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  • Pay Up or Square Up
    PayPal made it possible to start an online business that transcends physical boundaries. Square takes that notion a step further, making it easier for you to process credit cards or debit cards wherever you are—right from your mobile phone. Here's how it works: Apply to use Square. The company sends you ... more
  • Youth Interest in 3D Video and HDTV High
    Younger US consumers (age 18-34) are more interested in viewing 3D video content on a TV or PC screen and are more likely to make an HDTV purchase over the next three months than other age groups, according to research from Ipsos Media. more
  • Sounds Good to Me!
    "I know I have said it a million times in speeches, articles and in person," writes Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars blog, "but telling someone 'thanks' is one of the best things that you can ever do for your email campaigns." He was particularly impressed by the follow-up he received ... more
  • Clean Up Your Act
    The number of leads generated by an outbound-marketing campaign should closely resemble the number of real customer opportunities you have waiting for follow-up, and the type of leads should mirror your ideal customer. As Dom Lindars writes at the Marketbright Blog, "Knowing exactly what you're looking for in a prospect ... more
  • Sweat the Small Stuff
    In this space, we usually discuss massive successes and epic failures. Sometimes, though, there's inspiration to be found in delightful little details that wouldn't normally merit the spotlight. Let's say you want a copy of The Official Preppy Handbook, a humorous dissection of the preppy lifestyle written by Lisa Birnbach in ... more
  • Email Trumps Social Media for Sharing
    Despite reports of its demise, email continues to beat out emerging social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as the favorite way to share information with colleagues and friends, according to a study from ShareThis. more
  • Business Use of Social Media Surges
    The use of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs for business purposes has skyrocketed in the last six months—with indications of wider adoption and more frequent sessions, according to research by Palo Alto Networks into application traffic patterns of computer networks. more
  • Just Leave Me Alone!
    You wouldn't add random people to your email list without their permission—you know better than that—but perhaps you're willing to take liberties with the email addresses of prominent bloggers like Chris Brogan. After all, you might reason, if he likes what he sees, he might forgive the spam you sent—and share the ... more
  • Americans Struggle to Feel Holiday Cheer
    A large majority of Americans (62.7%) say they can't get into the Christmas mood this year due to worries about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the healthcare debate, the economy, and concerns about jobs, according to America's Research Group. In previous seasons, outside forces affected no more than 48% ... more
  • Your Moustache Makes a Good Point
    Ever heard of Movember? It's a movement of men who shave their faces at the beginning of November and spend the rest of the month growing a saucy moustache, which they proceed to show off on Flickr, in blogs and across their social networks. It's now a worldwide phenomenon! What's Movember about? ... more
  • Online Remarketing Most Underutilized
    Among online marketing tactics available to Web marketers, remarketing––bringing back users that abandon a website––is the most underutilized, according to a survey conducted by SEMPO and Advertise.com. more
  • Chop That up Even Finer
    "The problem with the word 'segmentation' is that it has lost its meaning," says Andy Hasselwander in a recent post at the B2B Marketing Confidential blog. "Like [saying] 'analytics,' saying 'segmentation' can mean virtually anything." To better hone their targeting efforts, B2B marketers need to focus in on creating more ... more
  • Emerging Markets to Drive Smartphone Surge
    The smartphone market will climb to 37% of global handset sales in 2014, expanding from 16% of market share in 2009 to 37% in 2014, with emerging markets driving the growth, according to Pyramid Research. more
  • The Notorious CEO
    When rapper Biggie Smalls released "Ten Crack Commandments," he intended his lyrical advice for entrepreneurs who operate in a niche—and entirely illegal—industry. "The track is meant to be a crash-course for would-be crack dealers," notes Robert Moore at The Metric System blog, "but Biggie's ten commandments actually add up to ... more
  • US Marketing Models Won't Work in China
    The consumption of media among the Chinese––and the influence that media exerts on Chinese purchasing behavior––is significantly different from what it is for American consumers, according to ProsperChina.com and BIGresearch. Chinese consumers are also educated about Western brands and tend to be selective in their purchases. more
  • At the Crossroads
    You need to fill an open position on your marketing team, and you've lined up interviews for the most promising candidates. But in this economy—with so many people competing for so few jobs—you wonder how truthful each will be about his or her working style. Candidate A might say he loves ... more
  • Small Business Marketing in 2010: A Forecast
    Small business owners are planning to engage customers in new ways in 2010, according to an Ad-ology Research study: 28% say they will spend at least the same or more on online video, an increase of 75% over last year's plans; 25% say they will commit more resources to social ... more
  • Facebook Top Search Term, Google Top Site
    Among the top 300 Web search terms, Facebook was the top-searched term overall in 2009, accounting for 0.67 percent of all searches, according to Experian Hitwise, which also found that Google has been the most-visited site of 2009. more
  • Tips to Keep 'em Coming Back
    We all know the adage: It costs far more to get a new customer than to keep one you already have. And in today's economic climate, customer retention has become a precious commodity in its own right. So, how do you keep 'em coming back? In a recent guest post at ... more
  • Will This Be on the Test?
    "[T]here is altogether too much guessing and not enough proving in email marketing," says Stephanie Miller in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fox blog. "With inboxes overflowing, subscriber fatigue growing and competition from social networks increasing, it's no longer enough to broadcast out your best guess as to what ... more
  • Consumers Simply Want a Better Phone
    Consumers are asking for three features when they buy their next cell phone, including better connectivity, better audio, and simplicity, according to a survey by In-Stat. more
  • Q3 Email Click and Open Rates Increase
    Marketers used email communications more effectively during the year as open rates jumped to 22% in the third quarter of 2009 from 19.8% during the same period last year, or an increase of 11.1%, according to a study by Epsilon. more
  • Yoo-Hoo! Over Here!
    Write good content, you might assume, and the visitors will come. Or will they? "You'd better have more of a strategy than that," says Ian Lurie at the Conversation Marketing blog. "Ian's Cynical Version of the same rule is: 'Write the right good content, and they'll eventually show up.'" To determine ... more
  • How Small Businesses Leaders Use Social Media
    Small business decision-makers who use social media say they do so because of the convenience and speed with which they can access business-relevant information, according to a study by Business.com. In addition, those leaders who rely on social media for business purposes use on average 5.9 different social media resources. more
  • YourNameMisspelled.com
    When you register a domain name for your company's website, you're typically offered an array of alternatives to augment the usual .com suffix. "Many businesses register .org, .biz, .gov," notes Janine Popick at the VerticalResponse blog, "and they may even register their domains in other countries like Great Britain (.co.uk) ... more

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