By 2017, over 268 billion app downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue, according to a study by the UAB School of Business.

Those numbers are huge, and neither of them is terribly surprising.

Moreover, though $77 billion worth of revenue can sound like a blessing, it's actually much more of a curse.

After all, the app marketplace is crowded. And even the best app can get lost in the sea. Simply creating an app—even an amazing app—and introducing it via Google Play, Apple, or Amazon is not going to make you a success. In fact, a mere 0.01% of all mobile apps will be financially successful. And the reason 99.99% of apps don't succeed, TheNextWeb explains, doesn't come down to their functionality or usefulness; it's "because because they fail to get in front of their audience." In other words, the basic problem is marketing.

So, how do you get noticed in the sea of apps?

One of the most effective, data-driven solutions is investing in a demo explainer video.

Why? Videos are popular, have higher engagement rates than text, and are one of the most shared content types on social media. They're also persuasive.

For instance, Wyzowl—after surveying 251 companies in the marketing, advertising, and telecommunication industries for its 2015 State of Video Marketing report—discovered that 80% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that video gave people a greater understanding of its company's product or service. A mere 5% disagreed.

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