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The Brands That Won The Oscars

by Jason Kapler  |  
February 25, 2013

Hollywood came alive during last night’s 85th Academy Awards ceremony, where the stars wore their best and the movie industry’s finest were honored. The excitement of the glitz and glamour was in full force on the social web during last night’s Oscar ceremony as well. Fittingly, many advertisers capitalized on the increased interest, using the show as a launchpad for ads that catered to the show's viewers.

Networked Insights analyzed social activity related to the ads and celebrities that were in the spotlight during last night's Oscars. More than 8.9 million conversations across Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, and IMDb took place about the show and the brands advertised.

The results reveal a clear picture of the most well-received brands that made ad appearances, including Samsung, Grey Poupon, and JCP. Samsung had the highest volume of social conversations as well as the highest positive sentiment associated with their ads, driven in part by Tim Burton’s cameo in their final “Unicorn Apocalypse” ad. Conversations around the Grey Poupon brand skyrocketed after its ad aired, resulting in four times the brand’s daily average number of conversations.

Celebrity conversations were in full force across the social web as well. Jennifer Lawrence was crowned the most discussed celebrity, with more than 681,000 social conversations, followed by Anne Hathaway (473,000), Seth MacFarlane (232,000), Kristen Stewart (221,000), and Channing Tatum (209,000). The largest conversation spike occurred when Michelle Obama announced Argo as the Best Picture, followed by Mark Wahlberg’s announcement of a tie for the Best Sound Editing category.

Additional insights into the Oscars ceremony are below. All analysis was performed with Networked Insights’ SocialSense technology—the same marketing decisions platform used by advertisers, marketers, and entertainment companies to extract consumer insights and real-time trends from social data.

Oscars 2013: Social Activity

More than 8.9 million conversations about the Oscars on social media (during the red carpet segment and live telecast) took place.

Advertiser Key Points
(# of social conversations in chart below)

  • Samsung had the highest positive sentiment and volume, much of which was driven by Tim Burton’s cameo in the final “unicorn apocalypse” ad.

  • Apple’s conversation was very polarizing.

  • Coca-Cola’s conversation was very polarizing.

  • Grey Poupon saw 4X its daily average number of conversations.

  • JCP’s ads were well-received.

Most Discussed Celebrities

(Here are the ten most discussed celebrities by number of Tweets.)

Largest conversation spikes

#1: Michelle Obama announcing Argo as the Best Picture.
#2: Mark Wahlberg announcement of the tie for Best Sound Editing.

Viewer reactions to Seth MacFarlane

(percentage of conversations on social media related to Seth during the Oscars)

1. Liked Seth's performance overall  (20%)

2. Approved of his singing/dancing  (18%)

3. Liked the sock puppet sketch  (17%)

4. Disliked's Seth's performance  (13%)

5. Liked the "Boobs" song (12%)

Did you see the Oscars this weekend? And if so, were you engaged in social media while viewing the ceremony? What caught your attention on the social networks?
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Jason Kapler is Director of Marketing at Networked Insights, a social media analytics company and technology partner to leading brands and networks.

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