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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tag Line For Financial Planning Firm

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need a tagline for a financial planning firm that will convey integrity, concistency and good results. THe firm name is Granite Financial so the granite theme may or may not be used.

  • Posted on Member
    Rock Solid Results
  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    Here's one I thought of years ago and never had an opportunity to use ...

    Granite Financial
    'We know how to make your money make money'

  • Posted by cread on Accepted
    Like a Rock (even music to go with it)

    I would use the Rock of Gibraltar but Prudential might object

    rock solid planning

    here to stay, like the rockies

    granite solid, market wise

    build your future with a granite foundation

    granite steps to planned wealth

    anchor your future to the rock

    the granite road to wealth

    we can't be moved from success

    plan a rock solid future

    use granite build to last

    granite plans withstand the harsh market elements

    a granite wealth building plan, only the best

    a granite plan weathers the market

    granite plans outlast the bulls and the bears

    rock the market

    stone cold success

    granite plans for an amorphous future

    granite plans for the unknown future

    granite plans withstand market forces

    plan your wealth with granite

    pave your future with granite wealth

    I am just doing steam of conscious here so some of it may seem silly but might trigger something better.

    I do like granite. It is strong, heavy, solid, perpetual, on the other hand it can be cold, impersonal, unresponsive so you have to be careful. Prudential has made it there with a mountain of rock.

    Good luck I hope this sparks something.


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