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Get to the Po!nt: Social Media

Socialize Me! In Stages, Though, Please.

Socialize Me! In Stages, Though, Please.

The journey to complete socialization (the connected kind, not the 1984 kind) takes time, and it's okay to do it in steps.

Sometimes it helps your advancement in the social direction when you can clearly see where you've been—and how that affects where you could be headed.

That's why Chris Carfi of Ant's Eye View has put together the Social Engagement Journey, which takes you through five social stages—from basic broadcast to fully engaged.

Let's go through 'em together:

Traditional. This is about one-way communication driven by command-and-control businesses. Still here? Get movin'! This model won't be sustainable for long.

Experimental. There's some social dabbling, but it's disconnected from overall business operations. This stage is characterized by fractured tools, silo'd efforts (the "social media intern" in the marketing department ring a bell?). Well, ... Read More

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