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  • Online Video Streaming Up 25% YOY
    Two key indicators of online video usage are up 24.8% year over year, according to Nielsen's September US Online Video report. YouTube remains the leading source of online video, delivering almost 6.7 billion streams in September. more
  • They Like Us! They Really Like Us!
    Research coming out of Penn State reports that 20% of tweets—those wee messages published on Twitter—are brand-oriented. And not the way you'd naturally expect. While researchers originally thought they'd find lots of brand engagement in the form of product reviews or referrals, what they discovered was this (hold on to ... more
  • Must We Really Move Up to Three?
    Just when B2B marketers felt they had mastered Web 2.0, along comes talk of Web 3.0. Yikes. So what's the talk all about? And must you listen to it? In a recent post at the B2B Insights Blog, J. Leigh Brown offers a brief overview of Web 1, 2 and 3 ... more
  • Never Break the Chain
    "With so many professionals paying so much attention and money to SEO efforts," says Jeff Blum of MBA Depot, "I am shocked by a huge mistake I see made repeatedly—site redesigns that break old links." You've earned links by producing good content, and each one comes with plenty of ... more
  • Consumers 18-34 in US vs. Canada
    Young adults 18-34 in Canada and the US agree that healthcare, education, and employment are the three most important issues facing their respective countries. But striking differences exist between these consumer groups. more
  • 36% of Internet Users Visit Newspaper Sites
    Newspaper websites attracted more than 70.3 million unique visitors in June (35.9% of Internet users), and their print counterparts inspired 82% of adults to take some kind of action, from clipping a coupon to visiting a website to learn more. more
  • Would You Like a Tattoo With That?
    "Hoping to keep its 119 rooms filled," writes Hugo Martín at the Los Angeles Times, "Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach is offering an unusual promotion for its countercultural clientele: an Ink and Stay package that includes $100 toward a tattoo and a bottle of tequila to numb the pain." The ... more
  • I Just Want to Say Thank You
    Retailers know that offering customers a little something extra with their purchases is always a crowd-pleaser. Unexpected better deal, happy customer. Now comes research that digs a bit deeper into relationship marketing (RM) to explore the hidden power of customer gratitude—for both short-term and long-term seller benefit. These researchers monitored customers ... more
  • Is This Stamp-Worthy?
    "Stamps (remember those?) make direct mail work," says Seth Godin in a post at his blog. "Because it costs money to send a piece of junk mail, you'll think two or three times before you mail something to a million people." And how. But because they think of email as "free," ... more
  • Global Ad Spend Down Nearly 10%
    Worldwide advertising expenditure in 2009 is estimated to be down 9.8% compared with 2008, a downward revision of 4 percentage points from projections issued in March, according to media communications agency Carat. more
  • B2B Marketers Shift Strategy, Focus in 2009
    Read this exclusive excerpt from "B2B Marketing in 2009: Trends in Strategies and Spending," recently published by MarketingProfs and available in full to Pro members. more
  • How a Minority Can Look Like a Majority
    Let's say a travel company sends out a series of email messages with a variety of offers. Campaigns 1 and 3 produce average clickthrough rates of just over 4 percent; campaigns 2 and 4, however, generate rates of 6.68 percent and 6.4 percent, respectively. "Clearly, emails 2 and 4 resonated ... more
  • LinkedOut
    Not long ago, Elaine Fogel used a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog to discuss her case of "Social Media Rejection Syndrome." It all began when someone not only rejected her LinkedIn invitation but also sent a note explaining why: "I only make connections with people I've met personally ... more
  • Make This List, and Check It Twice
    If you sell products to consumers, the year-end holidays are a make-or-break big deal. So, making sure online buyers find you easily and happily by planning your search strategy ahead of launch is paramount. Derek Gordon provides some useful tips for doing so in a recent issue of VatorNews. Among them:  ... more
  • Consumers Dislike Behavioral Targeting
    Most US adults (66%) do not want marketers to tailor advertisements to their interests, and only 47% appreciated getting targeted discounts. more
  • Try an Event-Driven Email
    In a post at the Email Wars blog, Dylan Boyd praises a recent message from Banana Republic. The minimalist email used simple text on an all-black background to announce an online sale that took place on 09.09.09. The copy read like this: "9 Hours Only! 20% off our favorite styles ... more
  • Consumer Confidence at 1-Yr. High
    US consumer sentiment reached a 12-month high in October, according to the most recent results of the RBC CASH (Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household) Index. more
  •  Marketing Gets SaaS-sy
    If you are assessing your company's readiness to add SaaS providers to your partner base, it's important to consider the strategic differences that underlie a SaaS strategy. "You'll need to do more than tweak your on-premise marketing strategy to meet the unique challenges of marketing your SaaS solution," says Peter ... more
  • You Can't Not Hire Me
    Thanks to the topsy-turvy economy, many marketing professionals who never planned to make a career change are suddenly looking for work. And if you belong to this job-seeking brigade—or suspect you might soon join their number—it's time to get that resume in order. In a feature at the Editorial Emergency ... more
  • Death by Email: A Quick How-to
    There are infinite ways to destroy an email marketing program. And in a recent humorous post at the blog, Andrew Kordek explains how to ruin your reputation in nine easy steps. It's easier than you think! Among Kordek's "tips": Blather. "First and foremost," he begins, "you need to understand ... more
  • Companies Frown on Tweeting, Friending
    Visiting social networks such as Facebook or Twitter except for clear business reasons is discouraged or outlawed outright at a majority of US workplaces. more
  • STAMP Out the Ad Noise
    Across all demographics—and yes, we mean all demographics—social networks are where the traffic's at. Because barriers to entry are low and engagement is high, this is perfect turf for marketers who want to communicate with users on a personal level. Best way to do that? Invite them to share in an immersive ... more
  • Oh, Yeah? Give Me One Good Reason.
    "Marketers who embrace demand generation and lead nurturing programs must generate a lot of content to keep those programs running," Ardath Albee notes in a recent post at the Marketing Interactions blog. But generating content for content's sake alone never gets the job done, she adds. To be effective, lead-gen ... more
  • Peripheral Vision
    If we were to ask you to describe your competition, you'd probably talk about companies that do exactly what you do. The owner of an Indian restaurant will discuss other Indian restaurants, for instance, while a florist will focus on rival flower shops. That approach is completely understandable—they are, after ... more
  • Google Performs 71% of Searches in September
    Google accounted for 71.08% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ending Oct. 3, 2009, according to just released research. Yahoo Search, Bing, and received 16.38%, 8.96%, and 2.56%, respectively. more

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