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How to Jump on the Content Marketing Bandwagon [Infographic]

by Guest Blogger  |  
December 5, 2011

A guest post by Kate D’Amico and Katie Lewis of Come Recommended.

"Content marketing” is an often-used phrase by marketers these days, but what is it exactly? Why should you care? How is it done? And what are examples of other companies doing it well?

We pulled all this information into one place.

The result of our efforts is the infographic below, designed by Shamgar Tracts.

How to Jump on the Content Marketing Bandwagon

Kate D’Amico and Katie Lewis are content creator trainees at Come Recommended.

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  • by David S Mon Dec 5, 2011 via blog

    Worked for Apple, right? Oh. Wait a minute.

  • by Yinka olaito Tue Dec 6, 2011 via blog

    Like i maintained in my blog,Those who ignora content marketing today-especially B2B- may still be living in the Stone Age without knowing with these additional benefits

  • by Michelle Hill Tue Dec 6, 2011 via blog

    Really nicely designed infographic! I'm a big fan of them! The content marketing revolution is starting to happen over here in the UK, albeit a bit behind the US. There is still a fair amount of educating to do but lots of marketing are jumping on the bandwagon.


  • by Tiffany Willis Sat Dec 10, 2011 via blog

    I want to share this on my blog. Do you have embed code? Beautifully done!

  • by Ann Handley Mon Dec 12, 2011 via blog

    Grab the embed code here:

    Thanks, Tiffany!

  • by anne dibattista Tue Dec 13, 2011 via blog

    Love This! I believe it would help our Main Street Community Businesses. Can I please include your article and graphics in an email newsletter that reaches approx. 250 businesses? Yes I will give all the credit to you - (see below) or please notify me how you would like the credit be phrased. Thanks again, even if the answer is no.... great job!

    Kate D’Amico and Katie Lewis are content creator trainees at Come Recommended.The result of our efforts is the infographic below, designed by Shamgar Tracts

  • by Ann Handley Tue Dec 13, 2011 via blog

    Absolutely... credit the fine folks at Come Recommended. It's all theirs.... Thanks, Anne!

  • by Anne DiBattista Sat Dec 17, 2011 via blog

    Thank you so much Ann. I will give kudo's and credits to Come Recommended. I do think this will help our small main street community.

  • by John McConnell Thu Jan 5, 2012 via blog

    Excellent infographic. Every business small or large has to seriously include content and inbound marketing into their 2012 budgets!

  • by @ArthurGermain Fri Mar 22, 2013 via blog

    New Link:

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