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Three Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Regus B2B Social Rewards Program

by Rebecca Tann  |  
April 10, 2013

Innovative marketers would never say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” My philosophy is more proactive and forward-thinking: “What’s next? How can we constantly improve upon what’s already working?”

My marketing team is made up of smart risk-takers. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit our company, Regus, and take the same advice Regus gives to our clients: Being flexible allows you to capitalize on new opportunities and be successful. As a B2B marketer whose main success has been in traditional media campaigns, we recently launched a social rewards campaign aimed at motivating current and future clients with tangible rewards they need to stay productive by sharing their passion for the new way people work and interacting through our social channels.

A Clear, Crisp, Social Rewards Program

Keeping in mind the deluge of digital content our potential customers have to sift through, we knew a social campaign had to be crisp, clear, and easy. We are well aware that our buyer’s journey from interest to purchase now includes a lot of stops in social media channels. Our strategy to directly engage clients had to be different from what they’ve seen before and had to offer a direct solution to one of their problems---finding ways to work more efficiently.

Regus is a global company of more than 1,500 locations worldwide and provides flexible workspaces and business support services on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Working with businesses at all stages of development---from start-ups to Fortune 500s---our marketing efforts have to appeal to a wide audience, and our social rewards program is allowing us to interact with new prospects every day, affordably.

Since launching the campaign just a few weeks ago, hundreds of people have signed up. It’s a good start, and we are confident that momentum will build as we become more adept at speaking to our customers via social channels.

Through social media activity, people can convert participation into rewards that will help them run their business more efficiently. Participants who tweet @RegusUSA, post on Facebook, check in on Foursquare, or share videos on YouTube will accrue points. Points can be redeemed for complimentary Regus products and services, such as meeting rooms, day offices, and administrative support that can use to help improve productivity.

What We Learned

Here’s what we’ve learned through our initiative.

1. Have a multipronged approach. Our initiative is contributing to our monthly targets of generating inquiries for our business centers. A multitiered content campaign that includes blog postings, videos, and social rewards promotion allows our customers to digest our information in various ways, giving us access to contact information and customer profile data. That information can help us refine our messaging and services as we enhance enter new stages of the campaign.

2. People like to talk about what they're passionate about. Some of the key learnings uncovered about our customers through the social rewards campaign are that people are passionate and excited to share how, where, and when they work. That data allows us to create future content based on the consumer’s needs.

3. B2B messages must be customer-centric. What we’ve learned throughout this process is that a B2B strategy must include a consumer-centric message and companies need to be more flexible so that they can restructure their approach to see improvements in the performance of their marketing activity.

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Rebecca Tann leads strategic marketing for Regus Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, in the U.S. and Canada. She is responsible for defining Regus’ market positioning, message definition and communications strategy. Follow her on Twitter Twitter.

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