Today's savviest companies understand that success lies in customer loyalty driven by delight. They also know customer data is the foundation for delivering their unique experiences. Is your brand succeeding as well as it could be in this demanding, data-centric environment?

Enterprise Customer Data Platform for Dummies explains everything you need to know about harnessing and leveraging vast amounts of data to your brand's advantage. Get a 360-degree view of your customer and differentiate your brand with this comprehensive guide.

You'll learn:

  • How to deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • What an enterprise CDP can do for you
  • How to optimize campaigns with predictive analytics
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  • Release Date: January 24, 2019
  • Sponsor: Arm Treasure Data
  • Element: Analyze
  • Topic: Marketing Technology
  • Price: FREE


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Arm Treasure Data enterprise customer data platform (CDP) brings all your data together for a single, actionable view of your customer. With it, you can handle the scale, security, and complexity a global enterprise needs and deliver a superior customer experience based on data-driven decisions.