How to Build an Enterprise Marketing Strategy With B2B Intent Data

Data-driven observations of customer behavior have long relied on first-party data. And while this data is valuable, it's not the holy grail—especially because the buyer's decision-making process often starts long before they land on your website.

Enter: Intent data, generated from prospects' broader online content-consumption activities and fast-becoming a critical part of B2B marketing strategies. Intent data helps marketers target accounts more precisely and convert top prospects before the competition—pretty good, eh?

Check out this guide to learn about:

  • Three ways marketers can drive revenue growth using Intent data
  • Which Intent data set is right for your B2B marketing goals
  • Keywords vs. Intent topics
  • Capturing and converting the right audiences
  • Getting started with Intent data
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  • Release Date: April 19, 2021
  • Sponsor: Bombora
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
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