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Five Steps for Managing a PR Crisis

Five Steps for Managing a PR Crisis

It's unlikely that your brand will ever face a public relations catastrophe on the scale of British Petroleum, Bank of America, or Enron. But there's a chance you'll encounter crisis on a smaller scale. And hindsight allows you to study their errors then decide what you'd do differently. Anita Williams Weinberg, writing at MarketingProfs, says, "The answers ... likely all boil down to a few simple, common-sense steps."

Prioritize an immediate remedy. Before anything else, you must create a solution and communicate its precise details. "Now is the time to really put your customers first—even though your gut instincts might tell you to focus elsewhere," she notes.

Own the error. Get ahead of the story by taking immediate responsibility. It's the right thing to do, and it gives ... Read More

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