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How To Caputure a Moment in Time Through the 'Eyes of Many'

by Seni Thomas  |  
April 6, 2008

How to archive events from multiple perspectives
The primary concept that the majority of my brain power has been allocated to has been the idea of community feeds that I discussed in my previous article, "Harnessing the Wisdom of YOUR Crowds: Why the Wisdom of Crowds Is Flawed."

However, another interesting concept grew out of my efforts to create one of these community feeds around the attendees of the 2008 Blogger Social that is taking place in New York.
Community Event-streaming
How many parties have you been to where the host asked everyone to upload pictures to a Flickr group or videos to a YouTube channel? Everyone wants to crowdsource the task of capturing a moment in time as one person can't be everywhere at once, but we still want to experience everything.
Now pictures and videos are nice, but what about capturing the conversations that give the media context? Currently it is lost and you need your friends to walk you through their albums for the full effect.
The solution?
1. Create a Friend Feed account with the name of the event
2. Friend everyone that will be attending
3. Export the aggregated information through RSS
4. The RSS channel becomes the archive of everything that happened at the event, which can be searched and explored
This system will aggregated everything from pictures, to blog posts, to tweets, and also allows you to comment on every piece of social media to provide it with context.
As a proof of concept I have built a feed for the Blogger Social '08, so I hope all those that couldn't attend join us:

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Seni Thomas

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Guided by his passion and thirst to evolve the ad-scape, Seni developed The Ad-Vocate. The key to igniting change is empowerment through knowledge; thus, Seni sought to create a location where students and young professionals could be exposed to the cutting edge advertising/marketing ideas that educational institutions simply aren't providing.

Seni Thomas was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived throughout Southeast Asia before settling down on the island of Maui. After enduring a severe case of Island Fever he jumped ship to NYU's Stern School of Business in good old New York City studying Marketing and International Business. Professionally he is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit which led to him founding a web development and computer repair company at 14. After a quarter life crisis at 15 - after a summer working 40 hours a week at Boeing R&D on Maui - he decided to pursue his other passion of marketing - essentially the study of people and why these crazy creatures do what they do. Interesting stuff. Since then he has dabbled in everything from launching Alternate Reality Games, to ethnic fashion marketing, to in-game ad placement at Massive Inc., to aiding in the launch of Verizon's FiOS television service.

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  • by Scott Monty Wed Apr 16, 2008 via blog

    The other alternative is to find a site that's specifically designed to do what you'd like to do: Linkory. (Full disclosure: Linkory is a client of my employer, crayon). Check out what Greg Verdino & I had to say about Blogger Social:

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