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A Helpful Model of the Four Stages of Personalization Maturity

by Jim Eustace  |  
June 2, 2016

Since the vast majority of your website visitors are anonymous, a goal for any marketer should be to find ways to turn those eyeballs into addressable prospects. The anonymous visitor opportunity grows bigger every day and, if left ignored, can cost companies real revenue.

Today, many marketers are realizing that their best chance at audience identification is by serving highly targeted content that drives prospects to convert faster.

Marketers easily can get information about their anonymous traffic by using analytics platforms that uncover where visitors are located, their basic demographics, the technology they use, and more. For additional functionality and to make the data actionable, companies can choose to use data services and personalization software to identify anonymous visitors and automatically serve relevant content. When all that is done correctly, the opportunities and long-term benefits are clear. Personalization can deliver 5X to 8X the ROI on marketing spend and lift sales by 10% or more, according to Harvard Business Review.

However, there is perceived complexity with personalization because it requires more content and a well-examined buyer's journey. As a result, many companies choose to take a crawl-walk-run approach.

We recently partnered with MarketingProfs on a poll to understand what B2B marketers are doing today around personalization.

Poll Results

In regards to content personalization by channel, the poll results show that 71% of B2B marketing organizations are personalizing emails based on audience. There is a growing opportunity around personalizing content on the website, with 32% of respondents doing that. This means that a true personalized journey for the vast majority of buyers is broken. Buyers might receive relevant content via mail marketing, but that experience breaks down when website visitors are presented with generic content that doesn't reflect their industry, buyer's stage, product interest, location, etc.

To present personalized content across multiple channels, you must access data to segment your audience

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Jim Eustace is founder and CEO of Get Smart Content, a software provider that enables brands to personalize content across channels.

LinkedIn: Jim Eustace

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