One of the great benefits of in-store shopping is the ability to ask staff questions in person as you make up your mind over whether you are going to make a purchase.

For some consumers, that's where online shopping falls short. Despite the continued growth of people buying online, one fact still remains: The human voice is a key part of the transaction.

Interaction with a live person can be a way of reassuring consumers of their intent to purchase. And many studies have shown that this interaction has helped to ease more consumers through the checkout process online.

So, how important is the human voice and a phone call regarding consumers making purchases?

Here are four statistics that answer that very question.

1. Calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more than Web leads

A study by BIA Kelsey confirmed that inbound calls are incredibly valuable; on average, they convert to revenue 10-15 more than Web leads.

The call data was analyzed across dozens of industries revealing that 29% of all inbound phone calls led to a sale, appointment, or reservation.

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