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How To Lose Weight While Blogging

by Tom Martin  |  
June 19, 2013

If youíve ever said you didnít have time to write or exercise more, this blog post is for you. We all wish we could create more content and shed more pounds, but inevitably, both goals get placed behind ďdoing my jobĒ on the to-do list of life. But that ends today.Today, Iím going to show you how to lose weight and create content at the same time.

Talking vs. Typing

I'm writing this post while walking on my treadmill. In fact I've written a lot of posts and even entire chapters of my new book, The Invisible Sale, while exercising or driving to and from the office. I can do this because I'm talking not typing. Iím turning what is normally considered downtime into uptime because Iím multitasking. And all you need to join me is a computer, an inexpensive software program, and a few gadgets. Thatís right, you get a perfectly good excuse to buy gadgets and lose weightÖ What more could you ask for?

Your Blogging Tools

The secret to this weight-loss content marketing program is Dragon Dictate (Mac version) or Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC version). This speech-to-text translation software is uncannily accurate. Normally, the software costs around $200, but if you keep an eye out for it on the Internet, you can sometimes find it on sale for closer to $100 a USB microphone optimized for dictation. Youíll also want to download both the smartphone app (available for android and iOS) along with the iPad app. And if you plan to use the iPad app (and I strongly urge you to do so) then youíll also need an Apple Camera Connection Kit. You can findthese online or at your local Radio Shack for around $30.

Your Blogging Set-Up

There are three different configuration options for you to consider. You can dictate directly to your computer, use your smartphone or use your iPad. Let's go through each option and the pros and cons associated with each.

Direct to Computer Dictation. This is the most efficient configuration. As the name suggests, you plug the provided USB headset into your computer, fire up the Dragon software, open a Word Doc, and begin dictating. You can even insert line breaks, new paragraphs, and all punctuation via special voice commands. You can also format text, but honestly, that starts to get more difficult, so I just do it the old-fashioned way (typing) after Iíve completed my dictation. When youíve finished dictating, you correct anything the software incorrectly translated, add any formatting---and youíre ready to upload to your favorite blogging platform.

Smartphone App Dictation. This is by far the most convenient platform, especially if youíre trying to exercise while writing. The smartphoneís small form factor makes it super convenient. The downside to this option is dictation accuracy. You canít use Dragonís USB headset with your smartphone, so you are forced to use the standard headphone/microphone that comes with your phone. I find this decreases the accuracy by about 10% versus direct to computer dictation.

To dictate, you just open the Dragon Recorder app, push the red button in the center of the screen, and dictate just like you do with the computer program. When youíre done, you save the file and then sync your phone to your computer using iTunes. In the iTunes menu, you can select the Applications Tab, scroll down to find the Dragon app and then select any dictation files youíve recorded. These will sync to your computer where you can open them with the Dragon software and select ďtranscribeĒ to convert the audio file to a text file.

iPad App Dictation. This is the best overall solution in terms of convenience and accuracy. With the Apple Camera Connection kit, you can connect the Dragon USB microphone to your iPad. The iPad will recognize the headset and use it as the recording microphone. This improves accuracy rates to almost identical to what you get with the computer application---even when youíre running on a loud treadmill. Like the smartphone process, once youíve completed your recording, you sync it to your computer and then let the Dragon software transcribe the file.

Plan Your Writing

Hereís a talking versus typing tip that Iíve learned along the way. Dictation is a completely different style of writing. If youíre someone that plans your writing, outlining what youíre going to write and then filling in the blanks, youíre fine.

However, if youíre like me, you simply sit down and start typing, youíre going to find dictation challenging. To ensure your final dictation file isnít full of rambling thoughts, tangents, and unordered thoughts, you have to spend a few minutes thinking through your post. Use those minutes to outline the key points and sections. I find Evernote especially helpful for this chore. Then when itís time to write, I simply activate the Dragon app on the iPad and then switch the iPad screen over to my Evernote app, where I have the outline for the post I want to write pre-loaded.

From there itís as simple as hitting ďstartĒ on the treadmill and motoring on to another awesome blog post.

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Tom is 20+ year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry with a penchant for stiff drinks, good debates and digital gadgets. He is the founder of Converse Digital , author of The Invisible Sale and a contributing writer for Advertising Age.

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  • by Ajeet Khurana Wed Jun 19, 2013 via blog

    And if you do not want to make all these investments, merely record your article into any voice recorder (such as the free voice recorder on your cellphone) and get the resultant audio file transcribed by someone. Many people on kind of websites would do it for five bucks. Try it out a couple of times. If it works out, spend all the money that the article recommends. :)

  • by Shara Wed Jun 19, 2013 via blog

    Sounds pretty neat. One caveat, tho, is that many blogs are developed from research or other written materials such as white papers, surveys, statistics, etc. These tips are great for blogging geniuses who write off the tops of their heads, but most of us need raw material!

  • by Rachel Kennedy Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    Love love love it!

  • by Barbara Fowler Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    I have been thinking about using Dragon and this post really helps me make a decision to buy it. I am committed to exercising at least an hour a day and like to listen to books and this is a great alternative. Thanks.

  • by Holly Connor Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    My office is getting a couple treadmill desks, I never would have thought of getting dictation tools to use with it! Thanks for the insightful post.

  • by Matthew Berman Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    I've heard a lot of writers discuss the process of walking to eliminate writers block. I always associated it with consistent scenery changes. Do you think the process of simply moving has a way of getting your brain going, even if just on a treadmill?

    The real question Tom is when are you coming out with a blogging with kettlebells blog post and DVD workout series?

  • by Tom Martin Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog


    That does make it a bit harder... but I have created blogs and even chapters of my book using this technique, including those that required the referencing of data. Just makes the pre-planning piece take a bit longer and creating the charts was a bear!

  • by Tom Martin Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    Thanks Rachel -- that's what I like to hear!

  • by Tom Martin Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog


    I have been completely happy. In addition to writing while I walk on the treadmill I've dictated entire chapters of the book while driving to conferences or speaking engagements. I also love turning the daily commute into a writing session.

    I think you'll really like it -- both the desktop and the app.

  • by Tom Martin Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog

    You're welcome Holly... remember, Just Write It! ;-)

  • by Tom Martin Thu Jun 20, 2013 via blog


    That's an interesting thought.... not sure but I do know that when I am trying to formulate things, especially marketing strategies or presentation decks, I've always found myself standing up and moving around.

    As for the kettlebells, I'll leave that blog post to younger, stronger bloggers.... know any? ;-)

  • by Richie Richardson Mon Jun 24, 2013 via blog

    I have heard abut dragon before but never though of purchasing. I was worried about err rate it could make.
    Can you please let me know err rate of the software?

  • by Doreen Thu May 1, 2014 via web

    Amazing I loving it

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