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Should Marketers be Pinterested? [Infographic]

by Corey O'Loughlin  |  
February 2, 2012

I’m an early adopter of nearly every technology, but for some reason, Pinterest never appealed to me. Admittedly, this is probably because I knew what a massive time suck it could be and that I’d probably become obsessed with it.

When the time came to consider if Pinterest was a good fit for the MarketingProfs brand, a few factors had to be considered:

  • What goal can it accomplish?

  • How do we measure success?

  • Who will manage it?

  • What added value does it provide over other social networks?

Because Pinterest is becoming an increasingly important channel for marketers, we felt it was only right to take a stab at it ourselves. Our goal? Branding/Awareness of our Free Basic Membership. Measuring Success? All shared links are tracked with Google Analytics to test conversions and referral traffic. Who will do it? The great thing about Pinterest is that you can divide the work by assigning contributors, so we chose four team members across the marketing and content teams. What’s the added value? We feel it allows us to tell a broader story of MarketingProfs, of how we see and love marketing, a story that isn’t easily told elsewhere.

I’ll admit it. It’s been fun, really fun—and we are tracking nicely towards our success metrics. But like all new things, we have to take a step back and analyze if this channel is really an effective one for marketers everywhere.

Here’s the good news: Monetate, a company that provides marketing agility products and expert optimization resources, has done the digging for us and packaged it nicely in an infographic (don’t you love that?).

Here are my 3 top takeaways:

  1. Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+.

  2. Pinterest’s unique visitors have increase 329% from September to December 2011.

  3. To be successful on Pinterest, you should promote a lifestyle.

Check out the infographic below and be sure to comment on your current/future use of Pinterest. And to follow the MarketingProfs boards, click on over to our Pinterest Account.

Happy pinning!

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Corey O'Loughlin is a marketing manager at MarketingProfs. Reach her via Twitter.

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  • by Sally Erickson Thu Feb 2, 2012 via blog

    Hi Corey,
    The "promote a lifestyle" one really floored me. I had already determined that if you couldn't picture what you wanted to say, Pinterest wasn't going to work for your business, but "promote a lifestyle"? Please tell me what "lifestyle" MarketingProfs is promoting. Maybe then I'll get an idea of what that means to me at Erickson Creative. Thanks.

  • by Corey O'Loughlin Thu Feb 2, 2012 via blog

    Hi Sally-
    Thanks for reading and for you comment! I can see you've followed a few of our boards, and as I think you can see, we are trying to display the "lifestyle" of marketers, and also, the "lifestyle" of our own team (through our Insta-Profs board). We are hoping to provide boards that are both useful and entertaining to fellow mareters. Let us know what you think, we are just getting our toes wet in this space.

  • by Lesley Fri Feb 3, 2012 via blog

    Pinterest for companies like MarketingProfs can also provide a "behind the scenes" look at team members, office setting, office culture, etc as a "lifestyle." The great thing about the site in the first place is that it allows you to be creative in how you use it. Examples of other companies to check out are Mashable and TIME Magazine. Both do great jobs of providing content that will be of most interest to their users.

    Happy pinning!

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