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  • Social Media Passion Index: Golf Brands
    Consumers love the Callaway Golf Company—and are more passionate it than for any other golf brand in the US, according to the NetBase Brand Passion Index, which measures the intensity of consumer passion for brands among users of online communities. more
  • How to Keep Your Customer Experience Efforts on Track
    There's a good chance your company has responded to the recession with an increased commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. Such efforts might address systemic issues like "poorly designed interactions, broken processes, outdated business rules, insufficient customer insight and cultures that are far from customer-centric," notes Bruce Temkin in ... more
  • Three Smart Ways to Extend Your Brand
    "Many of the successful new product introductions each year are brand extensions, such as Apple's iPhone, Godiva coffee, and Jeep strollers," one group of researchers recently wrote. However, not all brand extensions are successful, they note in the report. "Consumers tend to respond more favorably to extensions that fit with ... more
  • Gain Icon Status Overnight
    "Adding social-media icons to your email campaigns … takes just a few seconds," writes Jim Hitch at the Emma blog, "but it can increase your reach and help you identify your most avid followers. Who knew all of that could be as simple as pushing a couple of buttons?" According ... more
  • Facebook Grows, Others Stagnate; Interaction Levels Steady
    Most social networking sites have lost active users in the past six months, but Facebook has bucked that trend, a new study finds. Eight out of ten active social media users (80%) have an account on Facebook, up from 71% six months earlier, and among them 54% visit Facebook at ... more
  • Average Value of Facebook Fan: $136.38
    Consumers who are Facebook fans are more valuable to brands: On average, Facebook fans spend $71.84 more per year on brands they are fans of than consumers who are not fans, and they are 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using that brand, according to a study by Syncapse. more
  • Get Some Family Values
    Your B2C business might ignore anyone who doesn't fit the profile of your usual customer. Why, for instance, would you target recent graduates when you normally sell your product or service to affluent senior citizens? In certain circumstances, though, it makes sense to look at the bigger picture. Consider the case ... more
  • Social Media Popular Among Older Americans
    Social networking is not just for the young: 27% of Americans age 50+ say they now use social media websites, with Facebook the most popular—used by 23% of adults age 50+—according to a survey from AARP. more
  • Watch What You Say
    When you work with contractors such as copywriters and Web designers, you might not realize that certain casual statements can earn you membership in the "difficult client" category. Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus has compiled a list of things best left unsaid, and here are a few examples: This shouldn't take long. ... more
  • Time to Beef Up
    You may be wondering about the evolution of SEO—and whether you'll get left behind as it grows in sophistication. Well, you're not alone. A recent interview with Nathan Thompson at the Inbound Internet Marketing blog yielded some takeaways that may help clarify SEO's development—and demonstrate how you can beef up your efforts ... more
  • Adoption of New Media Formats Soaring
    Consumer adoption of new media formats has increased at double- and triple-digit rates in the past two years, as technologies such as high-definition TV, digital video recorders, and the Internet create higher quality and more convenient viewing experiences for consumers, according to Nielsen's latest Three Screen Report. more
  • Find Your Glory Story
    Remember Foursquare, the mobile game where users check in to gather badges and mayorships at their favorite local spots? If you're not a brick-and-mortar retailer, it's understandably hard to imagine how to leverage this strange new breed of socnet, which now serves more than 800,000 users worldwide. To help you get ... more
  • Stay in the Lead
    "[L]et's assume that your current lead generation efforts cost $100,000 and generate 50,000 leads," says Pat McGraw at his blog. "[T]hat's a cost per lead of $2. But if your conversion rate is 10%, that means that 45,000 leads or $90,000 failed to produce your ultimate goal—a sale." So how can ... more
  • Cloud Computing to Dominate by 2020
    Most technology experts and highly engaged Internet users (71%) say cloud computing will become more dominant than the desktop in the next decade—creating an environment in which people work via mobile and Web-based applications (such as Facebook and Google Docs) more than desktop software—according to a study by Elon University ... more
  • Social Media Users Want to Rant, Influence
    Nearly two-thirds (64%) of online consumers use social media, and among them over one-third (34%) say they have used social media as an outlet to rant or rave about a company, brand, or product, according to a Harris Poll. more
  • Most Americans Wake Up to Email
    Nearly six in ten online consumers (58%) say they start their day by checking email, whereas 20% head straight to search engine sites and 11% check in with Facebook, according to a study by ExactTarget. more
  • Small-Biz Confidence Higher, but Vacations on Hold
    America's small businesses are more optimistic about the economy: The Discover Small Business Watch, a monthly index on the pulse of small business owners, increased in May 2010 for the second straight month, to 87.4—its highest level in seven months—up 2.3 points from its April reading of 85.1, Discover reported. more
  • Who Are You? Who Who Who Who?
    One of the toughest things about cracking the social-media nut is figuring out the right voice to use for your brand persona. To do that, you need an immediate sense of who your brand is. Like people, brands have personalities, and understanding their personalities helps define a proper marketing tone. Lucky ... more
  • Caution: This Could Be a Trap
    The best that most B2B companies achieve with their online marketing programs is "average performance through a favorite tactic and/or advertising partner," states Ben Hanna in a post at the B2B Online Marketing blog. But why are their results so blah when there's an abundance of phenomenal success stories at ... more
  • B2B Customer Engagement: High Priority, Low Marks
    Most B2B marketers say customer engagement is a high priority both within their marketing organization (72%) and across their entire company (58%), but they don't rate their company's level of customer engagement highly, according to a survey from the Business Marketing Association. more
  • Online Ad Spend Double-Digit Growth Forecast for 2010
    Worldwide online advertising revenues are forecast to reach $61.0 billion in 2010, up 12.4% over 2009 levels, according to MagnaGlobal. It forecasts global online advertising to grow 11.7% in 2011—and thereafter by an average annual rate of 11.0% through 2015, reaching $103 billion in global spending that year. more
  • Baby, Please Don't Go
    When people click on your unsubscribe button, there's a good chance it takes them to a preference page where they can confirm the unsubscribe request, or adjust their subscription to a topic and frequency they prefer. But what about including an offer that tempts them to stay? In a post at ... more
  • LinkedIn Delivers B2B Traffic, Wikipedia More Leads
    Among social media channels, LinkedIn accounts for the greatest number of referred visitors to B2B websites, but Wikipedia is more effective at delivering relevant and serious leads, according to a study by LeadForce1. In addition, visitors referred to B2B websites from Wikipedia spend more time on those sites once they ... more
  • FIFA World Cup: Search, Mobile Viewing Stats
    With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa set to begin on June 11, US Internet searches related to the World Cup during the week ended May 29, 2010 were up 10% from levels recorded a week earlier, and up 64% from a month earlier, according to Experian Hitwise. more
  • Mobile Shopping Outlook Stronger for 2010
    Most online consumers (53%) now own a smartphone or Web-enabled mobile device, and among them 35% say they participated in some type of mobile shopping in the previous 12 months, such as comparing products and prices, up from 17% who said so a year earlier, according to a survey from ... more

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