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Jill Brennan

About me

  • Biography:
    Iím a marketing consultant for small businesses that think differently.

    I'm a mentor and the founder of Harbren Marketing. At Harbren we work with ambitious small businesses that want to grow in a way that provides them with more flexibility, less stress and takes the uncertainty out of where the next sale will come from.

    I've been in the small business trenches for around 20 years and during that time have worked in, with and for small companies. I've generated thousands of leads and sales for businesses in very competitive niches.

    After realising there was a gap in the market for mentoring and training to empower small businesses to develop their own marketing, I've focused on providing businesses with the knowledge and guidance to up-skill and shape their own marketing.

    As part of that I've written a book called 'Get Smarter Marketing: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Building a Savvy Business'.

    Visit to find out more.
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