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  • Email, Facebook, Twitter: How Users Engage With Brands
    More than 90% of consumers who are a fan of, or "like," at least one brand on Facebook also receive at least one permission-based marketing email per day, and roughly 75% of consumers who follow at least one brand on Twitter subscribe to at least one brand's email marketing, according ... more
  • 2010 US Ad Spend Forecast to Grow
    Tentative growth in the US advertising market has begun to propel the global ad recovery, prompting a revised forecast of global ad expenditure, now projected to grow 3.5% in 2010, up from the 2.2% forecast in April, 2010, according to projections by ZenithOptimedia. more
  • Use Freewriting to Brainstorm in Three Easy Steps
    Whether you've run out of inspiration or simply want to refine a good idea, a freewriting session might be the best way to get your best thoughts on the page. "I've seen people use it to create a strategic direction for their company, brainstorm ideas for a personal branding campaign, ... more
  • Matching Search Strategies to Business Goals: Here's Some Help
    "The true test of pursuing either an SEO campaign or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising (or both)," writes Scott Buresh in a recent Pro article at MarketingProfs, "is knowing that it all boils down to your company philosophy, return on investment (ROI) objectives, budget, and numerous other monetary and marketing factors." To help ... more
  • Email Metrics: Open and Click Rates Decline
    Email open and click-through rates declined sharply in 2009, especially in the latter half of the year, with performance levels varying dramatically by industry and email list size, according to a study by MailerMailer, which also found that open and click rates tended to be highest on Sundays. more
  • 4 Billion Web Video Ads Viewed in June
    More than 177 million US Internet users watched video content in June, also viewing more than 4.3 billion video ads, with Hulu generating the highest number of ad views at 566 million, according to Video Metrix 2.0 data from comScore, Inc. more
  • Three Ways to Stink at SaaS Marketing
    SaaS [software as a service] companies typically spend more on sales and marketing as a percentage of revenues than their on-premise software counterparts; and for most SaaS providers, customer acquisition is the single largest expense on the income statement. But what is the right amount to spend? SaaS companies ... more
  • You Can Calculate the Value of a Customer Tweet
    Ever wonder about the true long-range value of a tweet? Now you don't have to guess. Just plug a link, phrase, hashtag or screen name into to get a sense of the reach it's achieved via tweets and retweets. The cool part: TweetReach doesn't just reveal how many users ... more
  • Four Tips for Making Chatter Into a CRM Power Tool has released a beta of Salesforce Chatter, its "real-time collaboration cloud" that offers sales teams "a brand-new way to collaborate with people at work." So what exactly does Chatter offer? "Updates on people, groups, documents, and your application data come straight to you in your real-time feeds," the Chatter ... more
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment Pays Off in Recession
    Companies with strong alignment between marketing and sales departments have fared better during the economic recession, reporting higher levels of new customers, revenues, and customer retention than those with low alignment, according to a study by Miller Heiman and Northern Illinois University. more
  • Strategies for Keeping a Positive Outlook
    People kept asking consultant Tom Peters how they should cope with the negative effects of the economic downturn. He responded with a free, downloadable list of action points offered at his website. Called Forty-six 'Secrets' and 'Clever Strategies' For Dealing with the Recession of 2008-XXXX, the list includes common-sense items ... more
  • Beware the Danger of Strategic Shortages: Hot ≠ Loved
    In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Uzma Khan discusses the results of a study she and her colleagues conducted that examined the difference between consumers' wanting a product and actually liking it. The researchers awarded an electronics store gift card to people who completed a word puzzle. ... more
  • Digital, Direct Marketing Hiring Softens—Less so for B2B
    Weakening economic signals are having their effect on the employment outlook for digital and direct marketers in the third quarter (Q3), according to the latest quarterly employment report by Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC. more
  • Two Key Ways Email Can Boost Results in Other Channels
    "[O]nce you've created a regular email-communications program, or developed your smart auto-responders, are you remembering to strategically use email to strengthen and encourage relationships with your list members in other channels?" Karen Talavera asks in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. There's a simple reason why it's important to facilitate cross-channel interaction ... more
  • A Four-Part Plan for Harmonious Customer Service
    "I've recently come across a communication and knowledge management model called DIKW that is about how we act at our jobs," writes Paul Williams at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. "The acronym represents: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom. [And it] expresses how we process information—starting with raw data and mastering it ... more
  • Three Things You Need To Know About Website Design
    Jonathan Kranz writes that he often winces at the missed opportunities he sees in B2C and B2B websites. "There may be nothing particularly 'wrong' about the design, the underlying coding, or even the writing," he says at MarketingProfs, "but these websites aren't right, because they fail to connect with customers ... more
  • Bing's Search Share Up 7% in June
    Though Google continued to dominate search in June, accounting for 71.65% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ended June 26, Bing's share of searches reached 9.85%, up 7% from May, according to Experian Hitwise data. more
  • Want to Get Your Web Video Seen? Do This.
    "It doesn't matter how great your video is," writes Larry Kim in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. "[I]f people don't know it exists, it doesn't have much business value." That means you have to optimize your YouTube video for maximum visibility. So, how do you get the crowd to turn ... more
  • Tips for Building a Hot Mobile App
    In April, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker issued her report on this year's Internet trends. It included this revelation: Mobile is a hit, and in the next five years, people will be using it to get online far more often than any of their desktop devices. The current leader of this ... more
  • Don't Make These Four Mistakes With Your Leads
    As you nurture your leads, it's important to remember what "nurture" means. Because the last thing you want is to treat leads too aggressively, and so create a sense of alienation, before passing them along to Sales. In a helpful post at Marketo, Maria Pergolino identifies 10 faux pas to ... more
  • AMA Salary Survey: Marketers Cautiously Optimistic
    Despite the residual signs of the economic recession in 2010, marketers have some reason to be optimistic: 53% of marketing professionals say their salaries have increased in 2010 from a year earlier, according to the annual salary survey from the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Aquent. more
  • World Cup Sponsors' Ads Score Big
    Spain and the Netherlands may be the World Cup final contenders on Sunday, July 11, but official World Cup advertisers in the US and UK also scored big with TV viewers during the first half of the tournament, and their ads outperformed those of non-sponsors, according to Nielsen. more
  • Map Your Twitter Data to Boost Customer Engagement
    Chloe Sladden (@ChloeS) of Twitter recently said Twitter was worth more to MTV during the 2009 Video Music Awards than Nielsen was. Twitter worked with MTV to provide illustrated data on reactions as users watched the VMAs. Kanye West's interruption of artist Taylor Swift's acceptance speech made a splash: A ... more
  • Seven B2B Marketing Lessons
    What's the easiest way to learn a tactical lesson about B2B marketing? By hearing it from someone who's already learned it the hard way. You gain the knowledge—but avoid the pain. That's the basic philosophy behind the MarketingProfs B2B Forum: It offers experiential case studies, best practices—you name it—to help ... more
  • 'Facebook Fatigue' Afflicts Teens
    Most online teens (90%) use at least one social networking site—with Facebook still their top social destination—but nearly one-fifth (19%) of teens who have created a Facebook profile say they no longer visit the social site or are using it less, according to a survey from Roiworld. more

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