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Topic: Career/Training

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What Makes A Good Marketing Department?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I have a job interview coming up and I have to give a presentation on the above question.


  • Posted on Accepted
    Well.... Let's go back to square one...

    A marketing departments job is to as a team effectively market the product or services the company has. This means the department as a whole works to achieve the following:

    Marketing departments are insightful and on top of the latest trends for their industry. They are headline makers. They provide the consumer with what they want by using their experience, research and outside factors to determine what the latest service or product offering should feature. They also stress the company’s unique selling prospective in all its marketing (online, media, collateral etc..) Its job then is to use the proper marketing channels to effectively reach its target market with attractive clear marketing communications.

    Which in the end result should result in adding to the bottom line. All depends on the company's marketing and sales cycle. If its a b2b and the marketing goal is to educate and setup appointments then its up to the sales team to contribute more directly to the bottom line. In this scenario marketing is crucial because it generates hot leads and makes the industry aware of its offerings.

    If the company sells goods to the consumer its marketing might be used to drive direct sales online or through another direct channel. They may utimately want you to go to secondary route which might be a store. Keep in mind marketing communciations is about educating, informing and utimately selling.

    This means as team the director(s) of marketing will oversee the marketing strategy and efforts of the organization. They have to know how and what their objectives are and how it will effect the other departments.

    Then we have Marketing Managers they more or less implement and oversee the production of the actual marketing. Whether its working with an Ad firm for TV spot or organizing a sampling campaign at public event they run the gamete. They also track the budgeting of for the department.

    Then there are Associate marketing managers/marketing coordinators/Marketing Assistants etc... Depending on organizational setup and size of the company they execute on certain areas of marketing less strategical and also perform administrative duties. They also track the effectiveness of campaigns. Oh and lets not forget marketing research which has its own hierarchy.

    I hope this is helpful

    On this interview be sure to do your part and full understand the companies offerings and they apply it to what I am telling you here.

    Good luck!
  • Posted on Accepted
    You might like to extend the question and summarise what makes a good marketer (and hopefully you have those skills and the interview panel concur) - then you can go on to answer the main question.

    Try and make the answer as relevant to the industry and type of company you are interviewing with and see if you can't get a couple of quotes thrown in from respected people in marketing that the panel should know.

    If you are confident enough you can always end with YOU as a part of a good marketing department!

    Just my toonies worth - good luck!
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Read Kotler on Marketing. It's an excellent book for understanding marketing -- broadly and very specifically.

    A good marketing department is one that has smart, highly-motivated professionals who all understand what Kotler explains as good marketing. There are nuances by industry and company, but you need to start with the big picture -- as defined by Kotler in the book.

    Good luck on the interview.
  • Posted by NoStressXpress on Accepted
    A good marketing department is a team of professionals focused on proactively doing actions and investing resources that concerns the customers (keeping in mind these factors):

    1. No Customers = No Business
    2. Every Customer has UNMET needs.
    3. The Customer Base must be dynamic and plans must exist to successfully:


    And most importantly, the term CUSTOMER SATISFACTION must be defined from the customer's perspective. Analogy: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.......therefore CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is in the eye of the CUSTOMER. (Too often many companies define customer satisfaction in their own terms and expect it to apply to ALL the customers.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted by coupon man on Accepted
    To garner ideas for your presentation, you may want to check out this thread as well... Good Luck!

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