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  • Facebook Mobile Tops 100 Million Users
    More than 100 million people are actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month, a 54% increase from the 65 million people who did so just six months ago, according to Facebook. more
  • Mix It Up, Baby
    In May 2009, Omniture and The CMO Club asked 102 CMOs to rate the relative effectiveness of digital-marketing media. The vast majority (78 percent) gave top marks to email marketing, but a sizable minority (33 percent) reported success in emerging social-media channels, too. That's because, these days, consumers "engage with a ... more
  • Maximize Your Digital-Marketing Mix: 10 Ways to Integrate Social, Mobile, and Email
    Cross-promotional efforts can help companies spread the word as new online-marketing platforms are launched, boosting follower interest and opt-in. The following are 10 popular strategies that companies use to maximize their digital-marketing mix. more
  • Credit Card Offers Rebound in 4Q09
    After a difficult year and a dramatic pullback, credit card issuers regained their footing in the fourth quarter of 2009 and began to mail more offers: US households received a total of 398.5 million credit card offers during the quarter, 46% more than the 272.5 million offers received in the ... more
  • 2009 US Digital Year in Review: ComScore
    Despite the tough economic environment and unprecedented challenges to the industry, consumers' use of digital media climbed to new heights in 2009 as the Internet continued to evolve as an integral component of Americans' personal and professional lives, according to data from comScore. more
  • 10.3B Jan. Searches; Super Bowl Viewers Online
    An estimated 10.3 billion online searches were conducted in the US in January, and Google Search accounted for 6.8 billion of them, or 66.3%, according to Nielsen. Yahoo Search, Bing, and AOL Search received 14.5%, 10.9%, and 2.5% of searches, respectively. more
  • National Lampoon
    Are you on pins and needles waiting for satirists to create YouTube videos that mock your earnest marketing efforts? Probably not. But in a post at his blog, Seth Godin says there's actually a good reason to embrace jokes made at your expense: It means that people have not only ... more
  • Boomers' Media Habits Shift Online, Turn Social
    Baby Boomers' consumption of media has shifted dramatically to the Internet: 62% of Boomers (age 45-63) spent more time on the Internet in 2009 than they did the year before, and the majority of Boomers had joined Facebook within the previous six months, according to survey conducted by CPH Research ... more
  • Brands With the Most Engaged, Loyal Customers
    At a time when consumers are searching for value in every purchase, Amazon, Google and Bing, Expedia and Kayak, and Scottrade took highest honors in 2009, among online providers, for successfully engaging consumers and creating loyal customers in their respective categories, according to the 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement ... more
  • You Can Climb This Pyramid
    Before you start soliciting links and becoming active in online communities, it's best to first ensure that your site's content, structure, and design are in peak condition, Virginia Nussey advises in a recent post at the Bruce Clay blog: "Before you can expect a site to develop inbound links, you have ... more
  • Teens Prefer Social Networking to Blogging
    Blogging has lost appeal for most teens and young adults in the past three years, but social networks such as Facebook and MySpace are more popular than ever, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. more
  • Event Attendance: IBM Gets Social
    When IBM suspected that a bad economy and widespread IT budget cuts would negatively affect attendance at its IMPACT 2009 SOA conference, it devised a strategy that used social networking and other online tactics to boost attendance and build stronger customer relationships. In a case study published by MarketingProfs, Sandy ... more
  • The Numbers: Super Bowl Ads, Social Media
    Among the 38 brands that ran TV commercials during the Super Bowl this year, 75% reported twice as many blog posts about their brands on Sunday, compared with levels on Sunday evenings over the previous six months, reports Radio Business Report, citing research from Prophesee, the social media arm of ... more
  • E-commerce Spending Up 3% in 4Q09
    Following four consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines, e-commerce spending grew 3% in the fourth quarter of 2009, to $39.0 billion, up from $38.1 billion in the third quarter of 2008, according to comScore. more
  • When Pizza Turns a New Leaf
    It'd be an understatement to say 2009 was a tough year for Domino's Pizza, what with the awkward employees-abusing-food scandal. A quick recap: two bored employees recorded themselves doing unpleasant things with food, and the video wound up on YouTube. Domino's responded swiftly enough, both terminating the employees and releasing an apologetic YouTube video ... more
  • Shine Like the Star You Are
    As B2B companies vie for attention in a still-wary marketplace, one of the keys to profitability is differentiation. Take a moment to ask yourself: How does your company set itself apart from the crowd? Does your team truly understand what makes your products or services stand out from those of ... more
  • Poor Web Performance Hurts Brands
    Consumer frustration with website performance during peak traffic times negatively affects business results: 78% of consumers have switched to a competitor's site due to poor Web performance during peak times, according to a new survey from Gomez. more
  • TV Ads Less Effective, Budgets Shifting Online
    More than half of advertisers (62%) say traditional TV advertising is less effective than it used to be, and many plan to shift their attention––and budgets––away from traditional TV to social media, online video ads, and branded advertising, according to a survey from Forrester and the Association of National Advertisers ... more
  • I Chat for a Good Cause
    The Great Recession has certainly not spared nonprofit organizations. With contributions down an average of nine percent, many charitable organizations have been forced to cut services. Some even face closure. Fortunately, though, the news is not all bad. "With the right marketing mix, savvy nonprofits are able to leverage social-media marketing ... more
  • Bing Searches Up  5% in January
    Google accounted for 71.49% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended Jan. 31, while Yahoo Search, Bing, and received 14.57%, 9.37%, and 2.64%, respectively, according to Experian Hitwise. more
  • Customer Acquisition Tops B2B Concerns
    During uncertain economic times, acquiring new business is the biggest challenge facing B2B companies: 38% of a small group of multichannel executives surveyed cite cost-effective customer acquisition as their highest concern this year, according to a recent survey from MeritDirect. more
  • Time for That Annual Check-up
    Now that companies are running at full throttle in the brand-new year, it's a good time to do a quick maintenance check of customer-service standards—and size up staff performance in terms of the customer experience. Can't hurt, right? Here are some guidelines that might help the process: A recent post ... more
  • What Am I, a Magician?
    In a post at the Email Karma blog, Matt Vernhout discusses recent layoffs at AOL and the challenges facing employees who remain. "The individuals [who] do end up making it past the latest round of layoffs and buyouts will now have a major increase in workload," he notes. We can assume ... more
  • Stronger Brands Recover From Recession Faster
    The world's most valued brands are recovering from the recession faster than the Standard & Poor's 500 as a whole: the BrandZ* Top 100 brands have returned a 28% higher yield than the S&P 500, and are becoming profitable ahead of the market, according to Millward Brown. more
  • Social Media Top Online Priority in 2010
    Most companies plan to invest heavily in social media this year: Nearly three-quarters (73.5%) say social media as part of their overall interactive strategy is either a new priority or more of a focus than it was in 2009, according to a new survey from ISITE Design. more

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