Unlike most other functions in an organization, marketing has completely transformed. Modern companies have begun to shift away from a traditional marketing mindset to one that is data-driven, growth-minded, and accountable for producing tangible results (read: revenue).

Some companies are adapting to this change more quickly than others, and it's an inevitable shift that will leave the slow-movers lagging behind. As Seth Godin puts it, "The marketer now needs to be in charge of everything a company does… they need to be the first step."

Simply put, marketing is no longer an afterthought that enters at the end stage when it's time to promote a product or raise awareness. In a well-integrated business, marketing should control, touch, or influence virtually every part of the company. From product development to customer advocacy, smart marketing is the driving force for businesses that are poised for growth.

At the heart of this change is the evolving role and increasing importance of the content marketer. Content is, at its core, the foundation of all marketing. Rebecca Lieb said it best: "Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing. Everything. There's no owned media without content. There's no social media without content. And there's no paid media without content."

What are the key attributes a content marketer needs to survive and thrive? What should you be looking for when you're hiring a content marketer? At Uberflip, we have a strong focus on content marketing and as a result, I get this question a lot.

So, we created an infographic that shows the key skills, characteristics, and attributes we've identified in the best content marketers we know. I've expanded on some of the highlights below, but be sure to check out the full infographic (at the end of this post) for a more visual breakdown.

1. A scientist's analytical mind

A good content marketer wants to understand how the content marketing is performing. Is it resonating with your audience? Is it generating leads for your sales team? What is your content ROI?

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image of Hana Abaza

Hana Abaza is vice-president of marketing at Uberflip, a provider of content marketing, curation, and publishing software.

Twitter: @hanaabaza

LinkedIn: Hana Abaza