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Five Fears That Prevent Marketing Departments From Creating Videos

by Kieran Farr  |  
June 24, 2013

A recent report noted that 76% of marketers said they planned to use online video. But have they, really?

Only 23% of national brands are currently using online video. †Many brands continue to use marketing tools that have worked for them in the past to reach their customers.

There is a significant gap in those using video and those who say they plan to use it at some point. So, why arenít more marketers using video in their marketing? The simple answer is fear. The top five fears preventing marketers from embracing video are listed below.

Fear 1: Itís Expensive

For years, in the wake of shrinking budgets, marketing departments have learned to work with reduced resources. When marketing directors and CMOs strategize how they will drive leads and generate awareness for their brands, they shy away from video for fear that it will eat up the lionís share of their budgets. Many believe that, to produce a good-quality video, they must invest in an outside professional.

Fear 2: Itís Complicated

The mere thought of producing a video causes some marketing directors to become overwhelmed by the details involvedófrom what type of video to produce, where the video will live, and how to distribute the video to the right channels to reach the right audiences, to figuring out whether to hire an outside consultant or produce in house, who will be in the video and what will be said. Those details need to be sorted out, often leaving marketing departments to conclude itís too complicated to produce a video and easier simply to turn to other marketing tools instead.

Fear 3: Itís Time-Consuming

Because smaller marketing departments donít have the luxury of time, many believe lining up all the elements for producing a video is too time-consuming. Also, if marketers are going to spend the money to produce a video, they want to make sure they target it to the right group. Some 28% of marketers say creating videos aimed at the correct audiences is their biggest challenge.

Fear 4: Poor Quality

Many marketing departments canít justify the cost of hiring a videographer to come to their offices and shoot a video. The alternative is to shoot the video themselves, and many folks worry this will result in a poor-quality product that consumers wonít watch. They are right! Consumers give up on videos that donít load in two seconds and 43% of people watch online video said they would switch to a competitor if the video quality were poor. However, lower-cost options for video production do not have to result in a poor viewer experience.

Fear 5: It Wonít Produce Results

Videos are great and many offer entertainment, but departments need to prove its ROI---and many marketers believe that videos donít produce the results compared to other proven marketing tools.

While many marketers will continue to stall on using video in their marketing, consumers are watching video at an increasingly rapid pace. ComScoreís U.S. Digital Future Report revealed that 75 million viewers watch online video per day and 40 billion videos are streamed per month. †According to Forrester Research, those numbers are only expected to increase with 90% of the online population regularly watching online video by 2017.

But the good news for marketing departments that want to enter the online video game is that there is really no reason to be afraid. Todayís online video tools and techniques are easier, more affordable to implement, and more effective than you may think. Once you overcome your video fears, you will be empowered with a competitive advantage over those still paralyzed by video fears.

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Kieran Farr from Vidcaster, a video marketing automation start-up, can talk about why companies need to stop being afraid of video. He can discuss why just posting videos on YouTube will not help companies attract the right viewers and drive business goals.

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  • by Talib Morgan Mon Jun 24, 2013 via blog

    I like the direction of this article. It's what a lot of marketers are wondering. It would have been even better, though, if it had addressed how to deal with each of the fears - perhaps in a myth vs reality format. Right now, I'm afraid people will be left avoiding video because the fears seem overwhelming.

  • by Chris Finnie Mon Jun 24, 2013 via blog

    I believe people watch cat videos online. They may even watch news clips. But I'd be interested in figures that are specifically about marketing and training videos. There I'd expect the figures to be MUCH lower for a couple of reasons: they're usually too long, they're often boring because they're not professionally done, they're not well advertised. I know a commercial real estate firm that uses video a lot, both to advertise the properties they list, and to provide video walk throughs. When the property owner is willing to pay for professional writers, videographers, animators, and voice talent, the results can be pretty impressive. But I can certainly tell the difference when owners try to cut corners.

  • by Carlos Santiago Mon Jun 24, 2013 via blog

    Video content is unquestionably more engaging and captivating. I agree with Talib that all these fears are exaggerated and investing in Video does brings great measurable results. Naturally, like any other Marketing effort, having the skilled, experienced and creative professionals make your project a success.
    With our clients we have a very positive history of fighting the fears and embracing the power of video production. One of the options we offer are 2D/3D Animations and Video Info-graphics, that convey clear, objective and affordable institutional or promotional pieces.

  • by Justin Foster Tue Jun 25, 2013 via blog

    Video fears = bollocks!

    1. It's Expensive. Not true. We cranked out a semi-professional quality marketing video for our own annual event for just a couple of hundred dollars for equipment rental, and a couple of hours of time, using in-house staff to shoot and appear on camera. We have also hired videographers who created completely professional marketing videos, with many takes, highly polished stuff, for 1-2K, including animations and a lot of special effects. Our company offers products that make shooting video even cheaper. We have MobileStudio (produce 20+ videos/day for no cost per video), which is perfect for companies with many products to sell (like e-commerce sites, for example).

    2. It's complicated. It is not complicated. A simple script, a good quality camera and microphone are all that's needed. Shoot outdoors to save on lighting, or spend 1-2K on lights to really make it pro. If you know how to run a Google search, you can make high quality videos.

    3. It's time consuming. No, it's not. While it's true it does take longer to shoot a video than take a photo, it's possible to build a much more convincing experience with video than with images alone. MobileStudio makes shooting video much easier, plus a good partner will deliver a robust account management team to provide pointers and tips.

    4. Video quality is poor. Truth: poor equipment will yield poor results. Equipment is important. Still, high quality equipment is more affordable than ever. A professional video DSLR can be had, with lenses, for under 2.5K. Lights, 1K, and sound (wireless lav), under $500. The investment is very small for any site with many products to sell, and even for companies with few products but high value ones (like ours) the investment is worth it.

    5. It won't produce results. Aside from intuitively knowing that video is far more persuasive than images, we offer a host of case studies (as do our competitors) that clearly show video drives higher metrics: average order values, conversion rates, revenue, downloads, time on site, not to mention a far better experience. Experience counts for a lot, especially for businesses that are trying to counter price pressures by demonstrating quality and professionalism.

  • by Simon Tue Jun 25, 2013 via blog

    I don't believe in the first part as its never expensive to made a video. Even a low budget marketeer can make video using his own phone. Its all about having a great idea and the technology has made these things so easy that every marketeer can implement it.

  • by Kieran Farr Tue Jun 25, 2013 via blog

    Hi Talib, thanks for this feedback. You're right, I didn't include solutions in this blog post, however I have written and spoken a great deal about how to overcome these common fears of video production in other blog posts and videos, here are a few:
    - Overcoming 5 common fears:
    - Making effective video content for your business without spending a dime:


  • by Kyle Tue Jun 25, 2013 via blog

    Great article, there are too many businesses afraid to do video, but the ones I've seen be very successful at it also had a passion for the technology.

  • by Shannon Murphy Fri Jun 28, 2013 via blog

    Kudos Kieran, well said! I think the pendulum is swinging towards more marketers embracing video, but maybe they search for something creative, entertaining and informational to convey.

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