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10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Right Now

by Verónica Jarski  |  
July 10, 2013

World-class? Killer? Taking business to the next level? Yuck. Are you using those lazy, meaningless words in your copy? Maybe you're using other marketing buzzwords that make your readers and listeners cringe... 

Buzzwords do sometimes sneak into our speech and copy, so we need to be mindful of what we say and write. When we aren't mindful, we create reactions like those mentioned in the following slideshow. (One reaction was: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.)

After publishing the first buzzwords slide show, 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using, we received plenty of illustration-worthy comments both on the post itself and on the SlideShare page.

Unable to resist the opportunity to illustrate such buzzwords like "icon" and expressions like "take this offline," I created a follow-up illustrated slide show, inspired by our witty readers. As a sequel to the 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using, here are 10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Right Now.

Here's a look at some of the buzzwords included in the slide show...

From the Business of Women: "Marketing Expression to Stop Using: 'To the next level.' What? Do you mean upstairs?" (Click to tweet!)

From Melanie Kissell: "Marketing Buzzword to Stop Using: Killer. Killer should be killed. Let's help it find its way six feet under." (Click to tweet!)

From Lyn Meany: "Marketing Buzzword to Stop Using: Icon. These days, everyone is an icon, and everything is iconic." (Click to tweet!)

Check out the illustrated slide show for more buzzwords to stop using right now!

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Veronica Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. She can be reached at

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

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  • by Matthew Jancosek Wed Jul 10, 2013 via blog

    I do agree with some but others not so much.

    "Out of Pocket" associated with a mouse? Don't you usually associate it with cost?
    "Solution" - How is that a buzzword? If it is a buzzwords we need to respect it better since it has been around for many many decades.

    I define buzzwords that sound important but are meaningless like:

    Internet marketing logistics, paradigm shift, Win-Win, etc.

    But I do love the slide shows!! Why does that guy have a purse (LOL)?

  • by Fred Pandrok Wed Jul 10, 2013 via blog

    Can I add one more....


    Everyone is creating synergy between their products or relationships...

  • by Julia Carcamo Wed Jul 10, 2013 via blog

    Great additions! I have one for your next collection: branded or branded experience. Just because there are logos plastered everywhere doesn't mean a thing.

  • by Carlton Hoyt Wed Jul 10, 2013 via blog

    Aren't numbered lists themselves an overplayed, worn-out marketing tool? If not, I have a link I can send you to 519 gifs of 90s sitcoms that all Millenials remember.

    I'm sure Buzzfeed would welcome this article with open arms.

  • by Stacie Chalmers Thu Jul 11, 2013 via blog

    I love this - as a marketer it's easy to get caught up in this so helpful advice. I must say though - personally I love the word "awesome", it's one of those really "cool" words.

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