MarketingProfs Take 10: Marketing Tactics that Work (in 10 minutes of less). Free for Pro Members!

I know you're busy. Sometimes you just can't afford to take 60-90 minutes out of your day for an online seminar. So we've created Take 10—a new on-demand series of short, tactical webcasts and companion checklists that you can consume while you're drinking your coffee-break beverage of choice. (Think of Take 10 as a high-energy, information-packed snack for your marketing brain.)

Each Take 10 is led by an expert who, in just 10 minutes, will walk you step-by-step through the process of using a marketing tactic or tool. With each Take 10 you also get a handy checklist of takeaways that you can put into practice immediately.

How tactical are we talking?

  • 10 Quick Fixes to Boost Your Email Marketing Results
  • How to Create a Share of Voice Report
  • 5 Website Fixes Most Marketers Miss
  • How to Boost Leads by Fixing Your Website Forms

Check out the first Take 10. Janet Driscoll Miller shows you how to identify high-conversion keywords using the Google AdWords tool. All in 10 minutes.

The Take 10 series is free for Pro members. Look for 2-3 new webcasts per month.

Have ideas for Take 10 topics? Email me.

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