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Learn how to lift ROI in the cloud.

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Marketers today have more choice in cloud-based marketing solutions than ever before. But, managing your sales and marketing technology without the help of the IT team has its risks.

From the upcoming webcast Get Clear about Marketing in the Cloud, here are 5 benefits of using Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solutions instead of traditional solutions.

  1. SaaS is Easy to Try: Most SaaS providers provide low-cost trials, short contract lengths, and minimal integration requirements.
  2. SaaS is Easy to Buy: It's easy to scale up or down as budget and needs require.
  3. It's Always Fresh: No manual upgrades, no installs, no headaches. The pace of updates to cloud-based solutions tends to be faster, as well.
  4. One-Call Support: Instead of relying on your IT team or an intermediary, get support from an expert: your SaaS vendor.
  5. Freedom from IT: IT slows down production, deployment, and ultimately, results. Cloud-based solutions decrease your reliance on IT so you can get better results, faster.

Want to learn how to mitigate the risks of buying cloud-based marketing software? Join us August 31st at 2 PM ET for the FREE webcast, "Get Clear about Marketing in the Cloud." Scott Brinker, President and CTO of ion interactive, will explain how to minimize the risks of cloud-based software, while boosting marketing ROI.
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During this FREE one-hour session, we'll address:

  • What exactly is cloud computing? (the real world definition)
  • The landscape of cloud-based software available to marketers
  • The benefits and economics of adopting cloud-based software
  • The risks of cloud-based software—and how to mitigate them
  • The shift from IT to marketing's own "marketing technologists"

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