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Five Fantastic Reasons for Using Explainer Videos

by Manroop Takhar  |  
September 10, 2013

Videos are a great way to make an impact, leaving a memorable impression on your target audience and customer bases. Where explainer videos (or "infomercials") differ from other forms of video marketing is that they demonstrate the purpose of your product or service in an informative and engaging way. That is a great way to add value and build trust in your company.

While the Dropbox example has been well-reported (how Dropbox invested in an explainer video for their launch and generated $24 million in return), many more businesses have reaped the fruits of success investing in explainer videos, too.

A Quick Case Study

One of our own success stories would be Rapid Visas, a London-based business specializing in making the process of getting business and tourist visas to India and China easier. This business approached our animation studio for a short and snappy 90-second explainer video that would be positioned on their homepage and also used for their marketing campaigns. We developed a concept and wrote a script that would engage users and strengthen their brand identity; the animation sequences were weaved together with a professional voiceover explaining clearly what Rapid Visas does.

The results were amazing: a 120% increase in web conversions, in one month and a very, very happy client!

Here are five ways that you can use explainer videos to boost sales.

Explainer Videos Are the New User Manuals

When introducing or demonstrating the features and benefits of your products and services, explainer videos work wonders. An explainer video can show your customers how to access and use each and every function of your product and service. It's the equivalent of a face-to-face product or service demonstration, if you will.

2. Explainer Videos Give Life to Presentations

Explainer videos can be used for sales presentations, inducting and training staff, or even as components for educational slideshows, to liven up all the information you are conveying to potential clients, or imparting to your students and pupils.

Explainer Videos Generate High Traffic

Explainer videos are great for generating web conversions because they help your viewers decide on buying your product or service more swiftly. Also, explainer videos have the power to keep your web traffic on your website for longer and reduce bounce rates (i.e., the rate at which users move away from your website).

Explainer Videos Offer Clarity

While reading reams of text is subject to multiple interpretations, an explainer video does not have this issue because it would (ideally) be based on a focused, sharp, and concise script. Explainer videos can also condense complex messages into something simpler, which makes it easier for viewers to get a comprehensive feel for your product or service.

Explainer Videos Add Personality to Your Business

One of the basic and traditional principles of good salesmanship is bringing personality into play. This is something that online businesses, in particular, demand because the lack of a face behind the website can put people off. An explainer video can reflect your personality and make web visitors feel that they have not come to a virtual equivalent of an empty shop.

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Dr. Manroop Takhar is managing director at Qudos Animation.

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  • by Mike Searles Tue Sep 10, 2013 via blog

    You are so right about explainer videos.

    I think the Dropbox example you mention was put together by Lee feFever at Common Craft.

    He has recently released a book titled The Art of Explanation.

    Worth the search for it.

  • by Dr Manroop Takhar Wed Sep 11, 2013 via blog

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you agree. :)

    Thank you for the information about the book. I will definitely check it out.

    Kindest Regards


  • by Robert Black Sat Sep 14, 2013 via blog

    I've used explainer videos for several years across many different projects. I really cannot think of a reason why you wouldn't use them where appropriate.

    Just to expand a little on your point 3, traffic. Unless you have a very good reason not to, I would recommend to also upload your explainer videos to Youtube. It's a great free source of extra traffic and Youtube search engine volumes are at times very close to those of Google. Plus your own site will get a boost in rankings.

  • by Dr Manroop Takhar Mon Sep 16, 2013 via blog

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Indeed, YouTube is a definitive online platform for sharing and videos, thereby marketing your products and services in an interactive way that boosts traffic and user engagement.

    My studio makes animated videos for YouTube and Vimeo too:

    Kindest Regards

  • by explanatory videos Wed Sep 18, 2013 via blog

    Thanks for those helpful and reliable hints, Mr. Takhar! Explainer videos are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of increasing the organic traffic on our website and in my opinion nowadays there is no better method of getting consumers attention than short videos with clear marketing message. It is also easier to encourage clients to buy our products. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

  • by Dr Manroop Takhar Thu Sep 19, 2013 via blog

    Hi there!

    Thank you for your kind words and I am delighted you like the post so much.

    Indeed, explainer videos are ideal for boosting web traffic and I am happy to hear you're having a lot of success with yours.

    Kindest Regards


  • by Maximiliano de Benedetto Tue Oct 15, 2013 via blog

    I really enjoy your blog. I would expand a little on your point 5. It is crucial to consider the power of storytelling as a strategic tool to form a personal and inspirational connection with brands, and thus drive revenue when planning a explainer video. Many marketers focus on scripts and forget the importance of transforming feelings into unforgettable moments by activating a wide variety of emotions on potential customers.

    Kindest Regards,


  • by Joesf Wier Tue Jan 21, 2014 via web

    I would like to add one more point explainer video:
    Explainer Videos help audiences retain information: According to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center, an average person retains only 10% of they hear but 50% what they see. What does it means for businesses? It leads to an increase in word of mouth advertising. Word of mouth continues to be the main way that businesses attract customers. If the customer likes the product, they will definitely share the video.
    Check one of my favorite blog about explainer video:

  • by animated explainer video company Tue Jan 28, 2014 via web

    Excellent case study. I think it’s important for animated video that they should have the entertaining element because people want something which can be memorable and interesting. These are very good benefits of using animated video to promote your business as well as make people understand about the product and services.

  • by PitchWorx Fri Feb 5, 2016 via web

    Explainer videos can optimize returns in great measure. 3 fact you should know about explainer videos

  • by Scarlett Mon Aug 7, 2017 via web

    Explainer videos are awesome, they make us connect with our customers. Amazing blog though, Thanks for sharing.

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