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Five Tips for Writing Email Copy That Sells

Five Tips for Writing Email Copy That Sells

Writing copy for your email campaign can be daunting, in large part because "it needs to successfully navigate the line between creativity and calculated buying psychology," notes the Marketfish blog. "It's all about climbing inside the customer's head and mining for the words that will make that person buy your product."

So how do you get it just right? Consider bits of advice like the following.

Choose clarity over creativity. You won't win any prizes—or convert any subscribers—with compound-complex sentences, five-syllable words, and extended metaphors. Your message should be easily digestible, even if a reader merely scans your email.

Write in the second person. It's what we're doing here, and it makes your reader feel like you're talking directly to her. "Just use 'you' and 'your' and write like ... Read More

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