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  • Consultative Selling: Staying Above the Fray
    The economic downturn in the technology sector has put a squeeze on resellers' margins. Not surprisingly, many value-added resellers (VARs) are looking to their professional services—not just products sales—to hit their profit goals. Others are evaluating partnerships and rethinking marketing strategies. But with client demands at through-the-roof levels, selling approaches ... more
  • Don't Jerk Me Around
    If we asked you to describe the jerk in your office, we'd probably get an earful. Maybe it's a colleague, a boss or even the CEO. Perhaps we put up with their bad behavior because we think they're visionary leaders or they possess a specific skill set we can't do ... more
  • Anecdotally Speaking
    Not long ago, the friend of a MarketingProfs colleague—we'll call him Pete—sighed in annoyance as he tapped furiously on his iPhone's keypad. He was visibly angry as he explained he had just received "the thousandth email this month" from a major retailer. "I'm sick of it," he said. "I'm unsubscribing. ... more
  • Relevancy, Discounts Matter Most to Women
    Relevancy matters to women when receiving marketing communications. More than half (58%) of respondents in a recent survey said they want information that pertains to their lifestyle or relates to their recent purchases. more
  • Don't You Dare Dis My Babble!
    This summer, Pear Analytics released a study that got plenty of play in the Twitter/blogosphere. According to the Pear research, 40.5 percent of the messages published on social-media-darling Twitter are "pointless babble," and a mere 8.7 percent of tweets have pass-along value to others. The piece won itself a lot of ... more
  • Active Headlines Get More Attention
    Fact No.1 That We All Know: Providing free content such as whitepapers or research reports can be a great B2B lead generator. Fact No.2 That We All Know: B2B marketers' inboxes are overloaded with daily free-content offers. So, what's a content provider to do to stand out in the crowd? According ... more
  • Frugal Consumers to Keep Retail Sales Flat
    Frugal consumers are choosing to put more of their money into their savings accounts rather than into retailers’ cash registers, which translates into a glum forecast for retailers. more
  • I Don't Care What You Think, I Call a Do-Over
    It's going to happen sooner or later—a misprint will offer your product or service for a ridiculously low price that's too good to be true. Not long ago, writes Jackie Huba at the Church of the Customer Blog, big-box retailer Best Buy experienced just such a snafu when its website ... more
  • Daft Punk Plays Here
    It's not just the recession; the digital revolution has wreaked havoc on traditional music retailers, who can rarely match online juggernauts like iTunes or eMusic on price or convenience. "As of April," reports Amy Kaufman at The Wrap, "there were 185 record stores in the LA area, down from 259 ... more
  • Google Wave: A Sea Change for Marketers?
    Starting today, Google will invite 100,000 users to beta-test its much-buzzed Wave. What will the hugely ambitious communication and collaboration platform mean for marketers? more
  • Small Quantity? Then I Expect Quality
    As we approach the holiday season, wary merchants may be limiting their inventories so as not to be left with huge amounts of unsold product in the new year. The challenge for marketers: How do you make a more limited array of product options still draw customers in? New research ... more
  • Put Your Metrics to Work for You
    In a recent article for MarketingProfs, Karen Talavera discussed the importance of measuring metrics that matter, and outlined the difference between process metrics and contribution metrics. In a follow-up article at the site, she explains how the information you've gathered can be used to produce valuable insights like these: Post-campaign response ... more
  • Consumer Confidence Dips Again
    After improving in August, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index dipped in September and now stands at 53.1 (1985=100). Consumers' outlook on jobs and business conditions in the months ahead also sagged. more
  • E-Coupons Gaining in Popularity
    US consumers are increasingly using e-coupons, as well as their traditional print cousins, to trim spending as the recession drags on. more
  • Use the Right Tools
    In a post at Harvard Business Online, Scott Anthony recalls a client who read a magazine article suggesting a focus on quantitative research for businesses with limited resources. He wanted to know if this would, indeed, produce the best data. Anthony's response: "While of course quantitative surveys can generate important ... more
  • Oh, No, Not Her Again!
    "Eighty-seven-year-old Gladys has a reputation among her fellow retirement community members," write Marilyn Shuttle and Lori Jo Vest in the first chapter of Who's Your Gladys? "She's known as a cranky complainer who is impossible to please." But when she called Professional Movers for a quote, the company's sales rep, ... more
  • Searchers to Subscribers to Fans
    "If you're interested in building a flourishing online brand and website that generates links and traffic organically as part of your Internet marketing efforts, it's important to develop an active base of subscribers and fans," says Adam Singer in a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog. Here are a ... more
  • Telecoms Increased Advertising in 1H09
    Spending on advertising in Jan.-June 2009 fell 14.3% YOY, but the telecom category experienced solid growth (7.5%), with Sprint Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon increasing spending 55.3%, 6.3% and 3.1% respectively. more
  • We'll Have a Gay Old Time
    We've seen Sarah Haskins critique advertising that patronizes women, and now it's time for Bryan Safi's take on commercials that handle gay topics with varying degrees of respect. In this occasionally off-color video from Current TV, he begins with a few ads that use gay men as the punchline for ... more
  • 3-2-1 Blast Off!
    If you read many email marketing blogs, you've probably noticed their authors tend to hate the word "blast." Scott Cohen is no exception, and—in a post called "The Naughtiest Word in Email Marketing"—he discusses "its general evilness and lack of thought about the recipients." Here's why he believes the word should ... more
  • Americans Did 13.9 Billion Searches in August
    Google remains the undisputed king of search, but a recent analysis of search activity uncovered a few surprises. more
  • 'Oh, and Here's Another Neat Thing...'
    Heard those words in a software demo lately? Regardless of how important the demo can be in a complex B2B sale, it's not hard for you, or your customers, to lose focus during a demonstration. Done effectively, however, the demo educates your buyers, engenders trust and helps you gain credibility. ... more
  • Monetize This
    "We were looking at all the conferences coming up," says Guy Kawasaki at the beginning of a video from the Revenue Bootcamp conference, "and everything was about social media and Twitter and basically gathering eyeballs, but nobody was talking about monetizing people. And so we thought, what a concept, maybe ... more
  • OK, OK, so I Screwed Up
    Despite your commitment to following best practices, you might still commit minor email-marketing sins on occasion. Well, take heart: You are not alone. In a post at the Email Experience Council blog, Marco Marini recounts asking his staff to create a list of the 10 most frequent mistakes they have ... more
  • Ad Spending on Social Networks Doubles
    Time spent on social network and blogging sites accounted for 17% of all the time Americans spent online in August 2009, nearly triple the figure for August 2008. Ad spending more than doubled over the same period. more

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