from your ESP—opens, clicks, conversions, etc.—she has several tips for becoming what she cheerily terms a "data ... more
  • Companies Embrace SaaS for CRM
    As companies continue to embrace software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the most strategically critical applications in their businesses, 52% say they are deploying SaaS for customer relationship management (CRM), making it the most widely adopted application of SaaS, according to a study from Avanade. more
  • Marketing Hiring to Rebound in Early 2010
    Digital and direct marketing hiring is on track to rebound in early 2010: 46% of hiring managers plan to add staff in the first quarter, up from 30% who said the same in the fourth quarter 2009, according to a Bernhart Associates survey. more
  • Look Who's 10: Happy Birthday MarketingProfs!
    by Ann Handley
    This year marks the 10-year anniversary of MarketingProfs. The site was founded a decade ago by CEO Allen Weiss, a marketing academic, as a place where his fellow "prof"-essors and marketing "prof"-essionals could learn from each other. more
  • Logging in
    "Say you want to find every page on your site that received zero visitors from organic search in the past 2 years," says Ian Lurie at the Conversation Marketing blog. "That's a useful statistic: Those pages may be invisible to search engines, or they may be really poorly optimized." You may ... more
  • Viewers Abandon Slow Online Video, Miss Ads
    Four out of five (81%) of Web users click away from online video pages when they encounter mid-stream rebuffering rather than wait for slow video streams to reload, according to a study from TubeMogul. more
  • You'll Be Shocked and Amazed! Or Maybe Not.
    The purpose of a subject line or headline is, obviously, to persuade a reader that she must look inside. But if your tantalizing teaser promises far more than the email or newsletter can possibly deliver—or, worse, proves to be deceitful—you'll be doing your cause more harm than good. According to Seth ... more
  • Magazine Ad Revenue Down 18.1% in 2009
    Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue closed at $19.45 billion in 2009, down 18.1% from 2008 levels, according to Publishers Information Bureau (PIB). more
  • It's All in How You Say It
    Your own keyword analytics data is the most valuable marketing asset of your company, says WordStream’s Larry Kim in an article at MarketingProfs. The data contained in the keyword report from your Web-analytics application—which tells you how people are finding your site through paid and organic search—comprise a far more effective ... more
  • 74% of Americans Use the Internet
    Nearly three-quarters (74%) of American adults use the Internet––a slight drop from 79% reported in April 2009, when the survey did not include Spanish interviews, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. more

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