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The Importance of the Right Offer in Lead Generation

According to Dan McDade, the foundation of any lead generation program is the right offer—one that intelligently addresses a prospect's real problems. "When you fully understand their pain points and needs and can align them with a clear offer and comprehensive benefits, the sales nurturing process will leapfrog ahead," he writes at MarketingProfs. So enhance your lead gen efforts with offer-creation tips like these:

Base your offer on the three conditions of need. Your prospects might have a fear of loss in the current situation; a perception that the situation is deteriorating; or a sense that your product or service could improve the future situation. Move them through the nurturing process more swiftly with an offer that addresses the first two conditions. "[S]elling to the third condition is selling into wishful thinking and therefore very difficult," he notes.

Highlight the ultimate benefits of your product or service. Whether it's saving time, money or—even—lives, use your offer to address what you do best. "The key to using ultimate benefits," he says, "lies in linking differentiators to the most significant ultimate benefit so that the reader sees why buying from your company will provide a benefit and why your company is different."

Address all of the reasons people buy. Prospects make purchases on behalf of their companies, obviously, but an offer should also appeal to their personal goals. Do they want recognition for a smart choice? Will successful implementation make it easier to ask for a raise? Or will it simply make them feel safer in their job?

The Po!nt: Generate and nurture leads with offers that feel tailor-made to a prospect's specific pain points and needs.

Source: MarketingProfs.

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