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Jamie Simpson

About me

  • Biography:
    I am working as website development and marketing executive for SEO India Company.

    If you plan to use the design of your website for SEO, then you understand the basics of SEO and to use this knowledge to your advantage. The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimization. The key word here is "Search". If you have a website, your customers need to find your site before they can patronize. Now, most people who use online search engines shop to find the products or services they seek. It follows that the design and content of your site needs to be "search engine friendly". Site visibility will lead prospective customers to your website and it will create more business for you. This is essentially what SEO is all about, but there is much more to SEO than this.

    Given the competition today, businesses using every marketing opportunity they can get their hands on. The Internet is a minefield of marketing opportunities. For online businesses, web design and SEO is must.
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