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  • Facebook Emerges as News-Content Provider
    With users numbering in the hundreds of millions, Facebook is fast becoming an important online news-content provider: In January 2010, it accounted for 3.5% of upstream visits to sites in the News and Media category, surpassing Google News, which accounted for 1.39% of visits, according to Hitwise Intelligence. more
  • HDTVs Could Reach 74% of Homes by 2012
    Nearly two-thirds (62%) of US consumers have HDTVs in their home, and another 12% are looking to purchase one within the next two years, bringing the potential market penetration to nearly three out of four households (74%) in the US, according to a new study from ORC. more
  • Americans Passionate About Music, OK With Ads
    Americans love their music: 72% of consumers surveyed consider themselves passionate about music,* and one-third (33%) say they "would give anything" to meet their music idols, according to a recent survey from Synovate. more
  • Twitter Reveals iPad Sentiment
    Just two hours after Apple's January 27 announcement of the much-anticipated iPad, 71% of circulated tweets analyzed were favorable toward the iPad, up 21 percentage points from the 50% favorability recorded two hours before the announcement, according to a study from Attensity. more
  • Time for Tea and Tweets
    Remember when we told you about Twitcam, the service that lets you stream live video via Twitter? This is kind of like that, but with more oomph and less lag. Say hello to tinychat, which lets you host live Web meetings, TV shows, music jam sessions—or whatever else you wanna do ... more
  • Email Delivery: 20% Don't Reach Inboxes
    Nearly one in five (19.8%) of permissioned commercial emails failed to reach US and Canadian subscribers during the second half of 2009, a slight improvement from the 20.7% recorded in the first half of the year, according to a new study from Return Path. more
  • I Wouldn't Do That if I Were You
    We may all have our Things to Do lists that we check off daily, but how about considering some Things to Not Do in 2010? In a recent post at the Anything Goes Marketing blog, Chad Horenfeldt offers his Top Five mistakes that B2B marketers need to avoid making this ... more
  • Unclear ROI Impedes Mobile Marketing
    Though most companies (75%) say mobile marketing is at least somewhat important to their marketing plans this year, many are still unsure about its practicality and ROI: 32% of marketers and business professionals cite not knowing how to make a business case as their biggest impediment to executing a mobile ... more
  • Online Searches for Life Insurance Up 15%
    Consumers are using the Web more than ever to research insurance policies and request quotes: Searches containing the term "life insurance" grew to a record high of 16.6 million queries in 2009, up 15% from the previous year, according to a study from comScore. more
  • Newspaper Sites Draw 37% of Web Users
    Newspaper websites attracted an average monthly unique audience of 72 million visitors in the fourth quarter of 2009––37% of all Internet users––according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). more
  • Hurry Up or You'll Be Sorry!
    Some companies seem addicted to email campaigns that shout breathless, time-sensitive offers. Each week, it seems, they tell subscribers about special deals that simply can't be missed—only to make a similar offer the following week. In a post at the Email Marketing Reports blog, Mark Brownlow provides a screenshot with 19 emails ... more
  • YouTube Top Business Topic of Jan. Tweets
    YouTube was the top Twitter conversation topic in the business category in early January 2010, followed by Facebook, and Google, according to a study from Sysomos. more
  • Time Spent on Social Media Surges
    Consumers spent an average 5.6 hours on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009, up 82% from the same time last year, when users were spending just under 3.1 hours on social sites, according to a 10-country* study by The Nielsen Company. more
  • Top Haiti Relief Search Terms
    Across all major search engines, the top 10 search terms containing "Haiti relief" accounted for nearly half of the 679 search terms containing "Haiti relief," which itself was the top term, accounting for 12.16% of searches for the four weeks ended January 23, 2010, according to Hitwise Search Intelligence. more
  • What Can Celebrities Do for You?
    If you tune in to Access Hollywood or flip through the pages of Us magazine, you'll see features on the clothing, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics favored by trend-setting celebrities. In many cases, these products were provided as "gifts" from companies eager for the editorial coverage that a celebrity's interest can ... more
  • Confidence in Corporate, Sales Messaging Weak
    Although companies know they need a marketing message that stands out in the marketplace, 62% of executives rate their company's message as average to poor and only 38% say their company has a differentiated story, according to a survey from Corporate Visions. more
  • You Were Right Here All the Time?
    We recently encouraged businesses to expand their local search horizons and add more local flavor to their national search campaigns. Now, in a post at the Content Rich blog, Jon Wuebben offers more arguments for growing local roots in your search campaigns.  Wuebben quotes Neg Norton, president of the Yellow Pages Association, who ... more
  • Android Shaking Up Smartphone Market
    Google's Android has been available as an open-source platform for just over one year, but the new mobile operating system has already gained significant market traction: Android users initiated seven times more downloads of mobile entertainment content than iPhone users in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to Myxer. more
  • The Birth of a Blog
    When building an online community, there are some underlying principles that hold true whether a company is large or small, and among those is a genuine commitment to openness and fostering a dialogue. When starting a blog, companies need to be prepared to embrace those principles; they must also be ... more
  • Marketers Redefine Success During Recession
    Nearly two-thirds of marketers (64%) say they define success differently in the economic downturn while over one-half (55%) say emphasis on short-term responses to the economic slowdown has led them to neglect long-term strategy, according to a survey from Spencer Stuart. more
  • Consumer Confidence Up Moderately in Jan.
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had increased in December, improved further in January and now stands at 55.9 (1985=100), up from 53.6 in December, the Conference Board reported. more
  • Decade's Top 10 Viral Campaigns
    The most significant online viral campaign of the decade was "Mentos and Diet Coke experiments" by, according to a survey conducted by GoViral. more
  • Most Hispanics to Participate in Census
    With 2010 Census questionnaires set to arrive in mailboxes across the country by mid-March, 84% of Hispanics intend to be counted this year and are confident that personal information collected won't be shared with other government organizations, according to a survey from Telemundo and Ipsos Public Affairs. more
  • Online Fraud Down in 2009
    Even in the current economic climate, investments in fraud management are paying off as total estimated online revenues lost to fraud fell 18% in 2009, down to $3.3 billion from $4 billion in 2008, according to a survey from CyberSource. more
  • Lessons of the Little Mermaid
    You're probably familiar with the story of The Little Mermaid. In this classic tale of unrequited love, a girl exchanges her voice for the chance to be close to a prince. It's a parable about finding the right voice amid the melee. Faced with a plentitude of uncertainties about social media, ... more

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