Most companies must deal with clients, but not all clients are rays of sunshine. The wonderful world of clients includes those who are demanding and just plain confusing.

To help you identify the signs of a potentially difficult client, digital marketing and creative agency Ciplex created the following infographic of 15 difficult-client types and how businesses can identify and successfully work with them.

Among the difficult types of clients...

Mr. I'm Not Really Sure What I Want. He constantly changes his mind from hour to hour. His indecision derails projects.

Mr. Everything's an Emergency. He is the only client on the planet who should matter to you. Well, at least, he thinks he is.

Mrs. I Care So Much It Hurts. She knows exactly what she wants and demands everything done exactly to her specifications. Your input is not wanted.

Ms. I Hate That Color for No Reason. This client sweats the small stuff. She hyperfocuses on a tiny feature, color, font, or word to the point that all progress halts until the trivial matter is solved.

Mr./Mrs./Mrs./Mr. Decision-by-Committee. This client works together completely and will do nothing without a major meeting of minds. Every decision requires the entire committee.

Check out the infographic to learn about those and other clients that occupy the business world.

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The Wonderful World of Difficult Clients [Infographic]

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