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Topic: E-Marketing

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Promoting A College Radio Station

Posted by Anonymous on 100 Points
Finally after a lot of convincing my college has provided us 10 students with a small budget for starting a college radiostation. Most of the budget ($1000) has been spent on buying equipment and radiostation software and we are left with around 200 dollars to promote the station.

I have accepted the position of marketing and pr in charge (named the position my self :-) )

basically I am looking for ideas on how to promote it and get more and consistent listerners. I mean our program is pretty good and we have a lot of music. I just really need to get the word out and keep people comming back

a few of the ideas that I have come up with are
--> billboard countdown
--> listenen survey of what people want to here and not what dj's want to play
--> DJ less morning slot
--> request page on website with a request program

I need more ideas on how to promote it. Can anyone help?

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Okay now this might sound weird, you being in a university and all but there is this wonderful new product I've seen being used at some of our campuses called 'chalk'.

    I'm not to sure how expensive this product is as from what I've heard, its a pretty rare commodity now a days and hey, you might be able to get your hands on some.

    The way some of our students have been using this product is by writing messages on the pavement around certain locations, notifying them of the web sites and our radio station.

    Seems to work pretty well too :-)
  • Posted by Nicolas on Accepted
    Involve your listeners. Run interviews with students and teachers about hot topics for your college. Organise round tables / talk shows.

    I guess your first target is the students and close family members. So set up a weekly talk show with community members. The show should always air the same day at the same time. BTW, do a little market research: what are the other radios your target group is listening too, when, why).

    Good music is important, but that is not enough and should be considered a minimum. You need to differentiate your offering to attract and retain listeners.

    Use a suggestion box for topics and promote each upcoming talk show in advance - leaflets, word of mouth, chalk (that is a nice one).

    Hope this helps,

  • Posted on Accepted
    How fun! Here are a few ideas to get new listeners:

    Set up a booth or table in a common area that promotes your station. You could have one of the on-campus restaurants or the bookstore sponsor a contest. Contest ideas are endless...usually "listen for the song and win" works. The winner could win dinner coupons or a "dj for a day" pass. The booth could also work for the suggestion box, focal point for leaflets, etc.

    Why don't you ask the on-campus and off-campus restaurants to tune into the station during lunch hour? you could give them a discount on advertising.

    Fundraising is actually a great publicity stunt. Have a car wash or bake sale "We're raising funds for YOUR radio station"---you'll capture listeners and money at the same time. The money you make can go toward improvements like being able to listen to your station on the Internet.

    PR: works really well on campus. Have meetings with the Greeks and other organizations to promote your station--they can pass around leaflets or simply talk it up amoungst their friends and fellow students. In exchange offer them airtime to talk about their upcoming parties or philanthropic (?!) events.

    One obvious and final note: we had a radio station in college that no one listened to because they had no idea where it was on the radio dial. Make it clear on your banners and flyers.

    Good luck!
  • Posted by Sharon on Accepted
    These are some great responses for marketing. Here's one for raising more money: Sponsorships!

    I was the advisor for the yearbook at my institution for awhile, and we were successful getting corporate as well as University departmental sponsorships. Espeically now at the end of the normal academic fiscal year, many academic and administrative departments have some extra funds they will lose unless they use it. Team up with the student paper, too, for cross promotion. Get them to write an article. Use your student's connections to get the paper interested.

    Good luck.

    PS:Isn't this a strange time of year to start such an endeavor? Our commencment is only weeks away.

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