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Five Keys to Improving Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

by Jonathan Chanti  |  
July 7, 2017

The three biggest goals of influencer marketing campaigns are as follows, according to a summer 2016 report by Altimeter: Improve brand advocacy (94%); expand brand awareness (92%); and reach new targeted audiences (88%).

They're all valid goals that'll complement your efforts to increase the bottom line and further solidify your brand as a mainstay in our digital-centric age, but accomplishing them hasn't always been easy.

If you'd like to join the growing number of businesses using the proven power of influencer marketing—to the tune of a $6.50 return on the dollar invested—then read on.

Keep in mind the following five keys for improving your influencer marketing campaigns, and watch your brand not just meet but exceed your influencer marketing goals.

1. Get an intimate feel for your audience

If you intend to spend time, money, and effort to hire an influencer for your marketing campaigns, you'd better make sure it's a match made in digital heaven.

Though you may think that the strategy is simply to hire the "best" influencer for your brand, it may be more useful to start by tapping into your user base to see what kind of followers you have, how they interact with your brand and one another, and what their other interests are. From there, you'll get a greater sense of the type of influencer they'll be most receptive to.

In short, don't push a person you think would be effective to lead your marketing campaign based on follower count or niche alone. (An example of an imperfect partnership: Selena Gomez, named the most influential public figure on social media in 2016, was selected as an ambassador for Pantene North America in 2015. Despite her 230 million following across multiple platforms and a 65% female audience, only 25% reside in the United States and a mere 3% engage with her posts. In other words, Selena's ability to sell products to women in the US is marginal.)

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Jonathan Chanti is former senior vice-president of influencer marketing platform and marketplace HYPR, which provides cross-platform geographic, psychographic, and demographic data on influencers.

LinkedIn: Jonathan Chanti

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  • by Jeff Riddall Fri Jul 7, 2017 via web

    Further to measuring influencer marketing campaign performance, consider kontextURLs from gShift ( as a means to tracking and understanding which content, distributed by which influencers, in which channels is driving traffic and conversions. Optimize on the fly and understand the true ROI of your campaigns.

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