Are we in the Dark Ages of Content Marketing? Wait... What? Isn't the future of content marketing bright?

I'd like to think it is, but even as many practitioners are steadily stepping up their game, far too many B2B marketers are poking around in the dark, compromising their content marketing efforts with a lack of leadership, planning, customer empathy, content asset management, and analytic processes.

"Content is kind of everybody's job and nobody's job," said Content Marketing Institute's chief strategy adviser, Robert Rose. He shared a heap of amazing insights with me, as did four more content marketing experts: Ann Handley, Ardath Albee, Scott Abel, and Michael Brenner. If you know content marketing, you know that's quite a panel.

I'm happy to tell I'm about to bring you more insights from this panel of experts in various ways:

  • Everything each B2B marketing expert said, in a free e-book: Thriving in the Dark Ages of Content Marketing
  • A free webinar on February 21, when Robert, Scott, Michael, and I will dig deeper into these issues.
  • This article, in which I share some interview excerpts—a good preview of the e-book and webinar.

Ann Handley: On Content Marketing Leadership

Ann Handley co-wrote "the book" on Content Marketing, Content Rules, as well as the best-selling Everybody Writes, and is known as the world's first chief content officer (CCO).

I asked Ann, "Why should a company have a CCO?"

"Content is increasingly at the heart of what a company does to attract prospects, grow their audience, and ultimately turn the two camps into customers," she said. "So in my mind, you need have somebody who gets the big picture and is responsible for creating and amplifying content that's at the heart of the organization. Content is a relationship builder, so you've got to have somebody who really understands the business side of things as well as the marketing side of things."

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