Recently, author Shekhar Deo wrote an opinions piece about the idea of using machine learning to connect marketers with consumers.

The post gave an excellent primer into machine learning—how it "works with algorithms to analyze consumer behavior in real time to perform predictive segmentation and adapt the communication experience"—and how machine learning can be applied in the context of serving personalized ads.

Today, I'm extending the discussion to another realm: content marketing.

The Content Engagement Problem

B2B marketers are using content to meet buyer needs, and it is proving effective in engaging, nurturing, and converting prospects. Yet content engagement appeared at the top of the list of challenges facing content marketers with 54% of B2B marketers saying that they are challenged or very challenged in this area, and 50% of B2C marketers saying the same thing, according to MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute.

The reasons are not surprising.

Although we're keen to shape the traditional buyer journey as a smooth, uncomplicated funnel, in the digital realm, the journey is much more complex:

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Andrew Davies is a co-founder and the CMO of idio, a content intelligence platform that helps leading content marketers maximize the value of their content marketing.

LinkedIn: Andrew Davies

Twitter: @andjdavies