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Seth Godin was wrong.

He's famously quoted as saying something like, "Content marketing is all the marketing that's left." The statement traces to a 2008 teleseminar, as reported by Joe Pulizzi in an early post on Content Marketing Institute.

It wasn't true in 2008, and despite the explosive growth of the discipline since, it's not true today. (Sorry, Seth.)

He might have meant content marketing is the best, most practical, or most tactical marketing left. I'll buy that. I'll also concede it's caused a whole lot of marketers to reconsider their advertising and direct marketing budgets and strategies.

But try telling Apple or Samsung that advertising is now pushing up the daisies. Thanks to NBC's coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio, I logged more TV-watching time last month than the entire year prior. Nearly every commercial break featured Apple or Samsung. Neither company was answering my questions, interviewing experts, or offering wildly cool downloads.

It wasn't content marketing. It was advertising.

I brought in the mail last night and, moments later, tossed piles of paper including catalogs and circulars into the trash. There wasn't one how-to article in the heap. There were several pizza coupons. I saved one on the fridge. I believe you call this form of marketing direct mail. It's not dead.

We've been getting phone calls for months from universities hoping to pitch their institution to my daughter. This loathsome technique is called telemarketing. Also, unfortunately, it's not dead.

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