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Since the announcement of Facebook Home two weeks ago, the mobile world has been buzzing.

It's indisputably been the biggest mobile story since SXSW, which is why we've dedicated this entire Mobile Minute to it.

We've downloaded it and dissected it, and we're now ready to share:

What marketers need to know:

1. Facebook Home provides a marketing test case: It's possible to rebrand a phone through an Android launcher.

2. Like it or not, Facebook Home basically turns every app into Facebook (including yours).

3. The user interface (UI) is beautiful—and likely to hide all the push notifications you've built into your app.

4. With its lock screen takeover, and rich geo-location data, Facebook Home's just made mobile advertising a lot more targeted.

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image of Amanda Klohmann

Amanda Klohmann is an interaction designer at Mutual Mobile, a provider of mobile solutions for clients such as Audi, Cisco, Google, Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, and Xerox.